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This is the sequel to Destruction – part 03, featuring the same characters. This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18, and all are fictional. Not based on anyone living or dead.

Cassandra woke up early in the morning. The clock read 5 AM. She felt queazy. She pushed the sheets off herself. Her son Michael was still deep asleep, his arm wrapped around her waist. As she got up she felt his cum still inside her, slowly running down her leg. She moved slowly, not to wake either of her boys up. Her other son, Eric was rolled up into his sheets. His cum still coated her face. He had lost the coin toss the night before. It was their way to decide which bed she would sleep in each night, and who have to watch. Eric was watching the entire time as his brother fucked his mother, taking the liberty to enjoy himself as well by jerking it to the sight of Cassandra taking Michael’s hard cock in her pussy and later up her ass. Not one to control himself, when Eric came he grabbed Cassandra by the hair and unloaded his jizz onto her face. It was going to end up somewhere. Might as well spray it there. It was one of many sick little games the two brothers played with their mother. One of many.

She walked as quietly as possible. Cassandra wasn’t trying to get away. She knew that was impossible. She just needed to use the bathroom without waking up her boys. Michael wouldn’t mind if she did. You gotta go when you gotta go and all. Eric on the other hand would usually demand a toll, and she felt way too dizzy to give him head this early in the morning.

This was her life now. A few months ago her sons took advantage of her, pinning her down and raping her in her own living room. She secretly enjoyed it, but it cost her a healthy relationship with a good man as well as her boys. They vanished for a few months after that night, only to return and make her life a living hell. Her twin boys made videos of her as they fucked her in as many freaky ways they could think of, using them as leverage against her in case she ever tried to tell anyone or try to get away. She nearly managed to break free once, but that ended with Eric fucking her in their own backyard for all the world to see.

Most of her life had eroded since their return. They burned her clothes and took away her cell phone. If she ever protested, they’d just push her down and take her mind off her troubles. Forcing her to suck or jerk them off kept her quiet for a while. It’s hard to complain when you’re busy taking two cocks in your mouth. And there wasn’t a thing she could to to stop it. All she could was take their abuse and lust, and hope they wouldn’t come up with a new way to humiliate her this time. The sex she could stand. Hell, by now she craved it, being lusted after by two young men in the prime of their life. But the humiliation was becoming unbearable. In the early days they would think of anything that was somehow degrading to her. But as time went on, they would just finish inside her quickly and got on with their day. Cassandra was getting good at this. Her technique often left the boys cumming within a few minutes. Perhaps it gave her back a little control over her life. Not to mention she got a kick out of being a first-rate cocksucker.

But she knew their little game was coming at a serious price. Her wooziness each morning was not some random illness. Her period was late. She was afraid to ask permission, but she felt like she was in desperate need of a pregnancy test.

She nearly threw up in the bathroom, but managed to collect herself. After peeing, she headed out into the hallway, running into Michael.

“You okay, Mom?” he asked.

Sometimes a bit of that gentle soul Cassandra once knew would shine through. But she’d grown weary of that kindness. At barely a moment’s notice, he could snap into an enraged sex-fiend, ready to push his mother down and rape her right then and there. His brother Eric was easier to read now, since nearly all his actions had some ulterior sexual motive, but with Michael she felt like she always walked on eggshells. She never knew what he was thinking, or if his concern was genuine or not.

“I’m fine, honey. Just a little dizzy. Why don’t you go back to sleep?” she said.

“Join me,” her son said, extending his hand to her.

She took it, but with a heavy heart she walked back to his room. They laid down in his bed, and not a second after they did, Michael began to rub his fingers over her pussy. She knew to stroke his cock, as the boys had come to expect her to do this. His fingers circled over her clit, while his shaft grew firmer in his mother’s hand. It didn’t take long for Cassandra to get wet again. He knew how to her her going. She kept the same pace as him, rolling her hand over his young cock. Her legs trembled with excitement. She was getting close. Once again, she orgasmed at the hands of one of her sons. And as always, her brief moment of ecstasy would end as soon as the shame of her incest returned to her.

Michael’s cock began to spasm. All antalya escort he had to say was, “Face,” and Cassandra knew what to do.

She lowered her head towards his young, pulsating cock. She pulled her hand down to his balls, cupping them. A stream of hot cum sprayed on her face. Michael gasped as he came, before rolling back over and going back to sleep. Cassandra sat up as the cum rolled down to her chin. She sighed, having gotten used to this humiliation. How often did she wish things could be different? If her boys would simply treat her as a woman and not a thing to be fucked on a whim. Would she let them have sex with her willingly if they simply approached her kindly? She loved them both, and loved being fucked. But must they be so harsh in doing so? If they could only be kinder to her. But that wasn’t the case now, was it? This was the life Cassandra would need to accept, which she begrudgingly did. She simply rolled over, trying to catch a little more sleep.

Little did she know both her sons had grown tired with their sexual routine as well. They had debased their mother in many ways. But there was one final plan in the near future.


Cassandra was roughly woken when a powerful hand dragged her out of bed by her long red hair. Her son Eric, standing nude before her, shoved her towards his hardened cock.

“Rise and shine, slut-face,” Eric said. “You know what to do.”

Immediately, she began sucking him off. Without a word of protest, his mother took his shaft and pushed it deep down her throat. She sucked him like a pro. Even her hands knew what to do, gently stroking his balls and running over his cock. To her surprise, Eric didn’t even finish this time. Not in her mouth or on her face. He just pushed her aside, grunting angrily. She could tell he was displeased. Was he running out of ways to use his mother? Did he get tired of her? Perhaps they would let her go soon? Let her rebuild something of a life again? But Cassandra feared to hope. Hope had brought her plenty of misery. She knew to expect the worst.

She got up from the floor and walked out, down the hallway. She stopped by her old room. The door was slightly ajar, giving her a glimpse of her two sons working on something. Michael was setting up a new computer of some sorts. They were busy plugging in cables and attaching cameras to them. Stuff she understood very little of. All she could do was surf the net a little. Computers just weren’t her thing.

She walked downstairs, grabbing some food. Her appetite had been bigger as of late. The fear thundered though her. Could she be pregnant? If she were, there were only two options of who the father could be. Both of those options were her son. Which one could it be? And when they found out, and they would, how would they react? She was so afraid. Not just the shame, but the idea of having either of them being around her child. She didn’t know what to expect anymore.

“Mom, could you come up here,” she heard Michael call her.

She finished eating her sandwich quickly and headed up the stairs, her bare ass wiggling all the way.


Her sons were in her old bedroom, placing cameras and lighting equipment around the bed. Michael pointed her to the bed and said,

“Lie down on the bed, with you head hanging from the edge.”

Cassandra complied, placing herself towards one of the cameras. Michael sat behind the computer, while Eric positioned himself over his naked mother, his cock hovering an inch from her face. Michael pressed some keys, then gave his twin brother the okay sign. Within moments Eric rammed his hard cock into her mouth. He didn’t even build up the pace. He just went straight into fucking his mother’s mouth, scraping it over her tongue. He went on for a few minutes, groping her breasts as he fucked her. It didn’t take long before he pulled out and came, shooting his load onto his mother’s face. She winced, but took it without complaint. What’s the use? They were going to do what they wanted.

Michael checked the screen. He seemed pleased. “It looks great. We’re ready to roll.”

“Awesome,” Eric said, panting heavily. Cassandra sat up, looking at her son. He looked down and said, “Clean yourself up. We got a shoot tonight.”

Cassandra said nothing. She got up and headed to the bathroom. She heard her boys whisper something, but she paid it no mind. She had other things to worry about.


The warm water soothed Cassandra’s skin. It had been a while since she relaxed in a hot bath. She decided to chance it considering the boys were preoccupied with whatever it was they were working on. They let her shower, yes. Plenty of times. But just a moment to herself? Letting all the aches and pains of the days just wash away? Rarely. She enjoyed it for what it was. A moment of peace.

She stepped out of the tub after having been in it for half an hour. She didn’t want her fingers getting too pruned. When she did, she noticed Michael standing in the mirror, watching her from the doorway.

lara escort “Hey,” he said in a quiet tone. “Bend over.”

Cassandra did as she was told, bending herself to stick out her ass towards her son. She anticipated he’d ram his hardened dick into her pussy again. Or maybe her ass. What she didn’t expect was his warm breath grazing her privates. His tongue gently stroking over her labia and moving up to her asshole. This sudden tenderness caught her off guard, but Cassandra enjoyed every minute of it. The way he moistened up her pussy. His tongue circling and eventually penetrating her ass. It was amazing.

Cassandra’s breathing became heavier. She enjoyed being licked and rimmed by her boy Michael. Before she knew it, she was rubbing her clit along with his oral gift. She couldn’t help herself.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “You feel so good…”

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Michael asked.

Being in a euphoric state, she simply nodded.

“Mom, do you want me to fuck you?” Michael asked again.

“Yes,” Cassandra gasped. “Fuck me baby!”

“Can I fuck your ass?” he asked.

Cassandra knew she couldn’t say no. And this time, she didn’t want to.

“Yes baby,” she moaned. “Fuck my ass. Fuck it!”

Michael stood up and grabbed Cassandra’s ass cheeks. He spread the apart, exposing her asshole and lines it up with his erect cock. With little effort, he slid right into his mom’s ass. She’d been sodomized by them so often, it didn’t take much to fucker her there anymore. But for the first time since this all began, Cassandra enjoyed it. She loved the way his hard cock rubbed in and out of her bowels. Hornier than ever before, she stroked her clit furiously as her boy pounded her ass. It was amazing. She began to feel lightheaded, but worked through it. She was close. She was gonna cum.

“I–I’m cumming,” she gasped. “Oooh, I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me, Mom,” Michael grunted as he fucked her harder. “Cum!”

With a loud moan, Cassandra came. Her legs shivered. From her pussy she squirted a thick stream of liquid onto the floor. Her whole body was spasming. It was the best orgasm in years. Panting, she sank to her knees on the floor. Michael pulled himself from her ass and helped her sit down.

“Was it good?” he asked.

Cassandra nodded. It was amazing. Better than amazing. But the words failed her. She simply gasped for air.

“My turn,” said Michael.

Before she could react, Michael suddenly rammed his cock into her mouth. She tasted her own ass on it. It was foul. Instantly, she was snapped out of her mellow post-orgasm mood and dragged back into the reality of being a living fuck toy. Michael stroked his dick over his mother’s tongue, pushing her head down on himself. He grunted with each thrust, with no regard for how it felt for Cassandra.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming,” he grunted.

Michael trembled as he climaxed inside her. Thick globs of cum shot down into Cassandra’s throat. She winced at the mixed flavor of cum and her ass. She cried a little, feeling betrayed once more that her son would allow her to feel so good, only to remind her of her place.

“Clean yourself off. You’re needed later,” Michael said as he withdrew his cock from her mouth.

Michael left the room, leaving Cassandra quietly sobbing on the floor. She want to curl up and lie down. But if she didn’t do as told, there’d be more hell to pay. She wiped herself down, rinsed her mouth with mouthwash, and headed downstairs. Not a moment after she came down, the doorbell rang. Eric, sitting in the kitchen, looked up at her.

“Answer it,” he said with a grin.


It wasn’t uncommon for Eric to order her to answer the door while naked. Sometimes he’d even cum on her face beforehand, just for the added humiliation. Since she had no clothes, had little choice as well. That afternoon, however, a box came that was labeled with “clothing”. She almost dared to hope it meant she could go outside. Take a walk somewhere. Go shopping on her own. But the moment she opened it, she knew that wasn’t the case.

Inside the box was a red, leather outfit. Almost as red as her hair. It was mostly a collection of straps, exposing both her breasts and her pussy. Obviously this was for some kind of kink. But where did the boys get the money to buy this? It was because of them that Cassandra no longer worked, losing her job after they forced her to humiliate herself in public. They didn’t seem to be working. What was the source of their income?

“Say thank you for the nice outfit, little whore,” Eric said, grinning at her disappointed look as she held the outfit up.

“Thank you, Eric,” Cassandra mumbled.

Without him telling her, she began to put the outfit on. It was tight and uncomfortable. When she finished, Eric walked over and stuck a finger between her ass cheeks. He began playing with her anus.

“You look gorgeous. I love you, Mom,” he whispered.

Those were the first kind words Eric had said to side escort her in months. She couldn’t remember the last time he called her “Mom”. It was always “slut” this, and “whore” that. It felt good to hear him call her that again. But she also learned not to trust his false promises in the past. The way he promised she could go free, only to rape her in the back yard in full view of the neighbors. How they were fooled by the flimsy explanation her sons gave them she’d never know.

Eric guided his mother by the arm upstairs. He led her right into her bedroom. In an instant he stripped himself down. His cock was already throbbing and ready for action. He jumped on the bed, lying on his back. Michael stood behind the cameras, keeping an eye on everything. Cassandra stepped onto the bed, standing over her son. She lowered herself down, thrusting her hips towards the camera. She knew they enjoyed good close ups of her wet cunt. This was the hundredth time she did this.

“Back or front?” Cassandra asked.

Immediately, Michael pinched her left nipple. It hurt, but not in a bad way. She enjoyed the sensation going through her breast. The only thing she worried about was hims twisting him. A pinch she could handle. But if she didn’t want to feel serious pain, she’d obey him.

“No, say it like we told you to,” Michael said.

Cassandra sighed, and said, “Ass or cunt?”

“Good little whore,” Eric laughed. He held his hands on his mother’s hips. “I think ass will do for now.”

With that, he pushed her down onto his cock, which slid right into her ass. Her sons had fucked her there so often, it didn’t even hurt anymore. Instead of thrusting into her himself, he began to lift Cassandra up and down on him, smacking her ass cheeks against him. Michael was preoccupied with filming it all. It surprised her that he didn’t join in. How often had they both fucked her simultaneously, with one cock in her ass and one in her pussy. Lately they were more worried about getting good shots.

Michael crept onto the bed, holding the camera close to Cassandra’s face. He asked,

“Do you like that cock up your ass?”

There was only one answer she could give.

“Yes. I love a fat cock right in my ass. Please fuck my ass harder,” she said as sincere as she could.

Michael grinned. He seemed pleased with the footage. He walked back to the computer, and began typing something. From time to time Cassandra would hear a little chime. It sounded familiar, but she couldn’t quite place from where. Suddenly, Michael seemed interested by something.

“Hey Eric. Flip that bitch around. There’s something we need to try,” he said.

Eric pushed his mom off of his and stood up on the bed. With little effort he flipped her over, with her legs in the air and her head resting on the bed. Her neck hurt, but she was afraid to protest. Without missing a beat, Eric pushed his cock right back into her ass. The position was a bit awkward, but they couldn’t ask for better close-up shots of a cock drilling into their mother’s ass. Once in a while, Eric slapped his hand right across her pussy. The sensation caused Cassandra to clench her ass, squeezing down on Eric’s cock. His pace increased. He was getting close to cumming, so he gave his twin a brief nod.

Michael nodded back, then lowered himself to his mom’s face and pulled on her long red hair.

“Open you mouth,” he hissed. Cassandra did, preparing herself for what was to come.

Eric grunted. He was cumming. He pulled himself from his mother’s ass and aimed his cock down, spraying shots of his cum over her face. He even got a few right into her mouth. Michael filmed every moment of it. When Eric finished, he casually dropped his mother down on the bed. Michael began to help her take the ridiculous outfit off. Cassandra curled herself up, holding her legs. Maybe they were done for the night?

Another chime came from the computer. Both Michael and Eric checked the screen. Cassandra heard her boys chuckle a few times. They seemed really excited over something. The immediately began setting up their cameras again. When they finished, Eric plopped down onto the bed, guiding his mom over him. She held herself up, looking down at her son. He grinned, enjoying the sight of her cum-stained face looking so despondent. She lowered herself until she felt his cock pushing against her pubic hair. Eric grabbed his cock and pressed the head against her pussy lips, moistening it up. Cassandra shut her eyes and awaited her son’s cock to go in. But Eric seemed to hold off. What was going on?

“Are you ready, Mike?” Eric asked.

His brother had stripped down and held his erect penis in his hand. Cassandra expected her boy to stick it right in her ass, as was usually the case when they fucked her together. It came as quite a shock when Michael pressed himself against her pussy lips as well. What was going on?

With a little force, the two brothers pushed both their cocks into their mother’s pussy. She screamed out. Wailing for the first time in a while. A whole new pain shivered through her body. Both her boys were fucking her cunt at the same time. It was unbearable. It was then she stopped caring if she angered them. Every word she wanted to say but had buried deep down came flooding out.

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