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I enjoyed Edna’s company and her kinky sexuality. By taking an interest in her, I had unlocked her inhibitions and she loved me for it.

Anyway, after our torrid two-day break, she had invited me to her place on Saturday for what she called some showing off and discreet piss play. Now don’t get me wrong, I was turned on by her squirting but being pissed on, no, not my thing. But Edna was turned on by it, so I thought I should at least see how best I could help her get the most from it.

As soon as I entered, she kissed me wholeheartedly, and immediately my cock rose in expectation as she groped it and whispered “finger my cunt, sweetheart.”

Edna had a really lovely hairy cunt — she had a fat vulva and I enjoyed giving her an orgasm. Calming down, we went into the kitchen and had several cups of coffee and she asked if there was anywhere, we could go where she could flash her luscious body.

It was then that I came clean and told her about an exclusive club I had been a member of for over 10 years. “It’s called the older ladies appreciation society, totally dedicated to ladies over 60 who enjoy uninhibited sexual pleasure with men of all ages who have a fetish called gerontophilia — that is a love and longing for sex of all kinds with old people.”

“That is fascinating Ron, who would have thought it? You mean to say that these guys prefer old ladies like me?”

“Absolutely Edna”

“Can I do absolutely anything with any one of them — that is of course if they like me? “

“When can we go, Ron. I am dying to show off my cunt”.

I said that Friday or Saturday was best and I arranged to take her next Saturday.

The society was based in a 6-bedroom house deep in the countryside. I was run by an elegant elderly lady called Sylvia who was a one-time madam of a high-class brothel. She told me that she found over the years that a lot of men preferred older (in some cases a lot older) women — not just for sex but for mutual pleasures such Tüyap escort bayan as role-playing, heavy petting/fondling, voyeurism, slight BDSM such as spanking — the list was endless. The annual subscription fee covered just maintenance, cleaning, etc as the ladies gave their time free of charge and they appreciated the society letting them enjoy themselves.

I forewarned Edna that she should dress conservatively as a lot of the men preferred ‘the mumsy type who wanted to be sluttish’.

The door was opened by Sylvia herself whom Edna thought to be a well-preserved 70-plus. She greeted Ken with a sensuous kiss and Ken introduced Edna.

“Come on in,” said a smiling Sylvia. Before you start enjoying yourself Edna, can we have a little private chat? Ken knows the ins and outs so to speak and we will join him at the bar later.

Escorting Edna to her office, Sylvia gave her a membership form. “Well, I’m sure when Ken told you about our lovely society, it must have come as a bit of a surprise.”

“Well yes in one way, but a very pleasant one. You see, Ken has unlocked the sexual inhibitions that I had hidden for years. And as I am not getting any younger, I want to explore new things.”

“Well, that’s what the society is all about. Edna you might find it very strange that some men — quite a lot as it happens, enjoy sexual pleasure only with old ladies, but I ensure they are very respectful. On the membership form, you will see there is a list of what I call activities. Will you look at them and tick which ones appeal to you.”

Edna looked at the so-called activities and it got her cunt very wet in anticipation. She ticked, exhibitionism, heavy petting, water sports, intercourse including anal and light spanking. She queried role-playing and asked Sylvia what it meant.

“What may surprise you Edna, is that a lot of our members are quite young and to be truthful, are either mummy’s boy types or naïve sexually and Escort Tüyap have deep fantasies of fucking their mothers/grandmothers/elderly aunts/old neighbours, etc. A lot of our lady members love role-playing that fantasy. And they also like the fact that younger men stay very hard far longer and usually cum lots of spunk many times — which a lot of our ladies” love slimy cum sliding down their legs.

For a lot of our young men their first sexual experience was with an older woman who whilst it could be said, corrupted them or got them hooked, also left them wanting more. Also, a lot of them just love fucking old ladies — like your Ken. It’s handy that this is your first time today, as we have what I call, ‘a what do you like’ session. It’s like speed dating to find out if you can pleasure each other in a mutuality-compatible way.”

Edna re-joined Ken at the bar and had a glow he had never seen before. “Ken, I am feeling so horny, I could fuck you right now.”

“Steady on honey, let us see if we can hook you up with a young fuck stud”.

Sylvia arranged that the ladies sat down and the guys talk to them for no more than five minutes.

Edna’s first was a very young man called John. She had made sure that her dress was hiked up just below her stocking tops.

“Hello John, this is my first time here and I am so excited, now tell me what you like about us old ladies?”

John of course was transfixed and soon had a massive boner. “Edna, I just love their bodies, lovely and chubby, nice fat titties and they know what they want.”

“Well, what would like to do to me?”

“Lots of foreplay, mutual wanking, and shooting lots of my spunk up your very hairy fanny — will you show me more, please?”

“Be delighted sweetheart.” Edna spread her thighs and opened her labia to give him a good show.

The next guy was Peter. In his early thirties, his preference was watching old ladies pissing. Edna made sure to latch on Tüyap Escort to him sooner or later.

All in all, the meet and greet took an hour and Edna thought she had died and gone to heaven with the sheer amount of kinky sex these guys liked.

Her favourite was pissing and after drinking several pints of cider she went over to see Peter who was fist fucking a really old bird who had a mammoth cunt. Watching them made her horny and after seeing the old tart cum she tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Peter, my bladder is full and I need relief urgently, would you be a dear and help me”.

Holding his hand, she led him to the toilets and lifting her skirt pulled his hand onto her fat hairy vulva and pulled down his trousers to play with his impressively thick cock.

Peter loved old ladies who were piss lovers but they were hard to find and he was not going to miss such an opportunity.

Pulling her to him he started tongue-kissing her deeply and ramming his fingers up her very piss-soaked hairy hole. She was loving it and urgently wanted to try a piss fuck. “Oh yes,” she moaned, as he slowly rubbed his cock against her engorged protruding clit.

“Oh yes, that’s it, rub harder”. She was getting hot and let out a big gush of piss. Not wanting to ruin her clothes or his, she managed to cum and then pushed his cock up her cunt. “Fill me with your lovely young spunk Pete my boy. That’s it, fuck your slut granny.” Peter was so turned on, that he could not hold back and shot about five wads of cream up her hairy love tunnel.

Not bothering to clean up, she let his spunk dribble out and had a big grin on her face as she kissed him deeply. “Thank you, Peter, you have made a randy old lady, very happy.”

Meeting up with Sylvia, she asked if it would be ok for any of the young men who enjoyed perverted play to meet at her place. Sylvia looked through her files and suggested she approach Jason, who was just 18 and slightly bi but was a devoted granny and/or grandad role-playing fucker with a very thick cock and could cum at least 4 times in a couple of hours.

On the drive home, Edna told Ken about Jason and her secret fantasy of being double fucked and whether he would like to help her fulfil it. What could he do but agree?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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