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Marlene saw him just before dusk came down on the ranch. She had no idea what the bejeezus he could be doing out there, but there he was, sprawled prone on the ground amidst the rocks and the cactus, looking half dead. A canteen lay by him, apparently empty, and his hat had flown off, leaving his head exposed to the sun. She dismounted and walked over to him, sticking her boot into his side to see if he was awake. Nothing. She whistled through her teeth. “Damn,” she said to herself, half out loud, “what the hell am I going to do? I’ve still got a hundred yards of fence to mend out there, and now I have to save this bumpkin, or else let him die on my own land. Won’t the sheriff like that!” She laughed, a little bitterly, knowing she had no choice.

The man was heavy, but Marlene had gotten strong over the years since her husband died, leaving her to tend the ranch herself, with the help she got from her hands. Throwing him over her shoulder, staggering under the weight, she managed to toss him roughly over the back of her horse. A half hour later, she was back at her ranch house, and she and one of her hands dragged the stranger up the stairs and into a spare room. He mumbled from time to time, but never came to. They tossed him onto a creaking bed, and she told her hand to get back to his chores. “I’ll take care of him from here, and tomorrow I’ll go into town to tell the sheriff and see what he wants to do with him.”

Marlene had had experience with a heat-stroked man before… her husband, in fact, when he lost his canteen but refused to come home, rounding up stray calves until he fell off his horse. Back then the doc had told her what to do, and it had worked. “Strip him naked,” he said, “wash his body down with cool water, then dry him off so he doesn’t catch cold. Keep doing that, and if he can drink something, give him water that’s not too cold. And then hope and pray.” Her husband had taken more than a day to come round, but he was apparently no worse for wear afterwards, except for a headache that hung around for days. So, bringing a pail of water from the well, Marlene set to undressing the man, closing the door so her hands wouldn’t get the wrong idea. “Ideas,” she muttered, “what ideas? I haven’t had a man in the ten years since my husband passed away, and damned if I haven’t needed one. All they’re good for is a few minutes in the sack, then they get jealous, or they get you pregnant, then they leave you. Hell with that!”. She had gotten his shirt off, with great effort, rolling the man around on the bed and twisting his arms almost out of their sockets.

She was surprised at what she saw… this fellow was a genuine Adonis. Once she had wiped the grime off his face and gotten his shirt off, she saw how handsome he was. Young, maybe early 20’s, strong, lean and with smooth, silky skin that her hard, calloused hands couldn’t help but linger on. She shook her head. “Damn you, Marlene, get your head on straight! Wash him down and get the hell back to your business,” she thought. Taking the washrag, she ran it over his face and forehead, pushing his abundant and luxurious hair away, but letting her hands linger a bit, stroking his locks and feeling their fineness flow through her fingers. She proceeded with the cloth down his body, cooling down his chest, tightly muscled, with not an ounce of fat on him. His pectoral muscles were hard and well defined, and Marlene couldn’t help but think back to her first night with her husband, when he too was a young man, full of hunger for her body… she remembered how his hard chest had pressed against her breasts as he hugged her to him in those first moments in their wedding bed, glorying in her softness and taking her again and again, as though he thought he was going to lose her when morning came. She had often thought back to that night, especially after he died, remembering how he filled her, and the pleasure that would warm her as she moved her own body to let him go deep inside. He had been gentle, and she had sometimes wanted him to take her harder, but she had been content to let him be himself, because he loved her so much and did so much to make her happy, especially in those first years together.

She shook her head, casting out those thoughts. She was surprised at herself… she had never wanted another lover after she lost her husband, and never allowed herself even a minute’s thought about the hungry, horny ranch hands she employed. They thought about her, she knew, and once she had had to shoot one in his thigh to get him to cool down. After that, her reputation made the rest stay away. But here, in this kerosene-lit room with the curtains drawn, something was welling up inside that she hadn’t felt for years. “Pull yourself together,” she thought morosely, “you’d damn well better be good.” But she made herself finish the job, taking his boots and pants off and wetting him down, before drying him, trying to ignore the feel of his corded thighs and calves as she passed the cloth over them.

She finished her rubdown of the man, who was sleeping more Karaköy escort calmly now, with easy breaths that made his chest rise and fall in a gentle rhythm. But apparently his body had reacted to her touch, because she noticed a hard bulge that surged from his filthy underwear. She had a sudden thought… “I should really get something clean on him… I still have my husbands breaches somewhere.” Partially just wanting to get away from the man, and her own desires, she slipped out of the room and fetched a pair of underwear from the chest where she still kept her husband’s old clothes. Returning with them in hand, she gingerly sought to sneak the sleeping man’s dirty pair off of him without causing him to get any more aroused. Unfortunately it was a complete failure, and when she had finally pulled his underpants over his feet, she saw that his member had become fully erect.

She felt mesmerized, like she was no longer in control of herself… something deep was happening and she was no longer certain she even wanted to fight it. Kneeling by the man’s side, she felt afraid to touch his penis, but she convinced herself that just looking at it wouldn’t do any harm. “Hell,” she said to herself, “it’s not like I never saw my man’s cock.” But the stranger’s rod was bigger than her husband’s, thicker around though not longer, and it was so stiff that it had turned red and its vein stood out hard, throbbing gently. Without realizing she was even doing it, she let her hand get near, feeling the heat of his skin as she came close, then feeling its smoothness in her palm as she wrapped her hand gently around him. The stranger grunted in his sleep, and moved his pelvis so that his cock slid through her fingers, up and back. She pulled her hand back, afraid that her hard, calloused palms might be hurting him. But he mumbled and moaned, apparently in pleasure, and Marlene couldn’t hold herself back any longer. Grabbing his cock by its base, she leaned down over him, her hair falling over his pelvis, and she took him into her mouth, the way her husband taught her. “Don’t tell the parson,” he would joke whenever he guided her head down to his member, “he’ll tell you you’re damned to hell for sucking on me!”

They had kept their secret down through the years, but now, so many years after his death, she suddenly experienced the hunger she had once felt for him. She let the stranger’s cock slide up into her mouth, closing her lips over it and letting her tongue caress its hardness. She explored it up and down, then let her tongue curl around the tip, feeling his pee-hole and the ridge of his head. And she began to suck, almost like a baby at the tit, gently at first, glorying at the feel of having him inside her, then harder as her hunger grew. She thought she could hear the stranger moaning, and she felt his hips begin to rock up and down, sending his cock flowing in and out of her mouth, but then she lost herself in sucking him back in, and for a while there was nothing more than her mouth and tongue, his cock, and the sounds of a hungry woman eagerly feeding herself with a meat that sent convulsions of pleasure and desire through her entire body.

Suddenly, Marlene felt the muscles in his pelvis and thighs begin to tense up and quiver, and she knew he was about to cum. With her husband, she had always pulled his penis out of her mouth and masturbated him till he came, but this time her thirst for cock kept her lips locked on the stranger, and she stroked him with her tongue, sucking him deep and pulling him up into her mouth, waiting for the blast of semen she knew was about to come. With a cry and a strong thrust that sent his cock almost too deep into her mouth, he came inside her, pouring a rich stream of juice down her throat. She couldn’t even taste it, he was so deep, but her throat worked of its own accord, struggling to capture every drop of liquid, until he was dry and exhausted, like a cow that’s been milked almost too much. She let her mouth hold his penis until it began to get soft, and she let it gently slide out of her mouth, covered in saliva and dripping. She raised her head, fully expecting the stranger to be wide awake and looking at her in astonishment or even in disdain for her shameful act, as she had heard that some men do, but amazingly he remained asleep, merely moaning and tossing his head from time to time.

She left him then, covering him with a light blanket so as to keep the breeze from chilling him, and she went into the kitchen. She was alone in the house, with all the hands out in the dormitory-style detached house that she kept for them. She had learned early on she needed to keep them at a safe distance if she wanted to maintain the her reputation. And today, because of the times she had shown her male hands the door when they had tried something with her, she could ride into town without the bonneted, overdressed housewives whispering among themselves like biddie hens. But now she had crossed her own line, and she felt confused. She didn’t really know why she had done Kayaşehir escort bayan what she did. There was a warmth in her stomach that reminded her of the cum she had drunk, and it felt good. She rubbed her belly and shook her head. “Woman, you are off your rocker,” she thought to herself, bemused. “What the hell were you thinking?” But deep down she knew what she was thinking, and even now images were flashing through her head of what else she might do with her handsome stranger. She put more wood into the stove and heated water for coffee, which she could now drink, after years of practice, at all hours of the day and night. She felt a heat between her legs, a moistness that she hadn’t felt in years, and she knew her body wasn’t done with her yet.

With her coffee in hand, Marlene went out onto the front porch and sat on the weathered rocking chair next to the door. Nobody was prowling around, and there was no noise other than crickets and an occasional coyote’s howl. The moon was up and bright in a cloudless sky, and everything was highlighted in a silver glow. She tried to settle down her nerves and relax, but with every moment that went by she thought again about the great cock she had just sucked dry, and where else she might put it. She shook her head again, and felt momentarily ashamed for engaging in such sluttish behavior, with an unconscious man, of all things. But the fantasies kept coming back, and she found herself glorying unexpectedly in the knowledge that she was still sexual, and powerfully so, after all these years of self-imposed celibacy.

When she had downed her coffee, she slid silently back into the house, knowing exactly where she was going to go. It felt almost like sleepwalking, like she had no real choice in the matter. A force deep inside her, down in her pelvis and spreading its tension and heat through her stomach, thighs and pussy, was drawing her on. With an almost shy gesture, she pushed the door to the spare bedroom open and looked in on her guest. He was, surprisingly, still asleep, although Marlene remembered that her husband had also done so after his bout with heatstroke. She slid into the room and closed the door, and then, kneeling beside the bed, pulled back the sheet that covered her delectable stranger.

His cock was limp and shrunken, with his pubic hair almost hiding it. She reached out, touching it gingerly, pulling back when she felt it respond with a sudden stiffening. She put her hand on it again and began stroking, and within a minute it had become erect and red with engorging blood. But instead of sucking him again, Marlene stood up and undid her belt, letting her pants and underwear drop to the floor. Stepping out of them, she began to crawl onto the bed and straddle the stranger. A part of her was screaming “What are you doing? Do you want to get pregnant?” But that thought only stimulated her more, and a blind desire swiftly took over her, the danger of what she was doing making her even more eager.

Positioning herself over the stranger’s hips, Marlene felt for his cock and used it to start teasing her pussy. She moved her pelvis to let the rigid member slide up and down across the front of her cunt, tickling her engorged clitoris, and letting the wetness between her legs make the stranger’s cock become slippery and moist. Her breath became short, sharp shudders, her eyes rolled back into her head, and her mouth gaped open, her tongue slowly licking across her lips. When she couldn’t stand the tension any longer, she guided his shaft to the mouth of her vagina and with a soft push she took him into her just a little bit.

As his hardness penetrated her, she felt a wash of pleasure pass through her body, exploding out from her pussy and causing shivers in her legs and the little muscles of her neck. Underneath her shirt and bra, she felt her nipples harden, almost painfully. She lowered herself more, taking him all the way into her, and the feeling increased in intensity. She felt almost drunk, and a fierce feeling of relief seized her. After all these years, to feel a cock inside her! She knew now she was going to have to find a lover, or even a new husband… there was no way that, after this, she could go back to her celibate ways. The hardness of the stranger’s cock filled her vagina pleasantly, and as she pushed down on him, she felt her body respond unthinkingly, instinctually, grinding her pussy against him and rotating her hips to make his thick rod touch her all over inside. As she pushed down, she felt the tip of him rub against a special spot deep inside her, and she gasped in sudden ecstasy. She bit down on her lip to avoid from crying out, and then she increased the speed of her rhythm.

The bed was creaking softly now as she let the stranger’s cock slide in and out of her, and she jammed her pelvis against his each time she came down. She felt her breasts bounce up and down under her shirt, and underneath her the entire area around the stranger’s cock was wet with her pussy juice. She looked at him, Escort Küçükçekmece fearing that he would have woken up, but amazingly he was still passed out, or at least seemed so, although his pelvis had started to react to her thrusts and was matching her, so that his pelvic bone smashed against her clit. His hands were quivering and his mouth shuddered ever so slightly, but his eyes did not open and his head lolled on the dirty, dusty pillow she kept on the guest bed, for all the world as dead to the world as a lazy dog on a hot day.

Marlene noticed that her pussy had become swollen and was becoming much more sensitive. As she rode the stranger, swirling her hips around to feel him touching everything inside her, then raising and lowering her hips to revel in the luscious feeling of penetration, she began to feel a climax growing in her. She started to move faster and pump against him even harder, and the bed began to squeak ominously, though by this point there was nothing she could do to hold herself back. Again and again she slammed herself against him, and the feeling of burning pleasure reached a final crescendo, and the orgasm took her like a summer storm. She grunted through clenched teeth; it was all she could do not to cry out like a woman in terrible pain, but she knew even through the dense fog of her climax that she could never let a sound escape from this room. The first wave of her orgasm rolled over her, and she felt blood in her mouth… she had bitten her lip, hard, and the wound bled freely. She briefly stopped moving as the sensations become too much to endure, and she felt her pussy trembling, the muscles of her vagina contracting uncontrollably around the man’s penis, causing yet more pleasure. She felt out of breath, and couldn’t stop herself from panting hard, gasping almost desperately for air. As the waves of pleasure began to recede, she let her head fall towards her chest, and her hair flowed down over her, almost touching her silent lover’s chest.

It was in that very moment that the stranger’s eyelids began to flutter. Marlene was seized with horror… he was going to awaken! His pupils were dilated and his eyes jerked crazily, but then they fixed on her. She made a move to pull herself off his still-hard cock, but he moved swiftly to grab her, one hand taking her hip and another reaching around her head to forcefully grab a handful of her hair. Before she knew what was happening, the stranger had rolled over with her in her arms, throwing her off the bed and landing hard on top of her. He kept his hand in her hair, but with his other hand he forced her legs to open wide, and with a ferocious grimace on his face, he began to pound her, hard. Marlene was too shocked to do anything… she couldn’t even scream… she looked at him with fear in her eyes, and her body shook from head to toe as he nailed her again and again to the hard wooden floor.

As frightened as she felt, her body nonetheless began to respond to him of its own will. Her pussy rose in time with his thrusts to meet him, and a glorious sensation began to warm her pussy again as she felt his hardness penetrate deep inside her, again and again. He began to grunt with effort, and his thrusts became so hard that she could feel the heads of the nails in the floorboards with every punch to her pelvis. But the fantastic sensation of growing pleasure had her in its grasp, and with shaking hands she reached out to grasp his buttocks and pull him into her. They rocked and writhed on the floor this way, soft gasps, grunts and panting escaping them with each shock as they met each other’s hungry thrusts.

At last the pleasure became too much for Marlene, and a new storm of orgasm crested in her hips and pelvis before spreading to send quivering waves through her muscles. She spasmed helplessly as the stranger continued to pump and pound her pussy. His eyes were screwed shut, and his hands gripped her hard, his nails cutting into her skin and his fingers leaving bruises on her white thighs. After a moment his eyes popped open, and in her post-orgasmic devastation she could see the madness in them. But she could do nothing but lie back, exhausted, letting him take her, her body shivering from each smashing thrust into her. A weird, stifled moan started to come through his clenched teeth, followed by harsh gasping, as though he too were desperate for air. He gripped her even harder, and then he thrust into her one last time, pushing his cock deep inside and holding it as he arched his head and shoulders back in a convulsive motion.

Marlene couldn’t feel it, but she knew his semen was pouring into her. She imaged a huge stream filling her insides, coursing up to where she knew her uterus lay. The stranger uttered a last moan, then collapsed on top of her, letting his hands relax, and he sprawled across her, utterly spent with the effort of fucking her. His sweat dripped onto her cheek and stained her shirt. She was stunned with what had happened, but could think of nothing to do other than to let her hands encircle his back and hold him gently to her. They lay like this for a few minutes, and then, without saying anything, the stranger drew himself up shakily and sat on the bed, looking at her with unrecognition and surprise in his eyes. She got up herself, her thighs still shaking, and she avoided his eyes as she caught her balance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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