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As I walked through my door, I heard odd sounds coming from the living room. From the sounds, it was like someone was having sex and I wondered if I had walked in on my parents getting it on. Though I had seen Myra’s and another strange car in the driveway. Since my parents generally parked in the garage, no one would know who is home.

When I reached the living room, I saw a thick looking brunette with a pink sheer thong that had something poking out between her legs. From my first sight of her thick thighs and big ass, I hoped it wasn’t a dick between her legs but I have been disappointed before. She seemed to be nude other than that with her hair in a ponytail that was raised a bit and came down just past her shoulders. She hadn’t noticed me as she was wagging her ass as she was too preoccupied with her current job.

My eyes then darted up and I noticed that her head was buried inside my sister’s pussy and my anger began to rise. Her eyes were closed as she seemed to be getting close to orgasm. Then just as I thought she was going to cum and feel my anger break, she pushed the unknown brunette away from her as she yelled out, “NOO! I can’t cum until my Master allows me!”

Just as she finished saying this, I could see her chest heaving as she was trying to stop her orgasm and hold it just at the breaking point. Her eyes then opened and she smiled and screamed, “MASTER! MASTER YOU’RE HOME!”

“Just what the fuck do you think you are doing?” I growled loudly. At that moment, knowing she had disappointed me, I knew punishment was in order.

“Master I-I was waiting for you to cum. Please let me cum Master. I have been holding it…” Myra said only for me to put up his hand.

“You directly disobeyed my orders. My second rule was that I own your body which means you are not allowed to be touched like this by anyone without my express permission,” Freddy responded with anger in his voice.

Myra could see the anger in his eyes as a tear fell from her eye. All thought of her orgasm subsided as she felt she had failed her Master. She then quickly jumped up, pushing away her friend who looked confused at her as she ran up to Freddy and knelt before him burying her face into the hardwood floors while her hands sat right next to her head in a submissive position. “Please forgive the misconstrued reasoning for allowing your slave to be pleasured by her slave.”

“I don’t know if this is forgivable,” Freddy sneered.

“P-Please Master. I will do anything. Please don’t release me for my misjudgment,” Myra begged between her sobs.

It was apparent to me that she was crying on the floor as I could hear her sniffles. I crouched down in front of her using my hand to bring her chin up to look me in the eyes. Her eyes were red and puffy and it looked like she had been crying for longer than she had but I realized it must have really upset her more than I had initially thought. I stared directly into those greenish-brown eyes and made myself very clear. “Myra. This is your one get out of jail free card. I didn’t expect this from you, so I am giving you one more try. If you defy me like this again, we stop this and nothing you do or say will ever have me being intimate with you or allowing you close to me like we have been the past couple days. I want you to first go over and release your slave. Then you are to go upstairs and bring down a strap-on dildo that you have up there, and make sure it has something to please the other person, along with a crop as well and a pair of handcuffs. Make sure you take at least 10 minutes before you come back downstairs as I need to talk to your friend there. If you complete your punishment, then I will consider the matter closed and we will no longer speak of this. Do you understand me SLUT!” I stated drawing out the last word.

She nodded vehemently, “Yes Master. I will do whatever it takes to get back in your good graces.”

I stood back up, “Good. Now complete the tasks I have set for you.”

Myra jumped up quickly and forced her brunette friend to kneel before her, luckily she was on a blanket and pillows so that she didn’t hurt her knees. She gave her the same speech she had given Allie and the brunette was released from being her slave. The girl stood and they shared a light kiss before hugging each other.

“Permission to be excused to get the items you requested Master?” Myra asked as she walked up and bowed her head before her while also keeping her hands clasped together with her left over top of her right before her.

“Granted, slave. Now get to it,” I answered though still showed my anger through my voice. Normally I would have swatted her ass showing her how much I loved that cute butt of hers, but this time I had to refrain from doing it as I wanted her to know how angry I was.

Once Myra was gone, I turned my attention to her brunette friend. “And who might you be?” I asked.

“I’m gorukle escort Krystal, Myra’s friend and former slave,” she responded with a smile.

Krystal was definitely a chubby girl with thick thighs, a chubby tummy, and large breasts. Her figure reminded me of a tad bit smaller version of my mother but with smaller breasts and probably a lot less sagging as Krystal’s breasts did not seem to sag as much from what I had seen of her tits so far. Her skin was also tan much like Myra’s. One thing I could say is that she was a goddess in her own skin and she definitely looked comfortable being close to naked in front of me. I was extremely glad to see that the thing between her legs was not a dick but more a vibrator that had been stuffed into her pussy.

“I’m Freddy, Myra’s brother,” I responded putting out my hand to her as she gasped, her eyes going wide in shock. “What? Don’t see too many brother’s dominating their sisters?” I asked with a smirk on my face.

“No I don’t. I have seen a couple husbands and boyfriends but never a brother,” Krystal said, blushing as she put her hair behind her ear.

“Well. I guess that leaves us with one question now doesn’t it. I’m building up my newly found harem of slaves and would love to have you join. Are you looking to have a new Master since your Mistress has released you?” I asked, almost giddy if she said yes.

She sauntered over to me shaking her hips as she brought her lips close to mine, “I was actually going to ask Myra for my release as I found a guy that I want to try to have a normal relationship with. However,” her lips curved to a lustful smile, “if it doesn’t work out between us. I will definitely take you up on your offer.”

Just as she went to take a step back, I brought my hand up to behind her head and put my other arm around her pulling her back close to me as she gasped at the sudden movement. “Well you aren’t dating him yet, now are you?” She shook her head. “Good. Then why don’t I give you a preview of what I have to offer.”

She was biting her lip as my lips took hers. I then pushed my tongue into her mouth and let me say this woman really knew how to use her tongue. Her arms went around me as I brought my other arm down and gripped both of those large orbs she called an ass as she moaned into my mouth. I slapped both ass cheeks, one at a time as she squealed into my mouth with each slap. I then pulled back from her lips and smiled at her, “Why don’t you show me how you can handle a cock?”

Her lips curved into a seductive smile as she nodded, “Yes sir, but are you asking or telling me?”

“Drop to your knees and show me how good you are with a cock in your mouth, slut,” I replied in an authoritative voice.

She moaned at my words and without any further hesitation, she dropped down. I kicked off my shoes and she unbuckled and unbuttoned my slacks and pulled them down along with my boxers. “I can see why Myra submitted to you.”

“Actually, I tied her up and force-fucked her and made her submit to me. She then told me I was what she was looking for the whole time and from then on out, she has been my loyal slave. Though she does need to learn her place as she still sees herself as a Mistress,” I replied.

“Please don’t be too angry with her. I have never seen her act around a man like she does with you. Yes I’ve seen her fuck guys, but it was always on her terms. The way she dropped to her knees in front of you and started to cry as she begged for forgiveness made me realize how much she wants… no needs, to belong to you. Just know that if you release her, she will never be complete and will become a shell of her former self. She is strong willed and may test your boundaries but she is a loving and caring person,” Krystal stated. She had some good points and I did already know how loving and caring my sister was but she also needed to be taught her place if she was going to serve me. A slave, to a Master, who did what they wanted and broke the rules was a slap in the face to the Master. Her devotion to me needed to be complete for me to give her exactly what she wanted. Little did any of them know the truth behind why I was really doing this and why it had to be a certain way.

Krystal kept eye contact with me as she licked the tip of my cock. Slowly she licked up each side of my cock, even running her tongue around it in ways I didn’t know was possible; then she engulfed it. Now I wasn’t one to be a huge fan of deep throating, but when this girl did it, man did it feel fucking fantastic. Her mouth felt sublime as she pulled back and went up and down on my cock.

I stood there getting one of the best blowjobs of my life as I heard someone coming down the steps. Though I hadn’t asked about our parents yet, at the moment I just didn’t give a fuck who it was and would deal with the consequences.

“Master, I have the items you requested,” I heard Myra say almost in a whisper as she stood behind me.

“Come over here so I can see you slave,” I ordered. She came around to stand in front of me and glanced down at her friend sucking altıparmak eskort bayan my cock. No doubt about it, she was thinking about how she wanted to be the one doing that. “Good job slave. Now tell me. Where are our parents? I don’t want to have them interrupt us while we are doing the next part of your punishment.”

“Mom is upstairs in her room, tied up at the moment, and won’t bother us. Dad had to fly out this morning for a business trip and won’t be back until later this week,” Myra answered.

In her voice I could still hear her sniffles, and she was still teary eyed. I did feel bad for how she felt, but she did make the decision to disobey me and needed to be punished. I had thought of something much worse but didn’t want to hurt my sister and didn’t know if I could cause her any physical pain, other than a series of spankings or something else like that.

“Excellent. Now we may proceed then.” I looked down to Krystal who looked like she was enjoying herself way too much, not that I was complaining, and tapped the top of her head causing her to stop and look back up at me. “Time to stop now sweetie. Though you did look like you were having the time of your life.”

As she stood up and came nose to nose with me again she smiled with that seductive smile again, “You have a wonderful cock and I truly hope my soon to be boyfriend has something close to what you have here otherwise I may just have to come back to you.”

I smiled back at her with a sinful smile, “You are always welcome to take your side by me. But now I need your help with something else.” She arched her eyebrow at me as I kissed her lips for a moment, knowing this would upset Myra. Once I released her lips, I looked to my sister and smiled, “Your friend here has decided to not become my slave as she has found someone she is willing to give a try for a normal relationship. Though I am going to ask for her help with your punishment.” I took the strap-on and handed it to Krystal as I looked her in the eyes, “Please put this on and sit on the couch over there,” I said pointing to the seat.

Krystal nodded and I waited for her to get into position. I then took the other two items from Myra and took her by the wrist over to the couch. “Sit on the plastic cock and face away from me,” I told Myra, “And don’t you dare fucking cum until I say so.” I grabbed her hair just as she was getting on the cock and forced her to look at me, “OR ELSE!” I growled.

“Yes Master,” she responded in a whisper.

Once Myra was in position, I took the handcuffs and hooked up her hands behind her back in an L formation. She would be able to slide her hands back and forth but not release the cuffs without assistance. “Now Krystal. Myra will need your help to keep her body up straight but she will also need you for something else as well.”

Krystal nodded understanding the first part but waited for further instructions. I got behind Myra and used some lube from Krystal’s pussy juice as I put a finger to my mouth to tell her to be quiet about it as she slyly nodded. I lubed up my cock with her well lubricated juices and once ready I set my cock to her dark hole.

I slowly pushed my cock into Myra’s ass and I could feel her body shutter. I could see the expression on the face of Krystal that she knew what was going on and was watching Myra’s face.

“HOLY FUCK MASTER!” Myra screamed out as my cock head passed her rosebud and slowly went inside her ass.

Once I got about halfway in, I stopped and whispered into Myra’s ear, “How does it feel to have a cock buried in your tight ass slut.”

“It hurts Master… but it also feels good as well. I had wanted you to be the first to have me back there, but not like this Master,” Myra responded.

“This is your punishment slave. Now you may not orgasm until you have made your friend cum and made your Master cum. I don’t want to hear you begging me for orgasms or anything other than how good it feels. Then and only then can you ask for your orgasm and I will only allow you to have it if you are good. If you fail at any part of this, I will release you right here and now and will no longer have anything to do with you,” I said to her.

“Yes Master. I will serve you faithfully and will not disappoint you at all. I know it was my hand that forced this and for that, I will never forgive myself. But I do hope that you can forgive me one day,” Myra replied as she turned her head back to me and I could see the tears in her eyes.

I kissed her full lips and felt her tongue enter my mouth. Once we stopped kissing, I spoke up again, “Like I said before. Once you have fulfilled your punishment, the matter is closed. And I don’t expect to hear about it again. Though if you would like, you can explain your mistake to your sister slave so she will know not to make the same mistake but, I don’t want her coming to me asking questions about it!”

Myra then nodded as I used the couch to push myself back up. “Krystal. Since you are not under my control, you are allowed to cum as much as you nilüfer eskort bayan want. And my slave here is not allowed to cum until both of us have cum either. So if you want, you can hold back as long as you want. Or you can just let it go and allow her to cum sooner than she should be allowed to.”

Krystal then nodded knowing that Myra’s life was practically in her hands at the moment. I then pulled my cock back and started to fuck Myra’s ass. Each time my cock would go in as far as I would allow it, Myra would grunt though I didn’t know if it was in pain or pleasure. Other than her grunts and the occasional moan, not a word came out of Myra.

After a good ten minutes of me and Krystal fucking my sister hard, Krystal announced her orgasm. “Oh God!” she yelled out, “I’m CMMMMM…!” she screamed as her orgasm took her over. Though it looked like a good one, it wasn’t one of those earth-shattering ones that I had given Myra or Allie. I knew I could give her so much more but she declined to join my group.

I kept pounding away at Myra’s ass hearing her making noises but not a word came out of those lips. “Are you ready to give in slave?” I whispered into Myra’s ear.

She shook her head, “Not … a … fucking … chance … Master!” she replied through ragged breaths. I could see that her nails were digging into her skin as she looked close to drawing blood.

Just as Krystal was coming down from her orgasm, I saw her starting to buck her hips. I then leaned forward and whispered into Myra’s ear, “I want you to kiss your friend slave and I had better see some tongue in there as well.” As I pulled back from her, I bit her earlobe causing her to moan.

Myra’s body shuddered and then shook as I knew she was near orgasm and she was going to lose her battle and disobey me. She moved her face closer to her friend and licked Krystal’s nose.

Krystal then looked up and brought her hands up to cup her face and the two women started to make out. This had given me better access to Myra’s ass as she tilted her hips ever so slightly and to add to the lady’s pleasure, I reached down beneath me and was able to run my fingers around Krystal’s slit.

“FUCKING SHIT!” Krystal screamed out as I started to play with her.

I then used my other hand to pull Myra’s hair back thus pulling her body closer to me. “You have been a good slave so far. However, I have decided to release you from your pain since I am a caring Master.” I saw tears in her eyes as she looked over at me. “When your friend cums, I want you to cum with her and show her the orgasms I can give you.” I then kissed her lips and she immediately pushed her tongue into my mouth as I made out with my sister. My cock never missed a beat as I continued to plunge her asshole.

“Cum for me Krystal. I want to see you soak this couch with your nectar,” I called out. My fingers were able to get around part of the strap-on that was inside of her pussy and flick her clit back and forth giving her that extra nudge.

“What the hell?” Krystal yelled out as she didn’t know it was me playing with her. She then arched her back as she screamed out in orgasm.

I pulled my hand back from her pussy and reached around Myra to pinch, twist and pull on her hard nipple. With my other hand still tied around her hair, I only had one hand to play with them. “You may cum now slave,” I told Myra in a commanding voice as I pounded her ass with everything I had.

Her ass had been tighter than any pussy I had been in and she had worked her anal muscles to the limit as I could feel her starting to loosen her grip on my cock. It still felt wonderful to me but I realized that Myra was losing all control of her body.

She then screamed out, what I didn’t know as it just came out sounding like a loud screaming baby’s babble. Her body shook violently and I had to release her hair and nipple as I wrapped my arms around her to keep her from jerking us off to the left or right or even forward and hitting her friend in the forehead. The last thing I needed was for them to get knocked out and both get concussions from this.

Then just as quickly as it had started, her body went limp. I quickly pulled out of her with a ‘plop’ sound and picked her up off the strap on and had Krystal move over, who was in the midst of her own orgasm, as I laid Myra down on the couch. After a few seconds, she started to breathe, though I hadn’t realized she stopped. Her chest heaved for a few minutes while I sat there with her, running my hands through her silky hair and rubbing her tummy. When her breathing returned to normal, she looked to be out of the world as her body was still limp.

I stood up getting ready to make my way upstairs and get cleaned up, also wanting to check on my mom as something about how Myra explained what Mom was up to didn’t sit right to me.

Just as I turned to walk away, I felt a hand on my wrist as I turned back around. Krystal had pleading eyes that were mixed with lust as she spoke, “You haven’t cum yet. Please let me be the vessel of your desire so that you can cum since your slave is currently out of commission?” As she begged for this she looked down at Myra with a smirk on her face making me think she was either jealous or envious of her situation. When she looked back to me, she was biting her bottom lip and had moved a hand under the strap-on that was still attached.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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