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My name is Kevin, 22 years of age; and I had completed my graduation and was staying up in my home for a small vacation before joining in a manufacturing firm (which hired me recently). The location of my job posting was about 300 miles from my place. I am basically a home loving person and wanted to enjoy the vacations as much as possible. The season was at its best with the summers just going down and giving the rainy season its way. The evenings were cooler and frequently bestowed with showers. The after rain smell of the soil was awesome and I was loving the moment.

Physically, I am of average height with 5’8″ and around 145+ pounds with a decent muscular build which I attained due to the workout sessions that I have been doing for the last 15 months. In the college I was able to attract a few girls but none of them went longer than a few months. At present I was happily single and looking forward to new frontiers. 😉

Coming back to the story, one day my mum got a call from her brother that my grandparents were not in good health and they wished to meet her. My father was already out of the town due to his business commitments and was not bound to return for another 15 days. My younger sibling too was studying in first year of his college and was in his hostel some 100 miles away from home. My mum, in anticipation of the call, packed her stuff and got ready for the journey to meet her parents some 200 miles away in a countryside which meant that she would be gone for a good 7-8 days.

In the evening she gets a call from her cousin-cum-friend, Ms. Lily [ or Aunt Lily as I would address her] that she needed some help at her house the next day. Aunt Lily resided in the same block as ours some 2 streets away from our house. As a result, my mum would visit her whenever she was in need. But this time she obviously would not be able to help her so she told Aunt Lily that I would be attending her on her behalf. Aunt Lily was excited at this proposal because she admired me a lot and also due to the fact that I would be seeing her after a long 6 years. She last saw me when I was barely 16. Since then I had changed a lot; almost grown up to be a man from a boy.

Now Aunt Lily is the woman of the story and the last time I saw her she was in gorgeous shape. I was a horny teen back then and couldn’t resist checking her features. Even the recent pics of her with my mum showed that she had not changed much in these years and mum also told me that she was into aerobics and fitness regimes to keep herself in good shape. I too was a little excited for visiting her after such a long time. Mum passed me strict instructions to help Lily and behave properly as if she was guiding a little boy. I told her that I was pretty much grown up to handle myself and not a kid anymore who needed a set of instructions to follow. I assured her that I can manage well and she should leave soon to meet her parents. She smiled, gave a kiss on my forehead and drove her car away.

It was early morning and the sun was still half buried in the east. I was all alone in the house and wanted to doze off for a late weekend sleep. But suddenly I recalled that I had to go to Aunt Lily’s place. I freshened myself up and ate what was left from the previous night. I then slipped into my boxers and put on a T-shirt, picked up a bottle of a energy drink (I thought it must be useful after a tiring helping session), locked my home and went towards Aunt Lily’s home. I reached there in minutes and rang the doorbell. She might be still sleeping and came out rubbing her eyes after a good 5 minutes. At first she didn’t realize who I am and asked. When I told her, she was elated and her sleep vanished. She opened her arms wide and I went in for a bear hug. It was then when I realized that she was still in a very good shape and her body was still tight, defying her age, all due to her workout regimes.

“Hey handsome, you are all grown up. It’s quite nice to see you. Your mum told me yesterday that you would drop over on her behalf but I was not expecting you this early. Well, anyhow it is good for we can have more time together” She said all of this in one breath.

“Yeah, I too am glad to meet you after such a long time.”

“Let’s go in.” she said leading the way.

As she walked in front of me, I could not resist looking at her bubble butt, through the night gown she was wearing, swaying in front of my eyes. She was in a damn good shape for her age and was a matter of envy for the hot girls even of my age. She was 45, around 5’6″ and just under 130 pounds. But fat was almost invisible from her body and it was a well toned build up. She had 36DD jugs which looked gorgeous even hidden behind the gown. Her shoulder length cut hair added to her features. Her dark black eyes and juicy lips were ever inviting. She was married when 20 but her husband died in an accident just after their daughter was born. Her daughter and I shared the same school earlier in our childhood before I went to some other one. So that added another dimension to our acquaintance. And now her daughter too was of my age and pursuing higher studies away from her home.

“Kevin, bursa escort bayanlar you may sit here till I bring us some coffee” she said pointing to a cushion in the living room.

I smiled, nodded and took the seat while following the beautiful ass of Lily once again till it drifted into the kitchen. She looked back and smiled and went to fetch coffee catching me off-guard. I thought if she caught me or not and it made me uncomfortable. Soon she brought 2 mugs of coffee and for the first time I could see her bust at a distance approaching nearer with every step. I was almost drooling over the site which was in front of my eyes but was cautious so it may not land myself in trouble. She came nearer, sat on the couch opposite me, handed me my mug and asked, “Did you like the view?”

I almost choked on the first sip realizing what she had asked. Since my mind was in a world of its own checking out Lily’s ass and bust, the question seemed to be ambiguous.

“I meant the painting; the view of Paris from The Eiffel.” She said pointing towards the painting that hung from the wall in a direction I have never seen because I was just staring at her assets from a distance. But my gut feeling encouraged me to believe that she was definitely playing around with me. We drank our coffee and had a little chat.

“So, how many girls are you handling nowadays?” she asked.

Although I was not prepared for such a direct question, but taking her attitude for being a straightforward person with people of all ages, I anticipated her by saying, “None at present.”

“WHAT!!” was her reply with a bewildered look on her face as if she was face to face with a martian.

“I thought you might be having great time with multiple chicks.” She said after her state of shock was gone, but still with a lot of disbelief.

“Yeah, I had a few in my college but that didn’t work out well. Girls are complex. And I am not into many complexities. I want things simpler.” Casually I answered.


“I think we should start early with the household chores so that the sun may not get better of us in the afternoon burning us.” I proposed soon after finishing the coffee.

She was drinking last few sips of coffee and seemed lost. She just raised her eyes while her lips still on the rim of coffee mug. She looked seductive. Much more than anything, anyone. I was awestruck. The only thing which helped me regaining my senses was the soft “Okay” she mumbled.

Meanwhile I too removed my T-shirt as a lot of sweating would be taking place while working the lawns and other stuff. I stood in there in my boxers only. She came out of her room wearing a loose T-shirt and shorts reaching just above the mid-thigh. Although the t-shirt she wore was labeled as ‘loose’ yet it couldn’t carry the ample jugs so as to hide them from my greedy eyes. My eyes were transfixed on her melons and I would love to squeeze, lick, bite and what not else. The shorts too were revealing the well-toned thighs and smooth silky legs which were made for any man to die for and I was no exception. She seemed to have definitely noticed me assessing her assets but played it quite casually and said,

“Ready for work?”

“Yeah, ofcourse.” I could just sneak these much words in front of her.

She led the way and I followed her swaying ass. She seemed to have passed me some instructions but I was not helped by my hearing senses anymore because all my concentration was robbed off by the scenes being perceived by me eyes. Her perfect ass jiggled and wiggled synchronously and my cock started to become alive in my boxers in anticipation of that.

Since I was solely in my boxers, the chances of getting caught with a raging hard-on were high and I didn’t want myself to be embarrassed. I immediately discontinued gazing at her ass and listened to her instructions, whatever few were left. In the lawn, I took the charge and worked swiftly because I didn’t want to get burnt by the blazing sun. We finished the outdoor and Aunt Lily announced, “That would be enough for the day.”

“I am going to take a shower. It was indeed a tiring day.” I said, moving into the house making my way to the bathroom.

“True. Get a good, refreshing shower and I’ll make you some delicious lunch. You surely need some reward.” Aunt Lily said in an upbeat voice while gathering the tools and following me into the house.

I went into the bathroom, had a good enough shower and refreshed myself. I was almost drained but the water refilled me with some energy. Such is the power of a cold shower after a hot, tiring day. But I had forgotten the towel outside. Helpless, I called out Aunt Lily to which she obliged and came with one.

“Thank you for the favor. Otherwise I would have been stuck in here.” I said while grabbing the towel from her hand.

“Oh! You could always come out naked. There is no one to be shy off.” She said giggling while pulling the towel towards her with some force as if she didn’t want to give it to me. Meanwhile her eyes wandered to little of my naked body that peeped out of the door. bayan sarisin escort bursa I just managed to blush, smile, grab the towel and shut the door.

“I am taking your clothes for the laundry.” She informed me while I was still drying up myself.

Before I could open the door and tell her that it was the only pair I had, she was long gone from the room. I was left with two choices : either to stay in the bathroom till I get my clothes washed and dried or I could wrap a towel around my waist, conceal my private parts and move shirtless around the house. Since no boy or man lived in the house it would have been near impossible to get some gents boxers and hence I didn’t bother to ask for.

I came out of the bath with just a towel wrapped around and started feeling the cool breeze on my body which was quite amazing. To my surprise, Aunt Lily was standing at the door with a hair dryer in her hand. She seemed to be waiting there for me. But few minutes earlier I looked out the bath to tell her not to take my clothes for a wash and she wasn’t there. Did she take them on purpose? Did she want me to roam half naked in the house? Why would she ever want this? All kinds of thoughts hit my grey matter. But she stood there just staring at my body which was decently muscular and lean. I didn’t have a bodybuilder type build up but those lawn mowing and other stuff have definitely pumped up some muscles and it would be always a good show for the ladies I presumed.

Her eyes greedily followed each muscle of my body right from my shoulders, biceps, pectorals, chest muscles, straying down to my abs which were evidently in nice shape; and then down to my crotch area when she was disappointed by the obstruction placed by the towel. Honestly speaking, she was continuously checking me out while I was working at the lawn and I caught her eyes wandering but never made it obvious. She might have been snapped back to reality and looked into my face. She would have been terribly embarrassed for checking out her ‘so-called’ nephew, but I saved the day by acting as if I had seen nothing and never noticed her.

“I…I…just came here to hand you this; thought you may need this.” She said weakly, handing me the hair dryer.

“Oh, thanks but I rarely use it. Towel is more than enough.” I replied very casually just to make her comfortable.

“I called you from the shower to tell you not to take my clothes for laundry but were gone fast. I had nothing else to wear but this towel. Hope you do not mind” I described my situation of being wrapped in a towel.

“Never. Besides it is hot out there. You could cool down a bit. I could’ve helped but I am afraid that we don’t have any gents’ outfit to offer. But don’t worry, your clothes would be ready in an hour. Till then you can flaunt yourself well. But beware going towards the windows or I may have a bunch of horny ladies flocking my house.” She teased me with her words and my face turned red and I blushed.

“I have prepared the lunch. Just wait for me till I get a bath and then we will feast together.” Saying this she went into her room.

I sat for a few minutes in my room and then decided to go to the kitchen and lay the table meanwhile. I passed my Aunt’s room which was open and I could clearly hear the water running in the shower. I instinctively entered the room and went towards the bathroom where she was taking a shower. The cabin was half covered with translucent glasses and the outline of her curves was visible to me. I heard faint moans through the continuous noise of water splashing on her body.

My flaccid cock soon began feeling life and I had a semi erect penis under the only layer of towel that covered me, but at that time I was totally hypnotized and didn’t bother about that. I couldn’t figure out as where these moans came from but apparently it came from the shower. She didn’t see me even through the translucent glass as her back was on the side from which I was viewing.

My steps took me towards the bath and before I could open the cabin the phone in the hallway rang loud. I immediately came back to my senses and rushed out to answer the call. I picked the phone and it was mom who had called to enquire about me. She had reached her destination and told me about this. She informed me that she was expecting a little longer stay at her parents’ house and that I can stay at my Aunt’s place itself if I wanted and if she didn’t have any problems. I told her that she could ask Aunt if it was okay with her. She told me to tell her Aunt to call her once she is available and then disconnected the call. I went to the kitchen and laid the table.

Aunt Lily came out of her room with a night gown on and her hair still dripping wet. The little water over her dress had made a faint outline of her boobs in addition to the deep cut down which showed a decent amount of cleavage. And the water dripping from her neck down to her boob split area made her look sexier. Anyhow I was able to control my raging hormones and we had lunch. I told her to call mom which she did while I was busy doing the dishes. bursa evi olan eskort She seemed happy, apparently, when mom told her that I can stay out at her place if she was comfortable enough. As soon as she cut the call, she turned towards me and said.

“You are staying here handsome, till your mom arrives… and maybe more after that.” The last phrase was somewhat suppressed as if she didn’t want it to be heard by me but I managed to get hold of it.

“At your service mam.” I obliged jokingly.

Post lunch time was little uncomfortable for me as she had an unusual change in her behavior. She became more seductive, I don’t know intentionally or otherwise, but her motives were almost clear. She would bend down in front of me, sticking her ass up in the air longer than usual, for picking up things. Once she got down on all her fours to find the remote of the TV from under the couch while I was sitting on the couch and then looking up in my face, hence making an ample amount of cleavage visible to me.

I was being uncomfortable and nervous as to how to react to such indications. My cock twitched and she glanced it regularly. Her hand would inadvertently brush my thighs and retracting my crotch area sometimes. I had a hard time keeping that tent to pop up from my towel. She would ask me as if how I felt about her body and if she was still attractive. I could have grabbed her ass, kneaded her breasts, sucked her life through the nipples, rip off her clothes and fuck her goddamn brains out in all her holes to tell her how hot she was and how horny she had made me; but I resorted to a modest ‘yes’

I reassured her that she had a great body and young guns would definitely love to check her out let alone the guys of her age. I told her that she could still drop jaws around with her amazing features.

She then lifted up her boobs and asked, “I think they have sagged much.” In a dejected tone.

Now that was not a common thing to discuss with a nephew for her aunt and I was taken aback by this question and the way it was put.

“I…I… think, I am not the right person to judge things like these because you are my aunt.” I meeked in the response.

She laughed at my response and said, “C’mon, just look at it as if you are another consenting adult and not my nephew. Look it as a man and let it be a talk b/w 2 adults and not Aunt-nephew.”

“OK. As for me you have a great pair of breasts and anyone not appreciating these would be a big fool. They are just perfect in shape and look beautiful even from outside. Even guys of my age would love to handle a woman with boobs like yours. For your age, the sag is minimal and trust me, they are the nicest pair I have ever seen.” I finished while my eyes stuck on those melons.

“You haven’t seen them but you could be lucky soon.” she was blushing. She winked at me, “I’ll get your clothes in a minute.” saying this she quickly left towards the laundry.

I couldn’t believe what I had heard. I thought that my mind made it up and I was feeling like being hallucinated. I got over it quickly and also adjusted my 8” erect flag mast that had come to life while we were having this conversation. She returned with my clothes and I put it on much to my relief. The rest of the day was uneventful and we had lots of chats and drinks and the TV. In the evening we were lying in the lawn when the rain started pouring bringing a much needed relief after the scorching heat in the day. We came inside the house, prepared the dinner and finished it early. As I was quite tired and also we had to wake up early the next morning to finish off the indoors chores I decided to sleep off my ass early and bade her good night and crashed onto my bed.

It must have been only an hour when I had dozed off to slumber, I heard a knock on my door. Occupied by heavy sleep, I just managed to lift my head to see a female figure at the door. She was Aunt Lily and I was able to utter only a ‘Come in.’ without much thought as to why she would come to my room at such a juncture. Sleep and Tiredness render a person numb and I was experiencing the trance at the moment.

She was explaining something to me but I was not in a state to understand all. All I could get was that she was telling me how she was very afraid of the thundering and the lightning and the sky gods were at their full might that night by unleashing all the thunders and lightning in their arsenal. She was scared and the little awake conscious mind of mine gave me the order to allow the lady to share the bed. With my eyes dropping heavy under the influence of sleep and the cool breeze that came in from the outside, I quickly told her to share the bed while she was still saying something, and dozed off.

It must have been around two hours from the midnight that I felt some sensation around my crotch area. I thought that I was dreaming and my mind was tricking me. But moments later the sensations were more defined and I began feeling soft fleshy hands around my cock, playing around with my trimmed pubic hair and fondling my balls occasionally. I was terrified. All the thoughts of being attacked by a horny ghost, as shown in some horror movies, struck me and I began praying that the ghost should not cut my balls off. My eyes opened wide and my body lay stiff. I had completely forgotten that Aunt Lily too was in the room on the same bed. I didn’t move around my eyes but the hands working around my prick made the tent grow in my boxers.

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