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After Lori was disappointed one day when a date was canceled, she decided to return to the dating app circuit. The best way for her to pull herself out of a puddle of sadness is to actively work to change a situation. If she really wanted to find a potential partner who she could create a possible relationship with and watch it grow over the next couple of years, she thought she would be more likely to find someone in the mainstream. She’s enjoyed meeting some of the men through the kinky lifestyle social networking site, but they’ve tended to look at her as a fetish or kink dispenser and she wanted to talk about things other than current events in her post-coital embraces. She returned to one of the national dating sites. She had already answered over 100 questions there and well, why not? She then remembered the billboards from a couple of years ago advertising the site. They had odd illustrations showing a couple meeting and the acronym “DTF”. She had to look that up on google. She also remembered meeting a couple of nice people 6 months ago and only had positive experiences from it.

She went ahead and paid for a full-month of premium membership. The cost was par for the course and she liked having access to things like being able to see who liked her. You would think that would be standard but no. She liked keeping her stints on dating app sites to one month at a time. Most of the action seems to happen when you first join. Lori thought dating apps liked to nickel and dime people. It was disheartening but again, par for the course. Keeping to a month didn’t make it too taxing. She liked keeping these things manageable.

She pulled up her most recent profile that she put on hold last summer. She was slightly horrified when she saw her last profile screamed “horny 50+ yo female will fuck upon request” or something like that, and she didn’t like the current array of photos. Before she could tone down the profile and add new pics, she already had a couple of inquiries. One was from a local artist named Michael.

Michael and Lori shared many similarities. They’ve been divorced about the same amount of time, are nearly the same age and both have two kids also about the same age. He was a professional artist and Lori was excited by the prospect of talking with someone that had a creative drive. He was bahis şirketleri boyishly handsome. Great facial bones, 6’2″ tall and long red hair, blue eyes. He sounded really mellow and sent her the sweetest texts and messages. Their conversation started on a Thursday and they ended up meeting that Saturday.

Saturday was her standard coffee date after work. They met at 6PM. She was nervous. Michael sounded too good to be true. She made sure her OKC profile included a couple of body shots and mentioned her SSBBW body type. Some people are cool with it, some people aren’t. It’s better to vet out the latter than to experience a horrific expression when someone meets you face to face. Modern dating sites and the current array of media technology make it much easier today than it was twenty years ago. There should only be delightful surprises.

While Lori was waiting in her car for Michael to arrive, she was thinking back on their text exchanges. She probably sent a boob pic or two and maybe a couple of essays. She knows they exchanged images of artwork and he shared pictures of his body. She liked his work and learned that he also taught classes. She didn’t remember exactly what else or many specific details. It seemed like their conversations just kind of flew past. And, her mind was jumpy so it was hard to concentrate.

And before she could think much more about it, Michael was there and he was handsome. Unexpectedly so. He was wearing jeans, a maroon t-shirt and sweater. He was tall and trim as expected and better looking in person as is often the case. He got in her car and they started talking. Mostly standard small talk. Lori brought up a book she just finished reading. He talked about his day with his kids and disc golf with a friend. They talked about kids, divorce, life. The effects of the pandemic on their life. Where they were in the cycle of vaccine shots. Things were going well. He was very touchy and Lori felt a little like a trapped animal. She liked his touch. She wanted his touch but she was so startled by it and wasn’t sure what to do with it. She can be such a 12 year old sometimes. He touched her arm, pulled at her shirt, and finally grabbed her hand. She was then mortified to remember she sent him the small videos of her playing with a nipple clamp. Oh dear.

He invited her back to bahis firmalar his house for tea. She said yes. His studio was set up in his living room with his current project on display. This reminded her of when she had a studio set up at home in her tiny apartment in San Francisco. It felt so familiar and she couldn’t help but be happy. His home was charming and incredibly comfortable. In some ways Lori felt like she was just acting out the parts of something already scripted that she was given artistic license to interpret as she saw fit. He made tea. He rubbed her foot. She rubbed his foot. He scooted closer to her on the couch. And paid her compliments. He liked her voice, her face, her energy. She remembered he referred to her as a sex goddess in a text message. If he wasn’t sitting there with her, she would wonder when the scam or joke was coming. But it didn’t come. Instead, she was rewarded with a kiss.

A delicious kiss. A telling kiss. A kiss of promises and of wondrous things to come. More kisses coupled with touching. He smelled of citrus shampoo. His hair was soft and luxurious. His touch was delightful. Shortly after a bit of tea he invited her to lay down with him in his bedroom. She asked him to take his shirts off. He complied. She was greeted with lots of body hair to pet and caress. She inhaled the smell of him. Tasted his nipple and licked at his penis. More kisses. She asked if she may take off her clothes. He said yes and got up to help her.

She told him about what she knew of Tantra. Eye contact, presence and presents, gifts to be enjoyed and pleasure to be heightened. She did not need to tell him. She could sense he’s been practicing this all of his life. They got back on the bed. Modern beds are a pain for Lori. They always seem a bit too high and she has to crawl onto them. She must look like a sea lion pulling itself onto a platform at Pier 39’s K-Dock in San Francisco. All big floppy-body with arms pulling itself forward to position.

No matter, her reward was worth the effort. Once naked, Lori became the center of attention, on her back with her legs spread open, suckling on her nipple and fingers exploring her pussy and her ass. Oh how she loved this attention.

Michael asked her to move down to the edge of the bed. He then alternated between eating her out and penetrating kaçak bahis siteleri her vagina with his cock. He did this over and over and over again. He said he loved Lori’s fat pussy and told her that her clit got really big and swollen due to his ministrations. It felt amazing. Lori used to be on the fence about cunnilingus. She became a believer that night.

They then moved down to the floor with Lori on her hands and knees while Michael kneeled behind her. He entered her that way and Michael was able to reach underneath her and pull on her nipples. Lori was mad with vocalizations. Her whole body was vibrating. And then he began slamming into her. She could feel his cock push up against her cervix. It was such an amazing feeling.

After some delicious pounding he came. He came inside her. Oh, how she loved that. He felt really good and was so nice. Lori was on another plain. She had to lay there on the floor for a few minutes because of how tingly and wonderful she felt. But soon enough she was back up on the bed with more smelling and caressing. She cleaned up his penis with her tongue and mouth. She laid her head on his chest. She shoved her nose into his armpit. That was really nice. She liked it. She wanted to say something about liking it but she always felt like she made people uncomfortable at this juncture.

She never knows how long to stay. If they will see each other again. She starts doubting her sexual prowess, especially when she benefited so much from his attention. They played a little bit longer because they found each other delicious. Then she made her way into her clothes and out the front door.

She was so buzzed she felt high. She loved this feeling. She texted when she made it home safely and thanked him for his hospitality and for inviting her into his home. She wants to let him know she enjoyed herself and would like to do it again but she doesn’t want to appear to be too clingy or needy. Sometimes men just walk away after getting laid, like they move on to the next person to conquer; seeking the challenge more than the prize.

She wants to hang out with him. Watch him while he works. She misses hanging out with friends doing artwork. She imagines she could write a story or do a little doodling while being near him. But now she doesn’t know if she will hear from him again; if or when and under what circumstances. This time it’s ok. She’s made peace with her decision to be with him. She valued the time they had together. She hopes it happens again. It may or may not and either way it’s ok.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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