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I am Sam Morton and my junior year of college has at last ended. I have a few weeks until the summer term begins. Someday I hope to make something of my life, but for now, I have not. I am a tall slim geeky nerd and my skin is pale white. My arms often have that strange tan line where my shirtsleeves end, trucker arms they call it.

The community pool has just opened for the day and the crowd is small even though the sun is out and the day is supposed to be quite hot. I have been spending my days at the pool staring at nearly naked girls and going home to jerk off. My roommates, Roger, Allen, and Janet, make fun of me for never having a date and my incessant playing with myself. Even though Janet sleeps with Allen, both of them often suggest she help satisfy my needs. I have not yet.

In front of me is Tia Cranston. I saw her yesterday and I whacked off three times last night while thinking about her. She is a few years younger than her appearance might lead you to believe. Tall, graceful, and nicely shaped, she attracts attention with each step. Her uniformly colored dark chocolate skin accentuates her appearance. All I can think of is chocolate sauce with just a little strawberry ice cream showing. I am hungry and ready to lick my way into oblivion. I picture my teeth ripping her tiny tan swimsuit from her delicious body. The fact that she is missing most of her left leg and using crutches to walk does not impede my pursuit.

She stops suddenly and turns. I bump gently into her. “Hey white boy,” she sneers. Her voice is raspy and drives me even deeper into my fascination with her. I back up slightly as she turns more and now faces me directly. “I suppose you want to talk to me.” Her well-shaped breasts nicely fill top of her skimpy two-piece swimsuit and the crevice between them amply accents her chest.

“I do,” I sheepishly said. Even though I am wearing a loose baggy swimsuit, there is no way to hide the bulge in my swimsuit. “Sam I am.” I laugh hoping she gets the joke.

“So, can’t you see I only have one leg?”

“Does that mean I can’t talk to you?”

“Only perverts want to hang around women with one leg. Don’t you know that?”

Her left leg ends several inches below her swimsuit in a smooth curve. I am surprised at how shapely it is, at how little scaring there seems to be. As I watch, she moves the short remnant of her leg a few times, or maybe it moves by itself.

“See, you’re staring at my stump.”

“Actually I was looking at another part of your body.”

“What, my pussy? You’re not old enough to know what to do with it, are you?”


“And I suppose you want me to teach you to fuck. All you white boys think black girls have been fucking since we were ten.”

“Actually, when I…”

“Yeah, you think I’m pretty. Goddamn boy; just how old do you think I am?”

“Old enough?”

“Hell yes. I’ll have you know I’m twenty and I don’t want to teach some white boy how to fuck.”

“Maybe I already know how to fuck. Actually, I just want to talk to you. Can I buy you a root beer or something? There’re a few empty lounge chairs over there. Maybe we could sit and talk.”

The two root beer bottles dangle from the fingers of one hand as I follow her to a few empty lounge chairs as far from everyone as possible. I sit on the cushion in the space where her left leg would have been had she had a left leg.

“Well Sam I am, Tia I am.” She laughs as she holds her hand out; her long shapely fingers drape limply downward.

I take her hand and kiss its back. My lips linger and then I shift my lips and apply a second kiss. I do not let go as I lower both our hands and rest them on her right thigh, midway between the swimsuit and knee. Her skin feels warm, smooth, and comfortable.

“What, no girlfriends let you get in their panties?”


“You a fag? Maybe you should just go off with your boyfriend and fuck güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri him in the ass.”

“I’m not a fag. No way!”

My eyes scan her body. Her jet-black hair hangs past her shoulders. Her eyes are brown like her skin. Her smile fills out her wide mouth and exposes her white teeth. Her lips are damp from the root beer and I want to know what it will be like to kiss them dry. Her stump moves farther to the side. I want to know all about it. Tia is a book of mysteries and I want to play detective.

She drags a few fingers over the end of her stump, and then she leaves her hand covering the end. “You’re dying to know about this, aren’t you?”

“No more than the rest of you.”

“Why? You could have hit on any white girl with two legs, but you chose me.” Tia’s throat bobs a few times as she drinks a large sip of root beer.

“You were right in front of me and I found you exciting. If you had two legs, I would still have talked to you.”

She rests the bottle between her legs and I can almost imagine hearing a sizzle. The bottle lies there as she lets her hand stroke the long bottleneck a few times as though she wants it to have an orgasm. Her tongue slips slowly across her lips replacing the trace of root beer with her own wetness.

“So if you could kiss any part of me, what would be first?”

“I bet it is all good. What would be your recommendation?”

“Damn boy, you are a puzzle.” Tia pulls the fabric between her legs to one side revealing something that is lovely. A fingertip snags one side of her labia and parts the opening. “How about this?” The pink skin contrasts with the dark brown skin in ways that I had never dreamed about, but now I am. I look around. We are still alone. I tentatively put my fingertip inside and feel the warmth.

“There’s plenty of room in there. Stick another finger in there.” She grabs my hand and forces a second finger inside her. She begins working my hand around. “That’s more like it.” Her only foot falls off the side of the lounge chair leaving her crotch even more exposed.

“Is there someplace we can go?” I ask as she curls her mouth in a small oh and she releases a small sound of pleasure. I wait for it to stop.

“Don’t guess you have enough money for a motel.”

“How about your place?”

“My daddy and brother are home and they’d whip your ass. Then they’d whip mine.”

“Do you live with your daddy?”

“No. I was just jerking your chain boy. Come on, we can go to my place. It’s not that far.”

I hold the gate to the community pool open and watch the graceful way she walks ahead of me. The single foot in the sandal swinging between the long aluminum crutches drives me crazy. Her white towel dangles over her shoulder as I stare at the shapely hips that wiggle with each step. She looks straight ahead and takes another step. “Last year. A shotgun.” The gate slams behind us. “I was working at the convenience store and there was a robbery.”

Apartment 121 is on the first floor and faces the wooded area by the lake. There is a single room with a loveseat against one wall and a double bed against the opposite wall. A small galley kitchen is opposite the only windows looking out towards the trees. A few poster reproductions of famous paintings are stuck on the wall with thumbtacks.

Tia leans against the wall and pulls me close. Her lips press against mine and I can feel her tongue part them. Her crotch grinds against mine and I can hear muffled groans fill my mouth. My hand cups a breast. “Pull it out of my bra,” she demands. I continue to fondle it over the swimsuit top. She reaches down and jerks the bottom edge of the bra upwards until the breast is fully exposed. “Now touch it.” I do as instructed. “Harder baby,” she scolds me.

As she pulls away, her crutches fall on the floor in a loud clang. She hops to the bed. I watch her pull the swimsuit top over her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri head, her brown mounds bouncing around a few times as they come free. She picks one up and pushes the nipple between her lips. “Hmmm. Bet you’d like this tit.”

My thumbs hook inside the waistband of my swimsuit and work it down my legs as I watch her. My erection springs free. As I start to walk towards her, I toss my swimsuit over my shoulder and it lands on top of her crutches.

“That’s a better looking cock that I expected. I like it cut.”

“Yeah, like you’ve seen all that many.”

“Am I your little girl?”

“Do you want me to be your daddy?”

“Oh daddy, fuck your little girl real-l-l good.”

I lean down and pull her nipple between my lips along with a few inches of her breast.

“Ah-h-h,” she groans. “Daddy, I’ll be good. Just fuck me.”

I push her backwards, jerk at her swimsuit bottom, and begin pulling it away from her hips. I kneel on the bed and look at her naked for the first time. “Very nice!” My fingers drag over the brown skin.

She pulls me forward and I lay between her legs. I can feel her foot resting on my back, her stump stroking the side of my hip. My mouth falls on top of hers, my tongue slips deep inside and plays against hers.

“I like the feel of your stump against me.”

“You really don’t mind, do you?”


Her fingers slip along my face, a fingertip drags across my lips, she kisses them lightly, and then looks at my face. “No one has wanted…”

I hold my finger to her lips. “Shhh.” I kiss her lips. “I do.”

I kiss a path from her lips to her pussy with detours around both nipples. I will never forget that first lick across the bright pink skin between her thighs. The taste is sweet, the aroma wonderful, and the sensation fantastic. The sound of her moan resonates though my soul.

My fingertips part her pussy and my tongue searches for the end of the tunnel. Her fingers roam though my hair as she moves my head around. “Your making Tia feel so-o-o good baby.” Her juices flow almost faster than I can lick them up. The way her stump rubs against my face lets me know if she had both legs, she probably would be crushing my head about now. “Ah-h-h,” she moans. My head rocks back and forth between her legs. My fingertip grazes her clit and she bucks hard against my mouth. “Again!” The single word races from her mouth and then echoes off the wall. I let my fingertip circle the pink nub as it peeks from under the hood. “Eat it! Suck me off white boy.”

We lay next to each other kissing gently as she begins to relax. “Damn boy, that wasn’t your first time eating pussy, was it now?”

“Got me there. I bet you’re not twenty either.”

“I tell you after I milk that cock of yours. I bet you won’t care if I am fifteen or fifty after that.”

As my cock slips inside Tia’s pussy, I can feel her tighten every muscle until she has a strangle hold. “Baby, I can’t move it.” I look down into her brown eyes.

“You don’t need to.” She lets her muscles ripple along the shaft.

“Oh yeah!” I feel the first ejaculations.

“Fill Tia’s cunt with your hot cream.”

The death grip on my cock loosens and it slips into the light of the room. “Let me clean that wonderful thing off.” She pushes me onto my back and takes it completely in her mouth. The gurgles and slurps she makes are delightful. She sits up and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. “I hope daddy can stay tonight and take proper care of his little girl.”

“And what might proper care be like?”

“A hell of a lot of what we just did for starters.”

“Let’s shower together and then I can buy you dinner.”

“Won’t you be ashamed to be seen with a black woman, a black woman with one leg?”

“Why would I be ashamed of you? You’re gorgeous.” I pull her close and suck her lovely lips between mine. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Our tongues touch and the electricity flows.

Her hand touches between my legs. “Oh my,” she coos.

I roll on top of her as she guides it inside. I rock my hips and listen to her sounds of ecstasy mingle with mine. I begin to fill her and I watch the expressions on her face. “I love the way your body feels.” I dip my face and our lips touch. Her tongue fills my mouth. Her foot rises and rests over my hip and pulls me tighter against her as she squeezes her pussy tighter.

We spend the rest of the afternoon and early evening making love.

“Will anyone miss you tonight?” she asks.

“Someone would if I didn’t stay here.”

“Smooth,” she moans.

When I wake the next morning, it takes me a few minutes to remember who’s pressed against my back, whose warm breath is blowing against my neck, and whose hand is resting over my erection. I slowly roll over and kiss Tia into consciousness.

“Hey sexy thing,” she whispers as she nibbles on my lips. My hand slides along her velvet soft skin and rests over her stump. She moves the stump slightly. “That feels nice. I’m glad you don’t mind.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Good answer.” Her fingers wrap around my erection and begin to stroke. “Hmmm, love this cock.”

I unload across her thigh after just a few strokes. “Sorry. I hope I will learn how to control myself.”

“I just hope we will have plenty of time to work on that.”

I push myself downwards until my mouth covers her pussy. I lap at her wetness and lick her clit between my lips. I hear her moan as I bite down and nibble firmly. “You suck me so nicely … Oh yeah baby.”

The water stops falling over our bodies and we hug as the water drips between us. Tia takes a towel and begins to dry me.

I lie on the bed, my head near her stump and watch Tia as she ties the laces to her black running shoe.

“Will it ever not seem so wonderful?”

She rubs my head and looks sweetly towards me. “I don’t think so.” Tia stands, balances on her long slender single leg, and brushes her short black leather skirt along her hips. She holds her hands out the side. “What do you think? I could wear jeans if you prefer?”

“Dressed, you are as lovely as you are naked.” I laugh as I struggle to not become so erect I cannot go out in public. “Lets stop at my place so I can change. You can meet my roommates.”

“I’m glad you want to introduce me to them.”

I pull my tee shirt on and adjust my swimsuit. “It’s just a few blocks.”

I watch as Tia moves across the small room. I know hidden just above the hem of her skirt is the soft, lovely, mound that is all that remains of her leg. I am tempted to shove her to the mattress. I resist. I do not know why. I know there will be time later.

She stands in front of me sitting on the edge of the bed and says nothing. Her fingers slowly drag the hem of her skirt up along her thigh until the small slip of material covering her pussy is exposed. A finger flips the edge of her panties to the side and she inhales deeply. My hands cup her ass and I massage the cheeks firmly. Her stump rises.

“You are making it hard for me to want to leave.”

“I’m glad I’m making something hard.” She giggles as she pulls my chin up slightly and stares into my eyes. Her tongue slips gracefully across her lips in a way that makes me want to never let go of her. She sits on the bed next to me, her stump on my side of her body.

“Sam … do you really like me with one leg?”

“I like all of you Tia. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“If you said you were following me only because I had one leg, I wouldn’t mind. I want you to know that. I was just kidding you yesterday about perverts and women with one leg.”

I just sit and look at her face. My hand holds the end of her stump. All I say is, “Yes.”

“Before we get all tangled in love, I need to tell you that what I said about the robbery isn’t….” She pauses and stares at me. “Nah, it doesn’t matter.”

I lowered her to the mattress and lay half on top of her, my lips against hers, my hand fondling her stump. I pull back slightly. “I love you being this way.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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