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It was Alex and Jenna Davis’ 18th birthday. The twins shared a last name, a birthday, and basically nothing else. They looked nothing alike, shared no interests, and to be perfectly honest about it, had no real use for each other. It wasn’t that either one really wanted to hurt the other, it was mostly just a mutual disdain.

Jenna was a tall, rather statuesque blonde girl. She was almost 5’10”. Her hair really was naturally blonde and she wore it long and straight, reaching about halfway down her back.

Alex was a tiny boy. He always claimed he was 5’1, but in reality he was barely 5 feet tall. Alex had always been sickly as a child. The doctor said that he had some sort of kidney disorder. Alex remembered them comparing him to some actor he had never heard of named Gary Coleman. Perhaps being a twin had caused the condition, perhaps not. The cause really didn’t matter to Alex anyway, the result was the same. Alex was healthy enough now, but he would always be very small.

The Davis family was a devoutly religious one. Fundamentalist Baptists, Roger and Debbie Davis had decided to home school the twins as soon as they were born. The twins had never actually been to a school, so most of the people they met were through their church.

Roger Davis was a big man. He was well over 6 feet tall and 220 pounds of solid muscle. One might have expected that Roger would be ashamed of his tiny son, but nothing could have been further from the truth. The man was absolutely devoted to Alex.

It was education that mattered most to Roger. A high school dropout himself, Mr. Davis was a construction worker who had to travel to wherever the jobs were. As a matter of fact, he would have to miss the twins’ birthday, since he was on a job in Kentucky and would have no chance to get home. Alex might not be big or athletic, but he was very bright. Roger desperately wanted the boy to become a college graduate and not have to travel the country the way he did.

Debbie Davis was a housewife. She raised the children and kept the home the way a good Christian woman should. Debbie was average height, 5’6″ or so. She wasn’t petite, but she was certainly an attractive woman of 38. No one would ever call Debbie Davis thin, but she was curvy. She wore a 38D bra, and her hips finished her hourglass shape. Her hair was very dark, almost black, and she kept it about shoulder length.

Roger and Debbie had been married when Debbie was 18. Roger was a couple of years older and had already left school. Already working in construction, he made good money for a young man. The young couple decided that they could afford to start a family, and two years later the twins were born. Alex’s medical problems, however, had been expensive and time consuming, so Debbie and Roger had never had any more children.

The years had passed rather happily, Roger would be away on business more than half of the time, but the money he made supported the family very well. The Davises were very active in their church, and while they didn’t socialize much outside that group, within the church they had a number of close friends.

It wasn’t until a year ago, that any real problems had arisen, and even these new ones were subtle. The twins were reaching college age, and Roger was getting more and more excited by the thought of his children going off to school. It was all he could talk about. He was happy that both children would go to college, but it was Alex that he talked about most.

Debbie was starting to resent her son. She had never blamed him for the fact that she had no more children, that was an act of God. But she was angry that her husband was so focused on Alex, that he hardly paid any attention to her. After all, she kept the house, fed and schooled the kids, and maintained their place in the church while Roger was gone. Debbie knew that in a good Christian home the man was the absolute leader of the family, and she accepted that. In fact, Debbie was honestly embarrassed by her angry feelings, but she couldn’t seem to get rid of them.

On the other hand, if Debbie had just started to resent Alex, Jenna had resented him as far back as she could remember. Early on, the little shrimp had needed all her parents’ time, and Jenna had felt ignored. Later, as the twins had grown, her parents had made it very clear that men were the leaders of the world and that Alex’s future was the priority of the family. Oh Jenna would certainly be taken care of, but the girl needed to understand the difference between a man and a woman’s place in society.

As Jenna felt more and more ignored by her family, she came to rely on her friends for companionship. There were four girls and Jenna who had become almost inseparable.

Renee Harris was a month older than Jenna. She was only about 5’3″, with red hair and freckles. Of the 5 girls in the clique, Renee was the only one who wasn’t home schooled. It wasn’t that her parents hadn’t wanted to, but Renee was the second of 6 children, and the Harrises both had to Ankara escort work to support the family.

Ginny Mason was almost 19. She was as tall and as blonde as Jenna, and the two girls were frequently mistaken for sisters. Ginny, however, was an only child. She had actually completed her schooling already, but her parents didn’t believe in sending girls to college, so Ginny worked at Wal-Mart and lived at home. Her parents insisted that she would not move out until she was married. Their daughter would remain pure until her wedding night.

Mary Lake was the quietest one of the group. Painfully shy, Mary mostly just followed the other girls around. She was a couple of inches shorter than Ginny and Jenna, with curvy brown hair. Mary had a pretty face, but she was a little on the heavy side. The boys, of course, were always staring at Mary, and this added to her shyness. Her breasts were huge, Mary wore a 40DD bra and that barely fit. She had a little bit of a tummy and a rather large ass, but none of the boys ever looked below her boobs, so it didn’t really matter. Mary was the wealthiest of the group. Her dad was a doctor, and her mother was always shopping for clothes and jewelry. The best thing about that was that Mary’s mother looked just like her daughter and Mary would be allowed to borrow her mom’s clothes from time to time. Mary was the older of two children, with a 14-year-old sister named Patty.

Jenna’s absolute best friend was Amy Timmons. Jenna and Amy had always been neighbors and they had been together since they could crawl. In fact, Amy was only 5 days older than Jenna, so they frequently had actually had joint birthday parties. The two girls shared everything. Anything one had, the other was free to use. Of course, the one thing they didn’t share was clothes. This was simply because Amy was the smallest girl in the group. It wasn’t just that Amy was short, which at 5’2″ she certainly was. It was mostly that Amy barely weighed 90 pounds. Amy wasn’t anorexic or unhealthy, she was just skinny. Her mother insisted that she wore a bra, but the 32A wasn’t really necessary.

Alex, on the other hand, had very few friends. Because of his size and lack of athletic ability, Alex had never really fit in with the other boys. For any game, he would be the last one chosen, so he mostly just tried to avoid the other kids. In fact, Alex’s only real friend was Renee’s older brother Mike. Mike was 20, and the absolute opposite of Alex. Mike was tall, and athletic and one of the most popular kids in the neighborhood. He had of course finished school a couple of years ago, but Mike attended the local Community College and still lived at home. Alex had always helped Mike with his homework, and the two boys talked about almost everything.

In fact, almost everything Alex knew about sex he had learned from Mike. Alex’s parents didn’t believe in discussing sex, so the boy learned almost nothing from them. Oh they had told him the basics of how a girl got pregnant, but after that, the information had been pretty sparse. Then, about a year ago, Mike had given Alex a Playboy magazine he had picked up at school. Either boy’s parents would have had a fit if they had known about it, but teenage boys are experts at hiding things from their parents, so the adults never found out. That magazine had become Alex’s most prized possession and he looked at it almost every night.

Debbie had wanted to throw a party for the twins, but neither had really wanted one. Alex had spent the day at Mike’s house, and Jenna had invited all her girlfriends over. Then, to make matters worse, there was an emergency meeting at the church that night, and Debbie would be out until very late. Jenna had asked to have her friends sleep over, and Debbie had agreed. If she couldn’t be home on her daughter’s birthday, the least the girl deserved was to have her friends around. About 7:00, Debbie headed off to the church. Alex was home from Mike’s and was sitting in the living room watching TV, while Jenna was up in her room with her friends.

Jenna watched her mom drive off, and looked around. It was great having her friends over, but it was so sad that Amy couldn’t be there. She had wanted to come, of course, but Amy was just getting over the flu, and her mother insisted that she stay home one more day. Still, the four of them would have a great night.

Alex stayed up watching TV until a little after 10. Then the boy went to bed and the four girls were left alone in the house. The girls just stayed up talking about everything, until the subject turned to sex. It was Renee who brought it up of course. She went to the public school and actually was allowed to date boys. The rest of the girls had never been out on a date.

Renee talked about kissing boys and making out, and Jenna and the others were fascinated. They had never even touched a boy and they were curious about everything. Then Renee admitted that she wasn’t a virgin and the whole room got quiet. The other girls knew about sex, but now they had Ankara escort bayan someone to talk to who had actually done it. Then they all started talking at once. What was it like? Did it hurt?

Little Renee just had to laugh. Yes, it hurt a little the first time, but after that it felt great. When a guy had his thing inside you, it was wonderful. Well that just brought on more questions. What was a guy’s thing like? How big was it?

None of the other girls had even seen a guy’s dick. Renee couldn’t believe it. She told the other girls that they were really neat and a lot of fun to play with. Then Renee asked Jenna if she was sure she’d never seen one. After all she had a brother, surely she had at least seen his.

Jenna blushed bright crimson and told Renee that she had never seen her brother’s thing. Her parents were very strict about nudity and that was not allowed. “Well, ” Renee told Jenna, “your parents aren’t here now. Let’s go see it.”

It took a moment for Jenna to even realize that Renee was serious. “We can’t just go in and see my brother’s penis. He’s not just going to take it out and show it to us.”

Renee just laughed again. “We’re not going to ask him silly. We’ll make him do it. There’s 4 of us and your mom’s not home. Alex can yell all he likes, but he’s too small to stop us from seeing it. Especially if we sneak up on him while he’s asleep and grab him before he wakes up.”

Jenna started to refuse. Her brother was a pain, but she wasn’t sure she could really do this. But curiosity quickly got the better of her. Jenna really wanted to see what a boy’s dick, as Renee had called it, was like.

Being as quiet as they possibly could, the four girls crept into Alex’s room. By now it was after 1:00 in the morning and little Alex was fast asleep. He had no idea anything was wrong until the 4 girls grabbed his arms and legs.

Alex came awake and realized he was completely trapped. 4 girls had him pinned down and he had no idea why. And to confuse him further, one of the girls holding him down was his twin sister.

The young man screamed at his sister to let him go, but the 4 girls just held on as he struggled. Alex tried to pull away, but it was no use. He was just too small and there were too many people holding him. Finally, he settled down and asked Jenna what the Hell they wanted. Jenna smiled and told him that they had never seen a guy’s thing and they wanted to see his.

Alex honestly didn’t know what Jenna was talking about. He tried to think of what she could want, but he couldn’t come up with anything. So, completely confused, Alex asked his sister what thing of his they wanted to see.

Jenna started laughing. “Your penis silly, we want to see your penis.”

“WHAT!!!” Alex screamed at her. “What makes you think I’m going to show it to you.”

“Because”, his sister answered, “if you don’t take it out, we’ll take it out for you.”

Alex struggled again to free himself, but he just couldn’t do it. When he finally settled back down again, Jenna just asked him if he wanted to take his thing out for them, or if he wanted them to do it.

Poor Alex tried not to cry. This was humiliating enough, he didn’t need to make it worse. The boy struggled to calm down. There was no way out of this, and he certainly didn’t want the girls ripping his pajamas off him. So Alex told his sister to let go and he would show them his thing.

Jenna let go, but she warned her brother that if he tried to escape they would just chase him down. Alex climbed out from under the covers. Then he sighed and pulled his pajama pants down. After that he just laid down and waited for the nightmare to end.

For a few seconds, the girls just stared at Alex’s exposed penis. It was just laying there across his thigh. Then Renee suggested that they touch it. Alex actually shrieked and quickly threw his hands over his groin. Jenna just slapped his hands away. She told her brother that if they wanted to touch his thing, they would do it, and he’d better just let them. Alex realized that she was right, so he just took his hands away and waited for what was coming.

As soon as his hands were gone, Ginny reached down and picked up Alex’s penis. It was soft and kind of cute. She wiggled it around, but really didn’t know what to do with it. Then Renee told her, that if she would hold it up, they could all see Alex’s balls too. So, Ginny wrapped her hand around Alex’s dick and lifted it up. Sure enough, there was his ball sack.

Ginny asked Renee if she could touch that, too. Renee told her she could but to be really gentle. She could really hurt Alex if she squeezed those too hard. Ginny certainly didn’t want to hurt the boy, she just wanted to have fun playing with that equipment. Carefully, she put her hand under Alex’s balls and lifted them up.

Alex couldn’t believe this. A strange girl was playing with his dick and massaging his balls. It was humiliating. Worse, he was starting to get hard and he didn’t think he could Escort Ankara stop it.

Ginny felt the dick start to harden in her hand. This was sooo much fun. She rubbed her hand up and down the thing while the other hand kept playing with those cute balls. It was amazing, the thing kept getting harder and bigger. Ginny didn’t really know what was happening, so she asked Renee what she should do.

Renee giggled a little. Then she told Ginny that if she’d rub up and down on Alex’s dick real hard, she could make it shoot. Ginny didn’t know what Renee meant by shoot, and Renee explained that it would get really hard and then white gummy stuff would fly out of it. Well that sounded like a lot of fun. So Ginny got a good grip on little Alex’s thing and started jacking up and down on it.

Alex tried to fight it. He had no real sexual experience, but he did masturbate frequently to that Playboy Mike had given him. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help it. So now, with Ginny jacking his dick, he knew what would happen. Alex didn’t want to cum in front of the girls, but the way Ginny was working his penis, it wasn’t going to be long before he shot off.

Ginny kept jerking on Alex’s thing. Sure enough it was still getting harder. Then Ginny saw Alex let out a little moan and the lower part of his body arched up to her. A moment later, the first blast of cum shot out. The girls all cheered as Alex’s dick shot cum up in the air. Ginny had Alex’s dick pointed towards the foot of his bed, so the stuff landed between his legs on the sheet. Ginny kept jerking the dick until no more would come out. Then the girl let go of the boy’s thing and just watched it soften and shrivel up on his leg.

Alex just wanted to die. The girls were all laughing about the way his dick had shot off. It was awful. He closed his eyes and struggled not to cry. Well, at least it was over. Except, that just as he was going to ask if he could pull his pants back up, another hand wrapped around his penis. Alex’s eyes flew open and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His sister Jenna was holding onto his dick.

Jenna wasn’t sure what to do. Alex was her brother and she knew she wasn’t supposed to touch him. But that thing was sooo! cute. She had to see what it was like. So, Jenna reached out and picked up the dick. It had gone all soft and rubbery again. She grabbed its little head and started moving it around. God this was fun. Ginny had played with the balls, too, and she had seemed to have fun with those, so Jenna reached down and scooped those up, too. This was great!!

Jenna played and played with the thing. She moved it this way and that. She’d pick it up and drop it, so she could watch it bounce around. Then as she was rubbing it, the dick started to harden up again. Jenna asked Renee why her brother’s thing would harden like that.

Renee’s mouth almost fell open. She hadn’t realized just how naive her friends were. Then she composed herself and explained to Jenna that it was how the thing managed to get inside you when you had sex. Jenna blushed a little, and went back to playing with the dick. Then she asked Renee if she could make it shoot again. Renee told her sure, it would take a little longer, but she was sure it would fire again.

When Jenna and Renee said that they were going to make him shoot again, Alex couldn’t keep the tears from his eyes any longer. He turned his head so the girls wouldn’t see. It wouldn’t have really mattered, though. The girls were too busy staring at his dick, to even notice.

Jenna jerked and jerked her brother’s thing. Sure enough it began to harden up nicely. Jenna laughed and asked the girls where she should aim the gun. The others laughed back and one of them went into the bathroom and brought back a paper cup. Then the girls told Jenna to aim the thing at the cup.

Alex actually sobbed. His sister was playing with his dick and all the girls were watching her aim it into a cup so they could see his cum. Would this never end? Maybe he wouldn’t cum again. But his sister was jerking harder and harder. Oh GOD! Now she was rubbing his balls again. NO! It was going to happen again!

Jenna kept rubbing Alex’s stick. It was so great. Then she looked down and those cute balls were still there. So Jenna cupped them again in her other hand. They felt so funny, and the dice would jump in her hand when she rubbed them. The girl kept pulling Alex’s penis. Then, just like with Ginny, Jenna saw her brother’s body arch up and his thing got really hard. Jenna made sure to keep the thing aimed right, and plop!, the dickie shot a wad of goo right in the cup. Jenna started giggling and kept jerking. The think shot several more times, and Jenna made sure to catch it all. When the stick seemed to be done and started to go soft again, Jenna let it go. Then the four girls looked at what they had in the cup.

After they were done making him shoot into that cup, Alex started to pull his pants back up. But Renee just snarled at him and told him to leave his dick out. Alex pleaded to be allowed to dress, but Renee just told him that Mary hadn’t had a turn to play with it yet. They were letting him rest a little so he could recharge, but Mary was going to want to shoot the thing, too.

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