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Felicia came to the door and opened to see a young man she had known from work. He was a twenty something bank teller that thought he was a financial wizard and had his sites set on Felicia the Manager/Cougar. Felicia used this attraction to her advantage every so often.

“Thanks for coming over Randy,” Felicia filled the doorway blocking further entrance.

“Well when m’lady calls, of course I’m going to come over,” the man said with a toothy smile on a mildly acne scarred face.

“M’lady,” Alecia repeated rolling her eyes. “Do you have what we talked about?”

“Yeah, but do you want to do it here or hit a club I’ve been going to?” He tried to run his hand down her arm.

“I need you to give me the stuff we talked about and leave,” Felicia said a tight smile on her face as she pulled her arm away.

“What? That’s not what you made it out to be when you texted?” Randy’s demeanor instantly changing from player to scolded puppy dog.

“I didn’t make it out to be anything. You got your hopes up.” Felicia said holding out her hand.

“I’m not just going to give it to you,” Randy said trying to gain some leverage.

“Randy, I have video of you jerking off at work and a list of videos you were watching. Do you really want to go down that road?” Felicia said a little annoyed.

“You can’t threaten me like that. I’ll tell HR all about this. You’ll go down too!”

Felicia shook her head slowly, “No, no, no the video would just show up in a text with your browser logs. You’ll just start to hear the jokes and snickers.”

Randy froze. “So are we done here?” Felicia asked moving her open hand closer to the man.

Dejectedly, Randy reached into his coat pocket and handed Felicia a zip lock bag of pink pills.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Felecia said.

“Whatever,” Randy said turning around walking back to his car.

“Randy,” she called to him.

The man turned around to see Felicia holding up her shirt and exposing one red bra covered breast. “If you behave, I may make it up to you next week.” She said.

Randy swallowed hard and stumbled slightly as he looked at the perky C cup.


Felicia walked into her daughter’s room to find Susie naked and folding clothes. She was impressed with her daughter’s initiative but made no mention of it. “Put these clothes away and then grab a pillow, your bed spread, and a sheet. You’re sleeping in my room tonight.”

“Yes mommy…” Susie answered confused.

Felicia said in answer to her confusion, “We have a busy day tomorrow and you need your sleep. I don’t trust you to simply go to sleep, your body tends to make decisions for you some times. Do you understand now?”

“Yes mommy,” Susie answered seeing no point in telling her mom she had a no desire to do anything but sleep and try to forget about everything she had been through in the last five hours.

After putting the clothes away Susie walked into her mothers bedroom with a pillow and linen. Still naked, she thought it best not to ask if she could put something on.

Felicia was sitting in bed typing on her laptop. Without looking up she pointed at the floor next to the bed, “Set your bed up there.”

Susie dropped the linen on the floor the folded the bedspread in half to make a mattress and then arranged the sheet and pillow. She waited for her mom to notice.

Felicia looked up and said,”Okay, time for bed. Come here and let me give you a kiss.”

Susie walked to her mother, she hadn’t kissed her good night in at least seven years. She got close enough to her mother and closed her eyes. She puckered, for some reason expecting a kiss on the lips. She felt her mothers warm soft lips on her forehead. She opened her eyes and pulled back. ‘Did she see that?’ Susie wondered. Why would she expect her mom to kiss her on the lips? And what was the feeling she was having right now? Disappointment? Disappointment that she mis-judged the situation or was it that she really wanted her mother to kiss her?

Felicia smiled at her, reading her daughter’s emotions and almost laughing as she said, “Try to get some sleep sweetie, I’ll turn the light off in a minute.”

“Yes mommy” Susie said, almost numb with what had just happened.

Susie laid awake for hours on the floor. Her mind was awash with everything that had transpired. The humiliation, the pain, the degradation, and now some feeling she couldn’t place were all swimming around in her head. Also, what was going to happen tomorrow and the next day after that?

There were moments where her mind would be clear and she would start to doze off and then start think about it all again; the forced nudity, the humiliating poses, made to call her mother ‘mommy’, the ordering around. Then there was the pain it hurt so bad and her mother didn’t seem to care. What was going on?

Midway through the night she could feel it, confusion was slowly becoming arousal. Her nipples had hardened like little pink erasers and now she could feel her clit beginning to swell and pussy getting moist.

Susie tried görükle escort bayan to push all the thoughts from her head and told herself that her body was just feeling sensory overload.

Throughout the night Felicia woke to see her daughter toss and turn on the floor partially covered by a sheet. She could see her daughter’s frustration and reveled in it.


Susie was awoken at 9:00 AM. “Rise and shine sweety,” Felicia said. She was wearing her red flowered silk robe.

Susie was disoriented for a moment not recognizing her mothers floor. Quickly it came back to her and along with it a sick feeling in stomach.

“We have a busy day today, grab a shower, get dressed then come get some breakfast.”

“Okay,…,” Susie said thinking she had forgotten something. “Mommy!” She blurted out remembering.

Felicia smiled at her daughter. “Let’s get this over with,” she said. “Get up and bend over and grab your ankles.”

“But mommy-” Susie said standing up quickly.

Felicia cut her off, “I know Sweety, but I had already planned to spank you today no matter how you behaved, you need a reminder of the consequences that are waiting for you.”

“I don’t need a reminder mommy,” Susie said a little bit of a tone starting to build.

“I know sweety, but we’re going to do it anyways, for the first few days at least,” Feleicia said as she grabbed Susie’s hip with one hand and pressed her shoulders forward with the other, prompting her to bend over.

‘Few days?’ Susie thought as she let herself get positioned. ‘How long will this go on? The weekend, a month, until college?’

“Come on sweety straighten your legs and grab you ankles, don’t make me add more swats,” Felicia told Susie causing her to forget her questions for the moment.

Felicia let go of her daughter’s hip and absently ran her nails over her daughter’s ass cheek causing an immediate physical reaction. ‘Again, the goosebumps.’ Susie said to herself, upset with her body.

“Whap!” Before Susie could ponder her body’s reaction further a striking pain went from her left ass cheek all the way through her spine. Susie let out a shriek and tried to stand but was being pushed down with Felicia’s free hand.

Susie reached up involuntarily to cover her ass. “Don’t make this worse,” Felicia said.

Susie put her hands and grabbed her ankles. WHAP! Another swat to Susie’s left cheek. Screaming again this time Susie only brought her hands up slightly before re-grasping her legs.

“That’s better sweety.” Felicia complemented as she walked behind Susie to the other side of her.

Susie was expecting her mother to say something and wasn’t ready when WHAP! A swat to her right side of her ass, Susie was hysterical, crying and gasping, “Oh god! Oh god!” Somehow her hands hadn’t moved.

Before she could compose herself WHAP! Another slap to right cheek. “Oh mommy! I’m sorry, I understand.” Susie said almost incoherently.

“That’s all for now,” Felecia said rather brightly. Look how much you improved! Keeping your hands in place. I’m so proud of you.”

Felicia ran her fingers through her daughter’s hair. Susie was relieved to feel her mothers hand in her hair, as long as it wasn’t slapping her ass. “Okay, take a shower and get yourself together.” Felicia instructed as she walked out of the room.

Felicia walked out and said as she left, “Leave the door unlocked, I need to finish my makeup.”

Susie fell to her knees began to bawl, resting her head on the carpet and rubbed ass cheeks to soothe them. ‘Is college really worth this?’ She asked herself. The pain, the humiliation, and her mother becoming seemingly a different person.

She heard her mother walking back up the stairs. Susie got up quickly and went to the bathroom. She started the shower and waited for it to warm up. Felicia walked in with her makeup bag and placed it on the basin.

Felicia removed her robe and placed it on a hook revealing herself dressed only in a black see through bra and thong panties. Susie took the view in for a moment, she had never known her mother to have a black bra and panties, but then again it was never something she thought about,… until now.

Felicia ignored her daughter as she placed a dab of foundation on her finger tip and leaned forward to get closer to the mirror. Susie’s eyes drew down to her mothers jutted out firm butt. The vision slapping her mothers ass jumped into her head.

“The water is probably warm by now sweety,” Felicia said catching her daughter’s gaze but not drawing her attention away from her reflection.

Susie felt a bolt of embarrassment as her mother caught her and didn’t even look at her, like she didn’t even matter. She stepped into the shower without comment.

Susie grabbed her bottle of body wash and began to lather up her stomach and breasts. Her nipples were hard again she caressed them absently as she looked at her mother. She turned away quickly and took her hands off her tits. She grabbed more soap and began to rub her ass. The warm altıparmak eskort water felt soothing to her swatted cheeks. For reasons she couldn’t explain she turned her back to her mother so she was sure to see it.

Rinsing herself off she soaped up her bush. She rinsed the area quickly she knew if she started she be tensing her body and coming in under five minutes. She finished washing the rest of her body then rinsed her hair. She turned the water off and grabbed her towel. Susie dried off and finished her morning routine and went to her room.

Wrapped in a towel Susie saw a red dress of her mothers on the bed with some black pumps. Susie had assumed her mother had picked out her clothes for the day. She had seen her mother where the dress on New Years Eve and thought she had looked pretty slutty in it. With all of her curves, Susie could only imagine how she was going to look. She grabbed some panties and was about to look for a bra but remembered the dress was strapless.

Susie put on red silky panties and then squeezed into the dress. She looked at herself in the mirror the dress barely getting over hips and covering her ass. “Oh God!” She said. Her tits were about to pop out and the rest of the dress clung to every part of her body. As she headed down the stairs to the kitchen she hoped when her mom saw the dress she would have her change into something else.

Susie walked into the kitchen where her mother was sitting at a small table. “Wow! You look amazing.” Felicia said.

“It’s too small,” Susie pleaded.

“Nonsense, it’s beautiful. Sit down sweetie and have some breakfast,” Felicia said gesturing to the empty chair across from her.

Susie sat down feeling the chair on the back of her thighs. She grabbed a croissant and a knife then began to butter it.

“Have a mimosa,” Felicia said holding a wine glass with what looked like orange juice in it.

Susie put the croissant down and took the glass. She took a small drink and looked surprised.

Seeing Susie’s reaction Felecia said, “A mimosa is orange juice and champagne.” Then thought to herself, ‘And a special concoction from a friend.’

“You’re an adult, you can enjoy things like this now,” Felicia continued.

“Oh,” Susie said taking a bigger drink. She had drank beer before, a shot once, but never champagne. The mimosa went down smooth but Susie felt it going straight to her head.

Felicia looked at her phone, “We have a bunch to do this weekend, so hurry up and eat so we can get going.”

Susie ate quickly as her mother topped off her glass. She felt her skin get warm as the champagne kicked in further.

Felicia disappeared and came back with her purse. “Let’s go, finish your drink.”

Susie gulped the rest of the concoction down. “Yes mommy,” she giggled. ‘What was the laugh about?’ she wondered. She stood up and noticed once again that her nipples were erect and poking through her dress.

They walked out of the house to the driveway. Felicia stopped to look at her daughter walk in front of her. “Susie!” She said just below a yell.

Her daughter froze, a chill going down her back, “What?”

“Are you wearing panties?”

“Uhh yeah, I thought…” Susie answered, realizing she made a mistake.

“Thinking is not what you do, we talked about this last night!”

Susie opened her mouth to speak but said nothing. Felicia continued, “I should drag your stupid ass inside and slap it nice and red, but we don’t have time! Just take them off and let’s go!”

Susie turned to walk back inside but one cold look from her mother made her realize it had to be done here in broad daylight in their driveway. She took a deep breath and reached under her dress. Susie pulled her panties down and felt the morning air on her ass.

The underwear fell to her feet and Susie quickly pulled her dress down. Felicia took in her daughter’s full creamy white ass for the moment it was exposed, it almost glowed. They’d get it some sunlight soon enough.

Felicia held out her hand and waited. Susie bent over and grabbed the underwear as she leaned she found herself giggling again. ‘What was happening?’ she wondered.

Susie handed the garment to her mother who the put it in her purse and walked toward her car, a Chevy Tahoe.

Felicia saw her daughter pile in on the passenger side and examined her for a moment. She looked at her daughters breasts. Susie caught her mother’s gaze but said nothing.

“Pull your dress up so you aren’t sitting on it. I don’t want it getting stained.” Felecia directed.

Susie did as she was told feeling the cold leather on her ass and pussy. She had a puzzled look on her face. Felicia looking at her daughter’s nipples pointing through the dress explained, “Something is going on with you. I don’t want your pussy dripping all over my dress. You can clean the seat cushion later.”

Felicia waited for an answer to the non-question from her daughter. Susie felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment as she answered,l “Yes mommy.”

To nilüfer escort her mothers credit, Susie could feel her pussy getting wet. She couldn’t understand what was going on with herself right now. So far every relationship she had ever had had been with boys and she was always the one in charge. Now her own mother was embarrassing and humiliating her and something deep down was reacting.

Susie positioned her skirt so it covered up crotch but all of her legs were still showing. Felicia started the car and said rather pleasantly, “And away we go.”

Felicia began driving away from downtown and toward the business park section of the city. After a couple blocks of non descript buildings with names of companies she had never heard of Susie said, “Mommy?” She noticed for a moment how much easier the greeting came now.

“Yes sweetie.”

“Where are we going?”

Felicia debated for an instant on wether to admonish her daughter for asking a question but decided against it for now. “We’re going to see an electronics guy I know. I helped him with a business loan and he owes me a favor.”

Susie was about to ask a follow up when her mother preempted with, “Don’t push it.”

Felicia softened the remark with a soft hand on her daughters bare knee. Susie’s skin was warm to the touch.

Susie let out a giggle as her mother’s cold hand touched her. “Sorry mommy.”

Felicia taking in her daughter’s reaction thought, “Dang, Randy has some good stuff.”

They drove for about five more minutes before Felicia pulled into a mini mall parking lot. Of the five store fronts only two appeared to be occupied. They had parked in front of a glass door with the lettering, “CL Electronic Solutions”.

Felicia turned off the car and looked at her daughter. “I need you to understand everything I’m about to say to you,” Felicia said and awaited a response.

“Yes mommy.”

Felicia continued, “This man is business associate of mine and is helping us. I need you to not embarrass me or yourself. Do not talk to him unless he asks you something directly. Tell me you understand.”

“Yes mommy,” Susie answered then giggled at the end. She got a look from her mother and followed up with a meek, “Sorry.”

Felicia breathed in slightly to act annoyed. She continued, “Also, while we are talking to him you call me ‘mom’ or ‘mother’ if needed. We really don’t have time for me to explain to this man all the intricacies with my slut daughter. That said you should not be talking. Do you understand?”

Susie swallowed as tears began to come to her eyes, her moms words biting. “Yes mommy,” she answered.

Felicia got out of the car walked to the front and waited for her daughter. Susie walked up beside her mom. “Susie,” her mother said softly.

Taking in her surroundings Susie calculated and responded but still stumbled through her answer, “Yes mom, I mean mommy.”

Felicia looked at her daughter, “I know this has been a big adjustment for you. I want you to know I’m seeing progress. I’m proud of how you’ve done so far.” She hugged her daughter with one arm deep enough that Susie could smell her hair.

Susie hugged back with both arms as a surge of pride went through her that came with her mother’s approval. ‘What is going on?’ she wondered as she breathed in her mother’s scent and held the embrace a second longer than her mother.

“Let’s go,” Felicia said as she turned to the building and walked in the door.

“Hello Charles,” Felicia said to the man sitting at a small desk.

“Charlie is fine, Ms. Markinson,” the man said as he stood up and walked around his desk to shake hands.

“Thank you for helping me on such short notice,”

Felicia answered, not returning the invitation for informality.

“Uhh sure thing it’s the least I can do with all the help you’ve given me,” Charlie said looking Felicia hard in the eyes but darting a glance at the young woman almost pouring out of her red dress.

“This is my daughter Susie,” Felicia said catching the glance. She wasn’t at all surprised, men were predictable that way.

“Good to meet you Susie,” Charlie said presenting his hand. Behind him was a bank of monitors that seemed to be showing feeds inside the store and outside.

Susie took the man’s hand it was warm to the touch and it felt nice. She looked at him, tallish, tan, with military hair cut even though his hairline was receding. Susie guessed he was older than her mother. “Hello,” she said quietly.

To his credit Charlie returned eye contact with Felicia. “So, I gathered up all the stuff you requested Ms. Markinson,” he said pointing to a small pile of boxes on a glass display case to his right.

Felicia looked at the boxes and said, “Susie, can you take those to the car?”

“Oh yeah,” Susie responded with the tone of someone who was eager to help. She walked over quickly to grab four boxes, the largest the size of a shoe box all of them light. In her haste a box fell to the ground. Susie gasped and bent down to pick it up quickly not thinking.

Charlie looked over to see the full figured teen bending over and nearly offering him a view of her ass and more. He tried to keep his train of thought, “Umm,… don’t worry… I doubt you broke anything.” Susie straightened up gathered the boxes again and walked quickly to the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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