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Almost September. First year university was just a few short weeks away. I was alternately excited and anxious at the prospect; sometimes both at once. I wasn’t the most socially outgoing guy. Raised in a typical repressed suburban WASP family (my parents were definitely not swinging suburbanites) I felt a little green and naïve about the world. I had an off again on again relationship with a girl that wasn’t going to survive my going away to college. Becky was as timid about intimacy as I was and sexually we hadn’t moved beyond 3rd base. I feared that my social anxieties would continue and I would leave university still a virgin.

There were other complications. Something about me seemed to make me attractive to older men. My body had some kind of magnetic effect on their hands which regularly found opportunities to brush against my groin or slide cross my ass. What were worse these surreptitious violations filled me with confusion. All my unacted-upon sexual urges kept me pretty randy and my body would flush with heat and desire from their attention.

I didn’t really know what made me such a target. I didn’t know what a prize and temptation a young slender male body, smooth skinned and hairless with a bubble butt, was to some older men. (Like I said, I was a little naïve.) Even my family doctor seemed to feel a need to give me regular prostate exams that seemed to me to go on an unnecessarily long time. When my chubby six inch cock would get erect from his attentions he would assure me that this was natural and I needn’t feel embarrassed. Easy for him to say as he was gently holding my balls and asking me to cough (again) before he bent me, bare-assed, over his examination table and gently held my cheeks apart for his probing finger.

However I digress. Here it was, August; hot and sticky even out here in the suburbs. In the dog days waiting for school to start my buddy, Jim, and I would sometimes pitch his family tent in the backyard and sleep out in the wilds of suburbia. We’d create our version of a sultan’s hideaway: junk food, soda, comic books and, of course, erotic pulp fiction. Our ‘camping rituals always included staying up and reading racy passages out loud, agitating the hell out of each other. Occasionally it would lead to a little mutual groping but we were both too afraid to take things any further.

This was before the age of the internet when sexually erotic and explicit books and magazines were not easy to come by for randy young men such as ourselves. Luckily the owner of our local corner store turned a blind eye to our occasional X-rated purchases. (A few times he hinted that I could come by later and have a look at his more extensive personal collection; an invitation that I found at once both terrifying and arousing). I still get excited remembering how his eyes would slowly look me over as I was making up my mind which titillating book to buy. He would stand close to me, checking me out, his roaming hands finding different ‘friendly’ strategies to brush across the front of my jeans or even squeeze my perky little buns. I accepted his attention as an unspoken fee for ringing up my illicit purchases.

Those hot summer nights in my friend’s tent were filled with almost unbearable sexual arousal but they never really went anywhere. I guess Jim and I were both too afraid to move into the dark dangerous waters of acting on our arousal. Even though we were both really turned on, our fantasies were about having incredible sex with gorgeous girls and being seduced by gorgeous women- not making out with guys. Still we would push it to, what was for us, the limit.

This year we were both getting ready to move off to different universities and we planned one more night in the tent as part of our send off. Jim lived across the road from me and both our parents regarded our backyard ‘camping’ excursions as a little weird but tolerated them with some amusement.

This year Jim’s older uncle, Dave, was living with his family. He was a friendly, slightly greying older guy with a great sense of humour. For a guy in his 60’s he was in great shape. You could tell that he worked out and took care of himself. He loved grabbing me or Jim and wrestling us to the floor in the family rec room. The rest of the family paid little attention and would step over and around our writhing and wriggling bodies. When no one else was in the room Uncle Dave’s hands tended to wander. Like the owner of the corner store, he would grab my ass (what is it about a bubble-butt that says ‘fondle me, please’?), or, give my crotch a quick squeeze. I didn’t really mind his roaming hands. I just thought he was being playful and, compared to other adults I knew, he was easy to talk to and be around so I cut him a lot of slack. Secretly it fueled many late night masturbation sessions.

He was Jim’s favourite uncle and I could see why. Jim felt so comfortable with him that he even told Dave about our titillating reading sessions and even our timid mutual groping. I was mecidiyeköy escort upset with Jim for divulging our little secret but he said his uncle just laughed and said that our behaviour was normal for young men. In fact, he was surprised we hadn’t gone further with each other! I know that I was blushing at the thought as Jim related this to me and, although neither of us admitted it, it probably prompted us to have one more backyard grope adventure before we headed off to school.

Even though we were older we gathered our usual supplies together including a couple of new racy paperbacks. As I was carting my stuff across the road to Jim’s backyard I was grateful Becky had no idea how sexually stirred up I was at spending the night in a tent with a guy. Still I had no intention of engaging in any direct sex play with my friend; it just seemed too gross.

It was just beginning to get dark as we finished getting the tent erected and set-up. Dave came out a few times to watch us in our preparations. Once again I could feel myself blushing as I thought about Jim sharing our innocent secret. My whole body heated up more when I would catch Dave casually looking me over. I remembered the clerk at the corner store watching me with similar lusting eyes and my cock involuntarily began to awaken. (What was wrong with me? I liked girls, dammit!) I had the feeling he wanted an invite to join us for the night but there was no way that was going to happen!

Finally we were all set up, junk food, lanterns, beverages; the tent was ready. As I was getting settled Jim said that he had to go in for a few minutes to brush his teeth and stuff. I took advantage of his absence to strip off all my clothes and slide into my sleeping bag. The feeling of the flannel material against my naked skin aroused me and within moments I was sporting a hard erection. Wow, I thought, you are one randy boy!

While waiting for Jim to return I began to doze off, laying naked on my stomach in the soft sleeping bag. Because it was so hot and sticky that night, the bag was unzipped down one side and my leg and part of my ass was partially sticking out to help cool my lower body. The lantern cast a warm glow over my smooth flesh. Showing a little flesh to each other was almost as risque as Jim and I ever got.

Eventually Jim came back out- bringing his uncle with him! Dave must have got a good eyeful of my exposed buns before I jerked back into my bag but he acted like nothing had happened. “I’m not planning on staying.” he said, ”Just thought you boys might want to join me for a nightcap.” There were three glasses in his hands and he carefully passed one to Jim and then one to me.

My body was flooded with warmth from my first sip. I’d never had hard alcohol before and this drink, mixed with orange juice, seemed awfully strong. But Dave kept making up toasts that had us laughing and emptying our glasses in no time. I began to feel the buzz and just a little woozy from the spiked drink. It seemed to have a different effect on Jim. He quickly became sleepier and sleepier and suddenly he was passed out asleep!

“It’s okay.” said Dave, when I expressed my surprise. “I think that boy’s going to be out till morning.” As he spoke he reassuringly squeezed and caressed my shoulder. Giving me a final little squeeze he withdrew his hand saying: “Not to worry. I’ve been wanting a little tent adventure myself. Is it okay if I stay for a little while?”

What he meant by a tent adventure and why he figured Jim would sleep till morning puzzled me a little. I was uncomfortable and confused and yet weirdly missing the warmth of his big hands on my shoulder! My throat went dry. “No.” I whispered, “I guess not.”

“Great!” Ignoring my hesitancy and discomfort, he reached over and playfully squeezed my neck. ‘I was hoping you’d say that.’ His hand lingered on my neck then casually slid down across my shoulder nudging my sleeping bag towards my waist as it withdrew. I felt the cooler air on my back enlivening my senses. I wanted to pull my cover back up but was afraid to offend Dave. He seemed unaware and carried on talking as if nothing had happened.

I lay on my side facing him across the narrow space growing more and more comfortable as he joked with me and we downed the chips and soda. Being a little tipsy made everything taste great and I began to relax.

At this point I was exposed from the waist up. Still I felt fuzzy and comfortable even when Dave would occasionally reach over and give me a gentle push to accentuate his playful way of teasing and joking. Somehow his warm hands always managed to linger or slightly caress my skin without setting off any alarms inside me.

At one point as the conversation waned I closed my eyes and half fell over onto my back. It was an innocent move but I could feel the material of my sleeping bag slide down below my belly button coming to rest just above my pubic bone. I felt a rush of heat and arousal course through my body. istanbul escort My eyes were closed but I could feel Dave’s his eyes drinking in my exposed flesh. I imagined him wondering what was just below my flimsy covering. Unbidden, I stared to grow a chubby and felt it stirring against my belly.

Perhaps he sensed what was happening to me as his next words came out quietly yet sent shivers through my entire body. “So, where are you hiding the good stuff?” My eyes shot open and found his, looking amusedly into mine. I managed only a dumb. “What?”

He laughed and said: “The books! Jim told me you guys found some hot stuff!”

I blushed and laughed, relieved but still flushed with heat. “Oh, yeah, they are up here.” Turning onto my stomach I stretched towards the corner of the tent where the books were stashed. As I was reaching I felt the sleeping bag creeping down, exposing the soft rise of my buttocks. The alcohol was loosening my discretion and making me oddly daring. I prolonged and deepened my stretch getting a little thrill as my covers slid seductively down to the top of my ass crack.


Pausing to give him time to drink in my exposed flesh illuminated in the soft glow of the lantern, I turned and slid back down into the bag. “Here they are.” As I handed him the books I thought that I saw a little disappointment in his eyes. By this point I was sporting a raging hard-on! What was I thinking; teasing this 60 year old man with glimpses of my exposed body? I struggled through my intoxicated state to try and regain some self-control wishing I could run back home to my safe bed.

Dave’s voice sounded a little husky as he checked out the books, announcing that they indeed looked like pretty hot stuff. “So, Jim said you guys take turns reading the best passages to each other, is that right?” “Yes.” I croaked. Clearing my throat I tried again but my voice still came out as a whisper, “Yes.” I repeated.

“Why don’t you start and then I’ll take a turn?” Reading soft core porn with a man who could be my grandfather! Too late to back out now. Lying on my stomach and moving the lantern closer I quickly located a steamy passage and with a halting, slightly stammering voice I began to read. Dave reached over, laying a hand on my back: “Relax” he encouraged. “Just pretend I’m Jim.”

He massaged my shoulders and slowly my breathing and my reading evened out. The passage was engaging and arousing me and Dave’s hand helped somehow as his hands moved from massaging my shoulders to gently, idly, stroking my back. I began to realize where things were heading and I felt my body slowly, excitedly submitting to his seduction.

Dave’s warm hand was confidently moving further and further down my back with each caress, almost by chance nudging my sleeping bag until it rested once more on the swell of my buttocks. His fingers lingered making small circles on the soft smooth flesh at the rise of my buns before becoming emboldened and sliding down to give my left butt cheek a gentle squeeze. The movement pushed the sleeping bag down to the tops of my thighs and a small sigh escaped my lips as he began to caress and fondle my ass.

“You like this don’t you.” He whispered, more a statement than a question. “Don’t you.” He repeated when I didn’t answer. “Yes.” I stammered bright red with shame and arousal.

For a while he was content to let his hand roam unimpeded over my tender, plump behind. My legs widened involuntarily at his touch and his fingers made gentle circles on the soft flesh of my bottom, occasionally straying deeper to massage the skin between my genitals and my anus. The book was forgotten as I succumbed to his experienced touch. I writhed and pushed my hard cock against the ground as his hand travelled down the backs of my thighs and back up to squeeze and caress my bubble butt.

Dave moved in closer and began to trail light kisses down my back as his hand continued to roam freely over my naked body. I shivered as his lips touched the tender flesh of my ass cheeks. Kissing and occasionally grazing my flesh with his teeth, his hand and mouth were all over the firm creamy flesh of my buns. I felt the urgency in Dave increase as he licked and probed slightly into my crack, gently pushing my right cheek aside to give his probing tongue more access. By this time the sleeping bag was completely pushed off. I was exposed and naked to his desire and Dave was still fully clothed!

My ass was lifting involuntarily towards his tongue as I writhed and moaned, silently begging him to tongue fuck my ass even though I had no real idea what that meant. Dave shifted his body to comply. With both hands free to maneuver my body as he wished, he eased my ass cheeks further apart as his tongue penetrated to the depths of my crack, licking across my virgin rosebud and making my whole body shiver with delight.

As his hot wet tongue probed my little rosebud I reached behind me, cupping the back of his head and urging him deeper. şişli escort My moans louder and more prolonged (was anyone within hearing range?) and I shuddered and bucked as Dave hungrily ate my ass. He seemed to have some sixth sense, pushing me to the edge of orgasm then backing off till I regained some control then masterfully tonguing me back to the edge.

When I thought that I could take no more he suddenly stopped and pulled back. I felt like an overly aroused rag doll as he gently pushed me over onto my back and drank in my raging erect six inches with hungry eyes. Soon his hands were running over my chest and belly, lingering and pulling at my nipples, soft fingertips trailing down to my pubic hair and back, stroking me everywhere while managing to avoid my straining member.

I closed my eyes and arched as his lips touched and pulled at my nipples, sucking them in gently like he was nursing. His kisses travelled up to the crook of my neck then suddenly, fiercely, he was kissing me on the lips! I struggled. Somehow in all this, kissing a man was going too far but he persisted trying to press his tongue between my closed teeth. As I resisted his hand slid down my belly and took hold of my erection and gently pulled. I gasped and his tongue plunged down my throat. I moaned in abandon, resistance dissolved and found myself kissing him back passionately as his hand continued to tug on my rock hard cock.

Dave broke the kiss briefly looking deep into my eyes, both of us acknowledging that he was in complete control. He began kissing his way back down my chest as his fingers trailed through my pubic hair and made soft small circles on my belly. Slowly his lips were coming closer to his fingers and he was kissing my belly and rubbing his face on my hard cock, breathing in my animal scent.

I felt small tender kisses working their way up my engorged shaft to the tip of my penis. He paused then lowered his hot warm wet mouth over my circumcised head licking and sucking the precum that had gathered at the tip. Seemingly satisfied with the taste he lowered his head and took my full length into mouth. I gasped and cried out as I felt the heat of his tongue working the length of my shaft. With low animal moans, Dave took me in deeper as the hot pit of his throat muscles pulled and massaged my throbbing erection.

My hips bucked and pressed up as if to try and shove my cock as deeply into his throat as I could. Dave’s right hand was pressed against my left inner thigh keeping my groin open to his assault. Meanwhile his left hand had slid underneath my ass squeezing my ass cheeks and pushing his middle finger down towards my innocent rosebud. He was going to fuck my ass!

As his finger penetrated and gently pushed pass the ring of my anal muscles I felt like I was losing my mind. Somehow this was more than I expected but with his hot mouth pleasuring my cock I had no ability to resist. He was sucking me hard and now there were two fingers stretching my opening. Then three! I bucked and jumped but Dave stayed on me, licking my balls then returning to his enthusiastic deep throating as his fingers prepared my back door for his next violation.

I grabbed a pillow and moaned and screamed into it as I felt my cock stiffen and swell even more. “I’m coming!” I managed to gasp which only caused Dave to intensify his sucking and pulling on myswelling sausage. My body arched, my eyes rolled back into my head and I pumped load after load down Dave’s eager throat. He sucked it back gleefully. I don’t think a drop escaped his lips but he licked my cock over thoroughly to make sure.

Suddenly Dave released me and I lay there panting, slick with sweat and drunk with satisfaction. He took me in his arms, cuddling me and kissing me tenderly. I had no resistance. Slowly my breath began to settle and I relaxed deeper into Dave’s embrace. He let his hands roam over my body, randomly squeezing and caressing my nakedness. I could feel the hardness of his own erection pressing into me as he gently hugged me to him.

“Well,” He said “haven’t you been a naughty little boy! I think that bare little bum of yours needs a good paddling.” I chuckled, thinking that he was joking but the joke was on me. Before I could react he had turned me back onto my stomach and laid his full weight across my upper body.

“Stop it!” I laughed but my laughter was cut short by a resounding ‘SMACK!’ on my right buttock! I yelped more from surprise than pain. Before I could protest, ‘SMACK!’ on my left buttock! Now he was spanking me with regular fairly hard smacks and before long my firm jiggling buns were burning and tingling. I gave up struggling, surrendering to his admittedly more stimulating than harsh spankies; within moments I was sporting another raging hard-on!

I was half squealing, half laughing for him to stop when he finally let up and switched to gently stroking my bare behind, leaning down occasionally to plant tender cool kisses on my burning buns. Once more I found my legs naturally spreading to offer him more access. Dave assisted me, pushing my legs even further apart as he repositioned himself to kneel between my legs. I heard him undoing his belt buckle and the whisper of his zipper as he opened his fly.

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