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I would like to thank and personally recommend the editor Hatsuda for taking the time to work this series.


Here I was, a married 65 year old woman sitting at a bar in one of the most upscale hotels in Beverly Hills dressed in a sinful black mini dress complete with black thigh high stockings attached to two foot long garter straps, connected to a sheer black lace bustier. With my long tapered legs crossed, my black high heel pumps highlighted my devilish look.

As I sipped my drink I thought about the events that led me here. My mind clung to the image of my daughters 19 year old boyfriend Chase pressing the biggest cock I had ever felt in my life against my ass as he kissed my neck and massaged my breasts through the top of my tear-drop bikini as he told me he had to fuck me. Thinking back to that night a few days ago had me dripping wet and I felt myself soaked through my thin satin thong.

My name is Teresa Kane and yes, I am 65 years old which would make a lot of people judgmental about a married woman my age being dressed the way I was, sitting at a bar waiting to meet someone other than her husband, especially her daughter’s 19 year old boyfriend.

To all of our friends who know me and my husband I am the perfect model wife and mother. I’m active in our wealthy inner circle chairing fundraisers and charity events while running a very successful real estate company that caters to the wealthiest clientele in Beverly Hills. My husband who is 70 years old is a pilot who flies for a very wealthy Sultan from the Middle East who, incidentally, owns a home in Beverly Hills.

Admittedly, I have had affairs throughout my marriage with successful men who hungered for my body, and now with the recent new wealth made in the dot-com world I’ve sealed a number of very lucrative sales in the beds of clients in their early to mid-twenties.

As for my body I’m proud to say I still weigh what I did when I was in High School with exactly the same measurements which are 34DD-22-33, with inch long nipples that are always obvious through every bra and blouse I wear, catching the eye of everyman, young or old and a lot of woman too.

I stand 5’8″ tall and weigh 110 pounds. In addition to my slender waist and round, firm breasts are my long, tapered legs which I have seen numerous clients stare at as I sat, legs crossed, in their expensive cars or as I escorted them through tours of multi-million dollar homes in Beverly Hills.

One recent client was a very smug, 19 year old who went to an Ivy League college but never graduated because he inherited just over a billion dollars in his Freshman year from a trust fund established by his grandfather once he turned 18.

What amazed me about these young mega-wealthy billionaires was their boldness and in this case arrogance, especially when it came to getting what they wanted. All these young, rich kids came from wealthy backgrounds and were afforded a very comfortable lifestyle handed to them by their wealthy families.

Before he came into my office I knew he was young and very wealthy and that he was looking for a home in one of the most exclusive parts of Beverly Hills. After prospective clients are screened by one of my staff I interview each one so that I could match them with one of my brokers.

He walked into my office with a bold confidence. He stood about 5’10” tall and had that youthful slender body which I imagined carried about 150 pounds. Blond hair and blue eyes made him boyishly handsome. There was a part of me that could not believe that someone this young looking could be so wealthy.

When I shook his hand and introduced myself he scanned me up and down slowly and very deliberately, taking in every inch of my body.

“Something tells me I came to the right realtor,” he said as he stepped back and looked me over in an even more intently.

“Um, I hope that’s true,” I said with a polite smile as I took in his appearance, being flirtatious myself.

As he ran his eyes over me I was happy he liked what he saw in my appearance.

I always dressed smartly in corporate a business suit that highlighted the sway of my 34DD breasts, and the form of my shapely, long legs which were always encased in a pair of thigh high stockings. That day I had on a black pencil skirt that clung to my narrow waist. The hem was on the short side, revealing my long, slender legs. I wore a very sheer white silk blouse which made my lacey white bra look devilish as the trim showed right through it. The bra was cut right above my nipples and was designed to show the tops of my breasts.

We sat directly across from each other on high backed cushioned chairs and as I crossed my legs I watched his eyes become glued to them. As I talked I watched his eyes roam over every inch of me with a very deliberate stare.

“Sexy,” he said aloud in the middle of my sentence, as his eyes ran all over my body with obvious satisfaction.

His candidness caused me to grin slyly.

“And very handsome yourself,” I replied in a playful way, maintaining Escort Güngören my professional demeanor.

Although I did like the attention combined with the fact that he was extremely wealthy I immediately got back to business and began asking him questions in order that I could match him with one of my agents.

As I talked to him about the price ranges he would cut me off.

“You really are sexy,” he’d say which caught me a little off guard and grinned slyly but this time I did not comment.

I went back to questioning him as I felt his eyes strip me to my stockings and high heels and bra. Not to be conceited, but I was quite accustomed to this kind of attention, as I have seen many of my clients look me over like this, but never before by someone so young. I began to feel my body respond in a way that had me turned on.

As he took in the sight of the mature realtor he immediately saw her as someone he wanted in his bed, someone he had to fuck. Older women turned him on and this one was right at the top of his ‘Can’t wait to fuck’ list. Fuck, what a killer body. Sexy legs and perfect tits. Huge nipples too. I’ve gotta fuck this one for sure, he thought to himself confidently as he felt his massive 12 inch cock stir in his pants. He continued to take in the sight of her amazing body. His obvious lust was a sight that she couldn’t miss and caused her eyes to open wide in surprise.

That could not be what I think it is, I thought to myself as I saw a heaving twitch along the inseam of his pants, running almost to his knee.

When I told him that I was going to pair him with one of my best agents he abruptly said “No!”

“I want you as my agent. Only you,” he said firmly, as he continued to scan me with hunger in his eyes.

The girl I had in mind was Carla. She was 20, very sexy and one of my top sales people. I also knew Carla was amazing in bed as I had sampled her charms on a number of occasions. She and I have shared a few very sexy nights celebrating her closing on a very big sale. When I tried to tell him that I personally guaranteed that he would like working with the young agent I had in mind for him he cut me off.

“I only want you,” he said in a way that had sexual overtones all over it. He purposely ran his eyes all over my body as if to emphasize why he wanted me.

He then had me squirming when he said he would write a check for a ten million dollar retainer and that at the end of the sale the retainer was mine to keep in addition to my commission on the home he purchased.

Trying not to look shocked I instantly agreed to his terms, and after writing out the ten million dollar retaining fee we arranged to start the next day. He arrived at my office in a Bugatti Veyron; a car I knew was well over a million dollars.

During the ride to the first home I caught him scanning my body from head to toe constantly. When I would catch him looking at my legs and my body he would continue scanning me deliberately and brazenly say,

” You really are fucking hot.”

At first I thought he was flirting because of his outgoing personality and confidence, but I soon realized that it was much more than that. As we drove to each home he would continually glance over at me and tell me how sexy I was and that I had an amazing body. I always thanked him for the compliments and in turn told him he was very handsome himself. Although my main concern was selling him a multi-million dollar home and the exorbitant commission I would make I did like his attention to my body.

I had to admit knowing that this 19 year old billionaire thought I was sexy really excited me. I enjoyed knowing he wanted me and that I turned him on. As I’ve said, I have been with many men throughout my years of owning my business and a lot of very sexy women too, but in all my years I have never encountered a person this young who acted with so much boldness and confidence.

Admittedly, I was also turned on to him as well. I was drawn by the way he conducted himself in an arrogant way. I knew this had to do to entitlement, but it did make him seem mature beyond his years.

During the tours he was unrelenting, taking me by the waist and pulling me to him as he told me how sexy I looked and that he wanted me. There were a few times when I gave in to his advances and met his lips and his tongue for a brief, sexy kiss, but then pushed away telling him he needed to focus on the house. His kissing me and boldness had me really excited, but I wanted to keep things as professional as possible.

“I’d rather focus on that incredible body of yours,” he’d say as he looked at me with a burning hunger in his eyes.

I had an exclusive 10 million dollar retainer and hoped he would eventually buy one of the properties I showed him, and in addition to the retainer he said was mine my commission would be immense. But what I was really enjoying was his attention and forwardness.

As a few weeks went by he increased his aggressive attempts to fuck me. He was persistently saying İnnovia Escort that my body drove him wild and that he had to have it. He kept calling me at different times of the day telling me how sexy I was and one time he even went so far as to say that he was in bed jerking off thinking about me. Although I tried to remain focused, he began to wear me down.

Things began to get heated between him and me as we rode from home to home in his multi-million dollar car with his hand running up and down my thigh as he told me how sexy my legs were. There were times when we would be at a traffic light and he would lean over and our tongues would flick across each other’s in a heated burst of untamed lust. Being in such an expensive car with him being so wealthy made him hard to resist.

Thoughts of him and I being together sexually began to consume me. Morning, noon and night he was on my mind constantly. During tours of homes with other prospective buyers my mind was on him. When I was out with my husband and friends all I could think about was him.

As hard as I tried to push the thoughts of him and me out of my head the more I thought about him. I kept hearing his voice tell me how sexy I was and that he wanted me. My mind drifted to us kissing in his car and during the tours of the houses I showed him. I began to imagine the two of us being together more and more in the most intimate ways.

Every day after work I’d find myself fantasying about me and the 19 year old billionaire. It was especially hard on those days when I had shown him a home and we were so close together, at times with him right up against me kissing my neck as he told me he wanted to fuck me.

Whether I was on my bed after removing my dress and blouse, with just my stockings and high heels on, or in my Jacuzzi, all I could think about was him and I in bed together. I began to imagine what his cock would look like and what it would be like to suck him and to fuck him.

I was consumed with thoughts of him. I’d be out at one of the many country clubs I belonged to, having dinner with my husband or with other wealthy friends or clients, and I’d suddenly imagine myself with him. Kissing him passionately and then ultimately fucking him.

One day after leaving the office I went home to unwind. My husband called me from an airport on my cell to say that the Sultan had him scheduled to fly him to the Middle East, and during our conversation my mind kept drifting to the young billionaire. I had just spent the afternoon showing him a huge mansion in Beverly Hills that he seemed very interested in buying, but what he was more interested in was me, telling me at every opportunity, between my sales pitch, how sexy I was and that he wanted me. During the tour we kissed playfully and that alone drove me crazy.

Even though he turned me on like crazy I played off his attempts to fuck me, but deep down my body was on fire from his boldness and aggressiveness and I wanted to give myself to him. During the tour he pulled me towards him and I met his tongue for a wicked kiss. He was impossibly hard to resist, but I stayed poised, pushed him away and made him focus on the house.

I’ve always had a high sex drive and at 65 I’m as active sexually as a 20 year old. I knew I was meeting the young billionaire that day and as I dressed I found myself picking out clothing that would highlight my body and get his attention. I wore a tight pencil skirt that clung to my slender waist and hips. It was extra-short, going 10 inches above my knees and revealed my long, tapered legs. Under the skirt I wore a string thong and a pair of tan thigh high stockings to further accent my legs.

The top I chose was a sinful sheer white see-through blouse that showed my tan flesh tone through the sheer material and a lace bra that was so sheer my big, one inch nipples could be seen a mile away. Over the sheer blouse I wore a light black jacket that was tapered to my body like a second skin. I purposely opened an extra button on my blouse to show my deep cleavage and my flawless 34DD tits.

My outfit had the desired effect as he went crazy trying to kiss me and take hold of my waist, pleading with me to fuck him. Each time our tongues would dart across each other’s he thought he had me, and as much as I wanted him I diverted his advances and told him I had clients waiting for me.

After I arrived home that day I poured myself a glass of white wine. I then slowly and methodically removed my business suit and stood in just my thigh high stockings, sheer white lace bra and black pumps. Feeling very sexy and over- stimulated from all the playful kissing and touching with the young wealthy 19 year old, I sipped my wine as I walked around the room admiring my sexy body in the floor length mirrors.

As my high heels clicked on the marble floor I crossed one heel over the other and unabashedly bent forward slightly, smiling approvingly at my incredibly firm ass and long sexy legs. Knowing that I was in better shape than most 20 year olds I ran a Kağıthane escort bayan manicured fingernail over my sheer stockings and over the curve of my sexy ass.

As I took in the sight of my body I began thinking how much the young billionaire would thoroughly enjoy seeing me dressed like this, especially after all of his attempts to get me into bed with him. As I looked at myself in the mirror I suddenly pictured his body next to mine. I began to imagine us kissing and playing with each other. With his success and confidence I had a very good idea that he knew how to fuck. I had never been with someone that young and the idea of our contrasting bodies next to each other had my nipples rock hard.

After a while I removed my high heels, rolled down my nylons, then took my glass of wine and went into the Jacuzzi. I hated to admit it but I could not get the young billionaire out of my mind. Here I was, a wealthy, elegant 65 year old socialite, not to mention married woman who served on various boards of prominent organizations as head of their social committees, having sinful thoughts of fucking a young and cocky 19 year old. His persistence to fuck me and the power he had for someone so young haunted me.

Thinking about him caused me to begin playing with my long, turned on nipples, and then slowly masturbating. As I closed my eyes the scene would turn into him and me in bed together kissing and fucking, pleasing each other with our mouths and hands for hours and hours. With one hand toying with my huge clit my mouth was eagerly sucking my fingers as I imagined them being the young billionaires cock.

With the thoughts of his cock in my mouth and then going in and out of my pussy, I shuddered uncontrollably into an explosive orgasm that lasted more than two minutes! That entire night had me tossing and turning in bed thinking about him, and the dreams I had about us fucking had me masturbating no less than four times in order to resolve the burning in my pussy.

The breaking point finally came when he called the next afternoon and told me that he had to have me at any cost. I then played my trump card and said, “Well I’ll make a deal with you. Business first, then I promise you and I can have all the fun you want lover.”

We finally arrived at closing on a 45 million dollar home in an exclusive part of Beverly Hills. He told me he wanted to take me to dinner and that he would sign all the papers there. That night I selected an outfit to specifically turn him on. I would try something on and think, ‘Would this outfit turn him on? Is this hot enough? Would this one drive him crazy?’

With change after change the outfits became more and more revealing. I was going crazy as I dressed thinking about him. Finally, I selected a skin tight black mini dress. The front had a plunging neckline that revealed the sides of my 34DD breasts and the hem came all the way up my slender hips to just below my ass. I was all legs. I wore a pair of elegant nude thigh high stockings and black high heels. Because of the open front I went braless. The material was so sheer that my long nipples were quite visible. This in itself was very sexy. I knew this look would drive him wild.

He picked me up at the office in a different car. It was a 3 million dollar Lamborghini Veneno. It was yet another display of his wealth and his love for material things. I had to admit that just having this amazingly expensive car wrapped around me set the mood for a very naughty and very sexy night.

As we rode to a trendy restaurant and playfully kissed at every light as he told me how sexy I was. My body was on fire and I was so turned on to be with him. The restaurant he took me to was known for careering to young, wealthy billionaires.

During dinner we sat in a secluded booth which was the design of this up scale, trend setting restaurant. The other thing that made this restaurant exclusively private was a private sound system and a paging system when you wanted service. The young billionaire programed some type of instrumental club music that was trendy for his generation and ordered a bottle of very expensive champagne.

The first order of business was to sign the documents for the house. As we sipped our champagne we began to kiss playfully.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he said kissing my neck.

“Oh God,” I groaned in a low moan.

As we kissed the thought of the lucrative commission I just made on this sale had turned me on. The seven million dollar commission in addition to the ten million dollar retainer, his wealth and the fact that I was 45 years older than him had me going crazy every time our lips met.

“Such a sexy lady,” he said whispering in my ear as his hands roamed up and down my stocking crossed legs. “I wanted to fuck you from the moment I laid eyes on you,” he said in my ear which caused me to moan deeply.

During dinner the sexual tension built between us as we ate and played with each other. At one point we went into a deep kiss which had my inch long nipples throbbing and my clit ready to explode. Hearing him whisper in my ear that he wanted to fuck me and that my body drove him crazy had me groaning. While we kissed his hands ran up the side of my mini dress to the tops of the lace trim of my stockings. Kissing my neck as his hands ran over my nylons had me squirming in the leather seat.

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