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Thanks for the feedback on this one. It helps me write. And it was cool to see that some knew that Chapter 1 was similar to the comic ‘Convent of Hell’. Which was my insperation for this story. But the rest is all original to my knowledge. Remember, this story is not for the faint of heart. Enjoy!

When they reached his house, Paulina finaly dismounted Ben’s cock. They entered his home and his mom greeted them. She was over forty, slightly overweight, but had a big rack. Ben’s mom seemed to sense that something was wrong. He made up a story that they had run out of room at the convent and Paulina needed a place to stay for a while. As bogus as the story was, who was his family to turn down a nun.

They toured around the house as Ben hugged all his family members. He had a large family. Along with two older brothers, Ben had an older sister, and he was the older brother of twin sisters. Though they had just turned 18 of few days ago. Of course there was always his dad, and every now and then, other relatives would stop by.

His older brothers were Eric and Jason. Jennifer was his older sister. She had long dark hair and the body of a pornstar. As the cheerleader captain, she was the best looking out of the whole family.

The twins, were another story. They had been concieved right after Ben was born and then they came into the world nine months later. Jenna and Jessica were identical, and it really was a shame. Especially for seniors, they were short, fat, not attractive, and extremely undeveloped. Their blond hair and perky personalities made up for it though. Ben always loved talking to them, as it was the opposite with Jennifer. She was so stuck up that she wouldn’t even look at her siblings at school. It was ironic that Jennifer was still in high school while his brothers weren’t. Their parents were a little paranoid and wanted her to be older, so they put her in school a year late.

Ben’s mom was something else. She was overweight, at about 250 pounds, had long brown hair, but at least she had DD size breasts. Though they did sag. She was appalled anytime sex was mentioned around her. Mom hated the way Jennifer dressed. And dressed very conservative herself.

The next day, Ben and his sisters were at school. His brothers went to a private university for sports. It was very near to the end of the school year, so virtually every senior in his school was 18. When Ben got to his first class, he was shocked, as was the rest of the choir class. Here they were expecting this middle-aged female director. When they got this incredibly atractive woman. Miss Evers, now looked more like a pornstar. Ben wondered if she may have been turned into a succubuss. But then again it was far to soon for that. And it had been a while since she was at school.

Ben got an instant hard-on. She wore little glasses, and a buisiness suit, with a skirt. Her hair was tied up in a bun. Ben wanted her. He wondered what her reaction would be to his special sperm.

After class, Miss Evers called Ben into her little office. He walked in and she closed the door. She began to go off on him and his performance in choir. Ben was getting angry, tired of having to defend himself and being late to his next class. Miss Evers always was a bitch.

Then the door to the choir room shut and everyone was out of the room. Miss Evers, suddenly changed her attitude.

“Now, you’ll just have to stay longer and earn some extra credit.” She stated as she spread her legs in her chair to reveal her bare, hairless cunt. Miss Evers inserted a finger into her dripping wet snatch. Then she pulled it out and inserted it into her mouth. “Mmmmm.” she moaned. Ben was hard again.

The director reinserted the finger into her pussy, pulled it out and offered it to Ben. “Wanna taste?” she said seductively, putting her finger into his gaping mouth. Ben loved the taste of pussy juice. Miss Evers pulled herself, in her rolling chair, to Ben and fished his cock out of his pants. Now using both hands, she jerked on his prick. Evers licked the tip of the young man’s dick, with anticipation.

“Mmmmmppphhh!” she said moaned out as she shoved Ben’s fuck-pole down her throat. Miss Evers was an expert cock sucker. She did it all. Deep-throating, licking and swallowing his balls, bobbing her head, using her hands to fondle his balls as well. And all this while moaning, and looking strait into his eyes.

“Ahggghhh. I’m gonna cum!” Ben moaned. Miss Evers only increased her sucking and moaned loader in anticipation. He unloaded his magical sperm down her throat. She swallowed every single drop. Even with all the cum he had given her, she wanted more. When she realized that she didn’t even had to suck on Ben’s cock to get it hard again.

Sitting back in her chair, Miss Evers hiked up her skirt and opened up her blouse, revealing her huge, lucious tits. “Fuck me now! Fuck your choir teacher! Its time you earned your grade!”

Ben nearly trounced on her. Her position in the chair didn’t make things easy. But Evers pulled Niğde Escort him down on her and immediately placed his cock at her entrance. Miss Evers wrapped her legs around her student, and pulled him inside of her.

“Ohhhh. Miss Evers!” Ben moaned as he began to pump in and out of her cunt. She moaned and humped back, pulling him into a lip-lock. Ben then left her lips and began sucking on her titties. Her pussy lips clenched around his prick, trying to milk it of its seed. He pulled away from her nipple. Grabbing her breasts, Ben arched his back and rammed into his teacher with wild abandon. They clenched their teeth.

“Ahhhhhhhh! Yes! Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me! Cum in my cunt! Give me your seed! Knock up your teacher!” she said with her teeth clenched while gripping him with her glass-covered eyes. Ben pounded into her like a jackhammer, and Miss Evers matched every one of his thrusts.

Ben arched his back and came for the second time in their session. But this time in his teacher’s cunt. The teacher moaned, “Ohhhhhh, yes! I can feel your cum in me.” Miss Evers continued to use dirty talk to urge Ben on.

When Ben finaly finished emptying his nut into the depths of his teacher’s belly, he nearly collapsed on her. But Miss Evers wasn’t finished. She pushed Ben off her, got up, move him around her, sat him down in the chair, and began to mount his still, rock-hard boner.

“Come on Ben! I know you can still go a few more times. You still haven’t deposited enough cum in my belly yet. And I’m still hungry.”

Miss Evers sat down and he entered her for the second time. She immediately began to bounce on him. Raising herself till only his prick head remained in the lips of her pussy, then dropping down, imbedding Ben’s entire shaft inside of her. Ben’s hands roamed all over her body as she fucked him. They moaned in unison as they both experianced orgasms.

Ben had already emptied himself into her two times, but cum three times overall. So he found it a little strange that his teacher didn’t hesitate to start fucking again. Miss Evers, with Ben’s dick still deep in her vagina, twisted her body around, so that she was facing away from him, and began bouncing up and down again.

This woman is insatiable. She was like a fucking machine. It was also a little odd that she hadn’t said anything about his ability to cum so many times. Ben, then realised that she was a succubus. It all made sense now. Actually it didn’t make any sense. How the hell did she become a succubbus, he thought. He knew of the inevitable succubbi invasion, that had already begun at the convent. But how did it get to her so fast.

“Aghhhh. Yes! Fuck me, Ben!” he was brought back to the present situation. Ben really didn’t care if she was a demon. He still wanted to keep fucking her. He pushed his cock deep, up into his teacher, Miss Evers’ pussy. He came again filling her womb for the 3rd time. His cum, mixed with hers, flooded their crotch areas. Sperm ran down her legs.

This time Ben took the initiative. He began their next round of sex by simply getting up out of the chair. And with his cock still penetrating his teacher’s cunt lips, bent her over on her desk.

“Ooooooo. Ohhhhh, Yesssss!” It was obvious that he had Miss Evers’ approval. Ben started reaming into her cunt. His teacher still had her suit on, though open showing her melons. Her skirt was still on, though it was bunched up at her waist so Ben could pound her. Miss Evers’ heels and stockings were still on, though they were streaming with sexual juices.

Ben kept pumping into Miss Evers while she leaned on her desk. He emptied into her once again, forgetting how many times that he had. Regardless , Ben thought it was time to stop and pulled out. A massive plop and squish sound echoed through the room. Miss Evers reached back and tried to put Ben’s dick back in her hole. But Ben stopped her and said he had to go, but first he needed her to write him a note to the next class, and clean off all the cum from his crotch area. Miss Evers took care of both. Enjoying the second task thoroughly.

“So, how’s my grade looking now, Miss Evers?”

“We’ll see how your performance is during the rest of the year.” she looked at him seductively, pulling up her skirt, spreading her legs and leaning against the wall. Miss Evers was trying to pull Ben into one last fuck. And she was successful. Ben whipped out his cock and charged into her, ramming her against the wall.

The choir teacher wrapped her legs around him, and she wasn’t going to let go. Ben pumped another load into her cum-filled cunt. He then tried to go, but Evers held her grip around him and started to pump back at his hard-on. Ben struggled, picking her up and moving around the room, slamming her up against the walls. But with her legs wrapped around him, and still fucking, he couldn’t get away. He gave up and started fucking her back, unloading more sperm into her belly. She continued to fuck him though. Ben started to fear that he wouldn’t get away for Niğde Escort Bayan hours.

Suddenly, the door connecting to the hallway of the building opened. “Mr. Johnson wanted me to see what the walls….” her name was Jessica Hall. She was 18 and a senior and had one of the nicest asses in the school’s history. And she stood there with her mouth wide open.

Suddenly, the door closed again. Miss Evers had hopped off of Ben’s dick and moved like a cat to shut the door. Jessica was trapped. The choir teacher, with half her body clothed, (the other half having cum all over it), moved towards the now frightened girl.

“Wait, Miss Evers, what are you going to do?” Ben asked, scared for Jessica.

“She has seen too much Master. She must become one of us.” Miss Evers walked towards her with evil intent in her eyes and male seed dripping from her snatch to the floor.

“Ben, what’s she talking about? What’s going on?” said Jessica, with tremendous fear in her voice.

Miss Evers suddenly advanced on her. She grabbed Jessica by the arms. “Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing.” The now confirmed succubus grabbed the back of Jessica’s head with both her hands, and pulled her into a kiss. Miss Evers’ tongue separated Jessica’s lips and forced itself into her mouth. Jessica struggled, until there was a little green light that passed from the succubus’ mouth into hers.

Jessica’s hands dropped to her waist, her eyes closed, and she looked like she was dead, only standing. Then her hands moved up to Miss Evers’ ass. Jessica started tongue dancing with Evers’ tongue. They moaned together and their hands roamed over each other’s bodies. Miss Evers guided one of Jessica’s hands to her pussy. Jessica drove her fist into the teacher’s cunt, fisting her. She then pulled her hand out of Miss Evers’ abused cunt. The student then separated her mouth from the other woman, opened her mouth, and shoved her hand into her mouth. She sucked on it sensually. Jessica sucked and licked all of Ben’s and Miss Evers’ juices from her hand and fingers.

She opened her eyes suddenly, and looked straight into Ben’s. Jessica had been transformed into a succubus. Then Ben remembered that only Midaja could make succubi, but that must have changed.

Jessica’s gaze quickly lowered to his hard-as-a-rock, cum-covered cock, sticking out through the zipper in his jeans. Jessica moved towards him. Ben knew that she had now become a demon. One that sucks men of their cum, theirs lives, and their souls. But all she wanted right now, was Ben’s semen, deep inside her belly.

Jessica moved to him. She grabbed his shaft and kissed Ben, sitting him down in the front row of the risers. The girl quickly grabbed hold of her pants and thong waistbands and lowerered them halfway down her thighs. Ben was in a trance as she turned around giving him a quick look at her magnificant ass. He had fanticized about fucking her from behind before. And now the succubus was making it a reality.

Jessica Hall reached behind her, grabbed Ben’s prick and steadied it. She lowered her ass down, until his entire prick was inside her womb. They began to fuck at a feverish pace. Miss Evers moved her pussy to Jessica’s face and had her suck some of Ben’s cum out of her cunt.

“You love this, don’t you Ben. You just want to fuck all the time. You’re just as insatiable as the succubbi. Agghhhhh!” moaned Miss Evers.

“Yes! Oh Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me Ben! Pound your hard cock into my cunt! Yessssss!” cried Jessica. Ben moaned in pleasure as he came into Jessica’s vagina. “Yes! Fill my uterous with your cream. Make me invunerable.”

Suddenly the door opened again and this time it was Mr. Johnson himself. Once again, Miss Evers moved like a cat, and pinned him up against the wall. She pressed her mouth to his, forcing her tongue into his mouth.

Johnson pushed her away, he was a big man, married, and deeply religious. Ben thought that this might be a problem as Jessica remounted his dick, this time in her ass hole.

“Miss Evers! What are you doing!? I’m married! And these are students!” Mr. Johnson shouted, pointing to Ben and Jessica, fucking on one of the chairs. Jessica eyed him down, moaning sexually, assisting Miss Evers in her seduction. And it was starting to work.

Miss Evers responded to Mr. Johnson by fishing his growing hard-on out of his pants at a remarkable speed. Before Johnson had time to react to that, she had jumped on, and was fucking him.

“Mmmmmm, ohhhhhhh, aghhhhhh, ooooooo, yesssss!” Miss Evers moaned and closed her eyes. Preparing to bask in the feeling of sucking this man’s soul from his body. She was able to pin Mr. Johnson to the wall and still fuck him. “You like it! You want me! You’ve always wanted to fuck me! Now do it! Fuck me, Mr. Johnson!”

He gave in and started pumping up into the choir teacher. Johnson reached down and grabbed her ass to assist in the sex. Mr. Johnson moved around so that she was now against the wall. Miss Evers locked her legs Escort Niğde around him. She let her arms drop at her sides, and finnaly let someone else do all the work. ‘If only he knew’ Ben thought as he emptied his second load into Jessica’s rectum.

Mr. Johnson tensed up and began emptying his balls into the succubus. Ben and Jessica witnessed his life being drained as his pumping slowed and his skin shriveled up, till he was only skin and bones. His lifeless body dropped to the floor as Miss Evers leaned back against the wall with her legs spread. She had a very satisfied look on her face.

“That’s a good look for you.” stated Jessica as she hopped up and down on Ben’s cock.

“Ohhhh. You should have seen me last night. After I became, I fucked my husband’s life from him. Then seduced my sons and fucked them all at the same time. It was almost as satisfying as Ben here.”

‘What the hell?!’ Ben thought. ‘She fucked her sons? The succubi really were that evil? They would kill their own family?’ “You really fucked your sons?” he asked Miss Evers.

“Oh yea. It was incredible. Two of them sandwitched me while I sucked off my third. They were all older than 20. The perfect amount of youth to suck away.”

“Did you kill them?” Ben asked. Now feeling almost horrified of these monsters.

“Well, my son, the one I sucked off came first. It felt so good. His sperm and his life-force entering my body. But his brothers noticed. The one in my ass ran out of the room yelling ‘Demon.’ While I pinned my other son under me and my cunt sucked his body dry. My last son tried to make a break for the door of the house, but I jumped from the stairs and stopped him in his tracks. My poor son, tried to use a cross. It was useless. After all, every son needs some motherly love. (hehehe) I bent over, and he stuck it in me. Then he emptied his nuts and his soul into his very own mother.”

Jessica moaned. She had liked the story. “I can’t wait till I get home to fuck my dad and brother.”

Ben was horrified, but at the same time his cock had only grown inside of Jessica’s ass. Despite having cum in it a number of times. “It’s time for me to go.” Ben pushed Jessica off of his dick and put it back in his pants. “I’ll leave you to sort this out.” he said and pointed to Mr. Johnson’s body.

This time, Miss Evers didn’t fight him. “Okay, go to your next class. I think we’ve had our fill of your cum, for now. Come Jessica. Let us …… sort this out.” The two succubi began moving to the door to Mr. Johnson’s room. They were just going to walk in with their clothes bunched up at their waist and sperm dripping from their crotches. Ben had a pretty good idea of exactly what they were going to do. The succubi were spreading much faster than Ben had anticipated. And now, his family may be in danger. But Midaja would never do that to him, he is too important, he thought. He brushed it off, and moved to his next class.

Ben checked his watch as he walked towards his first period. Then the bell rang, and he had missed the whole class during the fuck session with the two demons. Well, all would be forgiven, though. His history teacher was a tight guy, who Ben was really cool with. Ben got nothing but A’s in his class, and Mr. Benes loved him for it.

Ben cut through one of the indoor halls, and opened the door to the back room, between two classrooms, one of them being history. He was about to open the door fully and enter the classroom, hoping to get homework, when he noticed something on the ground. It was the hand of Mr. Benes’ body that was under the desk. He immediately could tell what had caused his death as he saw his shriveled skin. Whoever did it, had to hurry because they didn’t do a very good job at hiding him. Ben kicked his hand out of plain sight. He felt sorry for Mr. Benes, he liked that teacher.

Then, Ben heard some voices from inside the classroom. There was a crack in the doorway, so he peeked through.

“Oh shit. Your cunt is so tight.” said one of Ben’s senior classmates. He was sitting in one of the desks, and a cheerleader was riding his cock. Her name was Calista, and without a doubt she was the bitchiest girl in the whole school, and the biggest slut. The female 18 year old senior student, was a mexican. She had her uniform on, but no panties, and her shirt was lifted up to expose her braless, now flawless mammaries.

“Oh yea. Fuck me. Fuck me good. Shove that dick up my cunt. Harder. Faster! I said harder you dumbass! You can’t do anything right! You better get me off or their will be hell to pay.” Calista spoke during sex like a bitch too. Everyone hated her. The only reason she made the cheerleading squad was because she gave the principal head and he forced the captain to put her on the squad.

Ben hated her. Calista was attracted to him, and many times while in class, she let him know just how badly she wanted his nuts. She would send him notes, that said ‘Meet me in the guys bathroom after class, and empty your balls in my belly.’ Ben would look over at her and she would lick her lips, and shove her hand down her skirt, while staring into Ben’s eyes. That always brought Ben near nutting in his pants right there. But he would never meet her, or reply. He refused to, due to her being a such an evil bitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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