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Chapter One: Funeral Day

My family walked slowly back to the convoy of black limousines parked outside the cemetery. I held my mother round her slim waist and my sister was holding onto my left arm. My grandparents, both sets, were right behind us, followed by a selection of uncles, aunts, cousins, friends and work colleagues.

It had been a long boring service with several people wanting to make farewell speeches, although Mum, Sally and I had not done so. We had known the whole truth about Dad and not just the face he showed to the rest of the family and the world in general. He was a successful lawyer, no, had actually been a very successful lawyer. He was also a sadistic bully at home and had made our lives a complete misery. My mother, to my eyes the most beautiful woman I knew, had been completely subservient to his oppression and was just trying to get through the day without breaking down, whereas Sally was clearly trying to get to grips with the new found freedom that appeared within reach. Mum spent her life looking after the three of us; Sally had a job as a teacher at an infant school whilst I studied computers and web design and worked part time for a software company.

I helped Mum and Sally into the limo, admiring their stocking clad legs as the climbed into the rear seats. Both were wearing black dresses and black high heels and black hats, in Mum’s case a wide brimmed floral piece that helped to hide her beautiful face, while Sally wore a smaller version. Because it was the height of summer neither of them wore a coat, which I could totally understand as my suit was making me very hot and uncomfortable. At least I think it was the suit and the air temperature. Before my father’s death neither of them had ever worn anything as short as they did today. Dad insisted that they wore greys or dark browns that never went higher than mid-shin and covered up to their necks and down to their wrists. They sat on the forward facing seat, leaving me to use one of the rear facing jump seats.

None of us spoke during the short drive to the restaurant that we had hired to hold the wake but I was glad of the air-con in the car. I sat facing Mum and Sally trying hard not to show my bulge in my black trousers. Both looked stunning in their black outfits and as Mum watched me shifting unconsciously in my seat she smiled. We drew up outside the restaurant and Mum patted Sally’s hand. “We’ve got through the worst part,” she said softly. “Let’s not spoil it now. Another hour or so and we’ll be rid of everybody.” I got out of the car first and stood to help Mum and Sally out; Mum gently squeezed my hand as I held it out for her, “Thank you darling,” she whispered, “you’ve been a rock.”

The catering staff had provided a buffet for the occasion and had done us proud. Everyone had plenty to eat although I spent the majority of my time walking round the assembled groups, usually mumbling meaningless inanities and shaking lots of hands. I spent the most time with my Mum’s parents; I liked them both, they were very supportive. Grandad had his own building company and Gran ran a small fashionable clothing shop. They both hugged me and told me that they would do all they could to help us through the next few weeks. Dad’s parents were a different matter, they had been cold and forbidding for my whole life, always critical of Sally and me and as I spoke to them later they remained the same, voicing their disapproval of both the funeral service and the catering. Actually our Grandmother was Grandfather’s second wife as my Father and Aunt’s mother had died two years after Sophie had been born. Sally called her Grandmother “the Ice Cold Queen”. They were all dressed in black, my Grandmother and Aunt wearing black jackets and skirts, although neither was as short as Mum’s or Sally’s. I didn’t spend long with them and left without a hug or a shake of the hand, walking back to where Mum and Sally were sitting.

I picked up a glass of white wine and loaded a plate with bits and pieces to eat, the first chance I’d had to get anything to eat or drink. I stood beside Mum, “Is there anything you’d like me to get you?” I asked her. She had taken her hat off when we walked into the room and as I looked down I could see the deep cleavage that her low-cut dress revealed. She had always been a “trophy” wife to my father who had been forty years old when they married, whilst she had been just nineteen. My sister was the eldest of her two children and was twenty, I was just turned eighteen and now the man of the family. Sally took after Mum, long blonde hair, blue eyes and a drop dead gorgeous figure that was shown off to its advantage in her tight small black dress. I had my father’s build, but not, I’m glad to say, his outlook on life. I’d always thought my mother was hot, but the tyranny at home had never given me the opportunity to tell her. My sister was beautiful, a younger version of our mother but had never been allowed to express herself by our father who had always antalya escort insisted that both Mum and Sally wore nothing but the unsexist of clothes that completely hid their undoubted full bodied sex appeal.

“No thank you darling,” Mum looked up at me and smiled. “I think another half hour or so and we could leave without too much fuss.”

“I’d rather leave right now.” Sally muttered, “Bunch of hypocritical vultures.”

“Not all,” I replied softly. “Gran and Grandad are here, as well as Uncle Tim and Aunt Maggie with James and Sarah.” They were all my mother’s family and so we got on well with them, although they didn’t visit very often following various disagreements with my father.

“Yeah, except them.” Sally agreed. “We’re better off without the rest though.”

“Agreed,” I nodded. “We certainly won’t need to see any of Dad’s lawyer cronies and his family can get lost as well.”

“I love you both,” Mum breathed. “I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been here with me.”

Sally and I smiled at Mum as she looked about to burst into tears. I pulled a handkerchief from my pocket and slipped it into her hand. “In case you need this.” I whispered. “And we’ll always be here for you; we both love you very much.”

“Thanks baby,” she gulped, “I think it’s time we made a move. Are you both coming?”

We both nodded and I helped Mum to her feet. She held onto my arm as Sally picked up both hats from the table and we walked slowly out to the waiting car. The driver opened the door and we sat back in the same seats as we when we arrived. The drive from the restaurant was about thirty minutes and we didn’t say much for several minutes, sitting in comfortable silence. It was Sally that finally broke the quietness. “Thank god that’s over.” She said quietly. “Now we can start to live a little.”

Mum smiled enigmatically. “What do you mean by “live a little”?”

“Well now Dad’s not with us any more you can relax and enjoy yourself without his constant bullying and all-round nastiness.” She put her arm round Mum’s shoulders and gave her a quick cuddle.

“That’s true Mum,” I spoke softly, “you’ve now got us to look after you for a change. We really appreciate all the flak you took from Dad to keep us safe.” I remembered the many times we had sat down for breakfast when Mum didn’t manage to hide the bruises or her red eyes from crying. I reached across the space between us and put my hand on her knee and slowly rubbed her leg, feeling the soft smoothness of her silk stockings. “Silk?” I said, surprised as she had always worn nylons, but not silk when Dad was alive.

Sally giggled, “We both are sweetie. It’s a sort of rebellion against all the rules and regulations he imposed on us.”

I felt Mum shiver slightly as my fingers slowly caressed her thigh. She leaned back in the seat and sighed. “That feels lovely darling, I’m quite tense and wound up after all this.” I glanced down and noticed that her black dress had ridden up slightly and I could glimpse her naked thighs above her stocking tops. I hardened instantly at the forbidden sight of my mother’s legs and I glimpsed a smile on my sister’s lips as she saw the movement in my trousers. She slowly leaned back as well and parted her knees to excite me further. “I’m pretty tense as well.” She murmured seductively. I felt my temperature start to rise in spite of the air-con and I placed my free hand on my sister’s leg, sliding it along her silk clad thigh, matching my movements with the hand on Mum’s thigh. They both sighed and closed their eyes for a brief moment.

Unfortunately, that was the precise moment that the driver called over his shoulder that we were home.

“Shit!” I muttered under my breath. We all rose and clambered out of the door as the driver held it open for us. “Thank you,” I said, palming a twenty pound note into his hand as I stepped out. He pocketed it swiftly and smiled a “thank you”.

Mum cuddled me again as we strolled up the path to the front door; Sally clung onto my free arm. I felt absolutely fantastic, knowing that we were finally free of Dad’s looming presence; that was now six feet underground twenty five miles away.

I managed to find my keys in spite of my mother and sister continuing to hold on to each side of me and opened the front door. I ushered them both into the spacious hall. “Welcome to the remainder of your lives.” I announced in my best MC voice.

They both burst into laughter that threatened to turn hysterical. I kicked the door shut with the heel of my shoe and put my arms round them both and held them in a tight embrace. “You’re both safe now. I’m here to protect you both. Nobody is going to hurt either of you again.”

Mum sighed softly, “Thank you baby; that sounds really nice.” She kissed my cheek, rubbing her trace of lipstick away with her fingers before announcing that she was going to bed. Although it was very early I understood what a strain the day had been, serik escort so we all said goodnight and Sally followed Mum upstairs to her room.

I heard them close their bedroom doors and I strolled into the lounge to unwind watching the TV. I must have fallen asleep as it was dark when I woke and some late night rubbish was still on the box. I used the remote to turn the TV off and unwound myself from the couch, stretched, and turned off the lights before climbing the stairs to my bedroom.

The following morning I woke late to the sound of the radio coming from downstairs. I smiled. Dad had never allowed us to listen to music in the house; it was another part of his controlling nature that we could now ignore and I knew it marked the signal that things were changing.

I hurried to the bathroom and took a quick shower to freshen up. I dressed casually as befitted our new freedom and ambled downstairs to join my mother and sister.

They were sitting in the kitchen at the table drinking coffee and chatting quietly. “Morning,” I said, “I hope you’re feeling better after yesterday; I know I am.”

The both broke into smiles and jumped up to give me a close hug. I was astonished at the change in them; their normal cowed disposition had been sloughed off and they were bright and happy. “Morning Darling,” Mum laughed. “Morning Mike,” Sally chimed in.

“So what’s planned for today?” I asked.

“We have to go to your father’s office to read the will.” Mum’s announcement broke the spell, reminding us instantly of the cloud that had always hung over us.

“Shit,” I exclaimed. “Is it necessary?”

“I’m afraid so darling, we need to know where we stand financially. We’d best get dressed in our funeral garb from yesterday.”

Muttering under my breath I made my way upstairs to find my suit from the previous day and reluctantly dressed for the upcoming meeting. I went back downstairs and found Mum and Sally back in their short black dresses, stockings and black high heels.

“God,” I said, “You have no idea how sexy you both look. The lawyers are going to be knocked sideways when we walk into Dad’s offices.” I spoke vehemently as they both looked so hot; I’d been so accustomed to seeing them in their drab dresses that Dad insisted they wear all the time that the display of stocking clad legs made me rampantly hard.

“Good,” Mum said sternly, “The sooner they realise we’ve changed the better for all concerned. We are not going to roll-over and accept what they want.”

She leaned close to me and kissed me on the lips. “By the way have you managed to unlock your father’s computer yet?”

“No, his password is not easy to fathom, but I’ll get there.” I’d been busy over the past week trying to discover what he had on his hard disk. I had tried various combinations of names, dates and places that were familiar but so far without success, but knowing my late father and his overwhelming belief in his superiority I knew it would not be something too complicated.

We left our home and Mum drove us into town to our appointment. We were all familiar with the offices as Dad had always liked to show off his power at work to us, and so after parking up we quickly made our way to the reception area.

The Receptionist was polite and attentive, obviously still in awe of our father’s influence.

We were escorted into Dad’s old office where two of the junior partners were waiting for us. We all managed to maintain a veneer of civility during the following lengthy discussion, but at the end of the visit we knew where we stood financially. We had inherited approximately five million pounds even after inheritance taxes had taken a sizable chunk plus the house and contents. The LLP that my father had set up was to be dissolved and there would be further funds available from this in the future. The other members of the LLP would form a new partnership, not that we particularly cared, although we thought that they’d be much happier without our father’s presence.

They all knew that my father had died from a heart attack in his office, with his trousers round his ankles and his cock in his secretary’s tight ass-hole. She was no longer employed by the company, which I thought was very unjust.

Feeling on top of the world we left the Board Room and walked back to Reception. The Receptionist stood up as we walked by and beckoned me over.

I told Mum and Sally to go on and I’d catch them up. I strolled across to the desk, “Yes, Jill, did you want something?” I had read her name on her lapel badge.

“Mr. Wilson, I’d just like to offer my condolences on your loss.” She stumbled a little as she looked at me. She was in her twenties, twenty four or five I guessed, with a trim figure and long slender stocking clad legs that ended in a pair of high heels. It appeared that the women in my father’s employ and family were chosen specifically for their attractiveness, although side escort the women in the office were all dressed to kill; presumably to impress clients.

“Please, my name is Mike and I for one am not sorry the bastard is dead.” She looked startled at the vehemence of my words. “Sorry to sound so rude, but he made our lives a complete misery, so his loss is not something we will lose any sleep over.”

“Oh,” She looked around but there was nobody in Reception apart from us, “I didn’t know his work attitude carried over into his family life.”

“It sounds to me more like his family life was carried over to his business life. I think my father’s family were responsible for a lot of grief. I feel sorry most for that secretary he was er…” I didn’t finish my sentence.

“He was buggering,” Jill finished for me. “I’m afraid your late father did a lot of that round here.”

“Did…” I started to ask if he’d done it with her, but thought better of it. She, however, sensed my question and nodded wordlessly.

“I’m truly sorry. He never tried that at home; at least Mum has never let on.” I patted her arm and she grabbed me and gave me a fierce hug.

“You look a lot like him you know.” She whispered.

“Well, I’m certainly not like him in my behaviour with women.” I grinned. “So I hope you won’t hold that against me. We shared a name, and that is all.”

“I’m glad I could talk with you.” She said softly.

“If you want to talk any more give me a call. I’m sure you have our phone number. We’re all victims one way or another.”

She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and I hurried after Mum and Sally. Mum smiled as I joined them. “Did you learn anything new from the Receptionist?”

“Yeah, seems Dad was a piece of work, but then we knew that already. Plenty went on that his partners weren’t telling us. I told Jill to call if she needed to talk without people around; I hope that was alright?”

“Of course it was darling.” Mum put her arm round my waist. “Your father has left a lot of pain behind him. We have each other now to help us through this, some don’t have anybody.”

We walked back to the car and then drove home where we all changed into more leisurely wear and assembled again in the lounge. “So now we know we have plenty of money what do we propose to do?” Mum looked at Sally and me.

“I think we need time to get accustomed to our new situation. All this freedom is still very strange.” Sally turned to me. “What do you think little brother?”

“Well I’m sitting here with two beautiful and desirable ladies and I want to keep it just like that. I want to hug you both and kiss you and make you feel special after all that Dad wouldn’t do. That is if you don’t object to me being more touchy-feely.”

Sally slid closer to me and cuddled against my body. “Of course I don’t mind; you can get as touchy-feely as you like. I feel as though I’ve been repressed all my life and now I can explore all these new sensations. I mean I’m twenty years old and never had a boyfriend.” She sighed heavily, causing her heavy tits to wobble, which in turn gave me a raging hard-on.

Sally turned and looked at Mum, “Since this is all new Mummy; can I take a look at Mike’s penis; he’s got very hard and I’ve never seen one before?”

Our mother looked at my groin and my sister’s hand resting on my thigh. “I don’t see why not, I’m sitting here to chaperone the pair of you.” Her mouth dropped open as my sister took hold of the zip on my shorts and pulled it down quickly, exposing my eight inch prick in all its splendour. She gasped as Sally just managed to get her fingers around the girth.

“Ooooooooh,” Sally mewled, “What do I do now Mummy; it’s making me soooo hot?”

“Me too,” Mum whispered. “Your father was never as big as what you’re holding right now.” Mum slid across next to me and without warning joined her hands with Sally’s on my cock. “Oh baby, you’ve uncovered a monstrous temptation. Your father was a midget compared with this,” She looked her daughter in the eyes, “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

“I don’t want anyone to know about this,” Sally moaned, “I want this all to myself.”

“And Mummy, baby! Mummy wants to share your brother’s big, big, cock.”

She kissed me on the lips. “Darling, why don’t you slip your shorts off completely, then we can play with all of your dick and balls.”

We had been so deprived of love and affection for all our lives together that when we found ourselves in a situation where we were sexually attracted to each other we learned that we were unable to resist. Mum and Sally were gobbling on my cock and scrotum whilst I had my left hand in Mum’s panties and my right squeezing my sister’s tits. I’m not sure which I preferred. What I did know was that I wanted both my mother and sister in the most incestuous way imaginable; my cock was throbbing with lust for both of them.

Then the doorbell chimed. We all jumped and Mum put her finger to her lips to shush us into silence. We sat in impatient quietness waiting for our inconvenient visitors to leave. Then the doorbell chimed again. “Oh sod it; they can see my car on the drive!” Mum whispered. “Pull your shorts back on and answer the door, darling.”

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