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Big Tits

A coworker of mine recently got thrown out of his house by his parents, and while he wouldn’t talk about why, I had a feeling I knew the reason. David is a very small, almost delicate young man, and his father is an ex-jock with the typical jock mentality. David has never come right out and admitted to being gay, but I do have the feeling his family discovered he was, and his dad tossed him out, unable to handle the fact. I didn’t really think too much about it, until one night I was driving home, and saw David’s car parked down the block from my apartment. I had been very lucky when I was 18, and found a large apartment for almost nothing, and had been pretty much adopted by the owner. As a result, I’m in my mid-thirties now, and a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with an incredible view only costs me a few hundred a month. I didn’t make incredible money, but was able to live like I did.

I slowed down as I drove by David’s car, and realized he was curled up in the back seat, trying to sleep. Apparently, he was sleeping in his car, and he hadn’t told anyone. I went home, trying to forget about it, but when it started to rain, I couldn’t help myself, and went down to his car. When I knocked on his window, he jumped, and when he saw me, the look on his face told me just how desperate he had become. Without really thinking about it, I told him to drive his car into my second spot, and to come into my place. He followed me inside reluctantly, and we sat in my living room.

“I only have a couple of rules, David. Clean up after yourself, and don’t make a ton of noise at night. I’m not the heaviest sleeper, so if you can handle that, you’re welcome to stay with me until you get back on your feet.”

I wasn’t prepared for the reaction I got, as he burst into tears. Over the next couple of hours, I learned the entire story of what happened to him. He was indeed gay, and his father had walked in on him giving a blowjob to his now ex-boyfriend. His dad had flipped, and thrown him out of the house, and told him he’d continue to give him money, but only if he never went back there again. Once a month, his dad would deposit cash into his account, but David had been having a difficult time finding a place to live that he could afford. His boyfriend had dumped him immediately, as he was there for what David could buy him, not for anything else. David’s parents were wealthy, and until he was caught out, David had been able to buy his friend things to make him happy.

I got him settled into the guest room, and went to bed myself. For the next couple of weeks, things were almost normal. David tended to stay to himself, and out of my path. I wasn’t too concerned with this, and went along my way as well. For me, that included having my normal dates over, and more than once, I think he heard me having sex with one or more of my guests. One night, in a mood to experiment, I decided to test David. I knew he’d been quietly checking me out, and I wanted to see just how much control he had. I started walking around the house in less clothing than normal, waiting to see if he would say anything. He never did, but once or twice, I’d catch a glimpse of him adjusting himself, so I knew I was getting to him.

Finally, after about a month of teasing, I decided to take the next step. Pretending I had forgotten he was home, I walked into the kitchen naked, and walked right into David. He started to apologize, then realized I was naked, and his eyes went right to my cock. He slowly looked at me, and when I made no effort to cover myself, he reached out and gently wrapped his hand around my cock. I smiled, and he knew I wanted him to do it. Almost immediately, he was on his knees, my rapidly hardening cock slipping between his soft lips. I’ve had many blowjobs, but never one as sensual as this. David was obviously an expert at his chosen craft, and I was blessed to be his newest recipient.

David ran his tongue slowly down the length of my shaft, which runs about 7″, and spent a little time suckling my balls in his mouth. His hands never stopped stroking my cock, and as he worked his way back up my cock, he was smiling. I laughed, knowing exactly what he was thinking, and I was right. David stopped sucking my cock, and led me by the hand to the sarıyer escort couch in the living room. He lowered me down on my back, and quickly undressed himself. His small cock was quite hard, and he was completely shaven. I watched him slather my cock with his spit, and as his head bobbed up and down, I pinched my nipples hard, enjoying this boy’s efforts.

David reluctantly let my cock fall free of his mouth, and moved to straddle my waist. As I watched, David guided my prick to the edge of his tight ass, and with a groan, impaled himself on my length. I moaned loudly, loving the tight feel of his ass, and he slowly rode me in the cowboy position. As my cock hit his prostate, he cried out, shooting his sticky seed all over my belly. I smiled, and watched him scoop it up and lick his fingers clean. The sight of this young man licking his come off his fingers after scooping it off of my chest was too much for me, and I held onto his waist as I shot my load deep into his tight ass. David cried out as my cock twitched and jumped inside of him, and he collapsed onto my chest, breathing heavily.

For a few moments, we lay there, neither of us moving, letting the sexual high recede. Eventually, he looked up at me, and I pulled him close, kissing him hard. He eagerly returned my kiss, and I could feel the blood returning to my cock. David felt my erection poking him in the butt, and smiled. I grinned, and pushed him off of me. He looked at me, unsure of what I had in mind, but when I grabbed his hips and put him on his knees, he smiled, and spread his legs wide. I split his ass cheeks, and speared his ass with my cock for the second time that day. He cried out as I filled his hole again, and I held his hips as I pounded my cock home.

David moved with me as if he’d been born to be used this way, and for all I knew, he was. His moans and guttural cries got me going, and I had to see his face while I fucked him. I lifted his slight frame, and muscled him around until he was on his back. I lowered him to the couch and pulled his legs to my chest, thrusting my cock deep into his ass. I watched him closely, and smiled when I saw just how much he was enjoying my cock inside of him. I grabbed hold of his small cock, and gently stroked him while we fucked. He quickly shot another load of his seed in my hand, and I brought it to my mouth, licking his spunk from between my fingers. David smiled, then moaned as my cock brushed his prostate once again.

I could feel him tensing his muscles, making himself as tight as he could, and I relaxed, wanting to shoot my load again. I waited until I was right at the edge of release, then pulled my cock from inside of him and pulled his head towards my crotch. He willingly moved close, and I shot my second load all over his young face and mouth. David opened wide, getting as much of my semen in his mouth as he could, and licked his lips clean. I collapsed on the couch next to him, spent. David lay next to me, a smile on his face.

“I had wondered if you were interested in me. I guess I was right.”

I looked over at him, and suddenly slapped his face, hard. His eyes watered, and he rubbed his cheek softly as I stood over him.

“David, as long as you live in my house, you’ll live by my rules. First, you’re now a sex toy, nothing more. Second, you’ll do what I want, when I want you to do it, and to whomever I want you to do it to. Third, you will never make the assumption that I’m ‘interested’ in you again.”

David looked up at me, and then down to my cock, which, to the amazement of us both, was slowly swelling to life for a third time. David looked back up at me, and nodded slowly.

“I understand, and I’m sorry. It will never happen again.”

I nodded, and pulled his head into my crotch. He opened his mouth, and took my thick cock into his mouth again. I grabbed the sides of his head, and fucked his tight mouth hard, making him moan and choke, but he never tried to escape from me. The roughness of what was happening had me more turned on than I had been in awhile, and I shot my third load into David’s mouth pretty quickly. He swallowed it down like a seasoned pro, and gently licked me clean again. I shoved him back onto the couch, maslak escort and left the room without a word. I heard him get up and go into his room, humming happily to himself, and I smiled. I had sensed that David was used to being treated roughly, and his reaction to being slapped proved it.

Over the next week or so, I left him alone, pretending like nothing had happened. Finally, my nuts were swelling with the need to shoot a load, and I decided to go wake him up. I walked into his bedroom to find him curled up asleep in his bed. I pulled the blankets off of him to find him in just his underwear. I simply reached for the waistband and ripped them right of him, waking him up in the process. I spit on my cock, rubbed it down real quick, and pulled him over to the edge of the bed. He spread his legs willingly, knowing what I wanted. I speared his tender ass with my cock, and pounded him hard and fast until I was ready to shoot. He reached underneath and took my sensitive balls in his hand, and that sent me over the edge. With a groan, I shot a massive load into his tight ass.

David held my hips, forcing me to empty my load fully inside of him. When I felt my cock softening, I pushed him back onto the bed, and he quickly turned to take my cock into his mouth, licking me clean of come. My legs shook a little, but I fought to ignore the sweet sensations he was sending through my body. He licked my cock perfectly clean, and I pulled myself off the bed, slapped his ass lightly, and left the room, all without saying a word. I saw him in the mirror, and he was grinning widely as he stroked his own cock furiously.

As I entered my own bedroom, I heard a huge groan, and smiled. The next couple of days were busy for me, work getting a little bit hectic, and my personal life getting a little crowded as well. I had one lady friend in particular who had some serious sexual kinks, and we had explored more than one of them together. Once, while she was plowing my ass with a strap-on dildo, she admitted she’d always wanted to watch two men fuck. She worked as a flight attendant, and was frequently out of town. She was due in town the coming weekend, and I invited her out for drinks, planning on bringing her home to show her my new plaything.

The night arrived, and Megan and I went out on the town, drinking and having a good time. I knew David was working that night, and wouldn’t be going anywhere afterward, so I knew he’d be home. Megan and I went back to my place, and as soon as the door closed, she pulled her top off, showing off her fat tits to me. I suckled them greedily, and then finished stripping her down. I pulled my own clothing off quickly, but as she went to drop to her knees to suck my cock, I stopped her.

“I didn’t tell you. I have a roommate now, and he’s quite the little sex toy.”

Her eyes lit up, and she grinned.

“Have you been playing without me?”

“He’s got a tight ass, baby. Want to watch me fuck his brains out?”

She moaned heavily, and nodded. I pulled her to her feet, and we snuck into his room. As expected, he was asleep, a thin sheet over his body. I walked right in, pulled the sheet off of him, and ripped his shorts off again. Megan laughed, and David blinked his eyes sleepily as what was going on sunk in. I pulled him to his knees and spread his skinny legs apart. He pulled his ass cheeks apart for me, and when I pushed my cock into him, his head snapped up, and that’s when he saw Megan.

“Oh, my God! What’s she doing here? What’s going on?”

“Relax, David. She just wants to watch me make you my bitch again. It gets her hot to watch men fuck, so I want her really hot for when I fuck her later. Just relax, and take my cock in your ass like the good slut you are.”

He put his head down, as if he was really embarrassed, but when I reached around for his small tool, it was harder than I’d ever felt it.

“David! You’re so hard! Are you enjoying this?”

He nodded slowly, and I laughed. Megan climbed onto the bed, and lay right in front of him so she could watch.

“He’s staring at my tits! He likes them, I think!”

She wriggled them in his face, and surprisingly, he actually managed to get a nipple in beyoğlu escort his mouth. Megan moaned, and started laughing.

“He does like my tits! He sucks nipples pretty good, baby! Is he good with cocks?”

“Almost as good as you, baby. Almost as good as you.”

“Wow…that’s pretty damn good then. I’m world class with a cock, you know. Do you think he eats pussy?”

I reached out and grabbed David’s hair, pulling him up to me.

“David? You want to eat her pussy? You want to taste a little pussy?”

He moaned and nodded, and I grinned.

“He’s all yours, Megs. Let’s see how good he is with pussy in his mouth.”

She wriggled around to shove her fat cunt right into his face, and David wasted no time in getting busy. He suckled her clit like it was an all-day sucker, and Megan cried out lustily.

“Damn, baby, you are good with a pussy! Did you know he was bi, baby?”

I shook my head, and she laughed.

“Can we keep him?”

I laughed, and then went back to plowing his tight ass. Megan held onto his ears and drove her crotch against him, covering his face with her juices. David held his own like a trooper, bringing her to several heavy orgasms. She finally pushed him away, and rolled off the bed.

“Be right back, boys. Don’t come without me!”

I kept up a steady pace in David’s ass, and David buried his face in the sheets, moaning softly. My nuts were just beginning to tighten up when Megan walked back into the room. I looked at her and grinned. She had gone to pull out our favorite strap on toy, and when she waved it in David’s face, he grinned.

“Baby? I know you’re enjoying his ass, but do you think I can get some of it, too?”

I reluctantly pulled my cock out of his ass, and she moved in to take my place. I quickly fed him my own cock, and he quickly found himself impaled by two hard cocks. I could see by the look in his eyes that David was truly at home in exactly the position he was in. I think the only thing that would have made him happier would have been cocks in each hand.

David was groaning and crying out as Megan tore his ass up, but my cock never slipped out of his mouth. In fact, I was about to bust a load deep into his throat. I pulled my cock free at the last minute, and with a groan of my own, blasted him right in the face with my seed. I flopped to my back, spent, and Megan continued to pound his ass until his small cock shot a larger load than I’d have suspected he was capable of. David flopped to his belly, exhausted, and Megan wasted no time in pulling the strap on free so she could shove her wet pussy into my face. I happily obliged her, and quickly brought her to a thunderous orgasm. She maneuvered herself down next to me, and the three of us lay there for a little while, enjoying the moment.

“So, David. Any fantasies we can help you fill?”

Megan asked him the question, and for a moment, I think he was considering lying about something to avoid being truthful, but something changed in his eyes, and he nodded.

“I’ve always wanted to be a total come slut. I’d love to be in the middle of a massive group of men, and have them all shoot their hot loads of come all over my face and chest.”

Megan nodded, then surprised me.

“If we can help you do this, would you let me film it?”

His eyes widened, but again, that spark flared in his eyes, and he nodded.

“Good. I think I know some guys that would love to help you out…remember, I work with a bunch of gay guys, and they’re bigger sluts than I am.”

He smiled, I’m sure imagining the scene in his head. Megan looked at him and grinned, nudging me and pointing to his cock, which was quickly expanding back to full size. I sat back and watched as Megan bent over him and showed him why she considered herself a world-class cocksucker. She did things to him he’d never dreamed of, and before he really knew what was happening, he shot his seed right into her mouth. She slathered it all over his slowly shrinking cock, then gasped in shock as I sunk my again hard cock into her wet pussy. David moved down underneath her and ran his hot tongue all over us as I fucked Megan, and when I shot my load inside of her, he sucked every drop he could get right out of her snatch.

Megan left the room after promising to start getting things set up for David’s fantasy, and as went to follow her, I heard David ask me a question.

“Should I even bother to wear underwear anymore? I don’t have that many pairs for you to tear off of me, you know…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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