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Blah blah blah disclaimer stuff, set in Easton a small imaginary city in the UK as always (also I been getting some messages about my use of mom vs mum, I am actually British, myself and I call my mother mum, however I know people who say mom who live in the UK and I feel both are acceptable. I hope that doesn’t bother too many people) anyway please don’t steal this and hopefully you’ll enjoy!

P.s This is just a slightly re-worked version of this same story. So if you think you’ve read this before. Yeah you have. But there are some changes

so it might be worth reading again? Your call.

My sister Lily and I have never been particularly close or gotten on better than others, we never fight but I always just put that down to our mutual decision to leave each other alone. Me? I’m just a normal eighteen year old guy, average height, average looks, brown hair and a boring sales job. My sister was twenty and we both still lived with our parents, but as it turned out our normal existence was about to be changed drastically by one small incident.

It started on a typical Friday night gone wrong, after a disastrous trip to several local clubs I had retired from my usual Friday routine a few hours early and wandered in through the door at around ten. As I normally would I dropped my keys in a bowl by the door, deposited my coat on the kitchen table and made my way upstairs to my bedroom. Inside my bedroom I undressed and wrapped a towel around my waist before making my way to the bathroom, as I exited my room I heard the click of the bathroom door and turned to see my sister, fresh from the shower and with nothing but a small towel around her waist to protect her modesty, emerge from within.

We both froze in horror, my eyes widened, so did Lily’s. Then, like every male has been trained to do by his hormones since puberty, my gaze moved immediately to her exposed breasts. For the first time in my life I was forced to agree with all my horny teenage friends, my sister was hot. To me though, hot wasn’t the right word, ‘gorgeous’ or ‘jaw-dropping’ seemed more appropriate.

Despite how short she was her figure was hourglass, wide hips and an ample butt which was barely hidden at all by the towel around her waist and almost seemed to be actively struggling to break free from it, she wasn’t fat but she was undoubtedly curvy. This wonderfully pear shaped backside was complemented perfectly by her large, and as I had now discovered impressively perky, Double D breasts. Her figure was captivating to say the least but her silky brunette hair, carefully cared for and just a tad damp from her shower, perfect warm smile and bright blue eyes, were all equally amazing. The combination of all these factors, coupled with a slight glistening coating of water across her smooth fair skin, made her glow like something angelic.

In my head I could feel a timer ticking away, before I knew it the acceptable time for me to be shell shocked, the normal time for any brother to spend accidently staring at his naked sister, had passed. Yet still I lingered. For just a single second longer than was allowed I let myself enjoy the sight, and what should have been a vague memory became something more, something vivid and treasured.

The second passed. We sprang away from each other like we’d been fired apart, we both returned to normal. Lily called me an idiot, I called her a nudist, we traded the usual sibling insults and everything tried to reset to normal. Only, as I fled to my room with Lily screaming furiously after me, a single seed had been planted in my mind.

Inside my room a hundred thoughts were racing through my head, I couldn’t stop thinking about how wrong this whole thing was and yet… in my head I could still see her, every curve and inch of flesh burnt into my memory. The seed that had been planted just a few moments ago had already started to grow into something more, I desperately wanted to see her body again. That was worrying to say the least.

The next morning I walked into the kitchen, trying to keep the events of the previous night out of my head, only to run straight into Lily. Our eyes met and those same memories I’d been trying to avoid playing on loop in my head, for the briefest of moments my self-control failed me and my eyes flitted away from her face and down to her delicious breasts. Her face blossomed into red and her spoon tumbled onto the table as she immediately fled the room, guiltily I sat down and upon discovering that she had been in the middle of eating the last bowl of my favourite cereal decided I had no choice but to finish the bowl in her place, doing so while both my parents eyed me suspiciously.

“What on earth was that all about?” My father asked cocking one eyebrow at me questioningly.

“I came home earlier than usual last night and ran into Lily coming out of the bathroom, a little less dressed than she ever expected me to see her, it’s no big deal.” I replied shrugging and setting Rize Escort to work on her cereal, the last thing

I wanted was for my parents to find out what I’d been thinking about Lily, plus if I didn’t finish it before she came back I’d have to brave one of the many awful tasting cereals we had left.

Dad chuckled. “Poor girl, you know how self-conscious she is about her body, not surprising considering how…” My father paused, calling upon his usual level of tact. “Plump, she used to be. I mean these days, any twenty year old girl who wears a t-shirt over her swimwear at the beach is an oddity, such a shame after she worked so hard to lose all that weight.”

“Idiot” I said munching on me cereal. “She got nothing to worry about, she’s got an amazing body and she worked hard for it, some of us haven’t bothered to hit the gym in decades.” I said, motioning furiously at my father with my eyes.

I emphasized my point by pulling up my sleeves and flexing my biceps, which while not pathetic I guess were hardly in body builder territory, and my mother giggled from across the table. “You should tell her that, might give her a bit more confidence in herself.” She told me continuing to chuckle to herself.

I looked at her blankly and put my arms away, dad was one thing but apparently I wasn’t in as good shape as I thought. “Seriously? Don’t you think it might be a bit weird for me to be the one telling my sister she’s sexy?”

Mum sighed. “Beautiful darling, not sexy,

beautiful, and maybe it would be a little strange

but since I don’t think you’ve EVER complimented her it would sound a lot more sincere coming from you, and I can hardly walk out into the street and ask random strangers to tell my daughter she’s beautiful can I?”

“Fair enough.” I replied conceding the point, before swallowing the last mouthful of cereal and dropping the spoon into the bowl. “Plus I guess I kind of owe her something for the cereal.”

I wandered upstairs and stopped outside her door, suddenly realising I had no idea how I was supposed to go about telling my sister she was sexy, even at mum’s request. Eventually I decided if I really was going to do it, and I had my doubts, there was no point beating around the bush. I knocked gently on the door and called her name, receiving a muffled ‘go away’ for my troubles.

I shrugged to myself, it didn’t really matter where we were as long as she could hear me. “Hey Lily? Listen I’m sorry I saw you naked last night, I didn’t mean to but I guess I should apologise since you’re clearly pretty freaked out by the whole thing. Plus… I know this is going to sound weird but… you’re really genuinely hot Lily so you really don’t need to worry about your body so much, trust me.”

I paused for a moment, waiting to see if I got a response, and didn’t. Deciding I had waited long enough I turned to leave, only to hear a quiet ‘come in’ from her room, I paused once again for a brief second before opening her door. Inside was surprisingly dark for eleven in the morning in the middle of summer, the curtains had been drawn forcefully, likely by the same person who was now lying face down on her bed with her face buried into her pillow and grumbling softly to herself. I walked into the room and shut the door behind me.

“Sup sis?” I asked, trying to be as relaxed as possible. Her grumbling stopped and she lay unmoving on the bed for a while, before mumbling something I couldn’t hear to herself.

Suddenly she sprang up and locked eyes with me, I froze with her nose an inch away from mine and her breath brushing lightly against my lips. “Did you really mean it? She demanded fiercely. “Do you really think I’m… hot?”

Ironically at that moment, with her legs folded

underneath her and her arms pressing her ample cleavage together as they supported her body, she probably looked the sexiest I’d ever seen her.

Before she’d looked like a painting, divine and untouchable, but now her body was practically spilling out of her loose tank top and equally loose shorts. She looked incredibly seductive and I could feel my arousal springing to life, in the few moments it took me to spit out a response I went from completely soft to half-mast and growing.

“Y-yeah.” I replied nervously, more conscious than ever of how close we were.

She sighed. “I bet mum made you say it to make me feel better didn’t she?”

Lily started to move away but I gently grasped her shoulder and stopped her. “No, it’s just embarrassing. I mean I probably shouldn’t find you as attractive as I do… since you’re my sister I mean… it… it’s not…” my words trailed off as our gazes met and our faces drifted closer once again. There was a long silence before Lily spoke.

“What happened yesterday wasn’t really… fair. Was it? We both saw each other… topless but you don’t have boobs so it’s not as big a deal for you.”

“True.” I replied cautiously. “So how do we make it… fair?” Rize Escort Bayan I asked. The distance had closed even more, an inch had become a centimetre, our breath was mixing now. Each breath I took carried the slight taste of her lips and tongue, I couldn’t help but wonder what they tasted like directly.

“Would you show me… yours?”

Maybe my head had always been messed up, maybe it was that seed of desire talking, maybe I was just hypnotised by those beautiful blue eyes, but for some reason I found myself saying. “Only if you’ll let me see you again.”

That was it. I couldn’t take those words back and they hung in the air between us. “Why?” she asked.

“…” I didn’t have an answer for her, it certainly wouldn’t make thing more ‘fair’ but fairness was hardly foremost in my thoughts.

Our gazes remained locked together until finally she gave the slightest of nods. “Ok.” she whispered, gently slipping away from me. “You first.”

I nodded and stood up, I was wearing my usual early morning get up of boxers and a baggy t-shirt so my arousal was on full display, somehow I don’t think that bothered us both as much as it should. Without much ado I reached down and pulled off my shirt, leaving me painfully hard and in nothing but a pair of boxers. I could see the anticipation on her face, her eyes were practically burning a hole in my boxers already.

To be honest I was glad she didn’t seem to want

to look at my face at all, it kept her from seeing how embarrassed I was.

I hooked one finger over the waistband of my boxers and paused for a fraction of a second, only a fraction, before sliding my boxers down to my ankles, stepping out of them, and dropping them on the floor. My erection bobbed slightly in front of me, all eight inches standing to attention, Lily just stared at me, transfixed, and I was the first to break the silence.

“Your turn.”

She nodded and, her eyes still glued to my member, began to slide her tank top off over her head, painfully slowly. Now however, it was my turn to stare as I watched the slow unveiling of her perfect boobs with fascination, her hands dragging the fabric up over her skin slowly inch by inch until finally she slipped it free of her head and dropped it on the ground beside her.

I had seen them before but somehow that didn’t reduce their impact at all, they were large and inviting, they glistened slightly with sweat and heaved gently against her chest as she breathed. Small nipples and dark areolas contrasting sharply with her bright creamy skin, making her hard nipples more pronounced than ever. It took a colossal effort to drag my eyes away from her newly uncovered breasts, but I managed it somehow, my eyes meeting hers I whispered. “Keep going.”

She stared into my eyes for a few seconds and I returned her gaze, then she simply nodded and slowly slid off her panties, carefully dropping them in the hamper beside her before looking back at me. As if the hard nipples weren’t enough the clear liquid seeping out from between Lily’s legs as she pressed her thighs together made it very clear that she was finding this as arousing as I was. For a few moments nothing happened and then, hesitantly, we began to step closer to each other. We stopped, once again with our faces only a mere inch away from each other, I felt her hand slowly reach up and press lightly against my chest.

I had never been so aware of her presence, the gentle warmth of her palm on my chest, the moist heat of her breath brushing against my skin. This close I realised just how much taller than my older sister I was, I was 6”1′ and my chin was just level with the top of her head, her neck craning upwards to keep our gazes together, she looked tiny, helpless and cute like a small fuzzy animal.

“When did you get so big?” She murmured, her finger slowly tracing its way down my chest.

My hands had gently positioned themselves on her soft thighs, her supple flesh yielding under my touch. My lips began to carefully breach the distance between us, our breath twisting and mingling as she too began to move hesitantly towards me. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of limbo, we crossed that distance and I felt our lips ever so slightly brush against one another.

“JACK! LILY! YOUR FATHER AND I ARE GOING TO THE STORE!” My mother’s banshee howl reverberated throughout the house and immediately snapped the two of us out of the trance we had been wrapped in.

Once again when the spell was broken we found ourselves recoiling from one another, only this time there were no sibling insults or childishness, the two of us just haunted opposite ends of Lily’s room for a few moments, our eyes refusing to meet, until finally I fled the room, pausing only briefly to grab my clothes from the floor.

Safely locked inside my room my head was a mess, I was somehow experiencing fear, guilt, disappointment and confusion all at the same time. However those emotions were all Escort Rize standing in the shadow of the one guilty remnant of our encounter, which was the intense arousal I was still recovering from.

I still couldn’t believe how far things had gone, everything that happened after I entered her room didn’t feel real. It was becoming increasingly obvious that I was attracted to Lily in a way a brother shouldn’t be, that much I could tell just by looking down, but what was most concerning was just how much. More so than any other woman I had ever met.

I clearly needed a drink.

The low hum of indistinct conversation washed over me as Danny continued his clumsy advances towards the two girls he had singled out in the bar, I sipped on my drink and did my best to ignore him. Back in our booth across the bar I could see Alex with a serious look on his face explaining something to Sam, he’d been weird all night so I figured he must be getting it out of his system. They talked for a bit before Sam got up and wandered in our direction, leaving Alex sat looking dazed in the booth.

“I’m gonna have to head off soon.” He told me

yawning. “April told me she was gonna wait up for me, can’t keep her up all night.”

“A girl?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow at him before asking the obligatory question. “You planning on getting laid tonight?”

“Yeah totally, me and my sister are just humping like rabbits these days.”

I nearly spat my drink all over the bar, beer slipped down the wrong tube and I started to choke, my pain bringing Sam a great deal of amusement apparently. It occurred to me as I was choking that he had probably been joking, I felt pretty stupid right then, Sam waited patiently for me to recover, grinning like the bastard he was the whole time.

“You feeling ok there buddy? There was no need to kill yourself, I was just messing around, unless…”

He looked at me, his smile was still there but somehow he looked a lot more serious than he had a moment ago. “You’re having some sister issues of your own?”

I laughed it off. “Yeah yeah, don’t project your issues onto me buddy. Shouldn’t you be at home making some eleven toed children?”

Sam laughed, flashed another of his goofy grins and finished his drink, dropping the bottle on the counter he shrugged. “Yeah sure, I’ll get right to that. You should try it some time.” He walked off laughing only to pause briefly at the door. “You might discover it’s not as bad as you think!” He yelled back.

I gave him the finger and he laughed his way out of the bar, I looked down at my full drink and chugged it whole before turning and ordering another one. Danny was still flailing wildly amidst the women of the bar and Alex had already disappeared, the perfect time to forget my troubles and beat my brain into submission the old fashioned way.

I stumbled into the house, more drunk than I had been in a while and feeling the effects, dizziness, nausea, poor motor skills, I had the ‘you’re screwed’ drinking trifecta. Somehow my keys found their way to the bowl by the door and my coat found the floor, now for the hard part. I attacked the stairs with all the vigour and determination someone who is truly wasted can muster, succeeding in fiercely stumbling my way up to the hallway on my third attempt.

Apparently the hallway was my limit however and I slid down onto the carpet with a quiet thud, a taxi had gotten me home, my sheer determination had gotten me inside and upstairs, but it seemed that was a far as I could go. My limit sadly falling short of my beloved bed, I yawned and rolled over in preparation for a night on the floor.

“Jack?” I twisted towards the sound of the voice and saw Lily poking her head out around her door.

“You ok?”

“Snmmfl.” Was my only reply.

“I’ll take that as a no. Come on let’s get you into bed before mum and dad wake up.” She emerged from her room and pulled one of my arms over her shoulder, before doing her best to lift me off the ground. I did my best to help her and together we just about managed to get me to my feet, although I was a leaning heavily against the wall.

After great effort on both our parts we managed to make it into my room, Lily dumping me onto my bed unsympathetically. Her body now slightly sweaty and her chest heaving with her heavy breathing, she looked slightly flustered but it was cute. She wiped the sweat from her brow and scowled at me. “When did this cute little brother of mine grow into a huge pain in the ass?”

“I dunno.” I slurred. “When did my huge pain in the ass big sister become so little and cute?”

I don’t know why I said it, well I do, I was wasted. Lily was only dazed for a few seconds.

“Little? Cute? Where are you looking Jack?” she

demanded grabbing a handful of her flesh. “More like round.” There was a note of sadness in her voice.

“C’mere.” I slurred grabbing her arm and pulling her towards me. She shrieked slightly from surprise when I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into a bear hug.

“See?” I said, my arms engulfing her small body. “You’re tiny, and definitely cute.” I rested my chin gently on her shoulder and planted a light kiss on her cheek.

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