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Readers please note: If you’re looking for a lot of hot, steamy, gay sex scenes, this story, especially this part (7) is not for you! Back out now.

If you tend to enjoy more emotional and heart touching and loving scenes I hope you enjoy it.

As an author, I tend to get wrapped up in my stories, as if I’m there, and I tear up pretty easily. I used about a half a box of tissues writing this part.

I had planned to bring in the LGBT club forming in this part, but other activities popped up and took a lot of space, so that will happen in the early stages of Part VIII. There were some situations in Part VII that I didn’t really plan, that took time and space.

As always, I appreciate comments, whether positive or negative.


Saturday, DJ and Doug are both scheduled to work from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM and, being Saturday, Jamie has to work until close, 11:00 PM at the pizzeria.

About 5:00 PM DJ and Jamie both received a text from Mattie: ‘Hey guys, it’s sat night, wanna get together for a while this evening?’

DJ returned a text: ‘Can’t, working until 9:00, maybe another night.’

Jamie returned the text: ‘I’m working til 11:00 tonight then going to DJ’s house for the night, sorry.’

Matt sent another text ‘Shucks, you guys just work too much, you gotta have some fun, let me know when we can get together. Later.’

DJ then got a brainstorm and sent another text to Mattie ‘Mattie, would you like to meet me at the pizzeria about 9 or so. We can kill a couple hours while I wait for Jamie to finish his shift.’

Matt responded immediately with another text ‘Cool, see you about 9:00.’

* * * * * * * * * * *

About 8:30 Mathew, dressed in some of his most boyish clothing, with his baseball cap on backwards was ready to leave his house.

“Where you going Matt?” his mother asked.

“Down to Anthony’s Pizzeria. I’m meeting with a couple of guys from school.”

His mother, with just a tad of hope, “Are you finally starting to get an interest in boys?”

“Sorry, Mom,” Matt answered, “These are boys, but they’re a little different. They’re a gay couple, DJ and Jamie, and I feel very comfortable around them.”

“When are you going to be home?”

“Probably around 11:30, if I’m going to be later I will call you.” He gave his Mom a hug and headed out.

Matt arrived at the pizzeria at just about 9:00 PM and stepped inside.

Jamie, seeing Mattie, “Dude! Eating in or picking up?”

“Actually, I was planning to chill a couple hours with DJ while he waits for you to finish up.” (Matt melts when a guy calls him ‘Dude’).

“Great! Follow me, DJ should be here any second. I’m going to seat you up in the corner, out of earshot of the other patrons. What are you drinking?” Mattie told him Mountain Dew would be fine.

A couple of minutes later, DJ walked in and spotted Mattie, and walked over and sat across from him at the booth. Jamie brought over the Dew and a Pepsi for DJ.

Jamie to DJ, “Hi Baby, What are you guys eating, on me of course!”

Mattie replied, “I don’t expect you to pay for my food, Jamie.”

“But I want to,” Jamie returned, “besides, I get half price. I can only spend a little time with you guys as I still have other patrons to serve. So what will it be?”

“Jamie,” Mattie said, “Since you’re buying, just surprise us, but please, no green peppers or anchovies.” DJ nodded in approval.

Anthony, eyeing Matt suspiciously, “Jamie, is everything OK between you and DJ?”

“Sure, Anthony, why do you ask?”

“Well, I noticed DJ with a young man I’ve never seen before, and I was a little concerned.”

“Oh,” Jamie responded, “No need for concern. That’s Mattie, and he is one of DJ’s and my closest friends from college. He’s a great guy, but thanks.”

“Well,” Anthony replied, “you know what they say about bringing friends into a relationship.”

About 25 minutes later, Anthony delivered a large Italian Stromboli, setting it between DJ and Mattie, along with a bowl of hot marinara sauce.

“What—is that?” DJ asked, really expecting pizza.

“Italian Stromboli, it’s got capicola ham, sausage, salami, pepperoni and of course, mozzarella cheese. It’s what Jamie ordered for you. I hope you like it. DJ, are you going to introduce your friend to me?”

“Sorry, Anthony,” DJ replied, “This is one of our closest friends from school, Mattie, and Mattie, this is Jamie’s boss, and the owner of this pizzeria, Anthony.” The two shook hands. Anthony smiled.

Just a couple of bites and both DJ and Matt agreed that it was awesome. A few minutes later Jamie came by to check on his friends and see if they needed anything. Mattie told Jamie how tasty it was.

“Baby,” DJ blurted, “This is just simply delicious, thanks.”

“I knew you’d like it,” Jamie said, smiling, “Anthony does a great job with the food here. Let me run and check on my other patrons.”

“DJ,” Mattie spoke, “I’m really glad we’re becoming friends. I like to hang out with guys, but some of them scare me. You know, I still have a lot of female in me, and I’m afraid some of gaziantep escort them might try to push me into sex. I have 100% faith that neither of you would ever do that.”

“You’re right about that, Mattie,” DJ said, grinning, “We are pretty tight, anyway, and you don’t have the right plumbing, yet.”

“Have you ever been with a girl, sexually?” Mattie asked, curiously.

“Nope, never had the desire. I know you’re kind of a girl, but I think both Jamie and I think of you as a boy. We both value your friendship, a lot, but neither of us would ever want to get you in the sack. Have you ever been with a boy?”

“DJ, I passed up my Senior Prom. I couldn’t find a girl that would date me, and I wouldn’t have put on a dress to go, even if a guy would have asked me.”

“Just changing the subject,” DJ asked, “what is your curriculum at school?”

“Mechanical Engineering, and yours?”

“Both Jamie and I plan to be pharmacy technicians, I would think Mechanical Engineering might be kind of heavy for…”

“Don’t say it DJ,” Matt interrupted, “I’m gonna be a man someday, and I want to be a Mechanical Engineer. I’m doing a two plus two, two years at community college, and the last two at a four year college, where I can get my bachelors degree. I’m very fortunate, that my parents are able to put me through college, and pay my medical expenses also. Mom took my side and convinced Dad that they needed to do this for me. We changed my name when I was 15, and I graduated from high school as Mathew.”

“WOW! Didn’t kids at school give you problems when you changed names?”

“Nope, we changed names over the summer, before my Junior year, and my family moved, to get me into a different district, so when I started my Junior year I was already ‘Mathew’. My doctor got me exempted from gym my last two years, so other kids never saw me undressed. They never knew that I was female underneath.”

“You were so lucky,” DJ said, some tears slipping from his eyes, “to have a family that loved you, and cared.”

Mattie, using a napkin to sop up DJ’s tears, and with concern in his voice, “You don’t think your family cares?”

“Mattie, I’m going through some serious changes over the next few weeks. My name is going to change too. This is rather complicated, but Dad has filed papers to adopt me, legally, making him my real father.”

“I’m confused,” Mattie said, “how can your father adopt you?”

“Well,” DJ explained, “Doug isn’t my biological father. He rescued me, back in the spring, from a really bad environment, and I have been living with him since. He is the best Dad any boy could ever hope for. Since the first couple of weeks I have called him ‘Dad’ and, when this adoption is cleared, he will really be my Dad, and I will be his legal son.”

“OK, Matt said,” it’s starting to get a little clearer. So this man, Doug, is going to adopt you, making him your legal father. And I suppose that will change your last name.”

“More than my last name, Mattie,” DJ stated, now smiling, “my whole name. Because I am over 18, I have the option of changing my entire name. On the day of that adoption, Dewain Jovan Jackson will die, and Douglas Joseph Kendall will be born. And DJ will be the happiest boy in the world!” Then, smiling, “The neat thing is, my nickname will still be DJ! Mattie, you have got to meet my Dad!”

“He seems like an awesome man, and I would like very much to meet him.”

About 10:15 Mattie and DJ had eaten the whole Strombolli, and were just chatting, and nursing their 2nd refill of drinks. Mattie was starting to slide out of the booth.

“Leaving already?” DJ asked, disappointedly.

“No, I just have to pee.”

“Me too,” DJ said, “we can go together.”

“DJ, you know I usually use the men’s room.”

“So do I,” DJ smiled, “it’s a two holer, you use the stall and I’ll take the urinal.”

“Okay,” Mattie giggled, “I guess it’s cool, it just seems strange to share a small rest room like this with another guy.”

DJ caught just how Mattie had said that ‘another guy’ and felt that Mattie really does consider himself a guy. They returned a couple minutes later and resumed their seats. Jamie came over to check on them, and picked up the dirty dishes, except for their drinks.

“We’re closing in half an hour,” Jamie said, “if I had some help wrapping silver I probably could get out of here right at 11:00. I still have two tables to keep track of and a couple of pickups due any minute.”

“Was that supposed to be a subtle hint?” DJ replied, smirking, “Bring it over, and I’ll wrap it.”

“I’ll help,” Matt said, “if you show me how.”

“DJ can show you.”

Anthony, well aware of this exchange of words, “Jamie, you’re becoming an expert at pawning your side work off!” and chuckled.

At 10:55 Jamie cleared those last two tables, plus the one where DJ and Mattie were sitting. He came back out and wiped the tables down, grabbed the silver that the other two had wrapped, and put it away. At 11:05 all four men walked out the door, Anthony locking it on the way out. The three boys walked to the parking lot where Jamie and Matt’s cars were both parked.

“Does anyone need to get up really early in the morning?” DJ asked, to no response.

“What are you thinking, baby?” Jamie questioned.

“I’d love to take Mattie with us, to our house, and he could meet Dad. It’s a nice evening, we could all sit at the picnic table, have a couple drinks, and chat til—whenever.”

“I’d like that,” Jamie replied, “I haven’t had a lot of time to spend with Mattie and I want to know him better. I know your Dad would want to meet him, too. Mattie?”

“Sounds good, guys,” Mattie said, “I need to call my Mom and let her know I’m going to be a lot later, she was expecting me around 11:30. I don’t want her to worry.”

DJ and Matt both made calls, Matt to his Mom, and DJ to Dad, letting him know we had company coming and to please be dressed. Jamie suggested that DJ ride with Matt to guide him, and that he wanted to make a pit stop at a store on the way. They would meet at the house.

Jamie stopped by a market and picked up a six-pack of Mountain Dew and one of Pepsi, and a couple bags of chips. Of course, DJ and Matt arrived at home first. Matt followed DJ in through the back door. Dad rose from the table when he heard them enter.

“Well, Well, and who have we here?” I said with a warm smile.

“Dad, this is Mathew, or as most of us call him, Mattie, or Matt,” DJ announced, “Matt, this is my Dad, or at least, my very soon to be Dad, Doug Kendall.” Dad gave Matt a warm and loving hug.

“So,” I queried, “Does Matt have a last name?”

DJ, looking down, “I don’t know it.”

Mattie, coming to DJ’s rescue, and grinning, “Gill, sir, G-I-L-L.”

“OK Matt Gill,” I said, “we need to get a couple of things straight, no pun intended. Forget the sir, I’m not royalty, and don’t call me Mr. Kendall, that was my Dad and he’s been gone many years.”

“So,” Mattie asked, looking confused,” what should I call you?”

“You can call me ‘Doug’ if you wish, or follow DJ’s lead, and call me ‘Dad’ but that does tend to make my head get swelled.”

“Kay,” Mattie smiled, “Dad, I’ve heard so much about you, and I’m really happy to meet you.”

I gave Mattie another good bear hug. I really like this young man.

“Careful, Dad,” Mattie cried, “I got a lot of Mountain Dew pressure on my bladder, if I may use the restroom?”

“Of course, son, it’s right down there on the left.” Matt made tracks. DJ, where is Jamie?”

“He’ll be here shortly Dad, he was stopping at a Market on the way home.”

“DJ,” I spoke quietly, pointing toward the bathroom, “Are you sure he is a guy?”

DJ, grinning, “Kinda Sorta. Please don’t say anything to embarrass him. He’s a female to male trans. If things go well, he’ll be a man someday.”

Jamie came in the back door with the drinks and snacks about the same time that Matt returned from the bathroom.

Looking at the array of drinks and snacks I said, “Looks like you boys plan to stay up a while?”

“It’s only a little past midnight, and it’s nice out,” DJ said, “I think we’re gonna go out and sit on the picnic bench and talk, eat and drink. You’re welcome to join us Dad.”

“Thanks for the invitation, but this old fart needs to get to bed. Looks like I might have three hungry young men to fix breakfast for in the morning.”

“Just two of us, Dad,” DJ answered, “Matt’s mom is expecting him home long before sunrise. We’ll probably go to bed by 2:00. Goodnight, Dad.”

Matt and Jamie, in unison, “Goodnight, Dad.”

“Goodnight boys,” I said, “enjoy yourselves.”

The boys were talking about most anything, but nothing in particular. Jamie had bought both Pepsi and Mountain Dew, primarily as he knew Mattie liked the Dew. He went into the kitchen and retrieved 2 Pepsi’s and a Dew, and one of the bags of chips and returned. They all opened a bottle and sipped, while munching a handful of chips here and there.

“Man!” DJ exclaimed, as he arose from the bench, “I gotta take a leak.” He started to unzip right there, then thought about Matt still being mostly female, and then walked over to the edge of the yard, pulled it out and watered the shrubbery, his back to Matt. In about 30 seconds Jamie was standing next to him, also relieving himself.”

“That’s disgusting!” Mattie exclaimed.

“It’s just what boys do, sometimes.” DJ added.

“You’re just jealous!” Jamie retorted.

“Yeah,” Mattie admitted, “I guess I am. Someday I’m gonna have one too.”

“Mattie,” Jamie stated, “I’ve seen ads on You-Tube for these little funnel like contraptions, that a girl can use to pee standing up, like a man.”

“You’re shitting me, right?”

“Not shitting. Just go on You-Tube and search for ‘girl pees like man’ or ‘woman pees standing up’ and you will find those ads. They really do make those things.”

“I can imagine they would come in handy sometimes. I’ll have to check them out.”

“Mattie,” DJ commented, “I hope you know, that you are always welcome to spend the night with us, in our bed. Nobody would ever think too much about 3 boys sleeping together for a night. Admittedly, we usually sleep raw, but out of courtesy to you, we would keep our boxers on. And I’m pretty certain you know that you can trust us”

“I do trust you, both,” Mattie spoke, “and I’ve told you a lot of things that only my family and Doctors know. Please keep it confidential. I usually sleep in my boxers, too, but those binders are so uncomfortable, I have to free my upper body when I sleep.”

“Baby,” Jamie commented, trying to keep a straight face, “I don’t think it would be a good idea for Mattie to sleep over with us. You know we both have something he wants. What if he decides to pull a Lorena Bobbitt and takes one of ours! Choke, Gasp”

The three boys are nearly in hysterics, Jamie almost couldn’t pull that one off, had it not been nearly dark in the back yard, the other two would have seen his face and realized he was pulling their legs. Just as Jamie spoke the punch line, DJ was in the middle of swigging a swallow of Pepsi, and it sprayed all over the table.

“DJ,” Mattie asked, “Did you want me to maybe stay over tonight?”

DJ, smiling widely, “Would you? We’d love to have you stay over.”

“I’ll bet you’re going to stick me in the middle between you!”

“Nope,” Jamie answered, “my baby and I always sleep next to each other, we have to be touching. You’ll get the inside, next to the wall, or the outside. It’s your choice.”

“I gotta call Mom, and I sure dread this. I know how she is.”

Mattie called his mother, and the dialog lasted about 10 minutes, back and forth, back and forth. Finally…

“Goodnight Mom, I’ll call you when I wake up. I’ll be fine.”

“Mom, as soon as I hang up, I’m turning off the phone.”

“Because I don’t want you blowing up my phone every 15 minutes all night long to find out if I’m OK—I will be fine. If I didn’t feel safe here I would come home. Now, go to sleep and we will too. Goodnight!” Mattie powered the phone down.

“Sorry, guys,” Mattie apologized, “She is a good Mom, but such a worry wart. Maybe she will be better after she meets and gets to know you.”

“Are we all about ready to hit the sack?” DJ asked.

On the way in, DJ stopped, wrote a note and placed it on the coffee maker. The note said ‘all three of us are here, please be decently covered, Love, DJ.

After all three had taken their turns in the bathroom, they all stripped to their boxers, and Mattie still had on the binders. Jamie and DJ sat on the bed.

“What are we waiting for?” Mattie asked.

“You said you wanted to take off those binders, didn’t you?” Jamie asked.

“Are you sure it’s ok? I’m afraid you’re going to laugh at me.”

“You said they are very uncomfortable,” DJ stated, “and we want you to be comfortable. Go ahead and get comfy.”

“You’re gonna watch?” Mattie questioned.

“Hey, we’re all guys here, right? We’re just a little curious.” Jamie said, “Go ahead, you’re not going to turn us on!”

Mattie reluctantly loosened the straps on the binders and removed them, releasing a pair of relatively small breasts out to breathe.

“I’ve seen a lot of men out there with man-boobs bigger than those,” Jamie commented, “What are those, like A cup?”

“Double A, actually,” Mattie replied. “they take about as small a cup size as any brassieres that are made, but I have never worn any of those. I went straight from nothing to binders.”

“Decision time, Mattie,” DJ stated, “Inside or outside?”

“I’ll take the inside,” Mattie said, “as that is the side of the bed I usually sleep on at home.”

“Ok, Matt,” DJ said, “slide in and we’ll be in behind you.”

Mattie slid in and all the way over to the far side, then DJ slid in behind Mattie. DJ wrapped his right arm around Mattie’s torso, giving him a hug, then planting a soft kiss on Matt’s cheek. He then turned over 180 degrees and faced his lover and they shared a passionate kiss and hug, and relaxed. The last thing DJ was thinking was how he was feeling like a reverse Oreo, and sandwiched between two of his favorite people.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday morning Doug woke up about 8:30 AM, slipped in and out of the bathroom and headed to the kitchen to make coffee and found DJ’s note. Just to confirm, he looked out the living room window and saw Matt’s car sitting outside. Having already started the coffee to brew, Doug walked back to his bedroom, put on his underwear, a pair of shorts and a tee shirt.

He then stopped by DJ’s door, which was pushed to, but not latched, and then pushed it open about 6″ and looked in. Gazing upon the three young men, all cuddled and sleeping so peacefully together warmed his heart and created a smile on his face. He closed the door quietly and went to pour his first cup of coffee.

Doug is thinking over the recent few months of his life, and how, one at a time, these awesome young men are coming into his life. First DJ, then Jamie, and now Matt. They all feel like family to him, and he is enjoying their presence to the hilt. He is well aware that Mattie isn’t physically a boy, yet, however it would seem weird to refer to him as anything but a boy. No one yet, in this circle, has ever called him a ‘her’ or a ‘she’ or a girl. Yeah, he’s a boy!

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