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Dragon bride
by Droid447

Lord Ethan Nogard was watching engrossed as two women engaged in a delirious sexual encounter a few steps from him. He was secretly celebrating the death of his uncle, the King, in the battlefields of the north. His cousin, the first in line to sit on the throne, had been taken prisoner by the enemy and he most certainly was dead too. Lord Ethan’s chances to become King increased dramatically. There was only one obstacle between him and the throne and he was planning to eliminate it soon. Jarrod, the Lord’s personal advisor, stood beside him.

“How do you do it, Jarrod? How do you make them so docile and obedient? Is it magic?”

“Not magic, my Lord. These women want to do this for you. They only needed a little convincing.”

Drueta, the brunette, knelt of the bed with her face snuggled between Lia’s ass-cheeks, suckling the blonde’s clitoris with eagerness while the excitement heightened. Lia moaned at the warm feeling of her lover’s tongue caressing her labia and her sensitive clitoris.

“Shove your hand in her pussy,” Ethan commanded.

“Yes, my Lord.”

Lia’s heart jolted when she heard the Lord’s command. She had never done that before but she would try anything to please her Master.

Drueta turned her hand into a fist and started pressing at the tight opening. She had no intention to be gentle but to maximize the sensations of the impending penetration. Jarrod had chosen her because of her ample expertise in the bedroom and she didn’t want to disappoint him.

“Relax my darling. You are going to enjoy this,” Drueta said softly to her lover.

“Yes… fuck me with your hand,” Lia responded.

The combination of pleasure and pain was exhilarating as Lia felt the whole fist pushing into her clinched passage, expanding her pussy lips to the limit. When Drueta’s entire hand was lodged inside the lubricated cavity, she began a slow pumping motion trying to go further in. Then she heard another command from her Lord.

“Now push your other hand into her ass.”

Drueta hesitated for a second, but then she pulled her hand from Lia’s pussy, smeared with vaginal juices, and used this natural lubrication to ease her way into the blonde’s tight, pulsating anus. At the same time, she shoved her other fist back into the Lia’s cunt. She could almost touch one hand with the other as she churned them inside the twitching holes.

Lia grunted loudly upon feeling the tiny hole of her ass being penetrated by Drueta’s fist. And the sensation escalated when she felt the second hand piercing into her pussy. After a couple of minutes, her body adjusted and the pain completely faded away. Her moans of pleasure echoed in the room, combined with the squishing sounds of Drueta’s fists pumping her holes with determination.

Lord Nogard was amazed and excited by the women’s debauchery and he decided to join the action. “It is time for a little workout,” he said, taking off his pants and approaching the bed. He was ready to fuck Drueta from behind.

Jarrod reminded him that there were important duties to attend. The common people were restless since the King’s death and there was uncertainty about whom should inherit the throne. And to make things worse, the enemy hordes were moving south towards the city.

“My Lord, don’t forget that our enemy is approaching. Also, Princess Maya must be dealt with as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry. This won’t take long. My cousin’s buyer won’t be here until later today.”

Jarrod insisted on the matter, failing to change the Lord’s mind, “My informants tell me that the northern creatures are already reaching the farthest villages of our realm. They already killed the King so you know how dangerous they are.”

Ethan grabbed Drueta’s hips and buried his erect cock into the woman’s warm, moistened pussy. Drueta, already burning with excitement, moaned with wanton pleasure.

“As the new King, I have the right to enjoy myself, don’t you think, Jarrod?”

“Yes my Lord. When Princess Maya is gone, there will be no doubt that you are the rightful King.”

After ten minutes of agitated fucking, Ethan was already on the brink of orgasm. Drueta was clasping her vaginal muscles around the Lord’s cock, doing her best to pleasure him while she moved her fists in and out of Lia’s holes. Lia was unable to think clearly from the blissful penetrations and just moaned in synchrony with Drueta’s motions.

Ethan couldn’t hold it any longer and came inside Drueta’s pussy with a grunt. He retrieved his smeared phallus when he was done ejaculating.

Drueta felt a few drops of sperm leaking from her pussy and she shivered at the possibility of getting pregnant with the new King’s progeny.

“It was good…” Ethan said, almost out of breath.

“Did I please you, my Lord?” Drueta asked, already knowing the answer.

A moment later, Drueta’s attention focused on Lia as the blonde’s pussy and ass clenched hard around her fists. Lia was reaching an orgasm. Drueta kept wiggling her arms inside of her friend’s body until the trembling woman crumbled forward onto the bed.

At that instant, an emissary entered the room and delivered an important message, “The slave trader has arrived, my Lord.”

Lord Nogard pulled up his pants and proceeded to meet the visitor. The money he was going to obtain from selling the Princess to slavery would be more than enough to pay for an army and secure the throne for himself. Then he would deal with the northern creatures if they dare to attack the city.

“It is better if the slave trader doesn’t see me, My Lord,” Jarrod said, “I’ve heard that he doesn’t like wizards very much. Please make sure that you get enough money to feed a large army. We will need it to defend the city. There is no point of being the King if there are no subjects to rule.”

“This guy has been obsessed with my cousin since she came of age,” Ethan responded, “When he heard that the King was dead, he contacted me immediately. I am going to make him pay a fortune for Maya.”

As soon as the Lord left the room, the girls knelt in front of Jarrod, showing their devotion to him and exhibiting who was their true Master.

“Good girls. Are you ready for a real fucking?” Jarrod asked.

“Yes, Master.” The women answered in unison.


Princess Maya was being held captive in the dungeons beneath the royal castle. Her golden tiara was still attached to her blond hair while she was forced to wear a very sexy clothing that barely covered her breasts. Her slim, sexy body had to be visible to have a better effect on the slave trader.

A large troll, about two meters tall and carrying a fat belly, was blocking the door. Lord Nogard’s orders were that the princess was not allowed to leave under any circumstances.

The princess was fully aware of her cousin’s intentions to sell her and she also knew about the imminent invasion of the northern creatures. The news about the death of her father and brother had been too much for her and she had given up fighting. She had decided to sacrifice herself and let her cousin become King. At least he would be able to lead an army and defend the city from the monsters.

Anais, the princess’ main escort, was trying to convince her otherwise, “My Princess, you can’t let him do this to you. He has no right. You are the rightful heir to the throne.”

“I know Anais, but the soldiers won’t follow me, an inexperienced young woman, to battle against the invading creatures. This is the best decision for the sake of the people.”

“But the people loves you. You know that any men would follow you anywhere. All you have to do is ask.”

Anais had witnessed firsthand the effect that Princess Maya caused on males since she became a teenager. It was something unnatural, arising men libido to levels of insanity. Only her status of royalty had kept her safe all these years. Anais also was aware of the terrors that awaited Maya once she became the property of the slave trader. There was no way that she was going to let it happen and she had a plan.


Drueta and Lia were always amazed to see Jarrod’s cock enlarge at will. The wizard had the ability to make his phallus grow as long as he wanted and the slaves had learned it the hard way; nonetheless, they loved him for this. Drueta shyly touched the penis as it doubled in size.

“Don’t just stare at it. Kiss it,” Jarrod said.

Drueta was aware that her duty was more than a simple kiss. She extended her warm tongue, touching the tip, savoring the moment before swallowing the whole member. Lia still needed to learn from her friend’s expertise and she moved to the side to have a better view.

The brunette opened her mouth wide and was barely able to pass the cock’s head between her lips. Then, very slowly, she started to move forward, pushing the phallus down her throat. Her pussy was twitching incessantly and she almost climaxed when her nose was nearly touching Jarrod’s belly.

“That’s good my pet. You become better every day,” Jarrod said with a smile of satisfaction.

Lia watched wide-eyed, looking at the base of the wizard’s cock, then at Drueta’s distended neck, It must be reaching half way down to her belly!” she thought.

Jarrod fucked Drueta’s mouth for a while. Gagging sounds mixed with muffled moans as gobs of saliva dribbled to the floor. A few more minutes and he would make her cum; such was her joy of sucking his cock. But he had other plans…

“I will fuck your pussy now Lia. Are you lubricated enough?” Jarrod asked, looking at the slave.

“Yes, Master! My pussy is yearning for your cock,” Lia responded with evident excitement.

Drueta moved to the side, a little disappointed that he didn’t let her climax, but she knew that her moment would come. Jarrod had more than enough stamina for both of them.

Lia laid on the bed and spread her legs wide. Jarrod grabbed the slim woman’s hips and lifted her body until her pussy was aligned with his cock. The massive phallus was even thicker than Drueta’s fists and just seemed too big to fit.

But this was not Lia’s first time and after a little pushing, his phallus penetrated her. The bewildered woman screamed in bliss as Jarrod entered her body, almost splitting her in half. Then he began ravishing her like a fuck toy.

“You love being my pet, don’t you?” Jarred asked. But Lia was so overwhelmed, that she just grunted a couple of times trying to form words that never came out.

Drueta couldn’t just sit there and watch. Her body was burning with arousal. She straddled Lia’s head and pulled her friend’s face to her crotch, “Please, let me join you Master. I can’t wait any longer.”

“I can see that you are hornier than usual,” Jarrod said, allowing her the forwardness.

Lia’s mind was a roller-coaster of bliss but she was always ready to suck Drueta’s pussy. She acted almost by pure instinct, shoving her tongue as deep as she could while her head was trapped between her friend’s thighs.

The brunette had gotten so excited giving her Master such a deep blow-job, that it only took her a couple of minutes to explode in climax. Her body jolted with uncontrollable spasms after waves of pleasure cursed from her pussy to her dazzled brain.

And Lia wasn’t far behind. When Drueta’s pussy gushed into her mouth, her own orgasm rippled through her body. Her vaginal muscles clamped her Master’s cock repeatedly while her head thrashed violently between her friend’s trembling legs.

When Drueta moved to the side, recovering from her orgasm, Jarrod let Lia’s feeble body melt to the bed below. Then he spoke to the experienced woman, knowing that she was desperately craving for his cock, “You are next, my dear. Your body and mine will become one.”

Drueta understood the meaning of this and her heart jolted with pure joy, “Yes, Master! I am ready!!”

Lia crawled out of way while Drueta knelt in front of her Master, facing away from him and offering her ass. Jarrod aimed his cock at her anus and pressed slightly, teasing the anxious girl before possessing her.

“Please do it Master. Push your cock inside of me until I am one with you.”

Drueta opened her mouth wide, yet she remained silent, focused on the staggering feeling of the massive phallus stretching her rectum and pushing her insides to make way. The huge cock reached far within the girl’s tight cavity and then it stopped. It was time for the real magic to take place.

“Now we shall become one,” Jarrod said, spreading her hands.

A strange colorful energy began to emanate from Jarrod’s fingers, surrounding Drueta’s lower body. The woman trembled as her mind became empty of thought and her body began to loosen up. The brunette’s pussy jerked continuously as if she was already climaxing.

“Oh my God! I wish it was me…” Lia thought. She also knew the meaning of ‘becoming one’.

Lia was staring attentively at her Drueta’s face. Not because her eyes were completely rolled back but because her mouth was wide open, easing the way. Lia was waiting. The bond would be complete any second now. A moment later, Drueta’s moaning turned into a guttural growl.

“I can hear it coming,” Lia exclaimed with exhilaration.

A stream of transparent fluids preceded the large phallus as it emerged from Drueta’s mouth! The brunette was in a state of trance, unaware of anything but the cock that filled every bit of her body and every corner of her mind. Now she was one with her Master and nothing could feel better than that.

Lia watched with amazement as her Master’s cock dangled inches from her face, then she heard him say, “You will swallow my seed, Lia.”

“Yes Master. Thank you for allowing me this pleasure,” the blond responded.

The long, thick phallus projected further from Drueta’s mouth and approached Lia’s face. She licked the tip with pleasure, savoring the moment before swallowing it whole, just like Drueta did before.

Lia gagged briefly as the big appendage reached the back of her throat but then she leaned forward, begging her Master to push it deeper. Jarrod granted her wish and soon his cock had almost reached her stomach.

The wizard wasted no time and after teasing Lia for a couple of minutes, he discharged the first load of cum into her belly, filling her completely. Some of the sperm forced its way out between the crevices of Lia’s stretched lips and the fat cock. But not all of it escaped and after a few more squirts, the blonde’s lower abdomen was visibly enlarging from the huge amount of fluid being pumped inside.

Lia was on the brink of orgasm from the knowledge that it was her Master’s seed that stuffed her so utterly.

When Jarrod was done ejaculating, he pulled his cock from Lia’s body in one rough motion. The long rod passed swiftly between her lips and this triggered the blond’s second climax. Her violent spasms caused the excess of sperm to erupt from her open mouth like a fountain.

As Jarrod’s cock returned to its regular size, it passed all the way through Drueta’s body until it finally came free and the woman, who had been in a non-stop climax since the cock first penetrated her, collapsed onto the bed. The trance was broken. The first coherent thought in Drueta’s mind was a desire to do it again, “More… please give me more.”

Meanwhile, the thick sperm was still spilling from Lia’s mouth as she came down from her mind-blowing orgasm.

“Be a good friend and share it with Drueta,” Jarrod commanded.

Lia nodded and then leaned over Drueta’s face, letting her Master’s semen spill into the brunette’s welcoming mouth.

“Good girls. Entertain yourselves while I attend more important business,” Jarrod said, getting dressed. Then he left the room.


Anais was determined to help the Princess escape and she put her plan in motion. She grabbed Maya’s hand. “Please come with me my Princess. Stand over here.”

When Maya realized that they were walking towards the large troll, she objected, “What are you doing Anais? This guard is dangerous. He is a brute. He acts without thinking.”

The guard saw them approaching and he lifted his hand saying, “Princess stays inside. Lord’s orders.”

Anais purposely placed Maya near the brute and in a matter of minutes the effect of the Princess closeness became evident. The guardian’s cock enlarged to full erection.

The escort’s plan couldn’t be more simple. She stood right in front of the brute, grabbed her breasts and said, “Hello handsome, your name is Gork right? You know that we have been in here for a few days now and I miss the company of my man. Maybe you can help me with that. I can see that your cock is ready for me.”

Gork looked down at the sexy woman with stupid grin on his face, “Eh?”

Maya was astounded by her escort’s behavior. She knew that Anais was not a virgin but she wasn’t a promiscuous woman. In fact, she had little experience regarding sex. Something very wrong was happening here, “Anais, what has gotten into you? Stop this!!”

Ignoring the Princess, Anais looked up at the guard with sensual eyes while she pulled her skirt down, “Since we will be in here for a while, why don’t we have some fun. Just you and me. The Princess won’t go anywhere.”

The guard was boiling with excitement. Touching the Princess meant certain death but her escort Anais was a different story; she meant nothing to anybody. She was so pretty and she was offering herself to him.

Maya worried that she was to blame for what was going on, Am I causing this? I know men get crazy around me but Anais too? This had never happened before.

Anais went down on her knees and gently caressed the brute’s cock. The large member was pulsating between the girl’s hands. Every touch of her trembling fingers sent waves of increasing pleasure to Gork’s tiny brain.

“Anais is pretty… But Gork is on duty”, the brute said, pushing his cock a bit forward.

Seeing the huge phallus up close, Anais had second thoughts, Gods! His cock is getting even bigger. I’m not sure I can pull this off… But I must!

Maya begged her best friend to regain her senses, “Anais, don’t do this. He is going to hurt you!”

After massaging his cock for a couple of minutes, Anais stood up and turned around. Then she sexily bent forward offering her slender body to the massive guardian. She was breathing heavily, mostly from fear than from excitement but she was not backing out. It was her responsibility to protect the Princess at all costs.

The brute was hesitant but his basic instincts were kicking in, “Gork will be punished if doing this… but Anais is pretty.”

“I am here for you big boy. Fuck me!” Anais insisted.

“Please Anais, for the love of the Gods, let’s get back in the cell,” Maya said, grabbing her escort’s arm.

At that moment, Gork reached out and touched Anais’s buttocks. She was warm and tender. Not even in his dreams he would be able to fuck a woman so pretty and sexy. The tip of his phallus touched the warm pussy lips and his cock jerked with need. He had to fuck her.

“Come on honey, don’t make me wait,” Anais said, hiding her fear.

Maya felt miserable, She is not listening to me. She is really doing this… and it is my fault.

Anais gasped and shuddered when she felt the brute’s cock touching her sensitive labia. Her heart was beating fast and for some reason that she couldn’t understand, her pussy twitched too. She was getting wet.

Unable to restrain himself, the brute grabbed Anais’s hips and forcefully pulled her back, shoving his entire phallus into the woman’s body. Anais grunted loudly from the deep penetration as her small cavity was stretched to the limit. Pleasure and pain battled in her brain, confusing her and making it hard to think coherently, but she had survived the first stroke and at this moment, it was the only thing that mattered.

He is in! He is inside me! Anais yelled in her mind.

The brute moved the woman’s entire body back and forth as he waved his hips in the opposite direction, pulling his cock out and shoving it back in with increasing toughness. Anais moaned and grunted with the motions as her breasts jiggled on her chest and her head bobbed wildly above her shoulders.

“Anais tight!” Gork exclaimed.

Princess Maya was astounded to see the huge creature fucking her friend so savagely. She could even see the outline of the brute’s cock in Anais’s belly. It bloated out every time the brute shoved his cock deep into her. Praise the Gods! He is going to kill her!

After several minutes of rough ravishing, Anais realized that the initial pain that assaulted her brain had vanished completely and the incredible fullness of her pussy felt good. Better yet, it felt wonderful. Her eyes rolled back frequently as the pleasurable sensation began to take over her mind and her body. For a moment, she forgot that she was doing this to save the Princess. She forgot that she was locked up in a dungeon. Her world was reduced to that spot between her legs and the massive rod that filled her so completely.

“I am going to cum. You are making me cum!” Anais exclaimed as she felt her arousal growing.

Maya’s concerns about her friend’s well being disappeared when she heard Anais’s words. It was hard to believe her own ears but Anais was actually enjoying this brutal ravishing. Then, unexpectedly, the Princess felt her pussy tingle.

Anais reached down and frantically massaged her clit. She was right on the edge…

The escort screamed in bliss when the first contraction rattled her body. White light exploded in her brain. The dazzled woman jolted so hard that the brute’s cock was dislodged from her pussy. Her body was completely out of her control when she plunged forward to the dirty ground.

Princess Maya had never witnessed such a lustful and violent orgasm. She was mesmerized watching her best friend shuddering in ecstasy and suddenly, her pussy tingled once more. She was getting excited too.

Anais was now on her hand and knees with her body still shuddering from her fading orgasm and feeling ashamed from climaxing under these circumstances. I can’t believe he made me cum, she thought, And in front of the Princess! This is so embarrassing.

Maya kept watching wide-eyed and in silence. She was breathing heavier while her pussy moistened with unwanted desire.

Gork didn’t like that his cock wasn’t sheltered within Anais’s pussy anymore. He needed to feel her heat. He demanded more. “Gork is not finished. Come back!”

The brute was not waiting for Anais to get up. Instead, he jumped forward on top of the slim woman and shoved his cock back into her pussy. Anais’s was still very sensitive and she moaned loudly from the unannounced penetration. The guardian placed one hand on the ground and the other under the woman’s body, pulling her up against his massive frame while pumping his cock deep inside of her. The pressure of his hand against her belly made the thickness and length of his phallus even more evident to the baffled woman. Although, since her body had already adjusted to his size, the feeling of utter fullness was blissfully overwhelming.

As the troll fucked her with eagerness, Anais was quite certain that she was going to cum again, but then she saw something that brought her back to reality. The brute was no longer holding his spear. Instead, the weapon was flat on the ground while he supported his own weight with his extended hand. Without planning for it, her orgasm had given her the opportunity she needed.

Pushing away the immense pleasure that cluttered her mind, Anais thought about the best way to convince the brute to switch positions… “Hey handsome… would you like me to be on top? That way I will do all the work and you will just rest and enjoy.”

Gork gladly went along with the idea. He was tired of standing all day and never before a woman had offered to do the work for him, “Gork always does the work. Now you do it. I like it.”

“You will feel like a king,” Anais said, glad that her plan was going well.

Maya wanted all of this to end and again pleaded to her friend, “Anais, please stop this madness.”

As Gork laid flat on the ground, facing up, Anais stood on the his hips, straddling his cock. Then she started lowering her body. Princess Maya now had a perfect view of his massive erect phallus and Anais’s petite pussy going down on it. antalya escort bayan It seemed impossible to fit his cock inside her slim body but she had already done it and she was going to do it again.

“He is so big…” Maya whispered, “I wonder how it feels.”

The head of the phallus parted the escort’s pussy lips and entered her cavity. Anais kept going down, letting her own weight help with the staggering penetration until her ass-cheeks rested on his crotch. Once again her belly bloated to fit him inside, showing Maya how deep his cock was. When the Princess saw the bulge going as high as Anais’s chest, her pussy twitched again. It was so wrong… and so exciting.

“Gork is a king!” the brute yelled.

During the penetration, Anais remained silent except for muted grunting, but her facial expression said it all. The slim escort felt like the troll’s cock was going to rip her apart, pushing her insides to make room and taking absolute possession of her body. She was going mad from this awkward, unexpected pleasure.

Anais placed her hands on the brute’s rounded belly and started pushing her body up and down while waving her hips back and forth, stirring the creature’s cock inside of her. Gork was growling and breathing heavily as he jutted his hips upward, trying to impale her even deeper. He was supposed to let her do all the work but his instincts made it impossible.

The ravishing session continued for a good half hour. Anais and the brute moaned in unison, combined with the squelching sound of his fat cock pumping her drenched pussy, filling the dungeon with sensual noises.

Princess Maya just stood nearby, watching everything, hearing everything and very confused about her own feelings. She should have been displeased by this and yet she couldn’t look away.

At last, Gork moaned louder and grabbed Anais’s thighs hard, pressing down on her while he buried his cock to the limit. Then he climaxed, ejaculating a large amount of semen inside of the astounded woman.

Anais felt the hot, thick fluid filling every crevice of her body and she climaxed ins response. Her body shuddered rapidly as her pussy twitched over and over around the massive phallus, squeezing every drop of semen out of his balls. She let her body melt forward on his chest while he was still discharging the last spurts of sperm.

Gork was staring blissfully at the ceiling and didn’t notice that Anais was reaching out and grabbing his spear. This was not an easy task considering that her orgasmic spasms had not yet completely receded.

Got it! she exclaimed in her mind as she gripped the weapon.

Anais lifted the spear, aimed at his heart and brought it down with all of her might. When the brute turned to look, it was too late.

“Anais!! No!!” Princess Maya screamed, pleading her friend to stop. The punishment waiting for Anais if she killed the guard was unthinkable.

“Sorry brute. But the Princess’ safety comes first!” Anais said with sadness in her voice.

A couple of minutes later, the brute was death. Anais had executed her plan perfectly.

“When they discover that I did this, your cousin is going to kill me,” Anais said to the Princess, “My only chance to survive is escaping, but I am not going anywhere without you.”

“But what about the people… The invading monsters are coming,” Maya said, uncertain of what to do, “Most of the army is not back yet from the northern territories and my cousin needs the money he will get from selling me to…”

“… your cousin is evil and you know it,” Anais interrupted, “He doesn’t care about anything but himself. We will think of something to help the people. I promise you.”

“You planned this all along, didn’t you?” Maya said, knowing that she really didn’t have an option.

Princess Maya was ready to sacrifice herself but she was not going to sacrifice Anais. And she was sure that Anais would never leave without her. Her only choice was to escape with her best friend.

“We should go to the forbidden valley. They’ll never find us there,” Maya said.

“Great! Let’s go!” Anais responded excitedly.

The fate of the city was uncertain but Anais was right; her cousin Ethan was evil and there was no assurances that he would defend the people. There must be another way to save the city and Maya was going to find it.


It didn’t take long before the guards realized that the Princess was gone. Lord Nogard was furious. He knew that without Maya, his goal of becoming King would be impossible to achieve. He needed to find her immediately!

“You are all idiots!! The slave trader is here and he wants to see her! Find her!! Now!!” The Lord yelled at the soldiers.

“Yes, my Lord. I have all my men already looking for her,” the nervous captain responded.


Far North, the residents of the small villages were preparing to evacuate their homes and move to safety within the city walls.

“Hurry up Miri. We can no longer wait for your father. He will meet us at the city when he returns from battle…” Jana said to her daughter.

“Mom! They are here!!! The monsters are here!!!” Miri screamed, looking out the window. She had never seen such an ugly monster. It had a humanoid, bulky body with a long, reptile tail and a large head that resembled a cat-fish.

The two scouts of the northern creatures had arrived to the village finding no resistance at all. All the cottages looked empty. They had orders to capture humans and interrogate them to find the easiest passage into the city.

“Do you see anything?” The first scout asked.

“I think I heard something. I’ll go inside,” the other responded, looking at Jana’s house.

The women heard the front door being forced open! There was no way to escape. Jana had to protect her daughter and she did the only thing that came to her mind.

“Get inside the closet and whatever happens, don’t come out and don’t make any noise. Hurry!” Jana said.

“Where are you going to hide?! Both of us won’t fit in here!” Miri asked, scared out of her mind.

Heavy steps resounded outside the room, getting closer to the door.

Jana barely had time to walk around the bed, getting away from the closet and from her daughter. The door opened and Jana saw with terror as a monster walked in, looking straight at her. She had heard so many stories about these creatures since she was a little girl. She had pictured their ugliness in so many ways. But her imagination didn’t come close to what was standing in front of her. A real, huge northern creature. And he could speak!

“I’ve found one! It’s a female!” the scout said to his partner.

“Gods help me!” Jana screamed. She knew that occasionally these creatures captured women and their bodies were rarely found. She even saw a woman a long time ago that was supposedly pregnant with one of these monsters and later on, that woman disappeared. The men of the village said that the woman was cursed and Jana believed that they secretly killed her. She wondered if this was going to be her fate as well.

The creature jumped forward and grabbed Jana’s body. Then he spoke to her… “Is there any other human in the house? Answer me!”

“No… no, I am alone. Please don’t hurt me.”

“We’ll see. Don’t move,” the monster said, looking around the room.

The door of the closet was partially open and Miri watched terrified as the monster manhandled her mother. He’s got her! The monster grabbed mom!

Without saying another word, the creature opened his circular mouth and extruded his tongue. It was a long, flexible tentacle that approached Jana’s face. The woman looked at it in panic and tried to move away but his firm grasp made it impossible.

Gods! What is that?! Miri wondered from her hiding spot, looking partially at the tentacle.

The tongue was covered with a translucent toxin and the scout knew the effect it caused on humans. He just needed to shove it down her throat and she would become docile and easy to manipulate. Then he could ask her all the necessary questions.

Jana turned her face away as the slimy tentacle poked at her cheeks and lips. She felt a slight tingle on her skin as it got smeared with the toxin.

The scout tightened his grip on Jana’s shoulders making her scream and he seized the moment to insert his tongue into her mouth. She tried to bite it down but the tentacle’s leathery skin was unbreakable. It reached her throat and kept sinking down.

As the flexible appendage moved deeper into her body, Jana’s mind started to spin in a whirlpool of confusion. She had a bittersweet taste in her mouth and her throat tickled badly.

The creature pulled her closer to his face, shoving his tongue even deeper. He could see her pupils dilating as the slime began to take effect.

Miri couldn’t see what was happening but she could clearly hear her mother’s gurgling sounds. She had to fight the urge to bolt out of the cabinet and help her. What is he doing to her? I can’t see!

The other creature searched the rest of the house, confirming that it was empty and entered the room. By then, Jana had completely stopped struggling and looked up at the ceiling with unfocused eyes.

“It seems that this town is empty. This human is the only one left,” the other scout said, “I can see that she is a mature female! She can be useful to us in many ways.”

Miri heard the words of the second invader and a chill ran across her back.

The second scout moved around Jana and her captor. He examined the woman’s body and ripped her skirt off to look at her behind. This was the first human female he had seen up close, and he was looking for more points of entry into her body. He found two! “I’ll pour more toxin into her. She will tell us everything we need to know.”

Within her foggy mind, Jana felt someone lifting her body from the ground but this didn’t worry her. It was so much better to let herself be handled. The second creature extended his tongue, smearing her ass-cheeks and thighs.

This time, the viewing angle allowed Miri to see the monster’s whole squirming tongue and she had to cover her mouth to stop herself from screaming.

Jana gargled as the creature pushed his tongue a little deeper down her esophagus. The other scout looked between the woman’s legs trying to decide which hole would be better for penetration. He selected the closest one; Jana’s anus. If my tongue doesn’t fit, I’ll try the other one.

Miri witnessed as the creature shoved his tongue forward and it disappeared into her mother’s body. She never thought that something so long could fit inside of a woman without killing her. Jana led out a muffled moan from the deep penetration as her ass twitched several times around the appendage.

The long tongues squirmed inside Jana’s body, pushing from both ends and almost meeting in the middle. The amount of toxin absorbed by her sensitive membranes soon started to saturate her bloodstream and accumulate in her brain.

Jana’s altered mind became empty of any rational thoughts, replaced by a feeling of submission and satisfaction. Then, without any proper build-up or intensifying arousal, Jana reached a sudden, compelling orgasm. She twitched and squirmed within the creature’s grip as her eyes rolled back from sheer pleasure.

Seeing this, the scout knew that her brain was full with toxins and she would cooperate. He forcefully withdrew his tongue from her throat and released her shoulders. Jana was still shuddering from her climax and oddly enough, this rough treatment prolonged it further.

The other creature followed suit and let Jana collapse to the floor. Then the questions started…

“How far is the city from here? What is the quickest way to get there? Answer slave!”

…but she couldn’t even remember her name.

“We probably gave her too much,” the other creature said, scratching his head.

The scouts realized that Jana was too doped to respond but they still needed answers, so they decided to wait. And what better way to spend time that creating offspring to expand the army.

“Lets impregnated her while some of the toxin wears off. Slave, open your body for me!”

Jana heard the words of her captor and moved solely by instinct. She stood up as best she could and leaned back against the bed. Her body was burning with need and her pussy was soaked with her own juices.

As soon as she spread her legs, the creature buried his large, erect phallus into her pussy with a single, forceful stroke. Jana screamed from the rough and deep penetration but she was so excited that the pleasure of being fucked easily overthrown the pain caused by the massive cock.

From inside the closet, Miri couldn’t believe what was happening. Her mother was being fucked by this horrifying monster and she was moaning in pleasure! She saw a slight moving mound on her mother’s belly showing her how far inside was the creature’s cock.

Mom is allowing them to fuck her! How can this be possible?, Miri wondered, truly confused.

With his phallus already fully erect, the other scout was not going to wait until his partner was done so he jumped on the bed and pulled Jana’s head back until her mouth was aligned with his member. “Open your mouth slave!”

Miri screamed in her head, No! The other one too? Leave her alone!

Jana felt the fat tip of the creature’s phallus pushing at her lips and she opened wide. The scout shoved his cock down her throat, stretching her lips to the limit, yet Jana oblige, rolling her eyes from wanton bliss.

The creature started fucking her face with avidity, matching the pace of his partner, who fucked Jana’s pussy as deep as possible. Neither of them have been with a female since the war started and they were not holding anything back.

This was the advantage of being a scout. They could impregnate a few slaves before the arrival of their superiors, who always kept all the best females for themselves.

They creatures fucked Jana for a while. Slurping sounds coming from Jana’s mouth and pussy, combined with moans and grunts from the three of them, echoed in the room. Miri remained quietly hiding in the closet, watching and hearing everything.

“Her belly is bulging with your phallus,” one creature said.

“So is her throat. She is so flexible,” the other responded.

They are being so rough… please don’t hurt her. Miri pleaded in silence.

Suddenly, one of the creatures roared loudly and an instant later, a stream of white sperm erupted from Jana’s pussy. He was climaxing! He pumped a huge amount of sperm into her body, ensuring impregnation. At the same time, Jana started shaking again from another powerful orgasm, squeezing his cock and milking it for all it was worth.

But the ravishing was far from over. The spent creature moved away and his partner turned Jana around, making her kneel over the bed. Then he shoved his phallus in her pussy and started pounding at her with all his might. He didn’t care that her pussy was already soaked with cum. He was going to plant his own seed and make it a race to see which sperm would impregnate her first.

Gods! They are taking turns with her. When is this going to end? Miri thought, peeking through the closet’s door.

Jana’s mind was still submerged in a haze of chemicals and physical pleasure. The cock pumping her body felt better than anything she had felt before. There was not a single worry in her mind; nor any coherent thought to disrupt the perfect bliss than radiated from her pussy. She was in heaven and she wished to stay like this until the end of time.

“This female is very docile. She likes this,” the spent creature said, with a tone of voice that sounded like laughter.

The creature started to accelerate his pace as he approached his climax and Jana moaned louder, also approaching her third orgasm. From inside the closet, Miri could only see part of her mother’s body bouncing back and forth, in synchrony with the monster’s grunts.

“She is tight, isn’t she?”

“Yes. When we are done here, we should hide her and keep her for ourselves.”

The creature announced his peak with a loud roar and the expected gush of semen was ejected from his cock, saturating Jana’s pussy. Upon feeling the warm fluid filling her body again, Jana screamed, twitching within strong spasms. She was climaxing one more time.

Even when her body was lying limply on the bed, Jana still jolted sporadically as her orgasm refused to fade away. The creatures looked at her with disappointment. She was not ready to answer any questions yet. Her brain may be ruined for good. They started arguing…

“What now? She is helpless.”

“Let’s give her more time. I want to fuck her again.”

“What if she can’t take it and dies?”

“I don’t care. I am going to fuck her again!”

Hearing the invaders’ conversation, Miri decided that it was enough. She couldn’t just hide like a coward and let them kill her mother. She had to do something… anything.

“Please stop! Leave my mother alone!” Miri screamed while jumping out of the closet.

“Heh?! Another one! Didn’t you check the room?” one of the creature asked angrily.

“Umh… I didn’t. The other female distracted me.”

Miri knelt beside the bed, checking her mother’s health. The scouts immediately noticed that she was a young adult, probably too young to provide useful information about the city’s defenses but mature enough to breed. Her body was slim and healthy.

“Uhmm… She is good for breeding.”

One of the creatures approached her and said, “We will leave your mother alone if you promise to do everything we say.”

“I… I promise,” Miri said with a trembling voice.

“Then you will swallow my tongue. Stand up!”

Miri stood up shivering with fear as the invader extruded his long, flexible tongue. Miri had witnessed how the creature shoved the tentacle deep into her mother’s throat a moment ago and now it was her turn. “Gods help me… It is so long!!”

“Open your mouth, female!”

Miri opened her mouth hesitantly as the appendage approached her face. Her lips were quivering but she believed that there was no other way to save her mother. She took a deep breath. I can do this…

With a swift move, the creature pushed his tongue between Miri’s lips, all the way to the back of her throat and then a little further. Miri gagged and cried a muffled yelp. She had to use all her will not to pull away.

The monster walked closer to her, shoving his tongue deeper into her body while the exuding toxin filtered through her inner membranes. Miri could clearly feel the tentacle moving down her esophagus until everything around her suddenly started to spin.

After only one minute, Miri’s nipples hardened and swelled noticeably while her eyes began to roll back. She never realized that her mind was being taken by a cocktail of chemicals. A soft, almost inaudible moaning indicated that the process was on the right track.

The creature waited until Miri’s eyes were completely rolled back. She started to sway her hips slowly back and forth. Between her legs, Miri’s pussy was dripping wet. She was ready.

“Don’t overdo it or she will end up like the older one,” the creature said to his partner.

With a loud slurping noise, the monster retracted his tongue and pulled it out of Miri’s body. Her mind was now a haze of meaningless thoughts and erotic images. Her body was on fire but she didn’t know what to do about it.

“Bring her over here. I’ll put my cock in her little hole. This way we can fuck her at the same time.”

When she heard the comment, Miri’s heart jolted with concern and excitement. The creature grabbed her delicate hand and guided her around the bed. Something wild was going to happen but she couldn’t quite understand what it was.

The scout in front of Miri lifted her body effortlessly and pushed her back until her ass-cheeks were snuggling the other creature’s cock. Miri didn’t present any kind of resistance. The image of her mother being savagely fucked by her captors was popping in her mind and the moans of unrestrained pleasure were still ringing in her ears. She had wondered how it felt and soon she was going to find out.

“Will it fit?” the creature asked his friend.

“Maybe. My tongue fit before in the other female but my cock is thicker.”

Her daydreaming was interrupted when her body was viciously pulled down and the huge cock of the monster was buried in her ass until it wouldn’t go any further. Miri screamed and clenched her ass from the sudden unexpected penetration but it was just an instinctive reaction as the pain was brief. The chemicals circulating her veins made sure of that.

Miri felt the fat phallus stretching her body insanely wide. She had fantasized about it so many times and now she was finally doing it. She was having sex. Except not in the right hole and not with a handsome man. But within her numbed mind, it didn’t matter that it was a monster fucking her. She had a cock in her craving body and she wanted more.

The scout in front of Miri moved closer with his phallus fully erect and ready. He grabbed the young woman’s left leg and lift it, pushing her hips a couple of centimeters back and the cock in her ass a little deeper. Miri moaned in utter bliss, not knowing that the best was yet to come.

“You wouldn’t believe how tight she is,” said the creature that fucked her ass.

The creature lifted her other leg as well, bearing her in the right position to receive his phallus… Then he shoved his cock without mercy until his pelvis smashed against Miri’s. The astounded young woman grunted loudly as her body stiffened like a board, then she exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm.

Miri’s body shivered uncontrollably, pinned between the two massive bodies, as her climax wrecked her already broken mind. The creatures kept fucking her regardless of her orgasmic spasms. The tightness of her holes felt great and they would not stop until filling her with sperm.

The ravishing continued for a long time and Miri seemed to be trapped in a loop of orgasmic release. As soon as one climax ended, the next one was just a few minutes away. Her brain drifted between consciousness and blissful blankness and she was only able to keep up because of her youthful stamina.

On the bed, Jana was recovering from the rough ravishing. She felt dizzy and confused. It was difficult to focus her eyes, or even her thoughts. She could hear a woman’s moaning and the distinctive squelching sounds of cock pumping pussy. This brought her attention to the fact that she felt horny as hell.

Jana stood up and saw the wild scene developing beside the bed. It was Miri! Two monsters were fucking her daughter at the same time. She wondered if it was a nightmare… or a wet dream. She touched Miri’s arm to see if she was real. Then she grabbed her own breast. Jana’s heart jolted and her pussy twitched. It was real!

Miri was oblivious to her mother’s presence since was climaxing once again.

Jana stood there, transfixed by the outrageous scene. For a moment, the thought of stopping this insanity crossed her mind but her daughter’s expression of absolute bliss made her reconsider. How could she deprive Miri from such pleasure? The toxin was making a mess of Jana’s brain and at the end, she did nothing but watch. It must feel so good to have both cocks… but it is wrong… I am so horny.

Meanwhile, the creatures were hammering Miri’s body at a frantic pace. They reached their peak at the same time and Jana heard the gurgling sounds of the sperm being ejaculated inside her daughter’s holes. Then she saw the excess of the white fluid dripping to the floor.

Miri’s entire body trembled from her last, overwhelming orgasm while her mother watched with envy. Every second she got more excited and willing to let the creatures fuck her again. She wanted both cocks at the same, just like Miri, and she would do anything to get them. She is coming so hard! I want it! I want to come like that too!

Moments later, Miri was on the ground, shuddering from her receding climax while the creatures finally realized that Jana had recovered her consciousness. It was time to get information… and maybe another ravishing session.

“You will tell us everything you know about the city walls and passages.”

“Yes… I will tell you everything but please escort antalya fuck me!” Jana responded, looking at his cock.


On their way out of the castle, Princess Maya and Anais ran into another escort, Mildred. She had being born and raised in a village near the forbidden valley and she could provide great help to find the safest and fastest way to get there.

“How far is the forbidden valley?” Maya asked, after three hours of walking.

“We are almost at the narrow passage that leads into the valley,” Mildred said, then she added, “Are you sure it is the right choice, my Princess? Whoever enters the valley, never comes out.”

“We have no choice. The guards will kill us if they find us, but they’ll never go into the valley,” Anais responded.

There was still sunlight when they reached the passage but unfortunately, it was not going to be as easy as they thought. A small group of wild Catoblepas, prehistoric looking creatures, were blocking the way. Two large males and several smaller females. The wind was blowing from the west so the monsters were fully aware of the women’s presence.

“Are they dangerous?” Maya asked.

Mildred explained how dangerous the males could be, “If they feel threatened, the males will attack. They are very territorial and protective of their harem.”

“I never thought they were so big!” Anais exclaimed.

The alluring smell of Princess Maya entered the creature’s nostrils and the effect was immediate. Mildred noticed the fully erect phalli of the males and this brought back memories of her childhood. Her aunt had a couple of Catoblepas at her home and Mildred came to visit a few times every year. She remembered that even domesticated males had to be handled with caution. She also remembered a trick her aunt used to do to calm the creatures when they were overexcited. It was supposed to be a secret but she witnessed it more than once. This gave her an idea.

“I think I know how to distract them. When you see the chance, walk through the herd, then through the passage and I’ll catch up with you later,” Mildred said.

Mildred stood up, removed her skirt and started walking very slowly towards the creatures. Maya and Anais just looked at her with wide open eyes.

“Why did she get naked?” Maya asked.

“I don’t know. Mildred, be careful!” Anais yelled.

“Easy boy… I am here to help you,” Mildred said softly as she approached the closest male.

Mildred just needed to get close enough so he could smell her and the rest would be easy. When she was five meters away, Mildred went down to her knees and started to crawl the rest of the way. When she was two meters away, she turned around and moved backwards toward the creature. Once he knows I am a female, I should be safe. If it worked for my aunt, it should work for me.

The large male smelled her scent and realized she was a willing female. He slowly started moving on top of her. It worked!

Mildred clearly remembered her aunt’s loud moaning and wild orgasms every time she had sex with a catoblepas. Her pussy always got soaked when she saw it but she was always too scared to sneak in and try it herself. Now, after all this time of wondering, she was going to find out how it feels. Her heart was beating fast and her pussy was twitching with anticipation.I can’t believe I am finally going to do this.

The monster poked a few times between Mildred’s legs until it found her pussy and moved forward. His large cock entered the woman’s tight cavity, almost disappearing inside of her body. Mildred yelped as her hands and knees slipped a few centimeters across the ground from the brutal penetration.

Mildred’s vision got blurry and bright spots lightened before her eyes as she felt the incredible power of the creature solely through his cock. She realized how insignificant she was beneath the massive bulk of meat and muscles and how she was completely at his mercy. For some reason, Mildred found this incredibly exciting and she tried to stay still, waiting for his next move.

Maya and Anais saw the large creature walk slowly over Mildred and then they heard a scream. Maya thought that the monster had stepped on her but Anais had a better idea of what was going on.

“Gods have mercy! He is going to crush her!” Maya said with anxiousness.

“I don’t think so, my Princess. I can’t see very well from this angle but I think he just shove his cock inside of her!” Anais said.

“He did?!” Maya asked, trying to get a better view.

Mildred could feel the large phallus stretching her guts so deeply that it was unbelievable. Her abdomen was bulging right at the spot where the head of the appendage was located. She started to understand why her aunt craved so much for the catoblepas’s cock.

The huge creature started to move it’s rear end back and forth, pulling out his phallus more than twenty centimeters before shoving it back in every time. It showed a lot of agility for its size and Mildred was going berserk with the staggering penetrations. If the creature crushed her by accident, at least she would die in bliss.

The other male of the herd got closer to investigate what was happening.

The unlikely couple soon got into a rhythm. The creature pumped her pussy with great stamina and increasing speed, and Mildred did whatever she could to receive his cock as deep as possible and avoid being dragged forward. Her loud moans could be heard very clearly all the way to the hiding spot of Maya and Anais.

He is bigger than the troll. I wonder how it feels. Anais wondered in secret.

After more than fifteen minutes of vigorous ravishing, the catoblepas reached his peak and discharged his load of semen inside Mildred’s petite body. Needles to say that he filled her tight cavity in a couple of seconds and the rest spilled to the ground.

Mildred not only could feel the warm fluid filling her guts but she could even hear it spurting within her belly. This sent her instantly over the edge. Her hips shivered in spasmodic convulsions as her pussy jerked over and over around the pulsating phallus. Her eyes turned completely white and her mouth opened in a silent, thrilling scream of bliss.

With her mind completely overwhelmed by absolute pleasure, Mildred didn’t know how long her orgasm lasted but it didn’t stop until the last drop of sperm was pumped into her body. And there was a huge amount of cum already spreading across the ground beneath them.

When the beast was finally done, it moved back and smelled Mildred’s behind. Here feminine scent mixed with his sperm predicted a successful impregnation. The hot air blowing from his nose over her sensitive pussy lips made the woman shiver a little longer.

Mildred slowly regained her self-control. Her pussy was throbbing from the brutal ravishing but she had just experienced the best orgasm of her life. Having her head resting against the ground, she sensed the earth trembling and she knew that the other male was approaching.

I have to take this one too… I must… she thought.

She turned over, facing up, and confirmed that he was almost on top of her. The whole situation was so weird. She would have never imagined that she was going to help the Princess this way. It was so unexpected and exciting. And she was more than ready to do it again.

“Calm down… It is your turn now,” she whispered to the creature.

Mildred avoided the creature’s heavy steps as he loomed over her, until the tip of his phallus was right above her pussy. These creatures are massive. I was so lucky that the other one didn’t crush me.

Princess Maya and Anais watched with genuine concern as the second monster moved into position over Mildred. Anais estimated that this catoblepas should weight at least four tons.

“Gods! Now the other one is moving on top of her. Maybe we should help her. Forget about entering the valley.”

“You know we can’t. Mildred is so brave doing this for us.”

They heard a loud squeal and they knew that the beast was penetrating her. Mildred lift her hips, allowing the tip of his phallus to enter her pussy. Her body had already adjusted because of her previous coupling and this time the pleasurable feeling was staggering. Again, an image of her aunt in total rapture while mating in her house popped in Mildred’s mind. This felt so good, that if she had tried it before, she would have purchased some catoblepas for herself a long time ago.

“Oh, Gods! Yess! Push it deeper!”

As if reading her mind, the creature took one step forward, stabbing his phallus until it wouldn’t go any further. Mildred’s body was lifted completely off the ground, held up only by his long, thick cock.

The astounded woman couldn’t believe it. She could feel the power of his member in every cell of her body and in that moment she realized that no other cock would ever satisfy her like this. Mildred did whatever she could to anchor herself to the ground while the catoblepas started swinging his hips, fucking her with the same energy of his partner. Her belly bulged every time his phallus stabbed forward, pushing her resistance to the limit. She loved it.

The overwhelmed woman couldn’t think of anything except the feeling that radiated from her stretched pussy. She would never admit it but her love for the Princess now came second after this.

Anais noticed that the creature was now completely devoted to his task of impregnating Mildred and the other male was looking the other way, grazing peacefully near the females. This was their chance to walk across the passage into the forbidden valley.

“Come on Princess. This is our chance,” Anais said, extending her hand.

“What about Mildred? We can’t leave her here.”

“She said she will catch up with us. We can’t let all her effort go to waste.”

Maya knew that Anais was right. Mildred was doing this for her and the least she could do was to make the best of it.

As they walked beside the mating couple and moved into the passage, the Princess got a good look at the catoblepas up close. She felt a chill run along her spine from seeing the size of his huge phallus and how it made Mildred’s body rock back and forth as if she was a rag doll.

That beast’s is huge! How can she take it?! Maya wondered.

“This way Princess,” Anais said, urging Maya.

Mildred was unaware that her friends had already left. She felt her orgasm building within her loins and she knew that it going to be devastating. She longed for it. She started to relax her body. Let herself be taken at will by her massive lover. She was at the point of no return and she let her mind became empty… waiting to be seized by a burst of bliss.

And no more that one minuter later, she came! A blinding light exploded again behind her eyes as the most powerful climax of her life took control of her mind and soul. Her body strained in a series of orgasmic spasms so violent that threatened her sanity.

The monster felt Mildred’s pussy constricting his cock and this encouraged him reach his peak as well. A river of warm sperm erupted within the woman’s loins, stuffing her to capacity before being ejected from her stretched pussy lips.

Mildred was unable to process the myriad of sensations that cluttered her brain; the mind-blowing bliss, the beast’s gurgling sperm filling every crevice, his throbbing cock. It was all too much. The bewildered woman’s world began to fade as she drifted into unconsciousness. She fought against it. She wanted to enjoy this a little longer… but she failed. It all had been too overwhelming for Mildred and as the creature stepped away, her limp body stayed behind, immobile, with a pool of cum leaking from her pussy and scattering between her legs.

Half an hour later, the catoblepas were calmly eating grass minding their own business, a light breeze blowing from the north. Mildred, still unconscious, was lost in a world of newly discovered bliss. The entrance to the passage was as peaceful as ever.

But this was about to change dramatically…


The catobletas didn’t have a chance. They attacked the soldiers but the men were trained killers with sharp blades. As the large creatures lie bleeding on the ground, the Captain looked down at Mildred’s unconscious body, trying to figure out what had happened. They knew that the Princess couldn’t be too far away.

“Captain, they followed this path less than an hour ago. They walked into the forbidden valley,” the tracker said.

“Let’s go! We will catch the Princess before sundown,” responded the Captain.

“But Sir, if we go into the valley we will die,” a soldier complained with fear in his voice.

“We will die if we go back empty handed! Move! That’s an order!” the Captain shouted.

Mildred was still completely out of it, dreaming of a dozen catoblepas waiting in line to have their cocks milked dry by her hungry body. She had no idea that her life could end in the following seconds…

“What should we do with the woman?”

“Leave her. We’ll pick her up on our way back.”


Princess Maya and Anais walked through the forbidden valley for a while without incident. It seemed that all the ghost stories were nothing more than a myth. They reached an ample cave with a partially collapsed roof that let the fading sunlight filter in. It should serve well as temporary shelter.

“This place looks good for hiding. It will protect us from the rain and from the cold of the night,” Anais said.

“We need to find the remnants of my father’s army… if it still exists. It is our only hope,” Maya said, showing concern.

“Yes… but we can figure that out tomorrow. Now we should rest,” the escort responded. She knew that the chances of finding the King’s army were slim.

The two young women removed her scarce clothing and lay on the moss that grew below the hole of the cave’s ceiling. They talked for a while until they heard a branch cracking by the entrance. They turned their heads and gasped at the same time…

“You are very sneaky my Princess. But your little adventure ends now. You are coming back with us!” said the Captain, who stood no more than ten meters away.

“They found us!” Maya screamed.

The Captain walked angrily towards Maya and as expected, Anais jumped in between to protect her. The angry soldier was convinced that Anais was the one to blame for all his recent hassles.

“You had caused enough trouble whore! It is time for you to die!!” He screamed, lifting his heavy sword, ready to unleash all his fury at her…

“No!!! Stop!!” Maya yelled in panic.

The Princess just felt a light breeze as the dragon flew above her head and grabbed the Captain by the head, breaking his neck instantly.

Anais observed the scene in shock, not believing her own eyes, “W…Wha..t?”

The other soldiers watched in terror as their leader was pulled off the ground like a toy,

“Ahhg! A dragon!! Run! Run!!”

The dragon released the dead body of the Captain and chased the others out of his lair. Maya could only hear the screams as all of them died, one by one, crushed by the mythical creature. Then, there was silence.

Both girls were speechless, looking at the cave’s dark entrance. Nothing happened for almost a minute. Then, they both screamed in horror when the dragon came back inside and approached menacingly. He was about the size of a bull and his large mouth was filled with sharp, long teeth.

How can this be?! Maya wondered, still doubting her own eyes.

“Sta…Stand back Princess!” Anais said. She remained in place, trembling like a leaf but still blocking the way to the Princess.

Princess Maya had enough of seeing her closest friends risk their lives for her, over and over. Without saying a word, she pulled Anais back and confronted the dragon. If this was her destiny, she was going to face it with dignity. She closed her eyes and waited.

“Princess!! No!” Anais screamed.

The dragon leaped forward, sizzling with rage, but just before striking a deadly blow, the Princess’s scent reached his nostrils. It took nothing more than that. His bewilderment was quickly replaced by curiosity and then by excitement…

He had been waiting for centuries and she was finally here; a suitable female. The mother of dragons!

Maya thought it was taking too long for him to kill her. She opened her eyes and saw the creature looking back at her. He didn’t look angry anymore. Then, the Princess looked down. The dragon’s cock was fully erect. She felt an instant fire building inside of her. Somehow she knew that this thick and long appendage was designed for her; it was a primal instinct that had been dormant all of her life. This was her true destiny!

Before Anais’s astonished eyes, the Princess crawled closer to the dragon and delicately grabbed his cock, like the most cherishable gift she had ever received. She looked at it for a moment and then licked it with a little hesitation; not because she didn’t want to do it but because she wanted to do it right. The dragon lifted her right arm and caressed her body as a clear sign of approval. He liked it!

Following her instincts, Maya engulfed the phallus between her soft lips. She felt her body shudder from the excitement of having him inside of her for the first time, even if it was in her mouth and just a few centimeters.

Feeling the warmth of Maya’s lips, the dragon lifted his body on his rear legs and shifted his hips forward, plunging his cock deeper until it reached the back of the Princess’s throat.

“What is happening? I don’t understand,” Anais was alarmed and confused. Why was the Princess sucking the dragon’s cock? And why was he letting her?

Anais hadn’t realize that the whole purpose of the Princess’s alluring scent, the one that turned men crazy or any male whatsoever, was to let the dragon know that she was the one.

Maya felt the dragon’s cock filling her entire mouth and she got scared, but at the same time her pussy twitched so hard that it made her mind spin. She loved that feeling and stood still, waiting for it to happen again.

And it did. The dragon took a few short steps and his phallus slowly penetrated Maya’s gullet. And as it went deeper, the pleasurable feeling intensified within the young woman’s crotch. She didn’t know why it felt so good but she welcomed it with all her heart.

When the dragon was deep enough, he started fucking her mouth with cautious strokes. It had been centuries since the last time he mated with a woman and he didn’t want to hurt her or damage her in any way.

Anais got a little closer, ready to rescue the Princess, but it was more than evident that she needed no rescuing, as soft moans of pleasure escaped the Princess’s stuffed mouth. She is doing this willingly!

The blissful sensation in Maya’s pussy got stronger minute by minute. She was very inexperienced regarding sex but she knew how babies were made. She imagined that long cock fucking her pussy instead of her mouth and it was enough to trigger a strong climax. Her vaginal cavity twitched forcefully, gushing with lubricating fluid, while the rest of her body contorted with hefty spasms of joy.

The Princess shuddered so hard, that the dragon pulled back to see if she was all right.

Maya’s brain was a turmoil of sensations she never felt before. It was exhilarating. She was certain that this was the best feeling in the world and she wanted more.

Anais, seeing Maya’s wild exertions, got alarmed and rushed to help her… “Princess!! Are you hurt?!”

But the dragon saw this as a threat and reacted defiantly, roaring at Anais, ready to attack!

Maya, already recovering from her orgasm, turned around and pleaded Anais to stay back. The Princess somehow knew that she was completely safe but she wasn’t so sure about her faithful companion, “Please stand back Anais. I don’t want him to hurt you. I’ll be fine.”

Anais reluctantly crawled back to a safer spot while the Princess turned to face the dragon. She was still lying on the soft moss and the dragon’s bulk was looming upon her. Her recent orgasm had done nothing to diminish the fire in her pussy and the need to extinguish it ruled her actions.

The dragon moved his body above the young woman and aimed his phallus at her crotch, barely touching her pussy lips. Maya felt the soft caress and gasped. This was going to be her first time and it felt so right. She wanted him inside of her; she needed him.

The Princess and the dragon looked at each other intently. Her heart was beating fast; her nipples were hard and erect; her pussy soaked with anticipation. The dragon’s cock was pulsating. Maya looked deep into the dragon’s eyes and she saw herself. They both shared the same soul and they belonged together in every possible way. She was ready and so was he.

“Please, push it inside of me…” she begged.

The dragon penetrated Maya effortlessly. He ended her virginity and became one with her. He felt her vaginal cavity snuggling his cock perfectly; warm and cozy, pressing firmly around him. From this moment on, she was going to be his mate forever. No one and nothing would keep them apart.

Maya felt the dragon’s cock entering her body and the rest of the world disappeared. Even the pain as her hymen was broken felt wonderful. She sensed a wave of bliss spreading from her pussy, turning her body into an extension of his phallus. She wanted him to go deeper; to own her. She wanted him to fill her with his seed and get her pregnant.

The dragon kept plunging his cock further in, impossibly deep, but Maya’s body was ready for it. This was her purpose. The Princess’s body was tensed but welcoming, rapidly adapting to his size, creating the perfect fit.

Anais observed everything from a few meters away. She saw the long, pink cock penetrating fully into Maya’s body. She waited for a gesture of pain from the Princess, a plead for help, but the sign never came. Instead, Maya’s soft moaning was an indubitable indication that she craved for this; she wanted the dragon to fuck her. The Princess is really enjoying this! I’ve never seen her so excited before.

Once he was satisfied with the depth of the penetration, the dragon began to sway his hips back and forth, pumping Maya’s pussy with loving intensity. His cold, scaly stomach rubbed against hers, warm and delicate. He could actually feel her skin bulging as his cock moved within her loins.

The Princess loved it. His huge cock possessing her so perfectly; the weight of his body pressing down on hers, amplifying every sensation. Maya was in paradise.

The dragon fucked Maya in this position for a long time, rocking her body with every stroke, and accelerating the pace is he approached his climax. Maya moaned out loud, lost in an endless abyss of elation.

Anais watched the couple almost without blinking. She was still worried, Don’t thrust so hard! You are going to hurt her! yet her pussy moistened.

Suddenly, the harmonious motions and sounds were truncated by a roar and a loud squeal. Maya was climaxing and so was the dragon. White sperm burst from Maya’s pussy as her body quickly became saturated. His cum felt hot, thick and powerful, reaching every crevice of the Princess’s womb. A sense of utter fulfillment in addition to the waves of orgasmic pleasure, kept Maya under a blissful haze for several minutes.

When she came back from heaven, Maya knew that something had changed inside of her body. More precisely, inside of her womb. She was pregnant. This made her feel even closer to the dragon. This made her feel more alive and excited. She wanted his cock inside of her again.

“I think he is done Princess. Let’s try to escape. We can sneak out of the cave,” Anais whispered, looking at the spent dragon retreating a couple of steps.

“I am sure he is not done yet. He wants more,” Maya responded. She couldn’t confess to Anais that she wanted this as much as the dragon.

Maya turned over, resting on her hands and knees and presented her ass to the dragon. She was already pregnant but this shouldn’t stop them from mating again; from building a stronger physical bond.

“Take me my love. Make me yours again,” Maya said out loud.

Anais heard it, but wasn’t sure if she heard it right, Did she say ‘my love’?

The dragon grabbed Maya’s lithe frame and pulled her towards him while he rammed his cock antalya escort forward, penetrating her pussy again. With her hymen gone, this time the pleasure was absolute. The moment she felt his phallus reaching the bottom of her womb, she knew that her next orgasm was going to be magnificent. She longed for it.

Soon they were immersed in a perfect mating rhythm. White drops of surplus semen splattered from Maya’s pussy as he pumped her body with eagerness. His heavy breathing was eclipsed by her loud, sensual moaning, and her moaning mixed with the slurping sound of their sexual fluids that aided the overwhelming ravishing.

All these alluring noises reached Anais’s ears, who was still looking engrossed at the new couple. All her worries about the Princess’s wellness were gone and this provided some peace of mind. Almost inadvertently, she moved one hand to her breast and the other to her soaked pussy. He is penetrating her so deeply!

The ravishing continued for several minutes. Maya’s bliss was complete, both from the forceful strokes of the dragon and from the knowledge that she had found her true destiny; her true love. The Princess got a glimpse of Anais masturbating in front of her and this increased her arousal even more.

Anais didn’t understand why this all was so exciting. Her beloved Princess, the woman she had sworn to protect, was being fucked by a dangerous dragon and she couldn’t stop touching herself. Anais saw the Princess’s eyes glazing and her entire body going rigid. Her next orgasm was imminent. The escort rubbed herself faster. The Princess is going to come again…

The Princess climaxed even harder than before. She arched her back as her eyes rolled up her head. Her body was completely out of control, convulsing within the waves of ecstasy while her pussy twitched over and over binding the throbbing phallus, milking it, demanding his seed. And the dragon granted her wish, discharging another huge load of hot sperm into her womb.

Princess Maya could feel every drop of cum ejected from her lovers cock into her receptive body. She was pregnant already but the bliss was the same. Life was pouring inside of her and her excitement was overwhelming, taking her climax to the limit of her resistance. She didn’t want to lose consciousness but she was very close to doing so.

Seeing the Princess shivering so hard and hearing the sperm bursting within her loins was more than Anais could bare; she reached an explosive orgasm that rocked her body from head to toe. Her pussy twitched so hard that a gush a pee sprayed to the ground. After a long minute of absolute bliss, she fell backward to the soft grass, stunned and satisfied.

Moments later, Anais began to recover. She lifted her torso the check on the Princess. Her heart jolted in panic. Maya wasn’t moving! She lay limply on the ground with her eyes half open and completely rolled up her head. Anais screamed worried out her mind… “Princess?! Princess!!”

Anais ran towards the Princess trying to help but was abruptly stopped by a loud roar of the dragon, which showed his teeth and assumed an attacking stance. Anais screamed again, this time from fear.

Meanwhile, Maya was recovering from her mind-blowing orgasm and heard the commotion, “What..?”

The Princess sensed that Anais was in danger and immediately stood up, sperm dripping down her thighs, and calmed the dragon. She lovingly caressed his head, whispering soft words into his ears. The dragon quickly understood that Anais was not a threat and responded with docility.

“Anais is my best friend. You will never hurt her, do you understand?” Maya whispered.

Anais watched the dragon’s submissive response to Maya’s caress and she found it hard to believe, “This is absolutely incredible. I would have never believed it if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes.” she said.

Later that night, the dragon was resting his head on the Princess’s lap like a loving pet. Maya knew that for the rest of her life, he would never leave her side. It was clear that he loved her as much as she loved him. They would be together forever.

Seeing the dragon’s reaction towards Anais moments ago, Maya had an idea.

“Tomorrow, we are going back to town,” Maya said. There was assertiveness in her voice.

“We are?!” Anais asked with concern, “But what about your cousin? He is dangerous!”

“Don’t worry. I have a plan,” was Maya’s simple response.


Meanwhile, the northern creatures had arrived to the city and they started killing anybody that got in their way. Except fertile women, who they captured to turn them into breeding slaves.

Within the castle, Lord Nogard tried to secure his own safety. “Forget about the people,” he said to one of his Generals, “Command the soldiers to protect the castle. Block all the entries!”

“Yes, my Lord.”

When Maya and Anais arrived, they discovered with horror that the city was in total chaos. Dead bodies everywhere; women being ravished in the middle of the streets.

One of the humanoids was grabbing a woman from behind, fucking her so hard that her feet didn’t touch the ground. He spoke to her in a commanding voice, “Surrender to me and I’ll spare your life. You will bear my offspring.”

“Gods help us! The monsters are already here! I must help my people!” Maya exclaimed.

“Princess, we have to hide! They will kill us!” Anais pleaded, pulling Maya’s arm.

But this didn’t change Maya’s plan. It couldn’t be more simple. She was going to put herself in harms way and hopefully her dragon was going to protect her, attacking the invaders. Maya grabbed a spear that she found on the ground and ran towards the closest creature, the one who was fucking the woman.

“Let her go, filthy monster!” Maya said, pointing the spear at him.

“What?!” The creature looked at Maya with puzzlement. He was surprised that this little woman-warrior dare to attack him. But what really bothered him was that Maya was interrupting his coupling session. He threw his dazed mate to the side, and got ready to onslaught the Princess, “How dare you interrupt me?! You will die for this!!”

This better work or I’ll die right here, Maya thought, taking a few steps back as the monster approached her.

The monster lunched forward, easily pushing Maya’s spear away while raising his clawed hand. One hit would be enough to finish her… “You are no match for me!”

“Oh Gods!” Maya exclaimed, looking at his sharp, long nails.

“Princess! No!” Anais screamed.

But Maya’s plan worked like a charm. The dragon, who was flying in circles above her, dove like an arrow and grabbed the creature’s head, almost ripping it apart, killing him right on the spot.

The Princess, excited that her plan was working, ran closer to another creature. He had his tongue down a woman’s throat and by the looks of it, she was on the verge of an orgasm. Maya screamed at the invader, making sure that her dragon could hear her.

“Leave her alone!!”

The monster didn’t even have time to look at Maya as the dragon flew by him, biting his neck. The entranced woman, within the haziness of her chemically induced bliss, heard several bones breaking before finding herself on the floor, alone and incredibly aroused.

Lord Nogard and Jarrod were watching everything from one of the castle’s windows…

“Are you seeing this?!” the Lord exclaimed, “My cousin is back and she has a dragon with her!! How is this possible?! I thought dragons were extinct!”

“So did I,” Jarrod responded, “No dragon has been seen for centuries. And this one is helping the Princess. Then the legend must be true.”

“What legend? What are you talking about?” Ethan asked angrily.

Jarrod began to explain the legend of the dragons…

“Many years ago, dragons were common in our land. And all of them came to life the same way. They all were sons of the Queen Dragon. A human female that was the only one capable of giving birth to them.”

An image formed in Jarrod’s mind; the Queen was kneeling on the ground, with a pregnant belly and the dragon’s cock in her mouth, feeding from his nutritive sperm.

“But one day, the Queen made the mistake of falling in love with a man; a wizard. She came to love him as much as she loved her dragons and because of this, she was doomed. This man was evil…”

“He fucked her everyday, giving her overwhelming orgasms, while he used his magic to poison her mind. Soon enough, the Queen became addicted to this rush. She couldn’t pass one day without reaching climax with him. The wizard controlled the Queen and the Queen controlled the dragons. He had absolute power.”

“He convinced the Queen to use the dragons against other kingdoms. The war began and brought devastation like no one had ever seen before. The era of terror had begun.”

Now an image formed in Ethan’s mind; the Queen sitting on the wizards long, fat cock, as he whispered ideas to her enthralled mind, “With our dragons, our enemies stand no chance. We will rule all kingdoms!” and the Queen responding without thinking at all, “Ahhhhh!! Yes my love… I’ll do everything you say.”

At this point of the story, Jarrod chose not to tell Lord Nogard that the reason he knew so much about the legend was because this evil man was his ancestor. Then he continued telling the story…

“In a brief moment of clarity, the Queen realized that she had made a terrible mistake. Dead and misery spread across all Kingdoms and it was all her fault.”

“The wizard pleaded for his life an instant before one the dragons bit his head off, following the Queen’s command. Then, she took her one life.”

“One of the Queen’s sons, a human son, took over the kingdom and promised to destroy all dragons. Over the following years, the dragons died one by one until they became extinct; or so we thought.”

Lord Nogard listened attentively but nothing prepared him to what Jarrod said next…

“The new king change the family’s name, spelling it backwards, from Dragon to Nogard and destroyed all records of your family’s relation to the dragons. After many years, it all became an old legend.”

Ethan facial expression changed from astonishment to anger in less than a second, “My original family name was Dragon?! Why you never told me about this, you idiot?! I could have that dragon under my control.”

Jarrod calmly responded, “No. Only the Mother of Dragons can control them. I should have known that the Princess’s alluring powers had something to do with this.”

“Well, all we have to do is capture Maya again and force her to use the dragon in our advantage. She is helping me already by eliminating the northern creatures.” Ethan said, looking at the window.

“Yes, the invaders are running away,” Jarrod agreed, approaching the window as well.

They both were so distracted looking at the dragon’s precise attacks, that didn’t notice a monster climbing through the window on the opposite side of the room.

The sneaky creature jumped forward, grabbing Ethan by the neck and lifting him off the ground. Then he commanded, “Stop the dragon or I’ll break your neck!!”

Ethan desperately tried to explain, “I..c…can’t…not….my…ugh…”

Jarrod stepped back looking at the terrifying humanoid, then he silently moved a little further away, I better get out of here!


After the battle was over and all the invaders were either dead or gone, Maya entered the castle searching for her cousin. He will have to answer for his pitiful behavior… but it was too late. Anais knelt and checked the body, “He is dead. His neck is broken.”

“Sorry cousin. You brought this on yourself,” Maya whispered.

“I guess the wizard escaped. We will have to be careful in case he returns,” Anais said, looking around the room.

Certain that the city was safe, the Princess ran to the roof of the castle and waited for her lover. Maya couldn’t be more grateful to her dragon and she was going to thank him the only way she knew how.

“You did it, Princess. You saved the city!” Anais said, looking at Maya and her dragon together again.

“No. He did it. My beloved dragon. He is the real hero,” the Princess responded, caressing the dragon’s head.

Moments later, the Princess had her legs around the dragon’s body while he hammered her pussy deep and hard. The dragon embraced her tenderly but firmly, pulling her slim frame against his rugged body.
Anais, knowing what kind of spectacle she was about to witness, sat on the ground and started rubbing herself.

Maya felt him deep within her body and it was as intense as the first time. She knew that it will always feel like this; every time would be like the first time; thrilling and exciting. Only with his enormous cock inside of her she felt complete.

“Yes… Own my body since you already own my soul,” She whispered.

The dragon smashed her pelvis with powerful blows, projecting his cock into Maya’s pussy as deep as he could. The last thing he wanted to do was to hurt her but his instincts were unforgiving, and her loud moans alleviated his worries. She was fine and she wanted more.

The Princess quickly reached an orgasm. Her vaginal cavity pulsated and twitched around the fat cock, massaging it, pulling it deeper, enticing him to eject his sperm into her womb. Her body responded naturally. Maya had been born to do this.

After several more orgasms, Maya was exhausted but her lover kept pounding at her relentlessly. Nonetheless, when he slowed down, Maya complained, urging him to continue until he was done.

Anais had climaxed two times already but she just couldn’t stop. Her eyes were fixed on the mating couple. She looked at Maya’s abdomen as it bloated from the huge cock pulsating within. She pictured that cock inside of her, brutal and overpowering; Anais was about to cum one more time. I am coming again… I am coming..

The dragon finally reached his climax, discharging his seed into the Princess’s pregnant womb. Maya limp body shuddered from the bliss of feeling his hot sperm filling her again.

Anais heard the first gob of cum squirting inside of the Princess and then she couldn’t hear anything else as her mind went blank from her own self-induced bliss. Afterward, she didn’t know if she had the strength to make herself cum again but she was certainly going to try.


Maya recovered from the first round of orgasms and she went back on top of her lover. They continued the wild coupling well into the night.

Anais, refusing to leave the Princess alone, slept a few meters away, covering her body as best she could under the cold sky. She knew that Maya was completely safe, but she still decided to stay nearby. The truth was that she felt a thrilling excitement being so close to the mighty dragon.

Maya was doing most of the work now. She bounced up and down on his cock, not too fast, not too slow. Her plan was to gratify the dragon until she couldn’t move from sheer exhaustion.

And she was indeed getting tired, satisfied but tired. Maya suspected that the next orgasm was going to be the last of the night and she wanted to make it count. Every time I cum, it feels like he gets a little deeper inside of me. I wish I could keep climaxing forever.

This time, the dragon climaxed first, again stuffing her with sperm. Maya, felt him erupt inside of her, and she did the same. They shuddered together; he did it for a brief moment, she, almost to the brink of madness.

At last, they finally fell asleep. Maya was still on top of the dragon, with his soft cock tenderly sheathed inside of her. The dragon held her close to him, like the extremely precious thing that she was. Nothing and no one would keep her apart from him.

Queen Maya knew with absolute certainty that she would love nobody else like she loved her dragon; she had become her bride, her mate, and it was going to last forever.


One month later, the city was recovering from the creature’s attack and several parties were searching for the kidnapped women, although the possibility of finding them was small.

“I can’t believe you have grown so much in four weeks!” Anais said, looking at Maya’s enlarged belly.

“I guess the dragon’s babies grow a lot faster than normal,” Maya responded, caressing herself.

Maya had been declared Queen of the Dragon Kingdom. But she was more proud of her full pregnant belly than her new title.

Maya gave the order the open the room of the old throne. The room that her ancestors had closed decades ago, was again filled with life and activity. The dragon was allowed to come and go from the castle as he pleased.

“This large belly is getting in the way of giving myself properly to my lover and he is getting restless. Maybe you can take care of him for me,” Maya said to Anais.

“Me!! Do you think we will want me?!” Anais’s heart jolted and her pussy flared at the possibility of mating with the dragon.

Maya’s best friend was afraid that the dragon might not like her but she was resolved to give it a try. She had been dreaming about this moment since the first time she saw the Princess and the dragon together. I can’t believe I’m going to do it with him!

“Just put him in your mouth, as deep as you can,” Maya said, grabbing the dragon’s erect cock.

As Anais approached, the dragon looked at her mistrustfully but Maya’s closeness calmed him.

After an instant of hesitation, Anais engulfed the large cock until it reached the back of her throat. She was breathing fast and heavy from the excitement and her pussy was dripping wet.

“That’s right. Let him feel the warmth of your mouth,” Maya said softly.

As Maya expected, the dragon responded well to the stimuli and took a step forward, plunging his cock deeper into Anais’s throat.

The surprised woman gagged briefly but remained in place. She was going to let the dragon do whatever he wanted with her, as this was the Queen’s request. But more than an obligation, Anais saw this as a blessing.

“You see? He likes you!” Maya said proudly.

The Princess moved back and sat on the floor beside the throne, watching attentively at her escort being deep-throated by her dragon. It was exciting to see her best and most loyal friend making love to her one and only lover. Almost inadvertently, her hand moved to her pussy.

The dragon pumped Anais’s mouth with increasing excitement. This woman was a good replacement for Maya until she was ready to mate again.

Anais was so fevered that she was about to reach her first orgasm and she wasn’t even touching her pussy.

When Anais felt the dragon’s cock bloating prior to climax, she came. Thick gobs of hot sperm squirted down her esophagus as her pussy twitched hard from orgasmic spasms. The bewildered woman felt her belly getting stuffed with sperm and the thick phallus kept pulsating between her lips. This was beyond her wildest dreams.

The dragon took a couple of steps back, withdrawing his cock from Anais’s mouth. The excess of sperm came rushing from the woman’s body, spilling on the floor after every orgasmic contraction. Seeing this, Maya rubbed her pussy faster until she came as well.

The new Queen approached the couple and caressed the dragon’s head, fully aware that he would not be satisfied with just one ejaculation. Anais was counting on that…

“He wants more. Turn around and show him that you are ready,” Maya said to her beloved escort.

“Yes, my Queen,” Anais responded, still out of breath. Gods! I came so hard. And this is just the beginning… I am so blessed.

Anais turned around and presented her rear end to the dragon. Her pussy was soaking wet and almost hurt with yearning.

“He is smelling you. You are going to love this,” Maya said as the dragon lowered his head, reaching for Anais’s behind.

“I am read…” Anais didn’t have time to finish the last word before the dragon jumped violently on top of her, plunging his cock into her ass and smashing her against the ground. Anais yelped from the sudden, anal penetration but she immediately closed her mouth when she felt the contents of her belly being squished out her body.

Gods! He is pushing too hard! The sperm is rushing out of me… I don’t want to throw up in front of the Queen!!

But there was nothing she could do to stop it. The white, thick fluid erupted from her mouth like a geyser while the Queen observed with amazement.

All the sperm she swallowed before is coming out! This is so exciting! Maya thought, truly aroused.

As soon as her stomach was empty, Anais climaxed one more time.

The dragon kept fucking Anais for a long time and Maya amused herself by counting her friend’s orgasms.

Wow! She came seven times before he did. This is going to be a long, joyful night for Anais.

When the dragon ejaculated, it was time to switch to another position and start all over.


Three days later, Anais was entertaining the dragon when Maya entered the room and knelt in front of them. Then she made an important announcement…

“I think it’s time. The baby dragon is coming.”

“It’s time?!” Anais yelled, squeezing the large cock sheathed in her pussy.

They interrupted the coupling and approached the Queen. When the contractions became more frequent, Maya laid on her back and spread her legs. She was excited, aroused and scared. It was her first time giving birth and she started to doubt herself.

“I am scared Anais. What if I can’t do it?”

“Don’t worry my Queen. There is nothing you can’t do. Everything will be fine,” Anais said, reassuring her.

Moments later, the tip of a greenish egg emerged from the Queen’s pussy. Maya felt a turmoil of sensations that encouraged her to continue with her incomparable task. One second she felt pain and the next one she felt pleasure, incredible pleasure.

“Push, my Queen, push! I can see it!” Anais said.

When the large ovoid was finally squished from her pussy, Maya reached a powerful orgasm that made her see bright stars behind her eyes. She had done it! She was now a real mother. She was really fulfilling her destiny.

“I have it! I have the egg! You did it!” Anais exclaimed, then she thought, Gods have mercy! This egg is huge!!

Maya’s body returned to her natural slender shape in a matter of seconds, even as her body was still shuddering from the orgasmic aftermath. She could hear Anais speaking but her mind was still too dazed. All she could hear was one word and it filled her heart with joy; Egg.

“You gave birth to a large, beautiful egg.”

The following hours were quiet. Maya, the dragon and Anais couldn’t take their eyes off the egg. Maya placed her hand gently on top and could feel something moving inside; more insistent as the time passed. It was clear that after centuries of waiting, the first baby dragon was coming into the world.

“It is really moving inside! My baby is a fighter!” Maya said proudly.

“This is so amazing!” Anais responded.

The egg started to crack from the inside out and moments later, a baby dragon walked hesitantly from the safety of the shell. The newborn smelled his mother and walked towards her instinctively. He knew that Maya would protect it with her life.

“Come here baby. Come to meet your father,” Maya said with a motherly voice.

“Wow! It is so tiny and beautiful!!” Anais exclaimed.

Upon seeing her baby, the Queen felt a tingling in her pussy. This was the first baby dragon of many and there was no time to be wasted.

“Anais, you will be in charge of taking care of him. This will be your dragon,” Maya said.

After hearing these words, Anais was ecstatic, “Mine?!! Thank you my Queen! Thank you!! Long live the Mother of Dragons!!”


Years later, in the gardens behind the castle, all was joy and ecstasy. Anais’s dragon had grown big and strong. Anais called him ‘Red’ because of his unique coloration and he had become her mate; her one and only love. They knew that she could never bare his children but he loved her just the same.

Many more dragons were born and Maya carefully selected a mate for each one. Once again the dragons ruled the sky and the Queen taught them to protect the people, the defenseless; to be aware of the dangers that inhabited the northern lands, filled with creatures always looking for a weakness.

There was peace and prosperity in all the kingdoms and the kindness of the Queen, the Mother of Dragons, was becoming legendary.

The End.

Note from the author: There is a graphic version of this story.

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