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It was pitch black dark that night. A flicker of lightening from the distant storm that had passed briefly heated the sky. The air was warm and damp; just enough moisture to frizz her hair between her car and his front door. He stood in the threshold leaning against the frame of the doorway. His sleeves were rolled just below his elbows. He held his arms crossed against his chest. He had the most relaxed look about him. Like he controlled the universe and nothing could go wrong. His soft eyes spilled the story he was imagining. Words would be obsolete. ‘He is going to break your heart,’ is all she could think as she took her last step onto his porch. He was so smug, a true Casanova for sure. She loved every bit of his arrogance and she had no idea why.

He tugged the back ribbon of her blouse as she brushed by him. It shimmered to the ground. She turned to face him and cocked her brow as if to say, ‘Oh so you wanna play? Come get me baby I can handle what ever you want to do to me.’ He blankly starred right into her soul. He waltzed into the kitchen and poured her a shot of Jack just like she liked it: hot. She drank it like a fish. He was a beer man, which matched his attitude oh so well: mellow and smooth. He wouldn’t dare drink from the bottle though, had to have a glass, but that just added to his character. He led her through the living room passed his flat screen TV and brand new couch. His home was immaculate, quite decadent indeed. She followed him down the hall into his room. To her surprise they didn’t stop there. He had to show off the entirety of his estate, fit for a queen. Slick bastard. It drove the ladies wild. The Whirlpool Jacuzzi alone was enough to make any girl fall in love. He was a grand seduction artist indeed. The way he went about things had her head over heels. She knew better than to have these feelings for him but she couldn’t help herself. He made her positively giddy.

They retraced their steps and sat together on the couch. They had spent nearly an hour in each other’s company before he ever touched her. But when he did it set Yalova Escort her on fire. She positioned herself oh so carefully onto his lap. She didn’t straddle him though, not yet. He raped her body with his eyes, begging for permission to devour her. She leaned into him and gave him the answer he had been waiting for. He reached out to taste her. The softness of his lips shook her to her core. His caress was so oddly familiar. He was so gentle with her. Not once did he step out of line. He offered a feeling of both entrapment and security. A twister of emotions she simply couldn’t resist. He placed warm kisses on her cheek bone. His eyes forced bursts of feelings into her soul. She wanted so badly to be cautious but with each moment she fell deeper into him. She was hesitant to let herself go but the intrigue of temptation had overcome her. She surrendered to him completely.

He slowly loved every inch of her goddess like body. He neglected nothing. They made their way into the bedroom in no hurry at all. They had the whole evening to lose their selves to each other. He didn’t treat her like the cheap tawdry one time extasidic journey she was. He was good at what he did (seducing women) right down to the Egyptian cotton draped across his bed. It’s an amazing feeling to know what you’re getting yourself into and still yearn for heartache. Damn it felt so good to let the rules go for just one night; slip into another dimension with this beast. It was so dangerous and so fulfilling. ‘But don’t lose yourself completely,’ she thought. ‘You have to remember he doesn’t love you, not really.’

He didn’t stammer to lift her onto the bed with one swoop of his arm. He had this thing for eye contact which only intensified the situation. There was nothing he could tell her that she wouldn’t believe and nothing he could ask of her that she wouldn’t do. Why the fuck did it have to be so good? There is no way she would be able to forget this tomorrow. She would eventually see him again and long for another blissful evening such as this one.

He rocked Yalova Escort Bayan her body with a slow tease. She wanted so badly to stand out over all the others. She wanted to do something different, something he would remember above everyone, something to make him lust for her as she lusted for him. She could do nothing. He had taken over every bit of her. She was paralyzed: body and soul. She took in a deep breath and let herself go. She decided to live for tonight. Sure tomorrow would come, but why let tomorrow ruin right now. Open yourself to the moment and embrace it with passion.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and forced his body onto hers. He intertwined his hands with hers and leaned down to nibble at her neck. Her skin was like silk. She was so young and full of life. They were exactly what each other needed. His body on top of hers was all she could take. She could wait no longer. He hovered over her curves. He grabbed a fistful of her golden brown locks and gave the slightest, gentlest tug. He put his lips on hers, but he didn’t kiss her, merely a tease in the moment.

She pulled at the buttons on his shirt. She had to have him now. He slid his shirt down his back exposing his chest to her. The excitement sent a cum stream down her thigh. He buried his face in her cleavage. His hands ran across her waist, onto her hips, under her blouse, and felt the relief of her skin. They traveled up her spine and slipped the polyester over her head and carelessly slung it to the floor. He looked down over God’s perfection. Her breasts set so wonderfully in that black lace. Nothing could be more beautiful. She unsnapped the one thing keeping him from her intimate flesh. Lust filled the room. He didn’t hesitate. He didn’t quiver. He didn’t breathe. He grabbed the cuffs of her jeans and jerked them off with one quick motion; no panties, exactly what he needed to see. His pants fell to the floor.

He leaned over her and put his nose to hers. He glared into her eyes giving her one last chance to turn away; one last chance to change Escort Yalova her mind. She didn’t flinch. She dove straight into him with all of the passion and emotion that possessed her. Her soft bite tingled on his lips. She stroked his cock with a force that demanded he be inside of her. His body obeyed her commands. With one smooth motion he gave her the thrust she had been craving. She sighed in delight. He was even more than she had imagined. His thickness throbbed in her tight little cunt. She couldn’t possibly be any more gorgeous if she tried. Each stride brought him closer to the edge.

He put his arms under her shoulders and lifted her up onto his lap. She squeezed her legs tightly around him to shove him in a little deeper. He drew in a breath as if it would be the last one he would ever take. She pushed him down onto his back and arched herself on top of him. His toes curled with joy. His muscles twitched with each jolt that she sent surging through his body. Watching her breasts dance made him flutter inside her. The squeeze of her walls pushed him to the brink of climax. He could hold back no longer. He slammed her hips down on top of him one final time. Cum dribbled in and out of her pussy lips as he panted with relief.

A slick little grin of accomplishment blew across her face. She laid her head on top of his chest and listened to his heart rate calmly slow back to normal. He rested his limp hands on her lower back as he regained his strength, as the blood poured back into the rest of his body. She closed her eyes so tightly, trying to hold on forever. But she caught herself before she fell. She slid down off of him and off of his bed. She glanced back over her shoulder as she stumbled into her clothes, watching him watch her with his head propped up on his hand. She could only imagine what he could possibly be thinking right now, when her own head was a jumble of mystery, worry and disbelief.

“Stay,” He asked. As bad as she wanted to, she knew better. She shook her head no. He walked her out to her car but caught her by the arm before she got away. He drew her in close to him and kissed her one last, long kiss goodnight. She looked up into his eyes trying to find her breath. “Dream about me,” he said. And then he gave his little playboy wink and turned and walked away, back into his castle of secrets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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