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This submission was also co-written by Browncuriousity.


She sat outside on the patio of the guesthouse, watching the waves crash onto the surf not far off when Donnie came outside.

“There you are!” He exclaimed as he sat across from her. She wore nothing but an Arabic tunic as she sipped on a cup of tea.

“Where’ve you been?” Asked Donnie, “I’ve missed you the whole day.” Right now the sun was setting over the horizon. It was one of the most beautiful things Evelyn had ever seen, still it only made her melancholy.

“I’ve been here all day Donnie.” Her tone was short. She wasn’t in the mood. “You’re the one who’s been gone.”

“Well I went sight seeing…”

“You didn’t tell me you were leaving.”

“Now I have to tell you where I’m going?” Donnie asked leaning forward.

“It’s only common courtesy. Besides I’m not the one whining about how I haven’t seen you all day.”

Donnie rolled his eyes, “Here we go again. What happened?”

She tried to give him the evil “how dare you” eye, but it didn’t work. She sighed and let her head fall back onto her chair,

“I can’t figure her out.”


“Ms. Baptiste to me,” Evelyn scoffed. She began to tell him what happened that day. Donnie was completely enthralled.

“I KNEW you would get some on this trip!” Donnie laughed. Evelyn gave him a look. “I mean I’m sorry, but at least it was fun right?”

“She has no weaknesses Donnie. None. Even when I had her in the palm of my hands, making her cum, she was only playing dead. She was in control the whole time. Maybe she set this whole thing up you know? Just to prove she can have her way with me and play with my head.”

“You’re being paranoid.” Donnie said, “You two are something else,” he shook his head,

“I don’t understand you two.”

“I do. She just doesn’t like me. Plain and simple.” Evelyn put down her teacup.

“Well you’re going to have to find someway to work together. We have to give that presentation soon.”

“I don’t even want to see her…ugggh!” Evelyn threw up her hands.

“I don’t know what’s up with you two, but you’d better get it together if you want Garner’s business. In the meantime, what do you say we go out on the town? I heard of this great club…”


“Yes, it’s…well…it’s a *leather and latex* kind of joint?”

“One of those freaky assed sex clubs?” Evelyn yelled.



“Oh come on, I just want to see how it is. I could never go to one in the states. No one knows me here.”

She rolled her eyes, “You’re a freak Donald.”

“Come with me?”

“I don’t have any leather or latex costumes. Hell, I don’t even have anything remotely sexy.”

“I’ll get Thau to drive us to the costume shop I found online. It closes in a couple of hours. We can make it if we leave now.”

She gave Donnie another one of her “looks”. Was he for real? Should she even go? She decided with a sigh that she would go to the party and more than that, she was going to stop being such a damn push over. She’d let Topher walk all over her and then he’d simply walked, and she wasn’t about to let the same thing happen with Jerusalem. For those first brief moments she’d liked the way it felt to be in charge, she was hooked on the feeling, she was also hooked on the woman although she didn’t fully acknowledge that fact she couldn’t ignore it either.

She went with Donnie to the costume shop and surprisingly for all his usual flamboyance he seemed slightly embarrassed at the prospect of trying on anything in front of her although he was thrilled to help Evelyn pick out something. She didn’t know what his deal was but she didn’t much care since she was so focused on the upcoming evening. Her initial reluctance had turned into anticipation, she could hardly believe she was about to do something she’d always considered taboo and would have never done in the states but she couldn’t wait to see what went on in these kinds of clubs. They spent two hours in the boutique and barely made it back to the house in time for a late afternoon meal.

Garner was once again absent from the meal however both Chloe and Jerusalem were seated at the dining room table already eating the first course of the meal. Jerusalem glanced at them curiously as they giggled their way to the table like two school girls trading the latest gossip. She arched an eyebrow at Evelyn and a smirk playing along the corners of her full lips.

“How nice of you to come.”

Donnie chuckled trying to cover his laughter with a cough, no one was fooled. As they took their seats Evelyn smiled and replied.

“Yes it was nice.”

Jerusalem’s smile widened although she didn’t really know what to make of Evelyn. One moment the woman was a push over and the next she was taking control and treating Jerusalem like a casual fuck, and while Jerusalem had thought that fucking her boss would rid her system of the urge she knew casino oyna she’d been mistaken. She’d known as soon as she’d caught sight of the other woman and felt a kick of excitement in the pit of her belly. She wanted more and since she’d always gotten exactly what she wanted there wasn’t even a doubt in her mind.

Donnie stared at the two women watching the way Jerusalem was coveting Evelyn while Evie feigned nonchalance. He couldn’t figure women out, at least not these two. They were clearly attracted to one another but both so damned stubborn. He knew Evie wasn’t the type to just fuck around and he couldn’t imagine that their little Tahitian vaycay had changed her all that much. Whatever she was telling herself Donnie knew better, if Miss Evelyn masters had spread her thighs their were most certainly feelings involved. He was worried as hell too, Evie wasn’t like Jerusalem, she might end up hurt when the other woman grew bored and switched her attentions elsewhere. He knew his friend had some point to prove to J and maybe even to herself but he also knew how involved Evelyn let herself get. Yes he was definitely worried as all hell.

The meal was filled idle chatter and for once the tension between Evelyn and Jerusalem was gone or rather it was different. The tension had stopped being about anger and was instead intensely sexual. After the last course had been served and the table cleared the four of them sat their sipping drinks and talking the camaraderie was easy in spite of or maybe because of the underlying attraction between the two women. Evelyn was the first to excuse herself and Donnie followed right behind her saying that he’d accompany her to the guest house. Neither had really planned to keep their upcoming outing a secret but as it happened neither of them were quite bold enough to admit what they were doing especially since both of them we “just looking” to see what went on in that type of place.

Evie felt like a little kid, anxious and excited all at once. Well she felt like a little kid until she put on the backless latex mini dress she’d bought. It fit her like a second skin clinging to her nipples and stomach and flaring slightly as it fell over her thighs. The dress was quite short and barely fell past the curve of he ass, she had paired the dress with a pair of black stilettos that strapped around the ankle and had a metallic heel adding a slightly dangerous look. Her hair was unbound and wild and although she’d never even dream of wearing something like this at home she had to admit she looked good. Fuckable even.

She started to put on makeup but then rethought the idea knowing that it didn’t even make sense to make herself up in all this humid heat, she didn’t really even need it her skin had darkened in the island sun and she had a healthy glow about her that would turn more heads than any makeup ever would. Instead she opted for a deep red lipstick that emphasized the fullness of her lips and nothing more. She ran her fingers through her hair one last time and went to find Donnie.

When she found Donnie, he was decked out in a black latex tank top and matching short shorts with heavy black boots. He wore a spiked leather collar with a matching arm cuff. On anyone else this would’ve looked sillier. But somehow on Donnie’ s slim shape and with his model type features the outfit didn’t look too ridiculous. Still when they saw each other they began giggling like school girls.

“I can’t believe we are doing this!” She said as he grabbed her hand. The car was waiting for them.

The club was dark and cool, well air-conditioned in the Tahitian humidity. There was trance music playing and the place was packed with people in the wildest outfits. Scantily clad men and women wore lingerie, leather and latex in the fetish club, wantonly grinding to the music.

They held each other’s hands like two scared children. When they realized what they were doing they pulled away from each other and smiled sheepishly.

“Let’s go get something to drink,” she yelled in his ear.

She and Donnie hit the bar and began to loosen up after a few drinks. Some guy in a jumpsuit bought her and Donnie a round of drinks. He chatted them up for a moment, and Evie laughed when he had to undo the zipper on his mask to talk to them. Donnie elbowed her in the side to remind her to be polite. Eventually they took their latest round of drinks out to the dance floor and began to actually enjoy themselves. The floor, packed tight with bodies was intimidating to them at first, but the beat of the music and their fellow uninhibited club goers made them lose themselves.

Evie was sweating despite the cool air circulating throughout the club. She was surprised at how this setting made her feel. Sweaty moist bodies in leather, lace and latex rubbed up against her in wild abandon. but she didn’t seem to mind. There were two women sandwiching her in a sweaty slutty dance on the floor. Eventually she realized that she had lost Donnie in it all, and began canlı casino to look around for him.

She pried herself away from the women dancing with her, and pushed her way through the crowd to find her companion. She walked around the cavernous space looking for him, when finally she had found him, he was posted up against a wall, some shirtless guy in a leather thong with his tongue lodged in his throat. She smiled, then turned away to head towards the bar. That’s when she saw her. Her smooth skin like bittersweet dark chocolate. She was all limbs, long yet curvy. A leather masquerade mask covered her face while revealing her deep brown eyes, and her hair was a mass of sheeny curlicue ringlets all over her head. She was wearing a teddy made out of fishnet material and lined with leather. The outfit revealed pert nipples and was highly cut, showing the smooth skin of her bikini area. Evelyn wondered whether the woman was completely shaved or not. The woman, thigh high spike heeled leather boots approached her.

Evelyn’s heart beat faster. This woman was breathtaking. From a distance she was a woman of mystery, but up close she immediately knew who she was. Evelyn licked her lips, yet didn’t speak her name. The woman smiled at her knowingly, grabbing her wrist and leading her out to the floor. Evelyn found herself lost in the moment she let Jerusalem lead her as the danced bodies pressed close hands roving over soft curves. She liked this feeling this closeness of their bodies, the feel of the latex on her skin followed so closely by the heat of Jerusalem’s body permeating the fabric.

As the woman’s hand found it’s way up the hem of her skirt grabbing a handful of bare ass Evelyn tangled both of her hands and looked at her face for just a brief moment before closing the space between them and biting her lower lip. She nibbled gently for a moment then there was nothing but lips and tongues, stroking licking and caressing. It had been a long time since Evelyn had been this close to anybody barring of course the impromptu fuck in the sauna. She had forgotten about the simple pleasure of a caress, skin to skin contact, just plain old touching. Having gone without for so long her body was experiencing what felt like some sort of sensory over load and making demands she wasn’t ready to have met right here in front of god and a roomful of strangers. She had to break the kiss to regain her focus and even then she could hardly maintain control and control is just what she wanted.

They walked off the dance floor with Evelyn leading the way and holding Jerusalem by the hand as they made their way through the pulsating crowd of gyrating bodies. There were rooms off the main area of the club and as they passed a quick glance told Evie that the rooms were for all literally fuck rooms. Their were sex toys and lube on low tables and of course latex. Particularly in the form of condoms and gloves and the. She guessed their was no safer way to have sex with a perfect stranger that you might happen to meet but the mere thought of using the toys and lying on the mattresses that were covered with rubber sheets made her flesh crawl. There was probably enough collective DNA in those rooms to start a nation. They moved past the rooms that surrounded 3 of the four walls. Evie wasn’t sure were they were going but she was sure of where they weren’t. They ended up heading toward the door but before they could leave Jerusalem pulled her hand out of Evelyn’s grasp. Evelyn barely had time to turn and see the woman disappearing into the pulsating sea of bodies surrounding them.

Before she could decide whether to be amused or annoyed at this little cat and mouse game Jerusalem reemerged, she had donned a full length leather swing coat that stopped only an inch shy of the ground. Had she been barefoot the garment would have dragged along the floor. Evelyn could tell just by looking that the coat had been handcrafted specifically for the woman wearing it was tailored to fitting against every curve. The hook and eye closures were only along her midsection leaving the top open to reveal a delicate collarbone and more than a hint of cleavage. Because the closures ended just as her torso curved into her hips there was an enticing little view of her leather covered pussy and just a hint of the fishnet material that made up the rest of her outfit. Jerusalem slipped her hand back into Evelyn’s but instead of following, she all but dragged her employer out of the tinted door.

Evie felt a brief moment of guilt for leaving Donnie without so much as a goodbye, but then she got over it, hell he probably wouldn’t even notice she was gone and she sure as hell hoped he didn’t see who she’d left with. Her mind snapped back to the situation at hand she hadn’t been paying attention so she wasn’t quite sure where the silver Bently that glided up to the curb had come from, nor was she familiar with the man little brown uniformed man that had emerged from the car to open the doors for them. Before the driver could get kaçak casino to the door Jerusalem spoke to the man rapid pidgin that was clearly something she was comfortable with, she spoke it as well as any native as far as Evie could tell. The driver tipped his hat and headed away handing Jerusalem the keys before doing so. He didn’t seem at all wary of handing over the keys to a car that had cost a small fortune. Evelyn was a little less reserved.

“You can’t just drive one of Garner’s cars, what if you wreck it or something, or he might think it’s stolen or….”

Jerusalem opened the driver’s door and smiled at Evelyn across the sleek silver paint on the vehicle.

“Who said anything about this being Garner’s car?”

“Whose else would it be?”


With that the Jerusalem got into the car and waited for Evelyn to do the same. The air conditioner was already going full blast and there was some light jazz whispering from the speakers. Evelyn wanted to ask where the car had come from but before she could open her mouth Jerusalem spoke.

“Have you ever been in control of something so powerful?”

The car was going faster than it should but Evelyn barely noticed because the tires glided so smoothly over the road and the engine was so very quiet. Jerusalem didn’t take her eyes off the road, pressing her foot more firmly against the pedal she accelerated pushing only slightly. The car hit 90 and still she went faster.† The 550 horse power engine could do 0-110 in less than a minute and she was planning to go as fast as she could because come hell or high water she was going to spin out of control before the night was through. Evelyn had noticed the catch in the woman’s voice when she’d asked about power and being in control, she knew it had been a deeper question than it would seem.

She was no fool and she could understand the struggle Jerusalem must be going through as far as any sort of submission was concerned but she could sense something more to the question. She also noticed the ever increasing speed of the car, she wasn’t so concerned about the latter because it seemed that Jerusalem was in complete control of the car even as it raced down the street. Besides there was something so fucking hot about watching her maneuver the car like it was second nature a beautiful display of grace and fluid motion.

Evelyn didn’t speak to fill up the silence but she was thinking that much was clear, Jerusalem kept the speed steady not choosing to go any faster but not slowing down either. Neither woman spoke as they headed away from everything that had become familiar to Evelyn in the past few days, she wondered where they were going but didn’t bother asking, somehow she didn’t need too, plus she’d always been a sucker for a surprise ending so why ruin the fun. She simply watched the woman in the driver’s seat and contemplated her own arousal mixed with an ever increasing amount of confusion.

They drove for a quarter of an hour more and ended up at a beautiful beachfront mansion. The Old West Indian charm and Gauguin-inspired Tahitian architecture took Evie’s breath away as the house stood like a lonely sentinel on what had to be miles of private beach. The backdrop was a beautiful cliff face and the landscaping and greenery told her that the house and grounds were well cared for but still the house looked dark and unused. Jerusalem had keys to the house and she clearly knew her way around, Evelyn would have loved to flip on the lights and study every room because even in the dark with only moonlight and stars to guide them she could tell that the interior design would be breathtaking.

She followed the shadow of Jerusalem through a few rooms before they ended up at a sliding glass door that lead to the back of the house. Evelyn felt like she was suffocating slowly because once again the view of a cascading waterfall falling down into a pool of dark water took her breath away. As they exited the house and moved closer she saw that steps had been carved into the actual stone and the pool itself had been hollowed out of the same rock. It was a manmade wonder but couldn’t have been more beautiful if it had been formed by the hand of god. She looked at the woman standing beside her, she was still wearing that damn leather jacket which somehow made Evelyn suddenly conscious of how hot and sticky her own outfit felt in the humidity. She wanted nothing more than to take off all her clothes and let the cool refreshing water was over her skin.

She stepped in front of Jerusalem staring into the woman’s eyes as she undid the closures on the coat. She was still looking into the woman’s eyes as she slid the garment off of her shoulders then went on to remove the rest of her scanty outfit. There was none of the rush that had been such a big part of their first encounter. She ran her hands all over the long lean frame of Jerusalem’s body appreciating the smooth skin and full curve, she also listened. Listened to the way running just the tip of her finger over the woman’s dark nipple made her gasp, she listened to the deepening of breath as she cupped the woman’s full ass and pressed their bodies together, she felt Jerusalem tremble when she caressed her.

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