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John was a geek and he knew it. At 40 years old he still lived at home with his elderly mother and spent most of his time in his bedroom. At school and college John had been top of his class in everything, but his intelligence hadn’t won him any friends. He always felt awkward around others and was a social leper. Now a grown man, he still had no real friends, just a few work colleagues who tolerated him, but that was about it.

As for women, well they had always been absent from his life apart from his mother and a couple of aunties and a female cousin. He’d had 2 dates in his life, both of them disastrous, at college, a girl who spent as much time studying as John did and who also was a bit of a loner, had agreed to go to the cinema with him. She was no stunner, small, with her hair in bunches (even at 19) and wire rimmed spectacles. The night had gone from one calamity to the next until she had stormed off and John had been left alone in a café. The other date had been fixed online, just 5 years previous. He had joined an adult dating site, not just for those looking for love, but for those looking for casual sex. He had eventually met up with a woman in her late 20’s and they had gone to the cinema again and afterwards she had taken him in her car to a quiet spot out of town. At that time John hoped he was going to lose his virginity in the back seat of her car. However when she started kissing him and grabbed his hand and put it on her tit, he had ejaculated immediately in his trousers. She noticed straight away and started to laugh and John had been so embarrassed he had left the car there and then and ran away like a 10 year old.

Now he went to work each day, came home, had his tea with his mother and then went to his bedroom. There he would indulge in his hobbies, painting war gaming figures or doing math puzzles. Once he knew his mother was safely tucked up in bed he would spend the last hour or so before he went to bed looking at porn on the internet. He often downloaded porn movies usually teen lesbians and would watch and jerk off into a tissue. There weren’t many nights when he didn’t finished his day wanking off to two 19 year old sluts licking each others pussies. Now at the age of 40, John had got masturbation down to a fine art. He could keep his cock hard for a long while, often bringing himself up to ejaculation point, but managing to control himself so he didn’t cum too soon. This might go on for an hour until he would finally succumb and shoot his load into the tissue which then went straight down the toilet.

As far as he was concerned this was just how life was going to be and so be it, if the only thing he ever fucked was his hand then he might as well enjoy it and do it well, just like he did everything else.

But on a stormy night, life for John changed.

It was gone 11.00pm and John was in his bedroom sitting at his desk. His 70 year old mother had retired to her bedroom half an hour earlier and John was in safe time. His mother never knocked when she entered his bedroom and John didn’t feel safe looking at porn whilst she was up and about. Now though he was in his element, on the wide PC screen in front of him 3 teenage sluts were enjoying each other’s bodies. The camera zoomed in on a perfectly shaved pussy, being held open by red painted finger nails and the tongue of the blond girl that was licking it. John instinctively stuck his own tongue out and made a licking motion. The thumb of his right hand was gently massaging pre-cum into his swollen dick-head and John felt great. His mind was completely focussed on what he was watching and doing and thus he was completely oblivious to the storm that had come in from the coast. He caught the flash of lightning from the corner of his eye and the roll of thunder followed a few seconds later. John loved storms, but this was not the time to be watching it. The blond girl was now licking her friends arsehole and the screen was filled by the other girls’ puckered hole and the tongue that was stabbing in and out of it. Oh how John wished that was his tongue and his hand moved up and down on his shaft just a bit quicker.

The lightning came again followed more rapidly by the sound of it this time, the storm was getting closer, but so was the storm in his groin and he had no intention of stopping now.

The next flash of lightning was followed almost instantaneously by the thunder it created and the sound seemed to fill the house and though it made John look away from the screen for a few seconds, he was soon back. His eyes transfixed canlı bahis on the blond girls tits now that were being teased by the tongues of her two friends. John was panting slightly now and he was gripping his balls with his left hand and moving his right hand from the stem to the tip of his swollen cock. As he continued to jerk off there was another flash of light, more sustained this time, but John was now coming to the film’s and his finale. As the screen filled with one girl squatting over the face of the blond one and squirting her cum all over her face, John let out a little grunt and released the load of spunk he had been harbouring for the past hour. At first it shot into the tissue that was held some inches from his cock and then as the initial load faded and it turned into a dribble, John brought the tissue closer and just held it underneath his leaking cock whilst he relaxed.


John swivelled round in horror, someone was in his bedroom. Barely 3 feet away stood his mother, arms folded, eyes wide and looking straight at his groin.

John felt the colour drain from him, he thought he was going to be sick or faint or have a heart attack. His mother had caught him playing with himself. He would never be able to look her in the face again, his life was over, he would never be able to put this little scene out of his mind and it would always haunt him, he knew it.

“The storm woke me up,” she said calmly, “I came to see if you were okay, but you were too busy to notice.”

John couldn’t speak, he still sat there naked, he was still holding the wet tissue under his now very small limp cock and he felt unable to move or do anything.

His mother finally looked away from him, but didn’t move to leave.

“Sorry,” she said, “When I came in and saw what you were doing I should have left straight away, but something came over me and I wanted to watch. I’m sorry John.”

John managed to control his breathing and forced himself to turn away from his mother. He reached down for his boxer shorts and pulled them on, then he stood up walked straight past his mother and into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. He was shaking as he dropped the tissue into the toilet and flushed it away. He sat down and felt like sobbing, but after a minute or so pulled himself together, took a deep breath, opened his bathroom door and walked back into his room. He had hoped his mother would have gone back to her own room, but instead she was sitting on his bed, still dressed in her long blue dressing gown.

She looked up with pity in her eyes, “Look John I’m sorry and there is nothing to be ashamed about, nothing I haven’t seen before.”

He was still speechless, why didn’t she just go and leave him alone.

“I know that you are a lonely man John and you’re not doing anything that I wouldn’t expect of a single man your age,” she continued, “I know you don’t expect to be caught by your own mother but I’m sure it happens quite often especially with younger men.”

“This is my room, you should allow me some privacy,” John managed to say.

“I know and like I said I’m sorry I have embarrassed you, I should have walked away,” his mother hesitated seemingly trying to find the right words, “..but when I saw your erect penis and saw you rubbing it, I couldn’t move.”

“Mother that is disgusting,” John blurted out.

“I know son, I know, but it is true, I’m ashamed to say it, but I wanted to see you ejaculate.”

John again had that sickly feeling and his legs felt wobbly. His own mother was talking about seeing his swollen cock and seeing his spunk shoot from it and it just didn’t compute in John’s head.

She stood up and walked towards the door.

She stopped and turned “I love you son, I don’t want this to ruin our relationship.”

She left the room, softly closing the door behind her.

John lay down, but sleep wouldn’t come, over and over the pictures rolled around in his mind, his cock jerking in his hand, the white globules of spunk landing in the tissue, his mother’s eyes fixed on his cock. But as he lay there, different thoughts entered his head and he felt his cock start to stiffen again. His mother had wanted to watch, had she enjoyed looking at his swollen cock, had it made her wet?

He tried to shake himself back to reality but he kept replaying her words over and over again “When I saw your erect penis and saw you rubbing it, I couldn’t move……..I wanted to watch John.”

John’s hand reached for his cock again and he started bahis siteleri to rub himself again and in a flash of pure filth he was doing in front of his mother. As he pictured her in his mind watching, his cock swelled more than he had ever remembered before. Thinking about doing this in front of his elderly mother was making him more excited than he had ever been before and after just a few tosses with his hand, he was covering his sheets in spunk.

He immediately felt ashamed but at the same time there was something extremely horny about the whole thing.

The next morning John went down for breakfast. His mother was already in the kitchen and she handed him his usual cup of coffee. There was an awkward silence and then John said,

“I’m sorry Mum, about last night, I didn’t mean to snap, it’s just that… well..”

“I know son, look I’m to blame, I shouldn’t come into your room without knocking, I won’t do it again. I still treat you like a little boy and you’re a grown man now and you need your own space.”

John smiled and reached out and touched his mothers’ hand.

“I just feel embarrassed that you saw me like that,” John said.

His mother half laughed, “Like I said nothing I haven’t seen before, though admittedly not in that state, anyway I know it is natural for men to play with themselves, especially if they have no real sexual release. I don’t want you to stop doing things that you enjoy and that are normal just because of me. I promise I’ll never disturb you again.”

John felt his mouth dry up as a question formulated in his brain,

“So why did you not go when you saw what I was doing?”

She was embarrassed now and she turned away from him.

She walked across to the fridge and put away the milk and turned back to him with a heavy sigh.

“John I’m 70 years old, your father died 6 years ago and was very ill for the 3 years before that. When I came in and saw you, something came over me which I haven’t felt in 10 years. I may be old but I’m still a woman and when I saw you playing with your penis I felt weak and excited. I know you are my son and I know I shouldn’t have watched, but it was too exciting to walk away and when you finally ejaculated, it was a wonderful thing to behold.”

John felt his groin stirring as his mother talked, the thought of her watching was turning him on again. He felt his body go all tingly and for the first time ever he looked at his mother as a woman, a member of the opposite sex, someone with two tits and a pussy. Not just a pussy he had come from and tits he had suckled on, but a pussy he could lick and tits he could suck. His cock was fully hard now as he made out her shape under her dress. His mother had always been a slim lady and as he stared at her he had a mental picture of her coming out of the bathroom naked when he was a teenager. That day he had seen her small breasts and her hairy snatch, but it had done nothing for him, but now the thought of it filled him with lust.

“I was embarrassed last night Mum,” he said, “but if you want to watch again, well I won’t mind.” There he had said it, for hours last night he had thought of ways to say it and discounted each one, but now it was out.

She smiled and said “You’re a good son, but it was very naughty of me and I know you are trying to be nice, but I mustn’t watch you again.”

John’s heart dropped, he was hoping she would say yes and they would end up in bed together. She might be 70 and it might be incest, but a cunt was a cunt and tits, however wrinkled they might be, were still tits.

He tried not to sound too disappointed “Okay Mum just thought I’d offer.”

He left the kitchen and went and got ready for work and within thirty minutes he was on his way to the office.

All day John was unable to concentrate, what an idiot as if his mother would agree to sex, as if a woman who had cared for him for forty years was now going to leap into bed with him and let him fuck her. He now felt more embarrassed about what he had said in the kitchen than what had happened last night.

When he arrived home his mother had his tea waiting for him and they ate in silence. On the way home John had picked up a war gaming magazine and after his meal, he waved in front of his mother as he went to his room, as if to say this is what I’ll be doing tonight.

John was half way through painting a French soldier from the Napoleonic era, when there was a soft knock on the door.

“Come in,” he said.

His mother came in sheepishly.

“Are bahis şirketleri you okay?” she asked.

“Fine Mum, just got to get these soldiers done for the fair next month.”

She took a few steps forward and admired the rows of French infantry on the gaming table. She turned back to him.

“Look I’ve been thinking about this alday,” she said “I do want to watch you masturbate.”

John felt that tingly feeling again.

“I know it is wrong,” she continued, “And we mustn’t do anything, but I would like to see your erect cock again and watch you ejaculate.”

John’s cock was already stirring.

“You can watch one of your movies on the computer and not look at me if you want, I just want to see you darling.”

John didn’t want to look at a computer screen, he wanted to see his Mum’s face. He wanted to see her eyes bulge as she looked at his manhood.

Slowly he stood up and unfastened his trousers, he saw his mother gulp as he did so, they fell to the floor and his boxers soon followed. As his cock sprang out, his mother let out a little gasp. He sat back down in his chair and took his cock in his hand. Clear pre-cum was already running down his bell end and he saw his mother instinctively lick her lips. He slowly moved his hand up and down, pausing each time to collect some pre-cum on his thumb and rub it into his cock. After a few strokes, he collected another globule of pre-cum on his left thumb and raised it to his lips, licking it seductively off. His mother gasped again, louder this time.

“Is that good?” he asked her.

She nodded and felt her way to the bed, her legs too weak to stand on. She sat herself down as he continued to stroke himself.

“Do you like watching your naughty little boy play with his cock?” he asked.

“Oh darling it’s wonderful.”

John stood up and walked towards his mother and stopped just a foot or so away from the bed. He pointed his cock at her as he wanked, he wanted her to see the amount of liquid seeping from him.

“Mum, show me your tits please?”

“John I mustn’t that is too naughty,” but her hand was already reaching for the buttons of her blouse. She unfastened them, never taking her eyes off his throbbing cock. She pulled her blouse open, reached behind herself and unclipped her bra. Her tits were small and drooped slightly and she had small nipples, but for John it was a fantastic sight.

“Oh Mum, your tits are lovely, can I touch them?”

“John you mustn’t darling, we can’t take this too far, just play with your willy and look.”

John was disappointed, but then his mother stood and unhitched her skirt and it fell to her feet. She sat back down in her pale blue panties and then pulled them down too. Her body was not as wrinkly as he had expected and her puffy pussy lips were clearly visible past her pubic hair. She reached down and with both hands slightly opened her cunt, so he could see it.

It was too much and John felt his cum rising, he took one step forward and released his spunk. It flew through the air landing with a splosh onto his mother’s belly and grey pubic hair. She let out a little yelp and John saw a finger disappear into her cunt. As his cock continued to jerk, she rapidly forced her finger in and out of herself until she let out another little gasp followed by a moan that seemed to come from deep within her. John watched transfixed as a small amount of liquid seeped from his mother’s pussy and onto his bed. He stood there holding his now spent cock, as the stain spread around her and he knew that his mother had cum in front of him. He continued to wank his semi erect cock as he took in her body, knowing that this is how he always wanted to play with himself in future.

After what seemed an age with neither of them saying anything, she stood up and collected her clothes. She stepped forward and gave him a brief kiss.

“That was very, very naughty,” she said “You can never tell anyone we did this, but I’m very happy we can please each other.”

John reached out and grabbed his mother, he wanted to touch her, feel her, kiss her.

As his hand brushed her right tit, she pulled back.

“No darling, we can’t go any further, I will watch you and you can look at me, but that is all.”

She turned and left and John was left alone.

He wanted to go after her, grab her and force her down and then fuck her, but he knew he couldn’t and knew that he would have to make do with mutual masturbation.

He heard the shower come on and realised that his mother was washing away the evidence, his cock jerked back to life as he thought of joining her but she wouldn’t allow it, she wasn’t ready, not yet anyway.

But who knows what might happen if she continued to watch?

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