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Group Sex

The next day, the doctor was in a rush to an emergency situation that he would not tell me about. It was also the same day his maid showed up to clean the house for him. He left some instructions to his maid and rushed out the door without saying more than listen to the maid and he will be back later in the evening.

This was unexpected and a relief in a way. Since he did not say much, I went to take a shower and came out in the bath robe and made my way to the kitchen for some food. The maid was already cooking something for me. She was medium built a few inches short of six feet in height with long, brown hair. Her skin was lightly tanned with a smooth complexion.

“Good morning. I am Adora.”

“Good morning. I am Cee Cee. How are you?”

“I am good. Here is your breakfast. I made some French toast with some fruit on top and hash mixed with ham and red bell peppers. Eat up while it is hot.”

“May I sit in any chair?”

“Yes. Yes of course. Any seat you like. Relax. You are with me. Dr. Harden will be gone most of the evening. It is only you and me here.”

“Are you always here to clean up his home?”

“Yes. I have been working for Dr. Harden about two years now. How is your breakfast?”

“It is delicious. You cook well.”

“Thank you, but it is not anything spectacular. I whip it up in minutes. Most of what I make, I learn from watching cooking shows. It is something for me to learn while I fold the laundry. I am glad that you like it.”

“Yes. I enjoy it very much. Is there something the doctor wanted me to do today?”

“Yes. It will be fun. You will learn how to belly dance.”

“Belly dance? Why?”

“He says that your Master will like seeing you dance that way for him. I will teach you everything I know. It will be loads of fun.”

Part of me was thinking this will hurt a little since I can still feel the pain from the lashing. The other part of me was glad there is someone to talk to that is nice to me. At least I hope she would be.

“I was taking private lessons from an instructor who I had worked for some years ago. Sometimes on special occasions, I would dance at weddings to perform the fertility ritual for the newlyweds. Many times a few guests would join in and we would all have fun. It is more interesting than the line dance.”

“You must get to meet a lot of different people. How come you do this?”

“It is something flexible, steady and quiet. The parties are not always that fun to be in. Not unless you always like the crowd and craziness that happens once too often.”

She was cleaning the entire kitchen and dining area the whole time I was eating my meal. For once, I was not thinking about anyone else except her. There is this aura about her that is comforting. I hope she will be gentle with me.

“If you could please wash the dishes when you are finished with your food. I will be gathering the laundry and be back soon. Sit in the living room and relax.”

“Yes, ma’am. I will do that.”

“Please, call me Adora.”

“Okay, Adora. I will wash the dishes when I am through.”

When she came back from the laundry room, she had me remove my robe and started showing me how to move my hips. She put both hands on my sides and guided me in a circular motion. One thing led to another and before I knew it, she had touched me from top to bottom with her gentle hands. She also removed her clothes to give me a better idea of what she wanted me to do.

“Yes. You move it this way. Now go the other direction. Do not be nervous or shy around me. It does not look good if your body tenses up for this dance. There has to be a certain amount of enjoyment in each move. Think how much you are pleasing your Master with the way you move your body. We will continue istanbul escort to work on the moves till you get them right.”

It was not easy to do these moves in such a way that it flows the way she showed it to me. I was more choppy and stiff. Her body flowed as smooth and natural as one can be. It was a little difficult to take my eyes off of her. There is some sort of magnetism that draws me to her. I wanted to touch her, but was afraid to.

After a few hours of trying to learn all the different moves, she tried to show me a whole dance and how one can improvise or work around the same moves. She looked so wonderful dancing without a care in the world. Once she thought I had the hang of the different moves, she stood back and looked at me dance in front of her. Then she motioned her finger to come closer to her. She had her hands all over me and kissed me.

“Mmmm… Should we be doing this?”

“It is alright. Nobody is here. We are all alone.”

“What if Dr. Harden comes back?”

“He will not be back for a few hours. Besides, he loves to watch two women be intimate in front of him. I am sure you rather be kissed and touched lightly than to be treated roughly by him.”

I never had such an experience before, but I was enjoying it. She made me feel good all over. I felt free and adored by her every touch. Her sensual lips felt good on my quivering body. I was willing to do anything she told me to do. Who knows a woman’s body better than another woman? She knew how to touch me and made me wet. I could not begin to describe the state of bliss that I was in when her tongue was swirling all around my inner thighs and sensitive bud that she could not help to play with her finger. I wanted relief, but was afraid to have any without permission.

“Relax, Cee Cee. It is okay to enjoy all this. I will not say anything to the doctor. Let me make you feel good inside. Scream out loud if you like. My tongue loves to receive the applause.”

“Mmmm… Ooooohh… Adora. Mmmm… You make me feel so good. Mmmm… Oooohh… Do not stop. Mmmm… AAAAAAHHH!! Mmmm… Oooohh…”

She looked at me and smiled before kissing my vulnerable body. The sensation going through my body was amazing. I wanted to hold her and show her how much I enjoyed that.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes. It was wonderful. Thank you. I want to make you feel good too.”

“Have you done this before?”

“No. I hope to do a good job for you if you let me.”

We switched places to where she laid down and opened herself up to me. Then she guided me step by step on how to please her. I was excited to pleasure her. This was something new to me, but I was feeling good the entire time. Part of me forgot where I was and focused only on pleasing her.

“Yes. Ooooohh… You are doing a good job, Cee Cee. Mmmmm… Right there. Oooooohh… Stay where you are and keep twirling your tongue all around. A little faster. Mmmmmm… I am almost there. Ooooohh… Mmmm… AAAAAAAAAHHHH!! OOOOHH… Mmmm… Oh that was really goooood. You are a natural, Cee Cee. Mmmm…”

“I am glad you are happy.”

“Ooooohh… I am. I am. Are you still wet?”

“Yes, I am. The idea of being able to please you makes me wet.”

“Good. Just stay that way the rest of the night to keep the doctor happy when he comes back. We should continue dancing some more till you are comfortable with all the moves.”

“Yes. I… I…”

“What is it?”

“Never mind. I do not think it will happen.”

“What is it? Maybe I can help you.”

“I wish you could come over to my Master’s home more often. It is very lonely in the day and I would love to pleasure you some more. I do not think that my Master will like this idea very much.”

“Hmm… You never know. halkalı escort Does he like to see two women pleasure one another in front of him?”

“I am not sure. We had never engaged in anything different than with me pleasuring him. I sort of feel bad when someone else is pleasuring him. Even though I do not have any say in what he likes to do, I have to agree with what he likes as long as it makes him happy.”

“I will have to find out what he fancies then. It is easy to persuade Dr. Harden to tell me what some of his friends like and dislike.”

Adora had me practice dancing as she cleaned up the rest of the house. She managed to throw some potatoes into the oven in the process and later showed me how to make potato gnocchi.

“You ever eaten gnocchi before?”

“No. I do not cook much and it is my Master who usually likes to make different cuisines. Out of the many different dishes he has made, I do not recall him every making gnocchi before. They look fun to eat.”

“Yes. The soft pillows of goodness are versatile. You can put about any sauce over it and it will taste good. I was thinking a creamy, tomato sauce with herbs and ground pork would be a good way to introduce this dish to someone who has not eaten this before. You can use a variety of sausages that has a similar texture. The fat from the pork adds flavor and also holds a smooth texture to go well with the gnocchi.”

I watched her finish making the gnocchi in the pan while I washed the mixed greens and tomatoes. Her face looked soft and sweet as she was cooking. As the pork was being cooked, she also had another pot with egg yolks, sugar and Marsala wine that would be chilled in the fridge to eat later on top of fruits. It is a simple, Italian dessert called Zabaglione that also smelled interesting. The mix of the pork, tomato and sweet scent of the wine all mixed together and smelled a little peculiar, but I am sure they both taste good when eaten separately.

It was about 7:00 when we finally sat down to eat our dinner. Everything was simple, but quite tasty. I love the texture of the gnocchi. This was an unforgettable meal. I wanted it to last, but by 8:30, we had the Zabaglione over mixed berries with whip cream before the dishes were washed.

By 9:00, we were sitting in the living room relaxing when we heard the doctor coming up the drive way. He came in and rushed to his room to get his clothes and asked Adora to stay for a few days to watch the house and me. There was a meeting he had to attend and fly out of town over night. The doc said he will be back Friday night.

I was happy to spend more time with Adora. At the same time, I worried what he would expect me to do while he is away. All he said was that he will continue with my training later and he expects me to be doing what I should to please him when he gets back. In the mean time, Adora will make sure my belly dancing looks the way it should and to keep me in the house at all times.

When the doctor left, Adora turned to me with a sinister smile and said that she has some things in mind to make our evening end well. I did not have a clue as to what she had in mind, but I bet it will be enjoyable for the both of us. She did not hesitate to take me to the guest bedroom and lay me down on the bed as soon as the doctor left the drive way.

“Relax. I will keep you wet all night.”

The guest room was not short of the toys and tools that the doctor had around the house. I guess his guests are allowed to enjoy themselves too. I looked around to see the assortment of devices on the walls and then noticed a bug crawling on the wall. Adora saw it, smashed it with her shoe and threw it away. Then she sat beside me to tell me a story someone has shared with a baseball mecidiyeköy escort team one time since the bug reminded her of it and it was a funny story.

“There was a guy who owned a pair of hissing cockroaches. One he named Jiminy and the other Euphine. He let his dog in one day and the dog went a little crazy and accidently knocked down the little tanks the roaches were in. They ran for cover in a hurry as the dog tried to chase them until they were out of sight. A few days later, he noticed someone next door had something funny hanging on their porch. He came closer to get a better look and noticed they were his roaches. They had been squirted with mustard as they hanged by their legs. The kid next door did not know that it belonged to him. Since nobody was home, he grabbed his roaches that were barely alive. Someone was driving up and honked which caught him by surprise and accidently dropped the roaches onto the ground. They moved a bit and the car drove up near the sidewalk and squooshed them. The roaches were stuck to the tires and the driver drove off before he could say anything since it was the pizza guy thinking he got the right address and then noticed he was on the wrong street.”

“Ewwww… What did the guy do after that?”

“He decided to stick to having that one dog since the roaches were a turn off to everyone that knew him. The women sure did not find him appealing with that. Then of course he was not a good character to begin with. He had his foot in his mouth too often and probably something up where the sun does not shine.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha… Someone with a foot in his mouth would get slapped often.”

“Yeah. He was a poor player on the team and finally got kicked off. It was his own fault for not learning how to be civil with others. We all had a good laugh when we heard that story after everyone said the same thing you did. Ha ha ha ha…”

“You know how to make me smile inside and out.”

“I am glad to hear that. Now lay down and be comfy.”

She had my ankles cuffed and my behind a few inches above the bed. Then she licked me a few times to make me moan and eager for more affection. The whole time she looked as if she had something in mind to make things more interesting.

“I like to find out how sensitive you are inside.”

She reached to put on a latex glove after wrapping something around her finger and then slid one finger in my wet flower twirling around my inner wall before she slid in a second finger to feel her way around and slide it in and out. Any move she made that had me moan more, she kept doing it with more speed. The joy I felt came out in whimpers.

“You like this?”

“Mmmm… Ooooohh… Mmmmm…”

“I will take that as a yes. You are very wet.”

Next thing I knew, she slid something hard and thick into me. She slid it in and out till I begged for relief. Then she turned it on to vibrate at high speed. Not a minute later, I was ready to scream at the top of my lungs.


She turned it off and removed it out of me. Her warm hands ran up and down my legs. It felt as if I was on air. Adora gave me a few minutes to calm down before she positioned herself to be above my face to lick her wetness. She was very wet already and I was about to make her even more wet.

“Mmmmm… Gooood. Ooooohh yes. Aaaahh… Mmmm… AAAAAAAHHH!! Mmmmmm… Ooooooohh…”

We had fun taking turns making each other moan and scream. It was about 20 minutes till midnight before we laid together tired and ready to sleep. I never thought that I could feel this good in the arms of a woman. It was sensational and I look forward to spending more time with her while I can.

“Did you enjoy that, Cee Cee?”

“Yes, I did. I am glad you are happy.”

“Yes, I am. Sleep well. Good night.”

“I will. Good night.”

It was a great way to end the evening. I would not mind belly dancing some more for Adora in the day. Until then, I can rest safely next to her feeling cared for.

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