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A big thank you goes out to WA001 for editing this chapter.

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I awoke the next morning but had to take a few minutes to gather my surroundings. I was no longer in the same room that I slept in. Before I started to freak out, I tried to get up but the two women that were on my arms made that difficult.

After a few minutes, I was able to wrangle myself out of their grasp and get off the bed without waking them. One thing I did notice was that Allie was a little heavier, though mostly in the belly area, than I remember. I knew she couldn’t have gotten pregnant and been that far along over night, so was I just remembering her differently? Either way, she was still just as stunningly beautiful as I remembered as was Myra who looked a tad thicker than I remember, but Myra didn’t look pregnant from what I could see. At least if she was, she wasn’t showing it too much.

I opened the door to leave the bedroom and found myself in the living room. I looked behind myself and freaked out to the sudden change but I didn’t see a door behind me that I came out of. Instead there was a large TV that was playing a movie that I hadn’t seen.

Wondering what the hell was going on, I heard noises coming from the kitchen in front of me. I headed there and saw a couple different women talking. When I was finally noticed, they all turned to me and bowed their heads saying hello to me, “Hello Master!”. When I blinked, I was suddenly back in the bedroom with two of them pleasuring my cock while another was kissing up and down my chest and abs and the fourth was slowly lowering her pussy into my face.


I awoke back to reality, realizing it was a dream, but instead of waking up in my own bed, I was back in the bed that I had fallen asleep in with Myra and Allie. What really pulled me out of dreamland was the phenomenal feeling that was happening on my groin. As my eyes adjusted to the light that was coming into the room, I could hear slurping sounds coming from two sources but both were directed down my body. Once my eyes finally adjusted, I saw Myra was on my left side and had my cock lodged down her throat. I could only see part of Allie but assumed from the slurping sounds and the feeling that she was sucking on my balls. I then watched as both women switched with Allie’s full head and face coming into view as Myra licked her way down to my balls.

I watched as best as I could as Allie engulfed my erection. “God these women know how to please a man,” I thought to myself. Without being able to stop it, I moan loudly as Allie was practically making love to my cock with her mouth, using all her skills as I felt her tongue wrap around it. My moan didn’t initially stop her from what she was doing at first as she smiled seductively at me. After a few more seconds of her bobbing up and down, she finally released my cock from her sexy mouth with a loud plop.

“Good morning Master,” she said in the sexiest voice I had ever heard while she kept stroking my cock. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought she was trying to seduce me.

Myra’s head then popped up as she had that perfect smile that she always had, “Good morning little brother and Master,” Myra said with a peppy tone to her voice. She then saw that my cock was not currently in Allie’s mouth, as Allie was still devouring me with her eyes, and she took the initiative and deep-throated me in one go. Allie felt Myra’s lips come in contact with her hand and had this jealous look on her face.

“Good morning my loves and slaves,” I replied causing them to look back to me and smile again. “You do know I could easily get used to this.”

Myra removed my cock from her mouth and said, “This was Allie’s idea but I told her that would be a good way to wake you up each day. To show you how much we appreciate you taking us as yours.”

“And I told Myra that I would have to sleep over at your house to be able to help with this and she agreed as well. So… we came up with the idea that I would stay the night a couple days a week just so I can be there for you. But only of course if it pleases you Master,” Allie said as she bowed her head in submission to me.

I nodded and replied, “That would definitely please me. I look forward to the days you will be there with us.”

My two slaves continued their job of pleasing their Master. Within five minutes, I was ready to cum and let Myra know, who was currently sucking me off. She doubled her effort and within seconds I was grunting and shooting a huge load into Myra’s throat. Allie whined as Myra was able to take it all without spilling any of my precious cum. To mine and Allie’s surprise, she released my cock quickly while holding her mouth closed and stood above Allie. She then tapped Allie on the chin who obeyed and opened her mouth. I then gorukle escort bayan watched as Myra opened her mouth and a river of my cum ran from Myra’s mouth into Allie’s. This had to be one of the hottest thing I had ever seen. I then realized I would need to come up with a list so I could prioritize the different things that were the hottest things I had seen.

Once Myra was done, she knelt down and cupped Allie’s face as their tongue wars began as they shared the cream they both desired. I decided to add myself to the mix and moved off the bed to join them on the floor. I placed one hand on each of their pussies and two fingers inside of them hearing them both moan into each other’s mouth when I did. As I was able to find Allie’s g-spot fairly easily last night, I knew it would be in a similar spot on Myra. Though it was awkward having my hands this way on each of them, I was still able to get them riled up.

I watched as their breathing became ragged and then saw Allie reach around Myra’s body and pull her as close as possible, watching both of their nipples rubbing against each other as their breasts were pancaked on each other. As I attacked their g-spots, both of their bodies shook. They looked like they were trying to fuck each other without actually touching their pussies to each other.

Myra was the first to break the kiss, “HOLY FUCK!” she yelled out. “Please Master may I cum?” she begged as it was apparent that she was close.

“Me too Master me too. Please let me cum!” Allie followed.

My two slaves were no longer kissing and instead had moved their bodies back a little bit so that they could pinch and pull on each other’s nipples. I added more pressure to their g-spots and started moving my fingers that much faster getting them both ready. The pads of my hands were able to rub on their clits much harder bringing them close.

When I felt my hands starting to cramp up, more from the angle I had my hands in than anything, I commanded them, “Cum now my slaves. Cum for your Master.”

They both screamed incoherent babble as their orgasms hit them. As I felt each of them squirting, I removed my hands from their pussies and pulled them to me, though since they were shaking in orgasm uncontrollably, I lost my balance and they crashed into my chest causing me to fall backwards onto the carpet. We laid there as I held them throughout their orgasms.

After a few minutes, as they came down from their orgasms, I was still able to feel them shaking in the after-effects. I looked down to both of them and both of them had their arms crossed across their chests as I held them close, my hands rubbing their backs.

I gave them a few more minutes before I started to get up. “I will go make breakfast as you two need to rest.”

Allie and Myra looked up and Allie spoke up, “Not a chance Master. No man or Master of mine should be making his own breakfast as a guest in my house.”

Allie tried to stand, but her shaky legs didn’t let her get much balance yet. Myra watched Allie and laughed as I did watching her fall back on her ass. Once I was on my feet, I helped Allie to her feet and held her there until she was able to regain her strength. “Thank you for allowing this slave to cum Master,” she said sweetly.

As she walked away and out the bedroom door, I spanked her ass as she left causing her to yelp in surprise. I held out my hands to Myra and I helped her up as well, but instead of just trying to stand, her lips met mine as she kissed me. I tried to push my tongue into her mouth, but she backed off. I looked at her quizzically wondering why she would deny me her tongue and she explained, “Sorry Master. You came in my mouth and it would be improper for your tongue to be inside my mouth without me cleaning it out. Oh and thank you for allowing your sister and slave to cum.”

“You are most welcome my love. Also, I was thinking about a list of rules that I want the two of you to follow,” I said knowing that we hadn’t gone over any rules yet and that was a big part of the dominant/submissive lifestyle as per what I had read and learned about.

“As you wish Master. May I be dismissed so I can help my sister to prepare breakfast?” she asked as sweetly as possible.

I was half tempted to throw her on the bed and fuck her brains out, but I decided against it, “You may,” I responded and gave her ass a slap on the way out as well. Instead of yelping, she moaned loving the feeling of the sting on her ass.

I went and took a piss and used my finger to brush my teeth. As I finished and was leaving the bathroom, Allie came up the stairs and blew me a kiss as she went into the bathroom. I went downstairs and headed towards the kitchen, smelling the sweet aroma of the breakfast they were cooking, but was stopped at the entrance by Myra.

“Please go wait in the living room until you are called Master,” Myra said with a hand on my chest and her eyes down.

“I will but only nilüfer escort bayan if I get a kiss since a slave is not supposed to give a Master an order,” I replied with a grin. She nodded in compliance and I put my hand under her chin as she looked up and gave me a kiss, still with no tongue which was a disappointment.

I then walked back to the bottom of the stairs and waited for Allie to come down. After a few minutes, Allie came bouncing down the stairs. I watched in awe as her small perfect breasts, at least to me, bounced in unison with each step. How her thigh muscles contracted with each step. How the ripples shot across her belly with each step. Though she and Myra may have flat stomachs, they were not extremely toned as you would see with someone that specifically kept the muscles tight. There was that bit of flab to them that added that extra sexiness to their bodies. To me it made them look more like women. Women have curves and stretchmarks and fakes don’, not that I am saying anything with regards to fitness models or body builders.

She was smiling the whole way down and I held my arms out once she was close enough and she dove into my arms, our lips mashing together in a loving kiss. I pushed my tongue to her lips and she happily opened her mouth and accepted my tongue, allowing me to control the pace as our tongues danced together. I let my arms slide down her back and grip her ass. Her legs immediately wrapped around my body as I could feel her mound rubbing against my growing erection that was now pinned between us against my stomach.

I stood there holding this wonderful woman in my arms for a few minutes, us kissing with all the passion and lust we had for each other. Reluctantly, I broke the kiss as we both tried to catch our breath. I looked into her sky blue eyes and the glow she had on her face and asked her, “Did my little slave clean out her mouth before accepting my tongue?”

She nodded vehemently, “Yes of course, Master. Your cum only belongs in my belly or in one of my holes.”

My hands moved closer to her dark hole and I smiled, “I haven’t had that other hole yet slave.”

She answered right away, as if she had been expecting this for a while, “Well all my holes do belong to you Master. Though I haven’t had anything up there other than a small plug. Please if you do take me there, be gentle with this slave.”

I leaned my head forward and kissed her forehead, “If I decide to take you there, I will make sure to be gentle and that you are well prepared for it.”

“Thank you for your kindness, Master,” she said happily as she smiled.

I then set her down, gave her a quick peck on the lips and told her to send Myra up to cleanup as well. I gave her another swat on the ass as she ran off, hearing her moan this time. Her ass jiggled something serious making me want to bend her over and bury my face in her ass.

After a minute, Myra came by and blew me a kiss as she ran up the stairs to cleanup. My eyes were glued to her ass as I watched it jiggle with each step. If my cock wasn’t already rock hard after my make-out session with Allie, it definitely would be now.

Once she was out of sight and into the bathroom, I thought back to my conversation with Allie about taking her ass. My short-term memory was thinking about Myra’s ass and I wondered if she ever had anal before. As I was lost in my thoughts, I heard a noise coming from upstairs that brought me out and back to reality.

I watched in awe again as a beautiful woman bound down the stairs. While Myra’s breasts were larger than Allie’s, it wasn’t that big of a difference but they did bounce a little more. Her navel piercing seemed to sway as she took each step and the way her sexy legs looked as her they moved.

Once she reached my position, I held out my arms to her as I had Allie and she squealed in delight and launched herself at me. Myra was a little bit taller and heavier than Allie but I was able to catch her without any issues. I will need to thank my coaches at some point for keeping me fit enough to handle all these extraneous activities.

Our lips mashed together and I forced my tongue into Myra’s mouth, not that she would deny me now that it was clean but I wanted to always show her who was in command. My hands slid down her back quickly and gripped her ass cheeks as her legs wrapped around me. She tried to get my cock inside of her as it was pointing right at her, but I was able to grip her ass cheeks and stop her. I broke the kiss and looked down, seeing my dick bounce, at my own command, and the moment it went up, I pulled her to me so that it was pinned between the two of us.

When I looked back into her eyes, she had a pouty face as I knew she wanted my cock inside of her but had to settle for rubbing her soft, puffy lips against it instead. I chuckled at her antics and then took her lips into mine again, and again she didn’t refuse her Master and went bursa otele gelen escort bayan back to making out with me.

This time our kiss was broken as we heard Allie yelling from the kitchen, “Myra if you are done, I could use some help please!”

Our eyes went back to one another and Myra smiled, “Sorry Master but duty calls. Can I get a rain check?”

I smiled back and gave her a quick peck on the lips, “No rain check needed. I will have you when I am ready my little slave sister.”

She winked at me as she ran off. I was tempted to follow her into the kitchen but I didn’t want to spoil their surprise. Instead I headed to the living room and sat on the couch. It was a comfy couch and I could tell by the feel of the material and the look that it was expensive. I sat their stirring in my thoughts and reflecting on how much my life had changed. After a few minutes, both my slaves appeared before me and stood with their hands crossed in front of them with their heads down. They seemed to be happy from the looks on their faces and I assumed it was the surprise they had for me and hoped I would like it.

“Is my surprise ready slaves?” I asked, eager to find out what it was and hungry enough to eat just about anything.

They both answered in unison, “Yes Master!” Then Allie spoke up alone, “Master, if you would please follow me, so we can get this party started?”

I stood up and followed Allie into the kitchen. It is oddly funny walking around someone else’s house completely nude but something else when my two ladies were also completely nude the entire time as well. I was only glad I am comfortable enough in my own body that I didn’t have to worry about hiding my erection or any parts of my body as well.

Once in the kitchen, we turned to the left and went through the kitchen to the dining room. There was a single place setting setup and Allie gestured me to sit. She even pulled out the chair for me and helped me in the seat. Once I was situated, Allie and Myra ran off and came back with my food and drink. Allie carried my main plate that had Eggs Benedict with breakfast potatoes and on the smaller plate was a banana and an orange. Myra had two glasses in her hand. One was a coffee cup that I assumed had coffee along with a glass of orange juice. Once it was set down, Allie ran back to the kitchen while Myra knelt to my left. Allie came back with some creamer and sugar, but I only needed the sugar.

“Master. With your approval, I would like to finish off your breakfast with a morning blowjob if you will allow this slave,” Myra said with her head down and her hands on her knees.

I looked at her and then at Allie who had joined her on the floor but was on my right. “Are you two going to eat?” I asked curious as to why they weren’t eating with me.

“Master,” Allie spoke up this time, “Slaves are not permitted to eat with their Master. Once Master is finished, we will make sure to eat.”

I thought for a minute how I wanted to relay my wishes and finally said, “I will allow this today, but from now on, the both of you will eat with me. Though I do expect to be served first. I am not some asshat that would force you to watch me eat knowing that you are both hungry yourselves.”

Allie nodded, “Yes of course Master. You are a most generous Master and I look forward to serving you for years to come.”

“And I look forward to your servitude,” I replied as I ran my hands through her hair. It was almost as if I was petting her, but I wanted her to know that I appreciated everything she did. I then looked over to Myra and said, “Myra, you may worship your Master, but this is only a onetime thing. Though I may request this on special occasions in the future.”

Myra nodded, “Yes of course Master. I’m yours to command, now and forever.”

With that Myra crawled underneath the table and I felt only her lips and tongue on my cock as she began pleasuring me while I ate. When I was done with the first Eggs Benedict, I saw that Allie was still sitting on the floor and a thought came to mind. I set my napkin down and looked over at her. “I think we need some entertainment. What do you think Myra?”

“Mmmhmm,” Myra replied while my cock was in her mouth. Knowing her, she would refuse to take it out of her mouth until she got what she was there for, a mouthful of my cum.

“Allie!” I said looking over at her though she didn’t move or acknowledge that I’d said anything, yet, I knew that was most likely due to how she thought a slave should act. “Stand up and sit in that chair and face me,” I said pointing to the dining room chair that was to the right of me. I was at the head of the table and it was the closest on that side.

Allie stood up and pulled the chair out and sat down as instructed so that the table didn’t block her at all. “Open your legs and play with that pretty little pussy you have there.”

She squealed in delight as she threw her legs over the arm rests on the chair and started to rub herself. I knew that both men and women know their own bodies and how to get off on their own, but there was something extremely sexy about watching a woman masturbate. Not just that, but a woman’s “O” face is the hottest thing I have ever seen, even more so if I am the one giving her that orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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