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Rewrite for publication:

For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities – are of legal age!

Thanks to mikseventeen for the work making this more readable for everyone.


The lab was unusually quiet, it had been busy for as long as I could remember. I had been working on this new drug for three years, and it was working well on the lab animals, but for now, I was just tired. Months of pulling all-nighters and sleeping at my desk had taken its toll, and as I put the last sample away, I forgot about the one in my top pocket.

I felt my phone vibrate, my family was waiting in the parking lot because they were packed and ready to go. They had been packing for days trying to figure out what to bring along and what to leave when they went on the vacation I had been promising for over a year. I had put an enormous strain on my marriage, plus my children had grown and finished high school without me. I owed my family this summer vacation and going to my sister’s farm was the perfect escape.

“Sorry guys I said, as I slid into the driver’s seat and headed for the highway.

The drive was turning out to be a disaster, we had only travelled a few hours, and Evelyn and I had already started fighting. Our children, Mia and Gabriel were annoying the crap out of each other. Why couldn’t they ignore each other as usual? If I didn’t have my sister waiting for me, I would have just turned around and gone home.

Things between my wife Eve and I had been strained for the last year, and I couldn’t seem to do anything right. We hadn’t made love in months, and even then, it was only a quick screw to get me off her back, or at least that’s how it felt. Eve only knew little about what I was working on, mainly because it had changed from its original research in female hormones, to what it is today. This was going to be a long, ten-hour drive.

By the time we stopped for gas, we were at a breaking point, I screamed at the kids, something I never did, and Eve had asked to go home. I decided to call a family meeting at the diner we stopped at on the highway.

“We all need to respect each other’s boundaries, and I do too. I will not scream at anyone again, I promise,” I said, holding Eve’s hand.

All I got was a nod from the others, and that would have to do for now. The rest of the drive was better but still strained. When we pulled up to Emily’s farm, she and Anthony came out to greet us. Their two girls were out riding their horses somewhere but would be back shortly.

I took my sister Em in my arms and gave her a huge hug. I hadn’t seen her in a few years, and I realized just how much I missed her. I gave my brother-in-law Tony a warm handshake and grabbed the bags as everyone hugged and said their hellos. We were set up in the left-wing of the large old farmhouse. It was an H shaped home, we had our own bathrooms and a porch along the side. It was beautiful. However, I was not feeling the relaxation I was here for, as Eve was giving me the silent treatment, and the kids were still fighting. Tony took me by the arm and lead me on a tour of the farm to get me away from the tension.

“This is why I have farm sheds and a workshop to hide in when the family becomes too much.” Tony said, as we walked into his workshop where he grabbed two beers from the old fridge in the corner.

The workshop was ancient, but the inside was clean, and everything was in its place, the wood in the mainstay posts must have been cut a hundred years ago, because you could barely wrap your arms around one.

“There is something magical about this old place, I can see why you love it.” I said, as Tony led me to the stables with two new beers.

When we got to the stable the twins were unsaddling the horses, and I got a real shock when they turned to face me. They had turned into beautiful young ladies since I last saw them. The difference from sixteen to nineteen was stunning. They had filled out in all the right spots, and my nieces Jenny and Rebeca, were going to be in demand at college when they started next year.

“Hi Uncle Tim, how was the trip?” Jenny asked, hugging her father’s side.

“Not too bad,” I lied.

I hugged both the girls and as they headed up to see the rest of my family, Tony and I continued the tour.

“This is the new bore we dug for our house water, it is three hundred feet deep, the water is clean and clear, and I just installed a submersible pump so the water supply will be much better than last time you were here. It pumps the water up into the tank next to the house,” Tony said, going over all the connections.

As I leaned over the hole to look, I heard a clinking sound, but I didn’t think much about it at the time. I thought I’d knocked a rock or something down the hole.

“Em and I are not fighting anymore, we are not even talking,” Tony said, confiding his marriage was in a tough spot.

“We’re fighting all the time and it is mostly my fault, I am never there to help atakent escort out when she needs it,” I said, putting my hand on Tony’s shoulder.

“I was hoping you and your wife might be able to brighten things up while you are here,” Tony said, as he led us back home.

Em put on a massive spread for dinner that night, and all the kids pitched in to help clean up afterward, much to our surprise.

The next day, the afternoon was hot, and the pool was calling the young ones. We all sat watching them swim, while we had some drinks, talking about how well they had done in school and sports, you know just standard proud parent stuff.

“I have to admit It’s all Eve. She drives the family, as I have been in the lab for the last few years. That all changes now though,” I said, rubbing my wife’s arm.

“What have you been working on all this time?” Em said, taking a sip of her drink.

“It’s boring medical research, but at least now it’s proven in the lab, and I can start human trials as soon as the FDA lets me,” I said, avoiding the question.

“He has been lost in that lab for so long I barely know him anymore,” Eve said, letting out a little sigh, but still hopeful, I think.

We drank a little too much and Em and I talked about the childhood pranks we had done as children. The younger ones played in the pool, talked to each other and were soon best friends like they had never been apart. We all went to bed well before midnight, and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I was up early, and as I went looking for the coffee maker, I ran into Em. She was an early riser too, I guess it runs in the family.

“Morning Sis, do you want me to fire up the BBQ and cook out there?” I asked, hugging her again.

“Yes, please Timmy,” Em said, using my childhood nickname only she used, while she was still holding me.

“Do you want to talk about it, Em?” I said, looking worried about my little sister.

“I’m not sure it would help; you look like you have your own problems,” Em said, nodding towards our bedrooms.

“I am working on that too, I was hoping this break would help us connect again, it’s my own fault, though. I have been trying to help couples all over the world and neglecting my own family,” I said, heading for the BBQ area.

“So, what is it you are working on?” Em said, as she came out carrying two cups of coffee.

“A lot of research has been done on how to raise the female libido, billions of dollars have been spent. Mine works on both male and female, and I finally made it work,” I said, in a low voice, so that she got that I didn’t want it to be spread around.

“It works on lab animals, but we can’t know what it will do to someone’s mental state until we start low dose human trials. We would begin with a small amount and work up until we got the desired effect,” I said, blabbing about my findings hoping not to bore Em.

“Can I get some for Tony? He can be your first test subject, I will forge the patient consent forms for him,” Em said, only half-joking.

One by one, the rest of the family joined us for breakfast. I got myself a glass of water and drank it all in one gulp trying to rehydrate after a night of alcohol.

“The water tastes beautiful, it must be the country springs feeding it,” I said. Everyone seemed to be drinking plenty as the day heated up.

The twins took our pair off riding for the day, and I helped Tony with some fencing in the back paddock where they kept the horses. The afternoon sun drove us into the pool, and it was nice to play with the kids and not have any worries. We had a few too many drinks again and I noticed that Tony was sitting close to Em and Eve was by my side all night. The country air was having its desired effect.

The twins were almost identical, but Jenny was a little shorter and had a small scar on her chin from a fall as a toddler. Their personalities were the biggest difference though. Jenny was a quiet natured girl, and Rebeca was the outgoing and the much louder ‘life of the party’ type. They were both stunning. I noticed that Gabe had been looking at them too, and I couldn’t blame him.

The next morning, I woke up with a hard-on that was stiff as iron. I tried to piss but couldn’t, I stepped into the shower and decided to jerk off, with the hope, that it might let me pee. My nipples were sensitive, and I played with them as I tugged on my cock. Just then the shower door opened, and Eve stepped in, her nipples were erect, and she slid right into my arms crushing my erection between us. It had been a long time since we’d had sex in the shower, but I was not going to say no. I picked Eve up under the arms and pushed her back against the wall and slid my cock into her very wet pussy. I hadn’t had this hard of an erection in years, and I was going to put it to good use. I pumped my cock in and out of her. I kissed her, and she kissed me back with more passion than I had ever ataköy escort seen from her. I fucked her hard, I felt her orgasm start, and it only took me a few more strokes to cum, filling her pussy to the brim.

“I needed that this morning, it must be the fresh air,” Eve said, blushing as she dressed.

“It was a beautiful way to start the day,” I said, leaning in for a kiss.

At breakfast, there seemed to be tension between Tony and Em, but something had changed. The kids had run off after only a few mouthfuls of food. Leaving Em and me to clean up after breakfast. Tony took Eve down to the stable to look at the horses and maybe convince her to give it a try.

“What’s up, Em,” I said, hoping she would open up to me.

“Tony wanted to have sex this morning, he hasn’t wanted to look at me in months, all of a sudden he is feeling me up, did you give him some of your stuff?” Em said, a questioning look on her face.

“No, but Eve joined me in the shower this morning, so it must be the air,” I said, smiling at Em.

“That’s brightened up your day, hasn’t it? I didn’t let Tony have his way, but now I am regretting it,” Em said, rubbing her breast as she talked.

“You look like you needed it as much as him,” I said, nodding towards her erect nipples showing through her top.

“Yes, they have been like that all day and some other things,” Em said, but not elaborating.

“Other things! Like what?” I said, smirking at my little sister’s discomfort.

“I can’t tell my brother about my bits,” Em said, looking uncomfortable.

“Next you will be telling me your button is enlarged and it’s unusually drippy down there,” I said, making an inside joke from work without saying the words in front of my sister.

Em stopped and just looked at me, trying to work something out in her head.

“How do you know that? It’s too private, you can’t know,” Em said, still rubbing her breast, her voice raised.

“Shit Em, we have to get the families in here, now, and we have to hurry, it’s in the water. I don’t know how, but some of my drugs got into the water when I was down there on the first day,” I said, already headed for the stable.

Em ran the other way, and I thought she was mad until she came up beside me in a golf cart. I hopped in, and we were at the stable in a flash. We pulled up beside Tony and Em ordered them to get in.

“Where are the kids? Em asked firmly, but not shouting.

“North paddock near the trees, what’s all the rush?” Tony said, wondering what was going on.

“I must have dropped my drug in the water when we were down there. We all have ingested it, and I have to talk to everyone,” I said. They both jumped in.

“But you are working on hormones that can’t heart hurt us, can it?” Eve said, looking over at the other couple.

We pulled up to the tree line, and the girls were holding the four horses, but Gabe was nowhere in sight.

“Mia, where is Gabe,” I asked, trying to keep my voice calm.

“He’s behind the tree and won’t come out,” Mia said, pointing.

“Hey Gabe, I am coming around there, I need you to not be embarrassed,” I said, as I rounded the tree.

There was poor Gabe with a hard-on that would not go down, and a wet patch on the front of his pants that must have been semen.

“I will explain when we all together at home. This is not your fault, I will get rid of the girls, and we will get you back in the golf cart,” I said, putting my arm around his shoulder.

“You girls take the horses back and meet us at the house. It’s important,” I said. The girls did not get on the horses, they just led them back.

I put my jacket around Gabe’s waist and lead him to the golf cart. All the adults felt sorry for Gabe’s predicament and looked away while he got in between his mother and me. We passed the girls on the way, and they were rubbing their breasts as well. I was right, we had all been affected, and this was all on me.

When we got back to the main house, we all gathered at the dining table, only waiting for Gabe to change into sweatpants and the girls to unsaddle the horses.

“I have something vital to say. I have somehow contaminated the house water with a drug I have been working on at the lab. I will stress it is not going to harm anyone or anything like that, but this is serious, the drug is not approved and is worth a lot of money. I am in serious trouble if this ever gets out, my business, and our home is gone, and I will never work again in this field or any like it,” I said, and waited for the flood of questions.

“What will it do to us? How did it get in the water? How long will it last? What’s it going to be worth? All the questions came at once, and when they slowed down, I tried to answer them.

“First things first, we are family if we can stick together in this. I will share the company profits evenly with both families, and I am talking about at least hundreds of millions. It will all atalar escort be gone if this gets out. However, this is going to get tough over the next five days, as the effects didn’t go away in any of the lab animals. They came down slightly after that, but only by a small amount,” I said, looking out at the stunned faces.

“Did you say hundreds of millions of US dollars, not peso’s or something?” Rebeca said, looking at her sister.

I just nodded.

“I’m in,” Rebeca said, without thinking.

“How did it get in the water, Dad,” Mia said, rubbing her breast.

“I must have had a vile in my top pocket, when I looked down the hole. I don’t know why I even looked, it’s just a black hole, but when I did, I thought I heard a clink. I guess I dropped it, the pump picked it up, and we have been drinking it for a day or so,” I said, looking at Em and Tony sadly, “I am sorry.”

“Do we need to stop drinking the water,” Em said, rubbing her boobs too.

“The water from the bore should be clean by now, and I think we’ve emptied the tank. You can’t overdose anyway, the effects are only started with the base dose. More of the drug won’t increase the effect,” I said. Feeling my erection growing.

“What are the effects going to be?” Tony said, adjusting his pants.

“Ok, I am going to explain this, and I will go over it again anytime in private if someone needs it, but I need to know if we are in this together or not. This is going to be a big secret for our family and everything Eve, and I have rides on it staying that way,” I said, looking around at everyone.

A lot of nods and looks were passed around then Tony spoke.

“Are we all in agreement to keep this between just us, for life?” He said, and looked at each of them one at a time.

“I am in,” Rebeca said, again.

“Me too, Dad,” Jenny said.

“I am in,” Em, said, looking with pride at her twins.

“We have not seen you for almost three years, so I think we are already in,” Eve said. For our side, the kids just nodded.

“This is a drug designed to enhance human sexuality, researchers all over the world have been looking for the female Viagra for years and spent billions. So, you can see what they would pay for this product, in the female lab animals it increased their nipple size and sensitivity by 30% and the clitoris by 20%. The vaginal fluid output increased by 20% too. In males, the erections were 20% harder, and the gland at the tip increased in size and sensitivity by 15%. We don’t really know about desire, but the animals increased copulation by an average of 190%. All animals from mice to monkey had the same reaction. We had no real side effects other than rashes from the sex,” I said, waiting for a reaction.

“You mean we going to turn into nymphomaniacs?” Em said, looking at her girls.

“It is going to be a challenge, and I can’t talk to mice and ask them to abstain and see if they will do it. This was meant for middle-age men and women not eighteen and twenty-year olds. I am sorry but this is going to be tough. Additionally, the increase in the size of the body parts is permanent, and sexual appetite will settle somewhat but by only about 5 to 10%,” I said, laying it all on the table.

“You said five days, and it will get stronger each day,” Em said, holding her girls.

“Yes, then it will slowly go down over the weeks after that. At least that’s what we observed in animals,” I said. Scratching at my nipples.

“My clothes are annoying the hell out of me, what’s with that?” Jenny said, rubbing her boob too.

“I don’t have a clue; mice don’t wear clothes and can’t tell us what itches. What I can tell you is the urge to copulate will get stronger tomorrow and each day after that,” I said, looking at Eve for support.

“Let’s cook dinner and put something loose on. The pool looks good about now, might be nice to cool off,” Em said, heading to her side of the house followed by Tony.

We didn’t see the others for half an hour, then a blushing Em came into the kitchen followed by Tony and the girls. Everyone had opted for lighter clothes. We ate by the pool, and the girls slipped into the pool or hung on the side. That didn’t help a lot as the bikini-clad girls were doing nothing to keep my cock from getting hard.

That night Eve came to bed from the shower naked. I say this because after 25 years of marriage she had only come to bed naked for the first few years. Once we had children it went away, and I mostly got to see her in flannel pajamas. I could not stand my clothes anymore, so I was naked. However, as soon as she was under the covers, Eve took hold of my cock and started rubbing it to full hardness. I slid my hand to her pussy and found the hottest, wettest pussy I have ever felt. As she straddled my hips, pointing my cock at her pussy, she lowered herself down and let out a sigh.

“That’s what I needed a hard cock, you are bigger already, I can feel you stretching me,” Eve said, humping me as she moaned.

I reached up and took hold of her nipples and gently rolled then between my finger and thumb. She threw her head back and groaned, bouncing on my cock, getting both of us closer to our climax. I was about to cum when Eve started to contract around my cock, I lasted only a few more thrusts and filled her pussy with my cum.

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