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Thursday night, I took a sleeping pill so that I could calm my racing heart and rest. Friday was the big day, and after touching my sweet Penny’s little breasts, I knew there was no chance of sleeping on my own. Remarkably, the pill worked, and I contained my wandering eye while Penny ate her breakfast. I can’t honestly say if I felt guilty or not; probably, somewhere under my arousal, I knew this was wrong. But I wanted her so badly. I felt it in my hands, in my skin. Penny was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and it was like someone switched off the daddy signals in my head, and I realized there was a sexy girl living with me. Except that didn’t explain it fully; Penny was sexy because she was mine. I knew, beyond all doubt, that I wanted my little girl to look up at me while I ploughed her little cunt, her eyes on her daddy. I wanted her to call me daddy, to thank her father, to be my babygirl while I ate her pussy.

I was too aroused to trust myself with a patient, so after I dropped Penny at school, I did paperwork until lunch. It was dull enough to tamper my shaking hands. The inside of my mind ran like a skipping record: Penny Penny Penny Penny…

Around noon, I sprang out of my seat.

“Half-day everyone!” I called through the office, patting Dr. Tom on the shoulder and smiling at the nurses. “You get to go home!”

My heart was beating so hard I felt sure they could see me. I must have looked ridiculous, beaming like a fool, but no one wanted to stay, so slowly, the office emptied.

“Have a great weekend everyone,” I said, practically ushering my office out the door. “Bye Nancy. See you soon, John. Thanks for the help with the cultures. Alright.”

When everyone was gone, I took off my coat and got one of the exam rooms ready. First I began with the correct tools, and added a little hospital gown. But I also took out the screen that patients change behind, and after a moment of consideration, found a sash for a gown that could be used as a blindfold. When I was finished, I looked at the stirrups and the blindfold and imagined my baby spread out, and felt some precum drip off my member.

Penny was waiting outside school when I arrived, in her little uniform.

“Hi kitten,” I said when she got in. God, those little thighs!

She kissed me on the cheek. “Hi daddy.”

“So we’re going to go back to the office now,” I said. Could she see my hands were shaking? “Are you ready?”

“Yes daddy,” she said. “Anyway there’s nothing to be ready for. It’s just you.”

“That’s right sweetie,” I said. I reached over and patted her knee, covered by a white sock. I thought again about her tiny breasts in my hand yesterday, flat but with puffy little nipples under my thumbs. Had she liked it?

I unlocked the office when we arrived.

“No one’s here?” she asked, putting her backpack on the floor of the waiting room.

“Half-day,” I said, shrugging. “It wasn’t busy.”

“Where do we go?” she asked.

“Follow me.” I heard Penny’s footsteps behind me as I went into the exam room. My cock was twitching awake when I looked at the table.

Penny stepped back when she saw the stirrups. Her cheeks went red.

“Oh sweetie,” I said. “Don’t worry.”

“Is this going to hurt?” Penny asked.

I sat on the doctor chair next to the table and patted my lap. Penny sat down and circled her arms around my neck, her little breasts next to my mouth.

“It might sweetie. Are you a virgin?”

Penny blushed scarlet and nodded.

My mouth watered. “Good. I’m glad you waited.”

She hid her face in my shoulder. She was so light; I wanted to lift her up and throw her onto the table right now, pull up her skirt. But I waited. I had been patient thus far.

“It might pinch a little,” I said. “And it’s not fair, because you’re a good girl; it only pinches the good girls. But I can do some things to make it feel better.”

She looked up. “What kind of things?”

“Do you trust me?” I asked. I started to rub her thigh. God it was so little, so warm.

“Yes daddy.”

“Good. What have you done with boys?”

Penny looked away.

“Would you prefer to start the exam while we do the questionnaire?” I asked. “That way you can pretend I’m not your daddy.”

Penny nodded.

“Alright then kitten. Why don’t you take off your clothes and put on the gown?” I held out the paper gown for her, and stayed in my seat.

She took it and waited for me to leave.

I grabbed the clipboard and began to write some things down. “Sweetie, it’s ok. I’ve seen everything before.”

Penny was so red, it broke my heart. But not really.

“Ok daddy.”

“Leave your socks on,” I said. Her knee socks were bright white and went up to her thighs. I imagined kissing her little slit with her stockings on. So adorable. “Don’t want to get your feet dirty!”

My cute little kitten began to take her clothes off. I watched openly, too aroused now to pretend anything different. She lifted her white polo shirt over her head, displaying a flat stomach and a little beige bra, tight to her flat breasts. Her bursa eskort bayan arms were small and shaking a bit as she unclipped her skirt, standing there in white panties.

She hesitated. “Panties too?”

I chuckled. “Well, that it pretty much the point, kitten.”

Penny blushed again and unclipped her bra. I saw her tits for the first time from the front. Her nipples were pink and puffy, her skin pale. She was so feminine, so delicate. The most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.

Penny put on the gown, to my dismay, and slipped her panties off underneath. I watched them hit the ground, desperately wanting to pick them up and see if they were moist. I let them lie there and was satisfied with the knowledge that my Penny’s bare little pussy was so near.

“Sit on the table.”

She obeyed, her feet hanging off the side.

I stood behind her, so she couldn’t see me. “Alright, Penny. Daddy is going to start with a breast exam, to check for lumps. Do you know how to do this yourself?”

“Yes,” she said. “The pediatrician taught me when I was sixteen.”

“Alright,” I said. “But now that you’re eighteen, you need to do it more often.”

I slipped my hands into the back of her gown. My little kitten was shaking.

“Relax honey, it’s just me.”

Her breasts felt as amazing as last night. I pushed my hands against them in the clinical way, checking for lumps underneath, on the sides.

“So,” I said. “You have not had sex.”

“No,” she said.

“What about oral sex? Or hands? You can still get diseases from that sort of play.”


“Honey. You need to be mature about this.” I kept my hands on her breasts as I said this, loving how I could hold her, remind her that this was my office. She had asked for this. “If you can’t treat me like a regular doctor, we can’t do this.”

“I’m sorry,” she said.

I resumed my touches, this time just fondling her little buds. They fit so nicely in my hands.

“Good girl,” I said. “So?”

“No daddy,” she said. “No boys.”

“No one?”

She hesitated. “No.”

I squeezed her breasts. “Tell me, Penny.”

She buried her face in her hands. I did not let go of her breasts, this time twisting her nipples a bit in my thumbs. I felt them go hard at my touch.

“My math teacher, once,” she said. “He kept he after. Asked if he could just see something. He sat me on his desk and opened my legs. He didn’t take off my panties, just licked me there, right over.”

Mr. Barrington! Anger shot through me, but at the same time, my cock went rock hard. Penny, spread out on a desk? But I would kill that fucker.

“How did that make you feel?”

“I don’t know. Ashamed.”

“Why ashamed?” I kept twisting her nipples. When I leaned close, I could hear Penny breathing sort of hard. Was that from shame, or was she enjoying my touches?

“What did I do to tempt him?” she asked. “I was a good girl, and he still picked me out.”

“You’re a very pretty little girl,” I said. I began to flick her nipples now. “How does this feel?”

“Um, ok I guess,” she said.

“I’m testing how your body reacts,” I explained. “Do you feel anything?”

“It’s, nice, I suppose,” Penny said, her voice low.

“Good,” I whispered. Mmm. I retracted my hands and licked my fingers, replacing them on her nipples, wet. I twisted again, feeling my spit warm and lubricate her nipples. Penny sighed.

“Daddy, is this… part of the exam?”

“Yes honey,” I said. “Now shh.”

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my daughter’s wet nipples sliding through my fingers.

“Did you like it when Mr. Barrington licked you?”

Penny was quiet for a long time. “I guess.”

“You guess?” I twisted harder.

Penny cried out, maybe from pain.

“Do you touch yourself? I asked, then realized that was probably a step too far. “I need to know. It affects the maturation of your body.”

“Yes,” she said.


“What do you mean?”

I was getting impatient. “On the inside or just on your clitoris? Do you use anything? A toy?”

“No!” she said. “Just my fingers. On the outside.”

Mmm. So her hymen was probably still intact. I would see for myself in a few minutes. “Did you touch yourself after what Mr. Barrington did?”

“Yes. In the bathroom at school, right after.”

Oh, fuck.

“Good. Thank you for telling me.”

I retracted my hands. Was it just me, or did Penny sigh?

“Now.” I pulled out the blindfold. “I thought it might be easier if you don’t have to look at me when we do this next part. It might be a little embarrassing.”

Penny looked grateful and reached for the blindfold. “Yes, daddy, that’s perfect.”

I tied the blindfold tight around her. As soon as I was sure she could not see, I smiled. God, she looked pretty with her eyes covered.

“Lay back,” I said.

My heart was pounding. This was the moment.

Penny lay back on the table. I gripped her feet. “Scoot up, princess.”

She moved her little butt further down.

I parted her legs bursa otele gelen eskort bayan and forced myself to keep my eyes away from her little place until I had secured her feet in the stirrups.

When she was at last secure, I spread the stirrups wide. Then I looked.

I gasped.

Penny was perfect. Her pussy was indeed tiny; her slit was barely three inches long, her lips small and bare. There was no hair anywhere. She was a beautiful, healthy pink, and her hole stared right at me, small and, just past the entrance, I spied a bit of skin: her hymen.

I resisted the urge to lick straight away. Her legs were skinny and on either side of me. I enjoyed the view of her white socks, her legs, leading right to her girlish cunny.

“Thank you for doing this daddy,” she said. “I know this must be awkward for you, too, but I feel so much more comfortable.”

“Yes,” I said. “I’m glad you’re so comfortable with me.”

I looked closer. Her little jewel was gleaming. Penny was wet!

Had it been my touches, or remembering Mr. Barrington?

I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and licked my finger.

“Ok honey, I’m going to touch you now. Don’t be alarmed.”

I wet my finger and began to touch her folds. Oh, god. She was so warm, and so wet. I brought my finger up to her slit, tracing her little hole. Slowly, I stroked her, until I was right at her clit. I licked my finger again and tasted her: salty, sweet, perfect. I began to touch her little clit.

Penny sighed.

“How does that feel?” I asked.

“So nice, daddy,” she whispered.

“Good, it’s supposed to.”

I started to rub in circles. Oh, sweet Jesus. She went wetter under my hands, just with one finger on her sex. I watched her hips start to move just a bit.

“Daddy it’s starting to feel funny,” she said, a bit of fear in her voice.

“Don’t you worry,” I said. “You’re well taken care of. There’s nothing to worry about. This might pinch a bit.”

With a shaking hand, I licked my other finger and inserted it into my baby’s hole.

Penny adjusted her hips.

“That feels weird. Daddy, what is that?”

“It’s just a tool so I can look inside you,” I said. I brought my finger out again. It was covered, slick with my daughter’s wetness. “Tell me, is this ok?”

I slowly began to fuck her with my fingers. Penny lay spread in front of me, allowing all of it.

“Yes, that’s ok, daddy.”

“Good girl. You’re doing so well.”

My brain was exploding with arousal. It was really happening; I couldn’t believe how aroused I was, but also how this was my little girl. How much could I get away with? With my other hand, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone.

“Can I take some pictures for your records?” I asked.

“Yes,” she whispered.

Oh my God. Ok!

I pulled up the camera and took some pictures of her pretty cunt, all spread out. Then I put my finger back in and filmed myself fingering her. She sighed, and then, to my amazement, let out one of her kitten’s mews.

“Oh, yes,” I whispered. “It’s ok if it starts to feel good.”

I put the camera away.

“Daddy’s going to do something else now,” I said.

“Ok,” she whispered. “What will you do?”

“I’m going to take some swabs,” I said. “Don’t worry, I use something warm. It might feel funny. It takes awhile.”

She gasped a little and rocked her hips into my hand. My baby was so wet!

I was about to taste her. I licked my lips and put my hands behind her legs, drawing her further to the end of the exam table, and kissed her little cunt.

It was so warm, so wet; she left juices all over my lips.

“Oh, you’re being such a good girl, Penny,” I whispered. “Such a good patient for daddy.”

Penny let out a little grunt.

I brought my face back down and kissed her deeper. I parted her tiny lips with my tongue and began to swirl her clit with my tongue, tasting her sweetness and rubbing her wetness on my face. While I ate, Penny sighed and sighed, her kitten’s mews growing louder. I slurped her, lapped her up.

I began to suck on her little clit, and then Penny cried out.

“Oh, yes daddy!”

I slurped again, moving to lick her thighs and catch the last of her dripping wetness.

As soon as my tongue touched her thighs, she sat up. “Wha—daddy what are you doing?”

I stopped. My heart was pounding. Penny had been dripping, moaning just a moment ago.

“Let daddy work,” I said.

“Daddy, what -“

“Lay back down,” I said.

Penny did as she was told. I went back to eating her pussy, this time inserting a finger into her hole. God, she was so tight! She squeezed my finger.

This was easily the sweetest pussy I’d ever eaten. I lapped at her folds, loving how when I did so she moaned out loud.

“Oh daddy,” she cried.

I lost myself a bit, hearing that. “Oh yeah Penny.”

“Daddy, so good daddy.”

“You like when daddy eats your cunt baby?”

Penny bolted up.

I froze. Shit.


She bursa eve gelen escort ripped the blindfold off and saw me, hands on her thighs, face shiny with her juices.

“Daddy!” Her eyes were wide, terrified.

I had honestly though she’d caught on; apparently not.

“Sweetheart,” I said, but what was there to say?

“Daddy!” Her eyes filled with tears. “What were you doing? You shouldn’t… daddy you’re supposed to be examining me.”

“Baby girl,” I said. I thought about apologizing, but my cock was so hard that it was impossible. I tried another tactic. “I couldn’t. You’re so pretty. I’m your daddy, I’m not supposed to see your pussy for a reason. When I did, I couldn’t help myself.”

Penny tried to move, but I kept her little thighs in my hands.

“Please baby, you were liking it,” I said. “I heard you. You said it felt good.”

She went from angry to humiliated in a moment, blushing red.

I brought my head back down. “Let me just try a bit longer,” I said. “I promise I’ll make you feel so good. Daddy loves you so much, Penny, just let me love you. Let me do this for you.”

She looked frightened, but laid back down. I put my lips back on her cunt. It was still streaming.

“Mmmmm,” I said. Against her lips, I praised her. “Your daddy loves your cunt.”

“Ugh!” Penny cried.

“Yeah baby, enjoy daddy,” I said. “Such a slut for daddy. You’re so bad baby. So dirty.”

“I’m not dirty,” she said. “You are.”

I sat up and grinned, her wetness on my mouth, and placed my fingers in her hole. I began to finger her rough.

“I’m not the one whose daddy is licking them, am I?” I asked.

Penny cried out.

“I didn’t think so,” I said. I placed a thumb on her clit. “Now, do you want me to keep going?”

Penny only screamed.

“I didn’t get that,” I said. “Tell daddy.”

“Yes daddy,” she moaned.

“Yes daddy what?”

“Keep eating me daddy!”

“If you say so.” I dove my head back down and shoved my face against her cunt, rubbing up and down, licking her little asshole, a man possessed. This was my daughter, I kept saying to myself. My daughter!

Suddenly, Penny was bucking around me. I kept my lips on her clit and sucked hard as she came, coating my face her in her juices.

“Oh my god!”

My baby girl was cumming. I moaned into her pussy and shook my head back and forth, slurping her folds. My daughter, my child. She was a mess beneath me.

When she was finished, I stood up. Penny was still in the stirrups, breathing heavy.

“Did you like that?” I asked. Penny couldn’t catch her breath, but nodded.

I ripped open her gown.

“Daddy what are you doing?” she asked.

I was so hard I could hardly think of words. I felt like an animal. My daughter was under me, looking for all the world like a slut who fucks her doctor, her father. I tore her gown and looked at her beautiful body.

“I’m going to have you now,” I said, eyes on her body. Damn.

“Daddy, I don’t—”

But I was already unbuckling my pants. I pulled them down just enough to let out my cock. God it felt amazing to let it loose; it had been so hard for so long.

First I laid it out on her stomach. The base of it went from her cunt past her belly button, heavy and hot.

She looked down. “Oh, my god daddy. No.”

I took it in my hands and slapped her cunt. A wet sound filled the room.

“Yes,” I said. I loved seeing my cock on my daughter. Later, I’d make her suck it, rub it all over her face.

“No daddy.”

I slapped her cunt with my cock again. She flinched, moaned.

“That’s right,” I said. “Sweet Penny. You’re a slut for your father Penny.”

She nodded, blushing again.

“Are you going to be a good daughter and let your father have you?” I asked, my cock waiting at her entrance.

“I don’t know,” Penny said.

I gripped her hips in my hands, tight enough to bruise.

“Baby girl, daddy wants you,” I said. “Be my slut, Penny. Please.”

Slowly, Penny nodded. I waited just for the slightest look of encouragement before I slid into her.

God, she was so tight. Penny cried out when I went past her hymen, breaking it in one clean stroke. Her wetness made a squelch when I was in her to the hilt.

Penny’s face was scrunched up in pain.

“I know sweetie, but it’ll be better next time,” I said. “It’ll hurt this time, but this time is for me. Please me.”

She moved her hips and let me in a bit more. I stood and fucked her, feet in stirrups, slow at first and then faster. Our rutting made wet slapping noises as I began to pound my daughter. At first Penny was quiet, just allowing me to use her body, but soon she began to mew again.

“That’s it sweetie, daddy’s little slut,” I murmured, gripping her hips harder as I picked up my pace. “Oh, daddy’s kitten!”

“Oh daddy,” she whispered. “Oh daddy you fill me up so good!”

“Yes,” I said. “Oh you’re so good to me, kitten.”

My baby and I were finally fucking. I heard just the slapping of our skin as I began to slam her, pushing the table back until it hit the wall and I was fucking her for all I was worth, and Penny was screaming my name.

“Yes daddy! Harder daddy! Oh I love it daddy yes daddy oh my god daddy–“

“Fuck yeah baby,” I said. “I knew I’d fuck you the moment you asked for an exam,” I said. “Jesus Penny your pussy is mine!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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