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Writers note: This is the third installment of a true story about an affair I had 8 years ago. As with the first two chapters, there is some dialogue in the beginning. But this is more than just a fuck and run story. As with the other chapters, there is little bit of very tame bathroom play in here as well. If you don’t like reading about that sort of play, well don’t read this. Otherwise, enjoy!


Chapter 3

I was a little late getting to the office that Thursday because I overslept. I got on-line and checked the email for anything that needed my attention right away. There weren’t any that did, so I fired up ICQ. Pam was already on-line. I was just about to send her a long kiss, when up popped a message from her.

“THAT WAS SO MEAN!” she wrote.

Our time together yesterday was pretty hot. I had worked her nipples hard for the first time and laid a couple of playful slaps on her ass for the first time as well. But I knew she was referring to me bringing her close to an orgasm twice while eating her pussy, before I let her climax.

As I was thinking of a reply, “MEAN MEAN MEAN!” came in from her.

“What was dear?” I replied.

“YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!” flew right back, then another right after, “Not letting me cum!”

At least I knew her Shift key wasn’t stuck.

I wrote back, “but you enjoyed it,” knowing full well how hard that climax had hit her.

“Yeah,” she said and immediately followed up with, “it was like you had shoved a stick of dynamite in there and lit the fuse!”

That pretty well described what I saw happening at my end of the pussy.

“So what is the problem?, I wrote back.

She wrote back quickly “At least WARN me the next time!”

I figured a little silence on my end might prompt her to change the subject.

After about 10 seconds, she typed, “I had a scare last night.”

I asked, “what happened?”

She started, “I got home from work a little after 12:00. I went upstairs to our bathroom and got changed for bed.”

“Oh, what do you wear to bed?” was my next question.

She sent back, “Nosy!” then followed with, “I have a few nightgowns and couple of large men’s T-shirts that I wear to bed. This is a T-shirt week.”

“Panties?” I asked

“Nosy! Only when my period is really heavy,” came back and then, “ANYTHING ELSE?”

I said, “Just curious, that’s all.”

Her next message was, “Okay nosy! I got home. I walked up the stairs. I went into our bedroom. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the light. I pulled my pants and panties down and pissed. I wiped myself and flushed the toilet. I kicked my shoes off. I pulled my pants and panties off. I got off the toilet and put them in the hamper. I pulled my socks off and put those in the hamper. I took my top off and it went in the hamper. I took my bra off and laid it down on top of the hamper. I put my T-shirt on. I washed my hands. I brushed my teeth. I turned the light off. I went to bed.”

“Okay,” I said, thinking she was really in a mood this morning and was glad I fucked her yesterday, rather than today.

“Happy now?” she asked.

“Yes. Thank you.” I sent back

She continued, “I got in the bed. My husband always sleeps on his side facing away from me. But last night he was lying on his back. As I slid under the covers, he said, “hey there,” which startled me a bit, because he is always sound asleep when I get into bed during the week. I asked did I wake him? He said “no. I’m really tired, I just can’t seem to fall asleep.” We talked for a little while, then he got quiet and rolled on his side facing me. The only time he does that is when he wants sex. That is when I got scared.”

“Why?” I asked, knowing that he had no staying power at all and came pretty quickly after getting inside her cunt.

“Why? We did have sex yesterday or have you forgotten already?” she asked.

I sent a smiley and replied, “I won’t be forgetting that for a long time, dear.”

She sent a smiley back and said, “you had BETTER not!”

“I would just feel really weird having sex with him on the same day that we did, that’s all.” she typed.

“It’s happened to a few of the women I have known,” I sent back.

“How did they feel about it?” she asked.

I wrote, “a couple said that they were uncomfortable about it, one said she liked it.”

“She must have been strange!” she wrote back.

I said, “Oh yes. That she was!”

She went on with her story, “I was laying on my back like I always do. He reached down and started stroking my thigh. My T-shirt had pushed up when I got under the covers, so my pubes were hanging out. He started playing with them and then slid his hand down inside me a little.”

“Hey, at least you got some foreplay this time!” and ended a smiley.

Ignoring that comment, she wrote, “He did that for a little while, then he yawned and said, “I’m too tired.” He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said “Saturday night, okay?” I said okay, very, VERY, relieved. He rolled over and was snoring in a minute.”

“Saved by the snore!” innovia escort I wrote.

“Yes, until Saturday,” she send and added, “want to come hide under the bed for later?” then send a smiley.

“That would be a first,” I wrote, “I’ve never had a three-way, MFM or MFF.”

It took her a few seconds to grasp what the letters stood for, but after she did, she wrote, “I guess I could see two men and a girl doing it, but two girls and one man? I would really embarrassed to have another woman watching me screwing and I would be bored sitting there watching her do it.”

I let out a sigh, and decided that any mention of girl on girl fun probably wouldn’t go over too well.

I was thinking of my next move, she typed, “and don’t get any ideas!”

“Kissssssssssssssssss,” I replied as I laughed.

“Kissssssssssssssssss,” she sent back.

I said, “I got up late today and I’m running behind here. I have to some things done before I leave. I have a service call this afternoon.”

“Okay,” she wrote, “have a great day.”

We exchanged long kisses again and then she sent, “MEANIE!” and dropped off line.

I let out a long sigh and just shook my head. Within the space of two fucks, she was getting to be a handful. But I figured there was still a lot of that pussy to be plowed, so just I let it ride. I did what need to be done and got on the road for the day.

Our chat the next day was pretty tame. Mostly we talked about the weekend and stuff like that.

As we were finishing up, I said, “have a great fuck on Saturday night!” figuring to get a little busting in.

“Yeah,” she said and added, “pop, pop, fizz, fizz.”

I laughed out loud and we signed off with our usual kisses. I worked in the office for the rest of the day. I came in late on Saturday morning just to check the email. When I fired up ICQ, there was a message from her.

“I was hoping to catch you, but I don’t have a lot of time. Kissssssssssssssssss. I will be thinking of you!” was what it said.

“That was a nice surprise,” I thought.

Of course I had a pretty good idea of just when she was going to be thinking of me. I finished up and left the office. My wife was on one of her PMS weekend warpaths, so I spent the rest of the weekend staying clear of her.

Getting to the office early on Monday, I got ICQ going. Pam came on around 9:30. We exchanged long kisses and good mornings.

Feeling a little devilish, I asked, “have a great fuck?”

She said back, “Pop, pop, fizz, fizz!” like she had said Friday.

I typed, “come on now. It couldn’t have been that bad.”

She replied, “15 strokes, 12 for show and 3 to go.”

“Well at least you got three good shots of his cum in your pussy. I know you like that,” and ended with a smiley.

“2 1/2, the last one is more of a dribble than a shot. It feels nice, but, you know.” she wrote.

Before I could answer she added, “his worse was 9, 6 and 3. His best, since I started counting was 18.”

I was going to ask how long she had been counting, then another message came in from her right away, “3 years. NOSY!”

I laughed out loud. She was starting to figure me out, which was in some ways was good, but in other ways, not so good.

I wrote back, “if you ever start counting my stokes, I will whack off twice a day, EVERY day, till I see you again, and then I will fuck you so long, hard and fast, that your ears start slapping out of the sides of your head!.”

“And I an talking at LEAST an hour!” I got in before she could reply.

“You wouldn’t dare!” she said.

Then sent, “1 2 3 4 5.”

“Just kidding,” was the next one, “6 7 8 9” and ended with smiley.

To change the subject a little, I typed, “did you make yourself happy after he was done?” which was my way of asking had she masturbated to an orgasm.

I though she was going to send another “NOSY” message, but she answered, “He fell asleep right away. I was going to do it in the bed, but it was leaking out a lot, so I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. It was a quick and quiet one, but it felt good. Then I cleaned up and went back to bed.”

I waited for a couple of seconds, sent a smiley, and then asked, “did you taste it?”

Nothing came back from her.

I waited a good 20 seconds and then said, “you did! You naughty girl.”

“Ours tastes a lot better.” she wrote, then sent, “Well! You are the one teaching me all these naughty things!” and ended with a smiley.

I enjoyed for a few long seconds the image in my head of her masturbating on the toilet, then sticking a finger down to her cunt, getting it loaded with his sperm, putting it in her mouth, and then licking it off. She had tasted my sperm and her pussy juice mixed together both on my cock, and my tongue after I had licked it off her cunt, but this was the first time that she had done it with her husband’s seed after he had fucked her. She got impatient, and wrote, “having a good fantasy there???”

I said, “I sure would like to have a movie of what went on in the bathroom.”

I istanbul escort had told her previously that I had a digital camera that could take short movies and I am sure, that is what prompted this message.

“If I EVER see a camera in that motel room, I will shove it so far up your ass, that they will have to do open heart surgery to get it out!” was what she sent.

I was roaring with laughter, when she followed with, “The ex-husband of a nurse from another unit, had a bunch of naked and well, nasty pictures of her. He posted them all over the Internet last week.”

I said, “I would never do anything like that.”

She wrote back, “I know, but, you have been warned!”

I remembered seeing someone had posted a bunch of pictures of a gal to a few of the Newsgroups that I followed. They were a mix of plain nudes and fucking shots. She was even taking it in the ass in a few. They were uploaded by somebody named MadEx. I didn’t have the time to download them and ask her about it, but I would tomorrow.

While I was thinking about this, she typed, “I have a few errands to run this morning, so I have to get off of here soon.”

We finished up with long kisses.

Her last message was, “10 11 12 13,” and a smiley, before she dropped off-line.

Other than the two playful slaps on her ass on the previous Wednesday, I hadn’t done or said anything about spanking her for real. But I decided then and there, that went and if, she ever bent over my knee, that it was going to be a good one. Not real hard, mind you. I knew better than to send a married woman back to her husband with bruises on her ass, even if she told me that he never looked at her body. But it was going to be a long one. A real long one.

Later that day, I downloaded all the pictures that MadEx had posted to the newsgroups. There were around 50 of them. I guessed, age wise, she was in her early 30’s. She had short blonde hair that looked it was bleached. Her tits weren’t real big, but they had a nice pear shape. Her areolas were very puffy and stood out away from the rest of her breasts. Her cunt and pubes were shaved completely bald. Some of the pictures were pretty tame nudes, she was just sitting on the side of a bed or standing. There were a few of her laying on her back with her legs pulled up or in a doggie style position. She had a good sized birthmark on her left ass cheek. It wasn’t real dark, but you could see it clear enough that even when you couldn’t see her face. so you knew it was her. There were some blow job pictures, one of her with cum all over her face after getting a facial, a number of her getting her pussy fucked from various angles, a close up of her cunt while she was on her back with cum leaking out and down her ass, and a few of her getting her ass fucked.

I selected one from each different type, eight in all. I made a copy a of one where you could clearly see her face, which I then cropped down so you could only see her face. They all had nasty file names like Bitch01.jpg, or Assfuck05.jpg, so I renamed them, A1, A2, etc. I had a webpage for my business. I went in and made a subdirectory and uploaded the photos to there. I knew Pam didn’t know a lot about PC’s and I’m sure she wasn’t real familiar with all of the ins and outs of ICQ, so it was safer to send her links to a directory on my webpage rather than send the photo’s themselves. Since she worked afternoon shift and her husband word day shift, I knew her kids had some time at home alone. And I knew kids in general well enough to know that they used the PC when nobody was there. I copied the links to the pictures to a text file so I could get at them quick enough.

The next morning, she was on ICQ early.

She sent me a “kisssssssssssss,” and I sent one back.

We talked a little about her work. They had a very busy night in the unit she worked at in the hospital.

Finally I said, “I have a question.”

There was a little pause to her reply, like she was expecting me to ask her something of an extremely personal nature, but then she sent back, “yes?”

I asked, “do you know her?” and sent her the link to the picture of the woman’s face.

“Oh my god,” was her reply, then added, “where did you get this?”

I knew it was the same nurse that she had told me about, so I sent her the link to the full version of the same picture.

“Oh my,” she wrote and on another line said, “her boobs are kind of pretty.”

I sent the link to the photo of her on her back and then the one of her doggy style.

She wrote after I sent the second one, “she shaves her twat!” which surprised me, because she had never used that particular slang term before.

I sent her a blow job link and the one of her with cum all over her face.

“What a waste,” was her comment back.

One at a time, I sent her the links to two pictures of her getting fucked in the cunt.

“He’s got a nice dick for being an asshole!” she replied.

I sent her the link to the one of her on her back with sperm oozing out of her freshly fucked cunt.

“I kadıköy escort know which one is your favorite!” she typed and followed with a smiley.

Last, I sent the one of her getting ass fucked, and said, “I have more here on my PC, but this pretty much covers it.”

She wrote, “I going to have a really hard time keeping a straight face the next time I see her.”

“Just don’t stare at her boobs too much!” I typed and added a smiley.”

She sent a smiley back and wrote, “One night, we were short a person, so she came up and worked in our unit. She had on a colored top and white scrub pants. She bent over to get something and I saw that her panties were really sheer.”

“How sheer?” I asked back.

“Put it this way,” she wrote, “this is the second time I’ve seen her ass crack!”

“Naughty, naughty,” I said.

A few seconds went by, then she wrote, “Speaking of naughty, I guess it won’t do me any good to ask what kind of naughty and MEAN things you have planned for tomorrow.”

Tomorrow was our next day to have sex.

I typed, “There might be a little something special here and there,” and followed with a “kisssssssssssssssssss.”

“Kisssssssssssss,” she sent back.

We chatted for a little more and then I had to get ready to go out on an appointment. We ended with another exchange of long kisses, then her last message before signing off was, “I am so fucking horny!”

I had figured that much. The rest of the day went by pretty fast. Wednesday arrived, and I was back at the motel room waiting for her to show up. As usual, I got there a few minutes early and had the room ready for the hot hours of sex that were going to occur. I heard a knock on the door and went over and opened it. There she stood. I looked at her for a few seconds.

“Well! Aren’t you going to invite me in?” she said with a smile.

I smiled back, and said, “you are damn right, I am.”

She walked in and as I closed the door, she dropped her purse on a nearby table, took off her coat, dropped that on the chair where we piled our clothes on, then turned and faced me. She stood there for a few seconds, then walked the two steps that separated us. She looked me in the eye and attacked me with a kiss. Our first kisses on our previous days had started off slow and built up from there. But not this time. She was so horny that I knew I was in for wild ride that day. After it ended, I moved around behind her. I ran my hands up and down the front of her blouse, lightly stoking her braless breasts with each pass. After a few seconds of this, I reached up and undid the buttons of her blouse very slowly. After I opened each one, I would make another pass down to her breasts and back up to the next one. I pulled the front of her blouse out of her skirt and undid the last button. While I doing this, she had opened the cuffs. I pulled the rest of the blouse free, and slid it off. Over the chair it went.

She started to turn around, but I whispered, “stay like this.”

She made a little passionate noise of approval. I reached around and again and took a hold of her breasts and nipples, this time with only the thin fabric of the slip in between. Her breathing started getting a little heavier. Moving my hands to her back, I gently rubbed her back for a few seconds and then her shoulders. More noises of approval came out from her, in between her slow, but heavy breaths. I slid the straps of her slip down over her arms, then as I pulled the top of the slip down to her waist, she slid her arms out of the straps. Again I reached around and took the sweet and now bare flesh of her breasts in my hands. As I gently played with them and her long and thick nipples, I lightly kissed and licked her neck on both sides.

“I like this,” she said almost in a purr.

I took her nipples between the thumb and index fingers of my hands. I started lightly rolling them side to side. Then I increased my grip, not real hard but hard enough.

She knew what I was going to do, and after a few seconds, let out a quiet “okay.”

I squeezed them real hard but kept up the rolling motion. After about 10 seconds, I relaxed my grip. She had been exhaling each breath with sharp noises, but returned to her normal, but still heavy breathing.

I played gently for a while, then whispered in her ear, “one more time?”

It took a couple of seconds but in between her breaths, she whispered, “okay.”

I repeated what I just done to her nipples, except this time I held it a few seconds longer. Her exhales sounded like low growls. As I let go of them, I moved my hands to the top of her skirt and undid enough of the buttons, so I could slide easily off of her ass. I pushed it down and off. She picked it off the floor and dropped it on the chair. I lifted her slip up and placed one hand on her soft patch of pubic hair and the other I started lightly trailing up and down her ass crack.

“Finally!” she said.

I knew she wanted to cum very badly. Sliding the hand in front between her legs, I found her clit with my middle finger. At the same time I moved the hand that was behind her in and placed my index and middle fingers on her soaked cunt. She was so wet, it was a wonder, that there wasn’t a puddle of pussy juice on the carpet between her legs. I moved my fingers around in the wetness as the one on her clit started lightly rolling it around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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