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I wasn’t attracted to her. She was a large woman, big-breasted for sure, but that was her only redeeming quality. But she’s my wife’s best friend, which is funny, since my wife points out her faults at every turn.

Dina is over-bearing. She comes on like a tank, has this thing for married men, even though she was married herself, until recently. She fooled around on Dan and he didn’t seem to care. Maybe they had an arrangement, but my wife hadn’t heard about it, and Dina told her every cock she sucked and fucked, bragging like men do.

My wife, Janet, still was her friend. Dina was a needy lost soul at times, and when Dan dropped dead from a heart attack, Dina was lost and we were there to help with the wake, the funeral and getting her life back on track.

During this time, Jan would rant about how Dina had a friend over the night after Dan died, with him not cold in the grave yet!

Dina is a big woman, like I said, my height, six feet, and about 180, with 44DDs. I know the size because she brags about “her girls.” Throws her chest out at every turn. She’s also a boozer, half-drunk by Happy Hour, and blown away by 7PM.

About a month after Dan’s death, Jan sat me down. She was headed to visit her mom for the weekend, so I’d have time for hanging with the guys, watching football, but Jan said I had to help Dina with chores. Dan, apparently, was lax in that department, too.

“Why doesn’t she ask one of her Blow Job Buddies? I got my own shit to fix,” I replied.

“Well,” Jan smirked, “Why don’t you ask her for one? She’d love to get her lips around you, Baby!”

She was referring to the night I met Jan. Dina was with her and came on to me before I could even say hello. And Jan knew of my annoyance with Dina, her pushy attitude, her desire for attention.

“Yeah, maybe I will. I won’t be getting any action from you!”

“Keep it up and you’ll be shut off permanently,” she joked.

The next day, Dina greeted me at the door with a big hug. “Oh, Eddie1 Thanks so much for coming over, I know it’s ruining your bachelor weekend with the boys, but I’m so helpless without a man around!”

She was cock-eyed already, I could smell the gin. The bleary eyes were overly made up, too much mascara and eye liner, and in the shadows she looked like a hooker. Her huge boobs were busting out of a thin red blouse that plunged down to show a valley of cleavage. And she was sweating! Yuck!

Nobody had installed the window air conditioners and it was now July. istanbul escort That was the first thing I did, plugging them in and getting cold air going, while she padded around behind me, rambling, about how lonely she was and how lucky Jan was to have me.

She fed me beers and I wasn’t driving and had no place to go, so I drank hungrily while she kept refilling her own glass.

“So, what next?” I asked for the tenth time.

“I really hate to bother you…” She started off again, “but the rod in my closet gave way.” Sure enough, it was loaded with her clothes. At that point, I didn’t feel like waiting while she unhooked and removed all those things. A few good-sized screws would hold it if I just lifted, but I needed another set of hands.

“Okay, we both squeeze into the closet, I’ll hold the pole up and you screw.” As soon as I said it, I wished I hadn’t.

She cackled. “Oh, Eddie! I haven’t screwed in so long! I hope I remember how!” Her breasts heaved as they almost jumped out.

I smiled. “I’m sure it’ll come back to you.”

As we squeezed in she whispered, “I can’t wait to tell Jan we screwed in the closet!”

“Jan may not see the humor the way you do, Dina.”

“Oh, Eddie, I’m joking! I wouldn’t say that to her, even if we did! She’s my friend, I wouldn’t want to hurt her.”

“But you would screw me, anyway?” I stared, blankly.

“Is that an invitation, Honey?”

The heat rose twenty degrees instantly. We were pressed together, nowhere to go, me holding up the pole, and her face inches from mine. As much as I disliked her, I was suddenly hard.

“You’d just tell Janet,” I mumbled.

Her hand was on my hip, and she moved closer. “You’re the one who has been doing all the chores for me. You’re the one who deserves the fruits of labor. And like I said, why would I ruin our friendship?”

I was sweating now, my cock throbbing in my shorts. I felt her hand slide around, cupping my balls. “Jan says you really like blow jobs. How about shooting a load of cum into my face, Eddie? Would you like that?”

Her tongue slid across her lips and then she kissed me, sticking her tongue down my throat.

I know it was wrong, and maybe someday I’ll regret it, but the Little Mind That Must Be Obeyed took over. The one that says, “The hell with tomorrow, I’m gonna fuck today!”

I let the pole rest on my shoulder and I felt those huge, soft tits. She smiled, avcılar escort “You like those girls, don’t you, baby? Yeah, you gonna suck them for Mommy? Huh?”

My hands were under the blouse, ripping it over her head, snapping off that 44DD black bra as she urged me on, telling me what she wanted and what we would do.

We were out of the closet now, her retreating and me advancing. I felt feverish as she giggled, tearing my shirt open as I bit at her nipples. “Ooooh! Who’s the bad boy, biting his Mommy? Kiss them, Baby, suck Mommy’s titties!”

I was gonna fuck her and fuck her hard. I forced down the shorts and panties as she said, “Ooh! Such a hurry! My baby needs to shoot soon!”

I forced my own shorts down as she scurried onto her bed, and I chased after her, grabbing and pulling her back to the edge of the bed. I was Hell-bent on taking her right now, this slut!

She kept smiling, so pleased with herself, another cock she would fuck. I took her hips and rolled her onto her belly, and approached her, lifting her hips and spreading her, that wet pussy dangling there, hair trimmed, not shaved. No foreplay or chat for me, I lined up my cock to her and shoved, then harder, like I knew she wanted it.

She squealed as she pressed back against me. “Oh, Baby! I knew you had a big hard cock for me! Ummm, Yes, Oooh!” She rolled that big ass in circles as I held on, letting her do the hard work.

All the stories, all the men who had come before me, all the annoyance at this Bitch, became the focal point as my cock slammed into her and our sweaty bodies slapped in rhythm! But it was too easy, too convenient. I wanted more!

I pulled back from her, and she gasped, looking back in shock as I puckered her cheeks, and my well-lubricated head tickled at her butt-hole.

“No! Oh, no, please, Baby, too big for that, please!”

Just what I wanted from her, begging. The more I was in control, the better. I poked, and jammed,and worked it in, and she was tight, but began to give way, shaking her head, sobbing, “Oh, please, Eddie, please!”

I was deep into that hole now, it felt like my cock would be crushed, but as I moved, her muscles relaxed, making the pain be replaced by intense pleasure.

She quieted now, the sobs become whimpers, then gasps, then whispers again, urging me on. “Oooooh, Baby, hmmmm, thats… oooh!” she cooed, and I felt my scrotum tighten as the years of repugnance, and apparent desire, surged şirinevler escort forth, and in one last hard thrust, I let fly, my juices shooting into that tight bung hole, again and again, then finally drained, I slumped onto her back.

I lay there, the Normal Brain now back in charge, and wondered if it was all worth it. Would she keep a secret? Could she?

Under me, I felt her stirring, and my limp cock oozed between her thighs. She slid out, grabbing a robe as she left me there. Was she having regrets? Was she sore, physically? Damn Jan for sending me here!

Dina was back at the door, the robe wide open, showing her nakedness, while in each hand, she held a drink, a beer for me, and Gin and Tonic for her. And she was smiling.

We sat, feeling the A/C chill us, her big nipples hardening, and her giggling as I tweaked them.

“I meant what I said, Eddie. I would never say a word to Janet, and I hope you won’t either.”

“Me? No fucking way!”

“Well, she is my dear friend, and you are, too. And anytime you do a favor for me, I owe one to you. It’s the least I can do. So, you have a whole bunch of favors built up since Dan died. Any time you want to cash one in, just call, okay? Be discreet, of course. I’m a widow, now, don’t want people talking.”

I looked at her, and she was serious. I held in the laugh, gulping my beer.

“Ooh, that A/C feels good!” She slid the robe off, and had that wild look in her eyes again as she looked at my not-so-limp cock, and smiled. “Hmmm, I promised you a Blow Job, didn’t I?”

She slid across the bed, her pendulous breasts swaying as she knelt, and slowly began stroking me. I reached under and tickled those nipples until she moaned.

As soon as I was hard, she bent and slurped me into her hot mouth, looking up at me through slutty eyes. For all the cocks she had sucked, she sure knew how to please a man!

As she went to work on me, changing speeds, and hot points, I got under her, raising those hips overhead, and she moaned as I spread her hips and pulled her down onto my face.

The more I worked on Dina, the harder she worked my cock, fast, slow, groaning when I sucked her clit. She squirmed over my face, and I felt her pause, then spasm, and she flushed onto my face, making me gasp as she cried out, “Oh, Gawddddd!”

That was enough to bring me to the crest, and she tasted me beginning and backed off, jerking, but rolling so I could see her, waiting, and I shot, catching her on the cheek, then the eye, another, that she smeared on her chest, and chin. So slutty, so dirty! I had cum like a virgin! And she loved it.

Dina sat up, smiling, wiping cum from her face, then licking her fingers, swirling the cream around her mouth, then swallowing.

“Oooh, Eddie, I have to think of more favors! I love paying my debts!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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