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The clock said 8:oo P.M., Sunday evening. It was time to go. I checked the contents of my bag and made sure that I had everything that he had requested. In the soft leather bag, was a ball gag for my mouth, three butt plugs, small, medium and large, a dildo that resembled a large, fleshy penis, leather handcuffs, a French Maid’s outfit, school girl skirt, thigh stockings and white dress shirt, and a leather strap domination outfit with neck collar and built in cock ring. I had lube and condoms and small white hand towels, folded neatly and everything place exactly as it was indicated. I got into the cab waiting outside and ushered the one word, I was supposed to give the driver.


The driver, was a large black man, bald, with two gold earrings and a massive neck that tapered down into two powerful deltoid muscles that were popping out of a wife beater. His smell was potent and musky.

“Boy, you best be ready for tonight, cuz the master doesn’t like screw-up’s.”

I just nodded passively as I had been told and waited for the car to pull off into the night. I was shaking with desire and fear, because I knew that after tonight, my freedom was gone. I was submitting fully to a dominate master who had been interviewing me online for the last three months and finally I was going to meet him and submit to a trial weekend of sex and domination. If he chose me, I would move into his home and give up my freedom and join his passel of slaves. I was so turned up by all of it. It was my dream. His add caught my attention right away. I had been searching for dominate Mersin Escort older men, for months and couldn’t find anyone who kept themselves in shape, was clean and muscular and most importantly, knew how to dominate me till I was a quivering mess, lying on the floor in ecstasy.

Older, muscular bear, looking for small framed in shape men to dominate. Must be fit, strong, have good endurance and be willing to submit completely. Three words, older, muscular and a bear, was all I needed. I sent a message and we started talking. He was very commanding and completely in control. I loved it and needed it more and more.

The cab drove on in silence, down a long series of country roads, twisting and turning. I had been blindfolded after we left the main road and had no idea where we were and I liked it.

Finally the car slowed down and tires crunched on what appeared to be a gravel road or driveway.

“Get ready whore, the master’s gonna like you.”

I didn’t react. This man was nothing to me, even though his strong smell and powerful body had my cock raging hard. I was wearing what I was instructed to wear. Lulu lemon tight’s, extra tight and pulled up into my ass and dividing my balls into two nicely defined orbs, with my cock straining through the delicate material. I had on a white t-shirt, small and tight. I felt delicious.

I stepped out of the cab and smelt the clean fresh air. It was a welcome respite from the thick musk of his driver.

“Follow me”

We started walking towards the house, when he turned and looked at me. I stopped looking up with Escort Mersin an inquisitive stare.

“You look excited to be here,” he said staring at my groin with a big leering grin.

I looked him up and down and saw that his massive cock was straining against his pants. It looked incredible, powerful, serpentine.

I couldn’t turn away, until his laughter broke my trance.

“Are you just gonna stare or come over here and give it a nice lick?”

I walked towards him and he grabbed me by the hand, leading me towards a thick of bushes near the side of the house. I was nervous, and scared. Not of this man and his giant cock, but of enraging the master before I had even met him. I also wanted to taste that black mamba.

He stopped behind the bushes and barked at me,

“Get on your knees slut.”

I did as I was told, bending down and looking up with greed and hunger in my eyes.


He struck me hard across the face and I fell to the ground, unconscious.

I woke up, head throbbing lying on a carpet in a large room in front of a fireplace. I was disorientated and embarrassed. What had happened. I can’t believe that prick hit me like that. As my senses returned, I sat up groggy, trying to focus on my surroundings and loose this buzzing in my head.

“When you came to me, did you think that you were retaining any of your former freedoms?”

I turned and looked at the master sitting in a large leather chair behind me.

He was magnificent. His voice was deep resonant, commanding. I tried to move, but my head was still Mersin Bayan Escort spinning. As I tried to shake off the fog of the hit to my head, I noticed that I was not only lying on the floor,but I had been restrained. My hands were cuffed in front of me and my legs tied together with thin, black nylon rope around my ankles. I was also wearing my french maid’s outfit, tight little skirt barely covering my ass, and cute little outfit with the neckline open, white frills up the collar and around the bottom of my shirt. I had on fish-net thigh highs and the latex thong that he had requested I wear with it. It was tight and my balls and cock were straining against the restrictive material.

“No master”

“You lie to me again and I’ll dump you in the ditch down the road, exactly as you are. Answer the question. Did you think that you retained your former freedoms when you came here?”

His voice was calm, measured but, delivered in a don’t fuck with me tone, that unmistakeable.

“I made a mistake and gave into my lust for your driver.”

“Was it my driver or his cock that you wanted?”

“His cock sir.”

I lowered my head in shame, lying against the soft, rug in front of the fireplace.

“Well my little slave whore slut, you made a serious mistake. You do not do anything without my permission, do you understand.”

I nodded.

“Let me be clear, if I tell you to sit, you sit, stand, you stand, jump, you jump. If I ask you to bend over that couch and part your little ass for me to fuck than you do it without question. You don’t do anything without my permission while you are out of your quarters and that includes eat, shit, or sleep. Am I clear?”

I nodded.

“Seeing as you wanted that cock so badly, I think I’ll watch you take it, in every single hole you’ve got.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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