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“You’ve been a big help lately,” Isabelle said.

She flipped through the pages of her notebook with a weathered hand, reaching the point where hurried and small text gave way to nothingness. With great care, she grabbed a pen and started to draft an entry.

Catherine smiled and bowed her head. “Of course, Sister Isabelle. I’m glad to be of assistance.”

“And I’m sure that the other sisters appreciate it as well,” Isabelle said, flashing a terse smile. “The church may be holy but it is not exactly the most comfortable sleeping abode. But regardless, I do still like to have at least one member of the clergy here just in case of an emergency.”

“Has there ever been an emergency?” Catherine asked.

Isabelle shook her head. “Not since I was a little girl. Sure, the occasional farmer may stop by to summon the bishop for an exorcism but…” She snorted. “Let’s just say a Doctor is a far more qualified person to summon in the event of a stroke. Still, the last rites are usually delivered promptly.”

She finished with her entry and closed the book.

“Still, keeping the lights on keeps any young hooligans at bay,” Isabelle said. “I’m less worried about late-night confessions and more worried about broken windows.”

Catherine smirked. “Kids these days.”

“You should be careful with how you speak,” Isabelle teased. “To me you’re still one of those kids.” She sighed and shook her head. “Alas, I best get back to work. There is much to be done and Father Gabriel does not entrust many with his added labours.”

“Of course, Sister,” Catherine said.

She offered one last bow of her head before slipping out of the office and back into the church proper.

“So, you’re staying the night again?” a familiar voice asked.

Catherine turned and looked at Sister Karen. They were about the same age, in their early twenties. Though where Karen looked plain, with long black hair and a rather boring figure, Catherine was either blessed or cursed with something else entirely.

It was a blessing, since she understood her own inherent beauty. After all, she had a head of lush red hair, a face full of freckles, and a figure that many women her age would’ve craved.

But it was also a curse because every boy in town seemed to take joy in the concept of converting this Sister of God to a less than holy lifestyle.

“I am,” Catherine said.

Karen shook her head. “Why though, you haven’t stayed more than a couple nights in the convent in the last two months.” She flashed a smile. “Come on, blow it off and spend the night with us. Caroline snuck in a bottle of vodka and we’re going to be playing poker.”

“My, my,” Catherine teased, “you lot really are going to be touching on all the sins tonight, aren’t you?”

“I’m sure we’ll pay for it during our confession,” Karen teased. “Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to sleep in a proper bed, in a warm room, and not on that lumpy old cot that Isabelle thinks is appropriate accommodations?”

“Some of us take our duties more seriously than others,” Catherine explained. “I wish to be closer to god and this provides me with a convenient excuse.”

“Why?” Karen whined.

Catherine frowned. “I’ve experienced temptation these last few weeks and I must atone for that. And this provides a far more tangible penance than merely having Father Gabriel scold me.”

Karen sighed. “Fine, fine, you absolute weirdo.” She huffed. “You do know this place is haunted, right?”

“I’ve heard the rumours,” Catherine said, flashing a playful smile. “And they’ve proven to be largely untrue.”

“Largely?” Karen asked, cocking a brow.

Catherine nodded and made her over to one of the pews, taking a seat upon it.

“No zombies or demons,” she said, “but I do believe that I saw a ghost at one point. It floated through to Sister Isabelle’s office.”

“No shit?” Karen whispered. Her eyes were wide. “Are you sure?”

“Positive,” Catherine said, nodding her head towards the office. “Could be the lost soul of the former sister who previously filled her role.”

There was a tick, a moment of silence, which persisted between them. Then Catherine started snickering uncontrollably.

Karen looked confused but then it clicked.

“You bitch!” she yelped. Though she made sure to keep her cussing to a hushed level. “You lied to me!”

“Only because I enjoyed the look on your face,” Catherine shot back.

“You really are going to need penance,” Karen grumbled. “God is most displeased with liars, you know.”

“I’m sure they’ll find it in their heart to forgive me,” Catherine whispered, wiping at her eyes.

Another moment of silence was soon there, settling between them.

Finally, Karen sighed. “Alright, I better go check on the gardens. Enjoy another evening with god, Catherine. I’ll be playing poker and trading shots with the other sisters.”

Catherine bowed her head. “I always do.”

Catherine knelt before the altar, clutching the rosary beads between her hands. She fed them through her knuckles, praying silently as she did so.

Only a few Bayan Eskort weak lights illuminated the space around her, casting it in an eerie semi-darkness that seemed to make every shadow longer and more sinister.

She was used to this. It was a familiar sensation. That slight wrongness that seemed to nestle within her gullet. It clutched at her chest, making her heart quiver.

Her praying was delivered in hushed phrases that she murmured under her breath. She begged for protection, for forgiveness, hoping that this night would not be like the others that came before.

A light brightened from behind her and Catherine winced. It would seem that her Father in heaven had not been attentive to her specific concerns this evening.

She sighed. “You’re back.”

“Of course, I’m back,” a familiar voice called.

The voice was as smooth as silk though bore an edge that would’ve cut through metal if it so desired.

“So how is my favourite sister doing tonight?” the voice asked. “Are the local boys still bugging you?”

“It’s the funniest thing,” Catherine said, though there was no humour in her voice. “It would seem that they ended up in a car accident earlier this week. All three are in the hospital, thankfully with minor injuries.”

The voice whistled. “Fate can be such a cruel Mistress.”

Catherine finally forced her gaze away from Christ and turned to look at her guest.

The demon smiled at her, showing off rows of razor-sharp teeth and dragging an elongated tongue across her crimson-coloured lips. For once, the demon had actually adorned herself in clothing, going with a black robe to hide her shame. Her skin was the colour of magma and two horns gutted forth from her scalp. She had a head of snow-white hair. It was long and straight, licking at the back of her garb.

“Have you reflected on our previous conversation?” the Demon asked.

Catherine frowned. “I have.”

“And did ‘God’ provide you with any answers,” the Demon asked.

“They have not…” Catherine sighed. “But they do work in mysterious ways, Lily.”


What a funny name for a demon.

“I wouldn’t say work is the verb you’re looking for,” Lily teased.

She approached, putting more than a little extra sway into her step. It wasn’t long before she loomed over Catherine, placing a hand upon her shoulder. Even if Catherine had been standing, this demon would’ve easily been taller than herself.

“You know that I could bring you all of those worldly desires that the guy upstairs has been denying you,” she said.

Catherine frowned. “And what would become of my soul in the afterlife? I do not wish to endure an eternity of damnation.”

“Hell isn’t all that bad,” Lily said, waving her other hand about. “Sure, there is a fair amount of debauchery, and we do punish the occasional lost soul, but honestly, it can be kind of a blast at times.”

“Sure, it can,” Catherine grumbled.

She felt Lily’s hand leave her shoulder and instead reach for the side of her hood. The demon plucked it away and exposed her face.

“You really are a beautiful woman,” Lily commented.

Catherine frowned. “So, I’ve been told.”

“It’s a shame to deny yourself like this. We could honestly have such a great time together,” Lily said.

“I’m sure you know your trade well,” Catherine growled. “Succubus.”

“Oh, I’ve gained a new title now, have I?” Lily snickered. “Demon, Satan Spawn, and now I’m a Succubus. My mother would be so proud that I’m moving up in the world.”

“You have a mother?” Catherine asked.

Lily snorted. “I know the Catholic Church can be a bit backwards but I assumed they at least allowed you a basic understanding of biology.”

Catherine flushed. “They do, I just didn’t know it extended to your kind.”

“We are made of flesh and blood,” Lily explained. “Dad was a demon. Mom was a succubus. Had a brother and sister. A hellhound for a pet. Proper suburban hell upbringing.”

Catherine couldn’t help but giggle. “You’re messing with me, right?”

“What? You don’t find it fitting that hell is essentially one giant American suburb,” Lily teased.

“Actually, now that you mention it…” Catherine began.

Though her thoughts were clouded as she felt Lily’s large red hand caressing her cheek. Her fingers were long and nails sharp. Yet, she was so tender with them, gently stroking Catherine’s complexion.

The demon’s touch was warm, impossibly so.

“You were saying?” Lily teased.

Catherine swallowed a lump in her throat. “I may have lost my train of thought.”

She could smell the demon’s flesh. And like her touch, it was equally alluring. It was spicy and exotic, smelling of flowers that had no right existing in this mortal plain of existence.

Soon the tip of one of those fingers was against Catherine’s lips. She couldn’t tell what was warmer, Lily’s touch or her own complexion.

“You’re adorable,” Lily teased. “Did you know that?”

“I’ve been called lots of things,” Catherine whispered.

“Do you know why I continue Anadolu Yakası Escort to visit you, Sister?” Lily asked.

Catherine shook her head and was about to speak.

Though Lily took this chance to push her finger into Catherine’s mouth and the Sister did not decline, willingly taking the digit between her lips. She suckled upon it without even really thinking, revelling in the taste of this depravity. Like everything else about the succubus, her taste was equally enthralling.

“I enjoy your company,” Lily said.

With her other hand she reached up and started gently petting Catherine’s hair. Again, and again, she ran her fingers through her soft red locks.

Lily snorted. “Most of the other nuns I harass merely throw holy water at me. You, on the other hand, actually give me someone to talk to.”

Catherine tried to respond but the digit in her mouth made that rather difficult. Her mind was elsewhere, regardless. Her thoughts were fuzzy and corrupted, difficult to string together. Instinctively she started to roll her tongue around the demon’s finger.

It was humiliating, degrading, but in only the best way imaginable. Catherine was not ignorant of the heat that was smoldering between her legs, nor the wetness that came along with it. She rubbed her thighs together and made a distressed little noise.

Lily withdrew her finger, chuckling. “You’re positively repressed, sister.”

“Shut up,” Catherine whispered.

She turned to look at Lily, her eyes widening at what she saw.

The demon had shed her attire, the black robe pooled upon the floor.

Lily had the figure of Cleopatra, the beauty of Helen, the divinity of Aphrodite. Her form was sculpted with the explicit goal of being enticing. It was eerily human, with the only sinful features being the hellish tint of her flesh and the cloven hooves that clopped upon the ground.

Oh, and the impressive dick that she bore. That was a little out of the norm.

Catherine was not ignorant of what a penis looked like. She had taken biology and health class in school but she had a feeling that few of the schoolboys could ever hope to compare to the impressive beast that hung between Lily’s legs.

“Yes, yes, I know that I’m beautiful,” Lily teased. “There’s no need to gawk.”

Without Lily’s touch, Catherine’s mind started to clear. And with it came a sensation of shame at the act she had just committed. It may have only been a finger but she had allowed the demon to enter her.

And not only that but she seemed to enjoy it.

“Go away,” Catherine whispered.

Lily frowned. “Is that what you really want, Cat?” She smirked. “Can I call you, Cat?”

“I…” Catherine steeled her jaw. “It’s what God would want.”

“I didn’t ask what they wanted, I asked what you wanted,” Lily said.

She reached down and delicately grasped her cock, gently stroking it.

Catherine sighed. “I want what he wants.”

“You know how troubling that sounds?” Lily asked. “Wanting to impress some nebulous figure who is probably too busy with something else to even care about what you’re up to.”

“He’s omnipresent,” Catherine growled.

Lily smirked. “I’m a demon and this is the House of God. I’ve literally committed home invasion and he hasn’t responded yet.”

“He works in mysterious ways,” Catherine whispered.

“He works in mysterious ways,” Lily mimicked, snickering to herself. “You know how insane that sounds, right?”

Catherine snorted, allowing herself a small smile. “I mean I’m literally seeing demons right now. I think a lot of trained professionals would question my sanity.”

Lily smirked and approached once again. She drew up beside Catherine and placed a hand upon her head, gently stroking her hair. Her heavy cock just hung there, so tantalizing close. A bead of purple formed at the tip of it before draining slowly along her shaft.

“I suppose you’d like me to pleasure you,” Catherine whispered.

Lily chuckled. “Only if you feel so obliged.”

“You’re relentless,” Catherine growled.

The demon’s hand went away from her hair and instead to her cheek. She used a single talon to carefully stroke her complexion.

“And you’re growing weak, Sister,” Lily teased.

Catherine flushed, realizing how true that was. When this had first begun, there was no chance she would even allow the demon to touch her. Now she didn’t even flinch as this wretched daughter of hell caressed her.

In fact, it made her wet and filled her mind with sinful thoughts.

“Come on, why don’t you allow yourself a little fun?” Lily teased. “It could be our little secret. No one else has to know.”

Catherine gritted her teeth but felt no fury bubble up to support the expression. Instead, she let out an exhausted sigh and nodded.

“Maybe it could be,” she admitted.

Lily squealed and clapped her hands together. “This is going to be so much fun. I promise.”

She drew away from Catherine, giving her a chance to turn around, still upon her knees.

The demon stood before Pendik Escort her. Her cock was now proudly erect, standing at attention, high in the air.

Catherine swallowed a nervous lump in her throat. “So, what am I supposed to do?”

“Whatever comes natural to you,” Lily replied.

Catherine nodded slowly and opened her mouth, leaning forwards. At the same time, she carefully cupped Lily’s cock with her hand, angling it so she could take the tip between her lips.

Much like her scent, her taste was spicy and warm, though bore undertones that were enticing but extremely foreign. She could not place the taste of but it tickled a part of her psyche that knew that something was extremely amiss.

She bobbed forwards slowly, carefully rolling her tongue around Lily’s flesh.

A faint moan came forth from the demon and she quivered softly. Her heavy breasts quaked ever so slightly as a shiver coursed through her figure.

Catherine continued to glide along, going a couple inches deeper with every cycle of her head. Her tongue proved to be a dutiful companion, not slowing in the slightest.

Lily’s moans were an enticing melody and soon Catherine found herself caught, willing to do anything if it meant that this song would continue.

She moved a bit swifter and discovered the limits of her mouth, as she felt the tip of Lily’s pride tickle the back of her throat. A series of pitiful gags soon sputtered forth and she jerked back sharply, blushing as she did so.

A web of depraved fluids now connected her and Lily together. There were strands of saliva, mixed with the lavender pre that coated Lily’s shaft.

“Sorry,” Catherine murmured.

Lily smirked. “Don’t be. This is your first time and I’ll admit that I’ve built myself up to be a rather ambitious obstacle.”

She waved her hand and before Catherine’s eyes the cock started to shrink, fading to a far more reasonable size of around six inches.

“Try again,” Lily said.

Catherine nodded and dipped back forwards.

This proved to be a far more reasonable goal as she glided along it smoothly. After a couple bobs, her rhythm resumed and so did her prior depth. She was even surprised as she felt her nose collide with the warm flesh of the demon’s pelvis and she didn’t gag upon the organ tickling at her airway.

Lily rested a hand on the back of Catherine’s head, using it to guide her along. There was no real force behind it, just a slight bit of pressure whenever she wanted her to dip lower.

At least, there was no force yet.

“That’s a good girl,” Lily moaned.

Catherine flushed at the title.

Good girl?

She didn’t feel particularly good right now. In fact, she felt very much the opposite. But hearing Lily call her one was like an injection of raw endorphins right into her veins.

It emboldened her, getting her to really press deeper and deeper, going faster and faster. Soon, her world was a blur as she bobbed along at quite the tempo. She could hear the depravity of it and while it normally would’ve ashamed her, at this moment she could only revel in it.

There was something in her core, something hot and pleasurable. It beat like a second heart, filling her with a warmth that felt unnatural, sinful.

Soon Lily was pressing a bit more forcefully against the back of her head, taking control of the situation. Catherine simply went limp, allowing herself to be treated as a glorified fleshlight. The demon even started to thrust, pounding between her plush lips.

Spittle and pre drained forth, fouling her holy garb, dripping upon her rosary. God would surely punish her for this but there was little she could do to control herself. There was no fighting back against the temptation of sin when it controlled her so utterly.

Finally, Lily hilted between her lips, letting out a furious puff from her nose.

Catherine sputtered softly and soon something warm coated the back of her throat. After the first strand, the demon drew back, plastering her mouth with this substance. She assumed it would’ve tasted foul. Instead, it tasted like the blood of the lord; a nice port or pinot noir.

Lily drew back from between her lips, popping out with a wet slurp of fluids.

Some of the foulness drained from her lips and rolled down her chin. Catherine immediately wiped it up with the sleeve of her holy garb.

Lily smiled down at her, looking oh so proud of herself. “Where did a nun learn to suck dick like that.”

“I don’t know,” Catherine whispered. “I… I’ve never done something like this before.”

“Could’ve fooled me,” Lily said. She snapped her fingers. “Now how about you let me return the favour?”

Catherine looked down, watching as an ethereal presence coated her attire. Piece by piece, her clothing floated away, pooling upon the floor. It wasn’t long before she was naked before the demon, as bare as the day she was born.

There was no shame, however, no attempt to retain her modesty. Instead, she allowed the demon to eye her up, like a butcher with a piece of meat.

Lily approached and placed a gentle hand upon Catherine’s belly. She carefully circled her digits across it, caressing it gently. Though this was only a temporary gesture. Soon, that hand dipped a bit lower, brushing past the wild tuft of red fuzz and touching her most sacred spot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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