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Denise was a 52-year-old nurse whom I had known for many years as a family friend.

It was somewhat by misfortune that we reconnected recently at a funeral of a family member but it happened to rekindle the many fantasies about Denise that I had previously enjoyed, having seen her visit us when I was a teenager in her white nurse’s uniform.

I could not imagine anything other than full-bottomed white underpants underneath that uniform and I masturbated regularly and religiously to what I imagined what lay within.

Denise was a natural redhead and I dreamt of her triangle of ginger pubic hair getting so sweaty and smelly inside the soft cotton during her shift.

I imagined her slipping her cotton underpants down around her knees when she went to the toilet to either pee or poo or even change her tampon or pad.

It was difficult not to imagine her inspecting the inside of her knickers for discharge as she sat on the toilet to do her business.

I would frequently come as I envisaged Denise reaching across for the white toilet paper and tearing some off before applying it between her legs in a gentle wipe after her pee or else a more thorough wiping of her anus after defecating.

Imagining her changing pads or tampons would also bring me reliably to orgasm.

The constant thoughts of Denise’s vagina, anus and pubic hair rubbing and sweating and smelling and staining inside those tender white cotton underpants all day long were irresistible when I was younger – the imaginings of what really went on between a mature woman’s legs still fascinates me now but it was even more mysterious and exotic to me all those years ago.

So it was with some excitement that I was reacquainted with Denise only just recently.

I actually had to speak with her on the phone initially and when I eventually saw her at the funeral, I was thrilled to see that she had maintained her shapely features as I remember them from almost 30 years ago.

Denise attended a get together that was held after the funeral and it was there that we got talking much more readily.

The first thing I found out was that she was now divorced!

She had split with her husband over 8 years ago, she told me and was happily single at aged-52.

We of course talked about other things but most importantly, before parting ways, agreed to meet up for coffee some time.

Some weeks past and I found myself regularly masturbating over Denise – once again imagining the inside of her underpants and how her vagina and pubic hair must have matured over the years and how much more musky and feminine her odour must be now.

I imagined her constantly sitting on the toilet and taking care of her lady business with her big white knickers down around her knees and attending to herself with white toilet paper after peeing or defecating.

My orgasm was always timed to meet a number of scenarios – usually with me licking the inside of her stained underpants as she wiped herself clean after using the toilet or sometimes me licking her anus as she discreetly changed a pad or tampon in front of me.

Another scene I liked to imagine was one where I would lick the urine dry from around her vulva after she had just peed whilst slipping a finger gently up inside her rectum and sniffing the discharge from the inside of her knickers all at once.

Any slight thought of Denise’s vaginal and anal odour would also rock me to an intense orgasm – simply imagining myself in a 69 with Denise – her big, white buttocks squatting and spread over my face with her stained white knickers pulled to the side of her hairy vulva, my tongue inserted deeply inside her tangy unwashed vagina and my nose pressed up against her smelly brown anus – would never fail me.

Either way, her big, white cotton underpants were at the epicentre of my fantasies about her.

Several weeks passed and to my surprise, Denise contacted me to make good on the offer to meet for coffee.

Not only did I accept, but of course I was extremely excited of what may eventuate.

Our date was set for the next week and in response, my masturbation sessions over Denise increased in intensity.

I spent a lot of time looking for photos over the internet of women with red hair and especially women with ginger pubic hair.

Women wearing white cotton underpants were also high on my priority list. Mature women, women wearing nurse’s uniforms and shapely, Rubenesque women with healthy pubic hair coverings were also perfect fodder.

Eventually, the day of our meeting arrived and I was determined to “keep my cool” in the face of my overwhelming excitement.

Denise’s body had matured so well – still very shapely but not having “blown out” excessively.

She arrived wearing a pretty summer dress and some nice flat shoes without any socks.

The dress was perfect I thought, as if things “warmed up” later on, access to her feminine goodness may prove to really direct.

I hoped so, anyway.

Our conversation over coffee was very civil and at times quite humorous as we covered bahis firmaları a wide range of subjects.

Denise was still nursing after all this time but had been enjoying single life for the past 8 years after divorcing her husband.

She made it clear that she was not currently seeing anyone and expressed some disillusionment with the so-called “dating scene”, which I wholeheartedly related to.

Of course, I also made it clear that I was a single man currently which I hoped would stand me in good stead with what may or may not be about to happen.

Denise excused herself to visit the bathroom during our date and I tried to control myself in her absence – my thoughts running wild of images her sitting on the toilet and doing her business, panties around the knees and wiping herself clean on completion.

Imagining those panties being pulled back up between her legs after her wipe and continuing to rub against her (what I hoped were) hairy private openings was almost too much to bear.

Returning to our table after a few minutes indicated that Denise had not done any more than pee.

Still, these were all extremely exciting images and I tried to keep my calm as she sat back down.

We continued our banter for a few minutes longer before we both decided it was time to go.

Living locally as she did, Denise had arrived at the café by foot whereas I had driven.

This was a perfect opportunity to offer Denise a lift home, which to my delight, she accepted.

It was literally only a few blocks to drive before we pulled up outside her apartment block and continued what may well have been delaying tactics before Denise broke the ice and invited me to come inside.

Now somewhat nervous but also incredibly excited, I too accepted and found myself within the confines of Denise’s very comfortable and modern apartment in minutes.

She immediately slipped her shoes off once inside and offered me a drink – after running through a couple of options, I settled on a beer.

We placed ourselves on the couch next to one another and I sensed now Denise beginning to warm to something more.

I was naturally more than happy to play along hoping that it would go the way I had all but realised until now.

My nervousness was clearly surfacing as I polished off the first beer without even drawing breath.

Denise, I’m sure was aware of this and in courtesy offered me another almost immediately.

I accepted and committed to drinking this one a little more slowly.

As I neared the end of the second, its effects must have been kicking in as I loosened up considerably and decided to take a bit of a risk with Denise at this point.

“You know I have a confession to make?” I admitted.

“And what’s that?” Denise replied with a warm but awfully sly grin appearing on her face.

“I totally remember when you used to visit us when I was a kid and you were wearing your nurses uniform,” I was almost beginning to shake as I revealed my secret to her.

“And?…” Denise continued.

“It used to turn me on a lot,” I confessed after a pregnant pause.

“Really?!” Denise seemed to feign surprise in a tone of latent satisfaction. “So you like a woman in uniform, eh?!!”

“I guess so,” I responded rather coyly.

“So what was the biggest turn on, if I may ask?” she added with what appeared now like genuine interest.

I paused here, deciding whether I should be bold enough to admit what about her in a nurse’s uniform had REALLY turned me on so.

I cast her something of an embarrassed glance and after seeing the knowing and anticipatory look on her face, decided to commit to this now and hoped she would not judge me too harshly for it.

“Well I hope you don’t think I’m weird, but I saw you bend over one day and I saw the outline of your white undies under your uniform and I always had this thought ever since.” There, the cat was out of its bag.

“Hmmmm.” Denise considered for a moment, “So my undies, eh??!!”

“Yes,” I added sheepishly. “But it was also your hips and bum.”

“So undies, hips and bum then?” Denise was kind of wanting to hear as much as possible now. “Anything else?”

“Hmmm.” I paused again. “There probably was but I don’t want to make it sound too rude.”

“No, you have to tell me now, I want to know!” Denise was now goading me.

“Hmmm, no I can’t!” I was resisting momentarily.

“Well if you don’t want to tell me, that’s OK!” Denise actually said quite gently and clearly stopped short of trying to humiliate me. “So what kind of undies do you think I’m wearing now??”

My heartrate really picked up now and began to race and I had to think through a small file of possible answers before deciding to commit to the most honest one I could muster.

“My favourites are white cotton, so that’s what I’m hoping for!” I could hardly believe I was saying it.

“White cotton hey?” Denise was obviously starting to get turned on herself. “What’s so special to you about white cotton?”

“I just like it because it’s so sexy and kaçak iddaa feminine. White is so pure as well, it seems so be so sexy to know it’s contacting with your secret areas.” I was really revealing my own secrets now.

“Hmmmm, so that’s it then,” Denise took a couple of moments to see where this might go next.

I also stopped short of admitting my deep desire of discharge stains inside a woman’s underpants for risk of dispelling too much information.

There may have been a good chance I might get some pay dirt in this regard soon enough anyway.

Denise then decided to continue the roll we were both now a part of.

“What would you do if you got to see my undies now?” she said in a considered but utterly sexy way.

I nearly lost my breath at this and had to consider my reply equally.

“I guess I would be totally and completely thrilled!!” was my honest answer.

“OK then,” Denise said, before adjusting her position on the couch and moved forward with her feet on the floor and her knees slightly apart. “Would you like to come down here and have a look?”

I realised by accepting this invitation, I would surely have an amazing view between her legs and up within her summer dress, which was well and truly thigh high and more than ready to be pulled even higher.

My heart was sprinting now and I tentatively moved down towards her feet.

Once in position, Denise offered for me to indulge myself.

“You can pull my knees apart if you want,” Denise offered, now somewhat nervously herself.

My hands shook as I placed them on Denise’s bare knees and gently pushed them apart.

Almost instantaneously I caught the glimpse of the stark white that I was so longing for, nestled deep in between her milky white thighs.

“Ohhhhh Denise!!” I said incredulously.

Denise was still watching me intently and once her legs were apart and her undies visible to me, she lay back further on the couch, automatically giving me license to explore her further.

“Ohhhh Denise!! White undies!!” I exclaimed, my heart thumping and my penis rapidly filling with blood.

“There you go!! See!!” Denise cooed. “Dreams CAN come true!!”

“Would you mind me having a closer look?” I now continued with much greater confidence.

“I want you to, dear boy!!” Denise offered, now beginning to stroke my hair down between her legs, “I want you to see so much more!”

At this I pushed her knees even wider and even suggested that Denise prop one of her legs up on the couch to give me more access.

She obliged with my assistance and on closer inspection, I could see that her panties were actually off-white, with a sheer section over the pubic area, but a perfect cotton crotch panel covering her private parts.

On first glimpse, I could not see any staining on the outside of her knickers but hoped that the interiors may reveal more.

I stroked the inner areas of her bare thighs with my hands, before moving my face closer and beginning to rub my nose and mouth softly over the same area, all the while moving ever so closer to the holy grail.

The stroking and rubbing of her inner thigh was something I was happy to continue for as long as possible as Denise now had her head tilted back and her eyes closed as she also continued to stroke my hair.

I inched closer to the centre of her womanhood, and getting so close was a good opportunity to take a couple of deep whiffs to see if there was any odour which I may be able to absorb.

Initially, I couldn’t make any out but I hoped this would change.

Finally, I could resist no longer and pushed my nose gently onto the crotch panel of her undies.

I rubbed it gently and began to breathe hot air onto her pudendum through the cotton panel.

Denise now began to moan as her femininity was now falling into my grasp.

A few minutes of this tease was but a precursor for the real thing.

I thought it both polite and sexy to actually ask before going further and did so accordingly.

“Do you mind if I pull your undies to the side?” was how I worded it


“Not at all, I so want you to!!” Denise was committed as I could have hoped for.

Gently, sensually, I pulled the elastic to one side, immediately revealing her patch of ginger pubic hair – just as I had fantasised over for so many years but a little darker in colour than my imaginings.

As I explored a little further, there were also clearly a few more white curlies in the mix that probably once were.

“Ohhhh Denise!!” was all I could keep saying. “Ginger pubic hair, just as I dreamed of!!”

“You like my pubic hair?” she asked automatically.

“I love it!!” I responded, just as automatically. “I love the look and the feel – a woman’s vagina looks so much more mature when it’s surrounded by pubic hair. I also love the way it holds the smell between your legs and helps absorb it into your undies!”

“Smell eh??!!” Denise replied enthusiastically. “You like a woman’s smell?”

“Mmmmmmmm…” Was all I could muster as I began to bury myself kaçak bahis in Denise’s private paradise.

“Tell me what you like,” Denise said, almost pleading. “Tell me about what I smell like. Describe it for me!!”

As I pulled her undies to the side, it was also quickly revealed to me that she did indeed have some obvious staining on the inside of her cotton crotch panel.

“Ohhhh Denise!” I blurted, “You’ve got staining inside your undies!!”

“Mmmmmm…” she quietly moaned, “Do you like staining as well??”

“Ohhhhh Denise, I love a woman’s tender discharge stains on the inside of her undies!”

“Tell me about it, describe it for me!!” Denise was almost demanding.

At this point, I know had the most direct opportunity to inhale and discover Denise’s vaginal odour and what’s more describe it to her!

“Ohhhh Denise,” I repeated, sensing a wonderful opportunity. “Mmmmmmm. Ohhh God, you smell SO sweaty. Mmmmmmm. Ohhhhh, that sweaty smell of your pubic hair – it is so sharp and stale at the same time!!”

“Sharp and stale, eh??” she repeated.

“Mmmmmmm. Ohhhh God, you’ve got such a musky vaginal odour Denise – a combination of sweat and some of your pee and I love your discharge inside your tender white undies. Mmmmmm. Your vagina looks so mature in amongst all this pubic hair. Mmmmmmmm…”

“Mmmmmmm. Pull my vagina apart and look inside. Tell me what you see!!” Denise begged me.

Denise’s vulva, covered in a perfect smelly triangle of mature ginger pubic hair was a structure with large labia majora and as I pulled them apart as requested, her labia minora appeared and split apart like a delicate pink flower within the larger surrounds of her major lips.

Her minor lips were bright pink and wavy and actually quite large and flappy the more I inspected. Pulling her clitoral hood back however, I could see that her clit was actually pretty small in comparison with the rest of her vulvic structure.

As I opened her cunt lips apart, I could see a ream of white, gluey discharge accumulated inside her mature 52-year-old vagina, clearly some of which had provided the brownish-yellowish and smelly stains inside her panties.

“Ohhhhh Denise, your cunt is full of white discharge,” I moaned. “Mmmmmmm. Your vagina looks so mature and well-flapped inside your undies. It is SO moist and hairy and smelly. Mmmmmmm. Ohhh God Denise, you smell SO tangy and musky! I love the smell of your 52-year-old vagina. It’s so hairy and smelly. Mmmmmmm. I love your discharge inside your smelly undies. I just want to lick your discharge and get your smelly discharge in my mouth. I want to lick the inside of your underpants.”

“Mmmmmm.” Denise joined in on the commentary. “Lick my undies. Taste my discharge!! Run your tongue along the inside of my tender white cotton underpants! Mmmmmmm. Lick my smelly vagina. Taste it. Smell it. Lick it. Put your tongue inside my vagina. Put my undies in your mouth. Taste my smelly discharge. Lick my pubes, you dirty boy!! Taste the sweat!! Lick the discharge!! Mmmmmmm, that’s it!!”

“Ohhhhh God Denise!!” I continued the banter, “Your vagina is so smelly. So mature, so flappy, so smelly, so pink and moist for a mature woman.”

By this time, my tongue was indeed starting to explore the interiors of Denise’s body.

Her vaginal odour and flavour was exquisite as I could have imagined.

It was undoubtedly one of the muskiest and flavoursome vaginas I had ever experienced.

I had previous experience with strong smelling and tasting femininity, some I had known to be quite fishy and whilst I longed for Denise to be even the slightest bit fishy, she just wasn’t.

It was pure, sweaty, spicy feminine vaginal musk steaming from within her mature cunt opening and surrounding pubic hair.

I began licking away inside her, around her pink opening, through the pubic hair and along the slit itself. I spent appropriate time licking her tiny clit both through its hood and directly on the lump itself.

Denise moaned sensually as I licked her inside and out.

Her mature cunt was responding delightfully, both swelling in size as I licked away and producing increased amounts of white cream from within the depths of her body.

Before long, my tongue was sliding in and out of her flappy cunt very readily.

The taste of her mature hairy femininity was now hitting my taste buds fully and the stale and sharp stench of her pussy was permeating my senses incredibly.

I also took the time to sniff and lick the inside of her white cotton underpants as I had long dreamed to do.

This was Denise’s private feminine story of smelly discharge inside her undies and I had dreamed about this since I was a teenager.

It was EVERYTHING I had imagined and even more.

Denise’s vagina was hairy, it was smelly, it was now a very mature and well-flapped feminine opening, bright pink, moist and very delicate in between her thick white thighs.

I imagined her peeing out of it as I pulled her labia apart and inspected her urethra. I imagined her replacing tampons inside this beautiful but disgusting feminine opening and I imagined her wearing pads inside her large white cotton underpants during her period but also as a means of protecting her undies from her discharge stains.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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