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I look at you across the table, a smile forming on your luscious lips as your eyes meet mine. You look back at me, your eyes piercing into me knowing exactly what I want. I turn away from you and grab the glass of wine, taking a small sip. The cold fluid travels down my throat, cooling my heated body. I look down at my plate, and then back at you knowing my craving cannot be satisfied with dinner. We look at each other for what seems to be eternity while my breathing gets more shallow and quick. Your eyes darken, sensing my desire. You stand up and walk to me, our eyes never breaking, reaching down you gently take a hold of my hand. I stand and follow you to the bedroom, my heart beat ringing in my ears. I lick my lips, nervous yet excited about what is to come. The soft music in the back begins to dull as all my attention is focused on you, your walk, your strength, your scent…

You pull me close as we enter the bedroom. My pulse quickens, pushing my wavy hair out of my face, you look into my eyes before leaning down and placing a soft kiss on my lips. Your hands lock me into place as you deepen the kiss. I feel your fingers tighten on my waist and hips as your tongue spars with mine. I can’t help myself, letting out a small moan of pleasure. You respond with your own deep moan, biting my lip as you pull away. My chest rises and falls with each breath. I bite my lower lip embarrassed that I couldn’t hold in my moan. You pull me close, whispering my name before leaning down and kissing me again. You push me back against the bed, your hand slipping under my shirt grazing my ribs and breast. I feel my thighs press against the bed and slowly sit down, sliding back as an invitation for you to join me.

I reach up and pull you down. Slowly kissing your lips, I let my hands travel along the span of your chest. Biting your lower lip, I pull back and look at you in the eyes. I arch my hips, trying to get on top of you. You let out a soft laugh before complying and lying flat on your back. A small smile graces my lips in embarrassment and desire to please. I gently push you down on the bed, and straddle you between my legs. I grind my hips against you, looking into your eyes seeking encouragement. You close your eyes, letting out a small groan of pleasure. Leaning down, I place gentle kisses along your jawline and down your neck, softly biting as I go down. I push your shirt up with my fingers as I bite your collarbone, kissing you after to soothe the skin. Your hands travel under my shirt swiftly pulling it over my head. You reach behind me and unhook my bra, letting it fall onto the bed. I pull back and look into your eyes as I slowly pull your shirt over your head, grinding against you as I do so. Your hand cups my breast, squeezing softly and then pinching my nipple, rolling it between your fingers. I let my head drop back and let out a groan. I lean down and trail kisses from your shoulder, down to your chest, down to your abs while running my fingers along each rib, with just enough pressure so you feel my nails grazing your heated skin. I stop and look up at you, your eyes dark with desire and chest rising and falling with your heavy breaths. I lower my head and kiss you along the waistband of your pants, looking up at you as I blow a soft breath against your sensitive skin.

I let my finger run along your cock, feeling you get harder through your jeans. I slowly unbutton your pants and return to giving you feather çekiç ve gül bir behzat ç hikayesi izle light kisses along your hips. I look up at you and slowly unzip your jeans, never breaking eye contact. I pull your pants down, leaving your boxers on. I lean down and kiss your hard cock through your boxers, feeling you throb from the slightest touch. I run my nails down your thigh, giving you a small bite along your inner thigh, feeling you tremble with tension. I slowly pull down your boxers, and run my finger down the length of you. I place soft kisses along your cock, flicking out my tongue, licking you from the base to tip. Your hips jerk towards me as you let out a moan, your hands running through my hair encouraging me to take you into my mouth.

I pull back and look at you, circling my tongue around the tip and back down. I feel your body tighten with the teasing, your fingers becoming tighter, pulling my hair. I smile and tease you right under the tip of your cock with my tongue, seeing your jaw tighten and eyes squeeze shut from pleasure. I wrap my soft, warm lips around you and give one hard suck…before letting go. Your eyes pierce into me, dark and dangerous showing me a clear warning that the teasing will end. I take you into my mouth again, your hands push me down, forcing me to take you deeper. My throat tightens around you, my eyes watering as I choke on you. I push against you trying to come up, but you hold me down for another second, before letting go. I gasp, my breathing rapid and shallow as I try to catch my breath. Your hands wrap around my arms, lifting me, and then swiftly pinning me to the bed.

You lean down and crush your lips against mine, pushing your leg in between mine, forcing my legs apart. You bite my neck, sucking to ease the nip, before giving me a soft, gentle kiss. You kiss my shoulder, dancing around my breast, as one hand presses against my pussy, rubbing me through my pants. I arch against you impatient and eager. Your fingers bite into my hip and waist pushing me back down on the bed as you take one nipple into your mouth. I let out a small cry of pleasure, running my fingers through your hair wanting more. You groan in reply and gently bite down. I suck in a breath, feeling pleasure run down the length of my body. You latch onto my other breast making sure to give equal attention. I look down into your eyes as you trace my stomach with your lips down to the waistband of my pants. You quickly unbutton them and pull them down. I hear your sharp inhale as you see my thong, soaking wet with desire.

Looking into my eyes, you lean down and gently kiss me through the fabric. I feel your finger run up and down my pussy, teasing me, making me want more. I lift my hips off the bed letting a small moan escape my lips. You smile down at me before biting my thigh. I let out a cry of pain and pleasure feeling my pussy throb with need. You slowly pull down my thong and throw it to the side. I feel your finger linger around my pussy. You bring your hand to my mouth and tell me to suck on your finger. I wrap my lips around your finger and suck hard. Your eyes darken with desire as you take your finger and slowly slide it into my tight, wet pussy. You lean down and suck on my clit, as I let out a moan, my thighs quivering with pleasure. You slide another finger into me, curving them upwards increasing speed. My muscles chasing waves izle begin to tighten as heat pools inside of me. I grab the sheets, my head turning to the side, my eyes clamped shut as I feel the pressure build. I feel so close, but then you tell me to hold it, to not cum until you say I can.

I let out a gasp, my breathing fast and rapid as I tell you I cannot hold it in. You increase the pressure and speed of your fingers. I let out a scream, telling you I have to cum, to please let me. You deny me permission and continue to suck and finger my pussy. I can’t hold it in any longer, my legs shaking, my hips jerking forward, my head falling back, and a scream filling the room. My whole body shakes as I feel my pussy squeeze around your fingers. But you keep going, even after I came, telling me that I need to be punished for not holding it in. I try to pull away from you, so sensitive after cumming. I beg you to stop my body jerking and shaking uncontrollably, a whine escaping my lips. You finally stop and watch me as I my limbs shake after the orgasm. You lean down to kiss me everywhere, gently cradling me as I come down from the orgasm, telling me how beautiful I am.

I kiss you deeply, my heart hammering in my chest, my pussy aching from your earlier punishment. I reach down and stroke your cock as you kiss me, hearing you groan into the kiss. You reach down and take my hands pinning them above my head as you look into my eyes. Taking your hard cock, you rub it against my clit, teasing me. I arch off the mattress with a gasp, still sensitive, my clit swollen from orgasming. Your cock pushes against my pussy, as I feel the tip enter, but then you pull back. I lock my legs around you to keep you from pulling away, reluctant and impatient. A smile forms on your lips as you look at me, knowing I want more. You continue to tease me, making me moan and grind against you. You finally slide into me, stretching me with your hard cock. I let out a moan of pleasure as you go deeper into me. Inch by inch you slide into my pussy, filling me completely. I squirm under you as I try to take every inch of you. You hold me down, groaning in pleasure and telling me how good I feel and encouraging me to accept all of you inside of me.

I pull my legs tighter around you to pull you down onto me, wanting to touch you, kiss you. As you start to lean down, I meet you halfway kissing your lips and neck, my hands roaming across your back. You slide out of me, positioning yourself before sliding completely inside of my pussy. My nails dig into your back as I feel you fill me, a small scream escaping my lips. You capture the scream with a kiss, while slowly fucking my tight, wet pussy. I arch off the mattress meeting you at every thrust as I feel heat pool inside of me. You start to fuck me faster and harder, feeling my muscles begin to tighten with tension as I get closer to cumming. I start to whisper your name telling you to go faster, telling you that I’m close, but you slow down…telling me to not cum yet. I let out a whine, feeling so close to the edge and try to grind against you. You lean down telling me to stop before you need to punish me again, looking at me with devilish eyes. I hesitate for a second before smiling and continuing to grind against you, wanting to push you, wanting to make you have to punish me…

You let out a low growl, knowing exactly what I am doing. You christina in the country izle lift your gaze to my face, your eyes filled with passion and desire before slamming into me. I moan in pleasure, reaching up to feel your muscles ripple under your skin as you fuck me. Your hand wraps around my neck with just a slight pressure, as you continue to pound into me. I feel the pressure building inside of me again, my nails digging into your back as I begin to lose myself to the pleasure. You apply more pressure to my neck, making it a little harder to breath, choking me, as you slide deep and fast into my pussy. I feel my body begin to tense as the beginning of the orgasm travels my body. I let out a scream as my body trembles and shakes, my head thrashing to the side as I arch off the mattress. My pussy clenches around your cock, trying to milk you as I cum. You let out a loud groan feeling my pussy rhythmically contract against your hard cock. Your hands hold my hips down as your fingers dig into my waist as you concentrate, trying hard to not cum inside of me. I feel breathless, light headed from cumming so hard. I hear you let out a deep breath trying to get yourself under control.

You let out a growl before flipping me onto my stomach. You grab my hair and pull me forcing me to arch my back as you push your cock into my pussy. I turn my head looking at you as you fuck me. Your hand wraps around my neck pulling me closer to you as you crush my lips with yours. I feel your fingers dig into my collarbone as you pound into me. I squeeze my pussy around your cock, wanting to test your limits. You groan in response before pushing me down into the bed. You slap my ass hard, telling me how bad I am…how you love it. I flinch with each slap, knowing that red handprints will cover me. Your hand reaches around, your finger circling against my clit. I gasp feeling pleasure shoot through every nerve. You lean down whispering into my ear, asking me if I like it. Lost in pleasure, I am unable to respond immediately. You slap my clit, telling me to respond. I let out a small scream in pain and pleasure as I tell you to please keep going, that it feels so good. You tell me I’m a good girl before fucking me hard as your fingers tease my clit. I let out a moan, telling you that I want to cum. You tell me to hold it, to cum when you say I can or else I will get punished. I let out a small whimper knowing that I can’t hold it in.

You continue to fuck and tease my clit knowing that I can’t keep myself from cumming. I beg you to let me, to give me permission to cum as I get closer and closer to the edge. You tell me no, that I can hold it in, that I have to hold it in. Clenching the bedsheets, biting my lip, I close my eyes trying to hold in my orgasm as you continue to pound my pussy. I feel your cock slide out and back deep into me, each stroke making it harder to keep myself from letting the waves of the orgasm consume me. Your muscles bulge with tension and sweat beads run down your body as you continue to slam into me. Just when I’m about to say I can’t hold it anymore, you tell me to cum. Immediately, my body gives into the orgasm, shaking uncontrollably. As my pussy squeezes around your cock, you let out a scream, cumming deep inside of me. I tighten my pussy harder around you with each wave wanting to please you as much as I can. I feel your hot cum shoot inside of me as a muffled groan escapes your lips. We both fall onto the mattress, each trying to catch our breath as we come down from our orgasms. Your hands run lazily over my body as I quiver against your touch. I turn my body to face you as you gently bring your hands to my face. You tilt my chin up towards you as you lean down to softly kiss me. You push my hair out of my face, as we gaze at each other, taking in the beauty…lust…and passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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