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(It was the summer of 1961 and I was 21 years old and was continuing with my hobby of bird watching. I had spent the previous two weeks on the banks of Brantwood Water in the English Lake District. I had been studying waterfowl.

One night at the hotel where I was staying a hen-party of eight middle-aged women arrived. I was invited up to their rooms when they found out that I did not mind pleasuring them orally)


Pamela stood over my naked body as if claiming it as a trophy or a new plaything. She stood above my crotch and with great care rubbed her stockinged feet slowly over my stomach and my rock hard erection.

“Me next please,” she mewed.

The others were still laughing and joking with Betty who told them that she would like ‘more of where that came from’.

I told Pamela to stand astride my face and allow me to slide her panties off. All around us the conversation stopped as they watched Pamela stand over me. She reached up under her red shirt-waister and petticoat and slid her panties off as far as her knees.

She had an attractive toothy smile and a long slim neck and stared straight into my eyes with total confidence as if she did this sort of thing every night with her husband.

In my naked state I couldn’t hide the fact that I was aroused and instinctively reached for my erect penis which appeared to crawl further up my stomach.

“Go on Pam, drop them on his face girl,” urged Colleen.

I looked across at the Irish woman where she was sitting on the floor with her knees together but feet apart. I couldn’t help but notice that she wore pale blue glossy French-knickers under her black satin skirt and pale blue slip.

I stared into Pamela’s eyes again and she blew me a kiss and swayed her hips provocatively but kept her knees apart so as to prevent her panties from slipping further down. I decided that it was about time they came off so reached up and slid them down to her ankles as she stepped out of them in a very lady-like, almost elegant, way.

I held them to my nose as if they were some sort of special gift. They were simple white nylon briefs with a pale pink lace trim and smelled of perfume and warm moist vagina. I maintained eye contact with her as I breathed in her femininity and reluctantly replaced them to one side.

“Go on Pam sit on his face,” shouted Colleen who was now drinking whisky straight out of a bottle. I looked at her French knickers and noticed that her other hand had strayed under her skirt.

Pamela looked like a giantess from my vantage point. Her hips appeared quite wide and I wondered what I had let myself into. My eyes remained on hers but shot glances up her dress as she swayed from side to side. She was clearly teasing me and I was enjoying it.

“Let me know if I squash you,” she said, lowering herself, inches at a time, onto me.

I watched her bend her knees and open her legs. Her fine denier black stockings came into view under her white flared slip. I watched spellbound as she squatted down and rested her haunches on my face. She adjusted her clothes around her and I felt her underslip and dress rest on my chest and upper arms. She shook down her dress at the front and sides and I stared at her glistening vagina surrounded by dark pubic hair. She was clearly aroused.

“Are you alright down there?” she asked.

I told her that I was fine and began coaxing her lower lips apart. Soon her juices began to flow and she shifted her feet slightly and allowed most of her body weight to rest on me.

Her odour was musky and powerful and soon my tongue was completely inside her and probing the walls of her vagina. I moved my hands to her buttocks and began caressing them and kneading them, feeling the firmness of her flesh and smoothness of her skin.

“I wish I could take you home young man,” said Pamela clearly enjoying my attentions,” but my husband wouldn’t quite understand.”

I licked and flicked at her clitoris which had emerged from under its hood and appeared quite prominent. She flinched as I ran my tongue around it and up and down her cleft. She soon got used to by oral pleasuring and we settled into a sort of rhythm with her rocking on her heels as I licked and lapped, and entered and re entered her vagina.

I watched her suspender straps flex and stretch at every movement and from time to time I’d nibble the inside of each thigh.

“Ouch, that tickles,” she told me more than once.

In the meantime my erection was being fondled and stroked my slim cool fingers. I heard laughter as it was handled and lewd comments on its length and girth. One of the women began wanking me and she was clearly an expert. I reached down and tried to help things along but my hand was brushed aside.

“No you don’t,” said a motherly voice and whoever she might be continued with jerking me off.

Under Pamela my face was quite sticky as she wiped her fanny up and down my nose and mouth. She was clearly close to ‘coming’ judging by her breathing and little canlı bahis shrieks. All around me her dress and slip shook and swished.

“Yes, yes don’t fucking stop,” she yelled.

“Language Pamela,” said someone, “remember there’s a young gentleman present.”

I continued furiously licking her clitoris and used my fingers to scratch her thighs above her stocking tops. Within seconds she ‘came’. Her body seemed to tremble, quiver then shudder as wave after wave hit her.

“Yes, Oh yes, yes,” she screeched and the other women stopped talking and clapped.

“Well done Pam,” said Colleen.

“It was nothing, really,” said the woman squatting on my face, and pulled her dress to one side to see what a mess I was in.

“Pass me my knickers,” she said and began mopping my brow and cheeks. I took them from her and wiped my mouth and chin. I heard her knees crack as she stood up then step into her panties, I watched her rearrange her clothing and pull down her nylon slip which had risen up.

“There, Will I do?” she asked one of the others as she adjusted her hair and suspender clips.

In the dim light from the bedside lamps I noticed that it was Betty who was still wanking me. She suddenly stopped when Joyce told her that I would ‘lose the urge’ if I was wanked off completely. Clearly Joyce had had experience in such matters.

“Well I’m next,” said Glenda, walking towards me. “I don’t think I could squat for very long so I’m going to kneel over you young man,” she said in a very matter-of-fact way as if she were discussing the weather with the vicar.

Glenda was quite tall and slim with blonde hair cut quite short; she wore a knee length navy blue pleated skirt below a white blouse. She wore pearls and expensive looking earrings and bracelets. I noticed from my position flat on my back that her petticoat was white and her seamed stockings were flesh coloured.

“Right I’ll just tale down my drawers, no peeping ladies,” she said and this was met by laughter.

She had a kindly face but it was more wrinkled than the rest of them and tanned. Too much sunbathing had taken its toll.

“Oooh frilly lacy ones,” said Patricia as Glenda stepped out of her panties and waved them in my face.

It was predictable where she was going to put them and I was correct. She pulled them over my head making sure the gusset was tight against my nose. There followed another whoop of laughter, followed by more giggling.

“Sorry young man,” said Glenda, enjoying humiliating me.

I didn’t really mind as they smelled of ‘her arousal’ and my penis once more rolled into an upright position. Betty started wanking me again and I shut my eyes with pleasure and stuck out my tongue.

“He’s waiting for you Glenda, go for it girl,” said someone as I watched the tall blonde woman stand over my chest, bend her knees and open her legs.

Under her full skirt a white nylon underslip came into view. It was quite flared and decorated with deep flounced lace. It was similar lace to her knickers. Between her legs I noticed dark brown curls waiting for me. Clearly she was not a natural blonde.

She tickled me in the ribs and knelt astride my chest. I wriggled under her until her smooth stockinged knees rubbed against my cheeks.

“You making yourself comfy?” she asked and I just smiled like a Cheshire cat and stuck my tongue out at her.

She knelt up slightly so that I could slide further under her until I could hardly see her face because of her large matronly bosom.

“You’re a bit of a wriggler young man,” I heard her say as she settled her hairy vagina against my nose.

The grip on my erection became more intense and could tell that Betty was probably getting worked up at the erotic scene in front of her. If she didn’t stop soon I thought it would explode there and then. I reached down and stopped her as I now decided that I would ‘come’ in my own time. Secretly I wanted to seriously fuck one of these forty-three year olds and would wait for the opportunity.

“In you slip,” said Glenda pulling her moist labia apart.

I noticed her fingernails were varnished in a dark fiery red colour to match her lipstick. She was clearly a smart lady. I slid my tongue into her and watched her rearrange her petticoat over me, then her navy pleats until I was hidden from view. It was just me, her stockings, her lacy suspenders and her petticoat under her dark blue skirt.

I felt my penis visibly lengthen.

“I could do with a drink Joyce,” said the woman sitting on my face.

I felt her fidget about as someone handed her a bottle. From underneath her I felt her stomach rumble as she swallowed the liquid. The women were now talking loudly as I wiggled my tongue from side to side and up and down between her inner lips. I could hardly move my head as her thighs gripped me so firmly. As I progressed, however, she spread her legs further and slid forwards.

All of a sudden she lifted her clothes off me.” Are you OK then Mr. bahis siteleri Fanny-licker?” she asked, but before I could reply she had thrown her clothes over me again and I was again in darkness.

We carried on like this for many minutes. Betty was now rubbing my stomach as if I was an old dog and I felt different hands stroking and squeezing my erection. Someone left the room to go to the toilet and I heard a flushing sound from the end of the corridor.

” It’s a bit cold Pamela, I think we’ll put the elecric fire on,” said someone making a shivering sound.

Above me Glenda was beginning toapproach her orgasm. Each flick of my tongue on her clitoris seemed to make her flinch and shiver. It was as if I was turning on a switch. She was clearly highly sensitive and probably only minutes away from ‘coming’.

She patted my head through her skirt and said “Good lad, you’re a good lad down there.”

Again I felt as if I was a family pet, not a human being.

Almost immediately her breathing changed and she grabbed my head. Clearly we were at the point of no return. Betty began wanking me furiously as she sensed that Glenda was close to her climax. Betty was incredibly skilled. The timing and pressure on my exposed glans and foreskin were amazing as she brought me closer, then slowed things down, then brought me closer and slowed things down.

I sucked and nibbled at Glenda’s clitoris and gripped her buttocks, digging my nails into her. She was bouncing wildly against me almost with savage ferocity. I was close to ‘coming’ and she definitely was.

Then, out of the blue, I felt something well up inside her and she screamed. Everything under her skirt shook violently. I raised my buttocks, gritted my teeth a squirted out warm semen and then it was all over. We had ‘come’ almost at the same time. Someone flipped up Glenda’s skirt and wiped my face with her panties.

“Bloody fuck, that were amazing,” said the woman kneeling astride my face in broad Mancunian.

I had to agree with her that Betty’s fingers were amazing and I felt satisfied, at least for the time being.

Glenda had to be helped up. Her bosom wobbled as she stood and I seriously wished that she would take her blouse off too. I sat up and wiped my now shrivelled penis with her discarded knickers.

“Hey what ya think you’re doing,” she said snatching them back. Colleen passed me a bottle and I took a swig. The room was now a lot warmer and the fire emitted a cheery glow.

“Who wants to be next?” said Heather.

“You can if you like,” said Colleen who still sat on the floor with her lace-edged French knickers on show. “I know you can see them, young man, that’s why I’m sitting like this OK?” she said to me as if challenging me for some obscure reason.

In my naked state I stood up and stretched my legs. I saw a reflection in the mirror and thought that the room looked like a scene from an ‘adult’ movie. I didn’t look as short or puny as I had thought I normally did, but maybe this was because most of the women were sitting on the two double beds or on the floor.

Heather suddenly dashed off to the toilet and I prepared myself for her return.

I got into my usual position on the floor while the ladies swapped stories about their husbands and children.

Heather quickly came back and shut the door. She had a sweet face, black hair with a fringe and looked several years younger than the rest.

“I hope you don’t mind but I’ve already taken off my panties,” she said to me in an apologetic voice and waved them at me.

She wore a dark grey skirt suit which was well tailored and fitted her waist quite tightly. She took off her jacket and underneath she wore a simple pale blue blouse. Her bosom was small but I noticed her nipples were quite prominent and jutted out.

“Shut up,” she said to Colleen, who said something about her tits.

Her skirt was very full and ended on the knee and she wore dark tan stockings. From my position at floor level I could see she wore a pink lacy slip.

“Where do you want me?” she said in a cocky way as if she was asking a waitress for a table at a restaurant.

My mind raced as I thought about the other possible positions we could try. Suddenly it came to me.

“Well we could have you on your hands and knees,” I replied and pointed to the carpet to each side of me.

“You mean facing your feet?” she said placing her knickers on one of the beds.

“I suggest you stand over me then kneel forward so that your bottom is over my face,” I said almost choking at my own arrogance.

Here I was, telling a good looking forty-three year old, to basically do something which I could never expect someone old enough to be my aunt to do. I felt my face go bright beetroot red and suddenly I felt I should crawl into a corner and die.

“OK you mean like this?” she said.

“Yes,” I gulped, as she stood astride my face and allowed me to see up under her skirt.

Her slip almost filled her skirt. bahis şirketleri It wasn’t quite ‘bouffant’ in style but it did give her skirt more shape. I tried to see her vagina above her bare thighs but the light was coming from the wrong angle.

“And like this,” she said squatting down and suddenly covering my face with her billowing petticoat and skirt.

“Yes,” I croaked with both embarrassment and amazement.

I appeared to have this woman entirely at my beck and call. She swung her knees over my shoulders and put her hands to each side of my waist. I realised that her face would be in the firing line of any wanking I might decide to do.

Incredibly Heather asked me whether I’d mind her sucking my willy as her husband likes her to do it.

“No, no please do,” I gulped,” I don’t mind at all,” I continued almost hysterical with excitement.

“Oh good,” she said in her delightful accent. “Do you mind if I swallow it?” she asked.

I replied “Not at all, not at all,” trying to control my shaking at the prospect of filling up this woman’s mouth with the contents of my balls.

“You just go ahead,” I said reassuring her and hoping she would not change her mind.

“Are you sure you know what you are doing Heather?” asked Betty.

“Of course she does,” I said, thinking that Betty was trying to get Heather to change her mind.

“Because if you don’t I’ll suck it instead,” said Betty.

My heavy penis jerked wildly at the prospect of both women sucking it.

I watched Heather back over me lifting her skirt and petticoat to one side. Her arse hung above me and I reached up and pulled her down so that her open legs sprawled on my face. I slid forwards in to the perfect position where my tongue could reach all parts of her anatomy.

Pamela pushed a pillow under my head and my tongue’s tip lightly brushed the entrance to her vagina. She squirmed deliciously in front of me and I watched her buttocks ripple as she moved.

“We’d better make you decent,” said Pamela pulling Heather’s petticoat and skirt over my head and plunging me once again into darkness.

Under her clothes her vagina stank strongly of urine. I wondered whether she had forgotten to wipe herself properly after her visit to the toilet. Nevertheless I probed her between her labia which soon opened and oozed with her juices.

“Oh, oh ooh,” she moaned, as I wiggled my tongue from side to side inside her.

I put my arms around her waist and pulled her even closer into me. My nose was in contact with her anus which smelled faintly fetid but not completely abhorrent. I just adored the way her buttocks tightened at each touch of my tongue on her vagina.

Meanwhile I felt my penis in someone’s hands. I assumed it was Heather’s but couldn’t be sure.

I lay there in a state of heightened anticipation. I couldn’t believe that I had just had a conversation about ‘sucking’ and ‘swallowing’ and hoped that they’d quickly do it to me.

I didn’t have to wait long. I felt a warm wet tongue on my shaft touching it and teasing it. Judging by the movements of Heather’s generous arse on my face I guessed it was she who was licking me. The conversation had again stopped as I imagined the other women watching the proceedings with obvious glee and anticipation.

“Suck him dry Heather,” came the coarse remark from Colleen and the others laughed.

“Shut up,” said Betty, “You’ll wreck her concentration.”

Evidently this wasn’t the case as she licked and probed my fully exposed glans.

It felt as if butterflies had landed on the most sensitive part of me. With each lick my penis appeared to bob around randomly, seeking relief from her almost unbearable touches and teases. I stuck my tongue into her as far as it would go and paddled it about.

I heard her gulp then take my erection into her mouth.

Someone gasped and said, “Well I never, I always thought you were the ‘quiet type’ Heather; who taught you this?”

“Natural,” she said,” nature,” she repeated between sucks.

I now felt I was in paradise. Under her wide skirt and petticoat I rubbed my face all over her arse and cunt breathing in her natural fragrance and filling my mouth with the ‘nectar’ which oozed out of her. I just couldn’t get enough of her odours and pushed my nose as far as possible into her vagina and between her buttocks. I could have easily ‘drowned’ in her perfume.

It was very hot and stuffy under her skirt but I didn’t care. My penis had grown to what appeared gigantic proportions and I felt her tongue and teeth stimulate me almost beyond endurance.

Betty appeared also to be clawing at the inside of my thighs and sooner or later I felt that I was going to ‘come’

Heather increased the suction on my penis tip and jerked it in and out of her mouth in rapid movements. I tried to copy her rhythms and rapidly flicked at her clitoris. I could tell that she was close to the boil by the way she clenched her arse.

I felt that we were involved in a race to see who could make the other ‘come’ first. I was determined that she would come first so upped the tempo quite considerably. My movements under her white lacy nylon petticoat caused crackling and static discharge.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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