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Priyanka and Madelyn were roommates in Brooklyn, Priyanka an English Lit PhD student and Maddie in med school at NYU. Madelyn was currently shouting out her ecstasy with her wannabe rockstar fuck-buddy Seth, which Pri (pronounced “Pree” as in preeety distracted by her roommate’s wailing) could hear clearly through the walls that separated their bedrooms.

Though Pri suspected Maddie might be the type to exaggerate her enjoyment for a guys’ pleasure, this was unusually loud and sounded like the real deal. In any event, Seth wasn’t necessarily the type Maddie would work to impress. Younger than either Pri or Maddie, he hadn’t gone to college and was expansively tattooed. Tall and on the skinny side, he had impressive biceps, disheveled brown hair and something between 5 o’clock shadow and a beard. His day job was as a waiter or something. Definitely not Madelyn’s finance bro settle-down-to-a-house-in-Westchester husband fantasy material.

But he definitely sounded fantastic now, as Pri listened to a brief break in the proceedings and then a couple loud spanks (didn’t know Maddie was into that!) followed by a renewed, deeper panting and some masculine heavy breathing.

So clearly Pri wasn’t going to get any work done tonight, since the sex noises were a bit more attention-grabbing than volume triple infinity of “The Collected Letters of V.S. Naipaul.” She shouldn’t be annoyed — it wasn’t like Maddie brought guys back all the time, though she seemed to handle her romantic relationships so much more breezily than Pri was able to.

Pri had been in a rut for a while since her last boyfriend, Harold. She refused to do the online dating scene — it was vapid and she hated putting herself out there; the stupid chitchat, the will he or won’t he with a guy who probably wouldn’t and if he would likely wasn’t worth it anyway.

It wasn’t that Pri was unattractive, at least she didn’t think so. Consigning herself to failing at studying she pulled her shirt over head to reveal her two very ample breasts, bursa escort which she took some pride in. Her nipples were very sensitive. She touched one absentmindedly and it started to perk up. She wasn’t skinny and tall like Madelyn but nor was she out of shape; she ran three times a week and her body was lush without being fat. She unbuttoned her jeans to reveal brown legs that were short, but strong, with a big bubble butt behind them.

She pulled back her wavy black hair from her shoulders to a pony tail, her big bright eyes looking in the mirror to evaluate her assets while she heard Seth grunts and wondered if Madelyn’s moaning sounded somewhat exhausted by now (though still seemingly quite sincere).

Pri’s ex Harold had never been able to get enough of her body — one of his good points. He used to like taking her from behind, sometimes start to finish. She’d be wearing a little t-shirt like what she’d had on before and he’d come up behind her, start massaging her shoulders and back, kissing her neck, then as she relaxed into it reaching down to cup the outline of her hips, running his hands down almost to her knees. At that point he might pull her head back with his other hand to bring her mouth to his, an open mouth kiss that made her breath quicken.

By now he’d be caressing her breast, which he did exceedingly well. Sometimes she might reach out now to start jerking him off through his pants as he brought his other hand to her chest, pulling her closer as he kissed her neck. Or he might rub himself against her from behind; her feeling him with her ass (she regretted not giving in one of the times he’d asked for anal). Then he might turn her around — hands on her shoulders — and have her go down on him; swiftly, her mind going crazy before he turned her around to fuck her from behind.

But usually after the necessarily clothing was discarded he would just bend her over a couch or a desk, line himself up (she was always gushing wet) and push himself all the way in (that first bursa escort bayan time making her eyes roll back in her head). He’d grab her by the hips, and start railing her back and forth over and over again, her pussy engulfing his cock as she cried out in pleasure.

While she reminisced, Pri had started touching herself. Seth and Madelyn’s soundshow was now over. Pri was atop her sheets naked, her left hand lolling around her breast and her right caressing softly between her legs and curling along along the edge of her lips. Her nipples were both hard now. She remembered Harold sucking on them.

Ok, enough Harold — her therapist had all but told her to stop masturbating to him. So what to think of? Her first thought was of course tattooed Seth, Pri on top, him towering over her (he was at least a foot taller), she looking down at his ripped abs and muscled arms, his craggy face and piercing gray eyes. She pictured bouncing up and down on him with her arms around his shoulders and his hands guiding her hips.

But her next thought was of a girl. (Not her usual, and no, not Madelyn). Someone Asian and shorter than her, emphasis on petite. Small breasts, short hair, soft hands, girlish. She imagined kissing, them both on the couch, just starting- Pri reaching down her shirt, the girl’s mouth on her breasts, then on her clit, which Pri was in the real world now rubbing with some purpose, her head tossed to the side on her pillow.

She’d had some experiences with girls, but never oral sex. She tried to picture going down on her faceless Asian (who in her imagination whimpered softly as Pri licked her clit) but it wasn’t quite doing it for her.

So Pri took a sec and reached over to her bedside drawer for her trusty vibrator. In truth she rarely finished without it at any more. Not that she couldn’t, but it was so powerful and reliable, a little technological marvel that could make her cum in minutes. She twisted the base for it to start slow and ran it along her inner thighs and up escort bursa to her wet pussy.

Her next thought went to domination, her as the sub. She was enough of a feminist to feel a bit sheepish that that was her natural preference (though she could switch!), but she was also not the type to let that stop her. (Madelyn had joked Pri put the sex in intersectionality). She imagined herself tied up, a brawny faceless man paddling her from behind and pulling her on a leash. He grabbed her head with both hands to make her suck him off, which she eagerly did. Her nipples in clamps (she owned her own set). She pictured him rewarding her as a good slave. His a lubed finger stretched her ass while another massaged her clit. She reached in to finger herself with her left hand, as her right pressed the vibe against her clit, her having to stifle a moan out loud.

Now she pictured sucking this Dom off while another girl went down on her. Was it Madelyn? Who cares? The hair was a chestnut brown, the body thin and white. Pri in this fantasy had a slave collar on. She imagined nearly choking on his dick while a tongue on her pussy sent her higher and higher.

She was close. Her vibrator pressed hard against her clit, the speed turned up, the images in her head not making coherent sense. Her eyes clamped tight, she pictured fucking Madelyn with a strap-on, being tied to the bed blindfolded with Harold fucking her in missionary, being with two guys — one white, one black – one fucking her face, the other’s dick reaming out her ass.

Her vibe pressed hard against her, she came – her mouth an O-shape, waves of silvery pleasure crashing through her brain – imagining her ass being taken, being someone’s submissive slut. She gave a final gasp and rolled her head back as the feeling passed. She took a couple deep breaths as she came down.

She chuckled to herself thinking she really needed to find some guy to do this for her. Maybe Maddie wouldn’t mind sharing Seth? She tossed her black hair and brushed it back from her face. She replaced her vibe in her bedside drawer with her other toys, wondering if next time she should put the nipple clamps on too. She pulled out her phone and started swiping on Tinder for the first time in a while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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