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By patty parker_65 (buxom_lesbian_slutmom)

At the end of CHAPTER 4:

Shelly grasps Eileen’s hips and levers her monster dingus the rest of the way into her busty mom’s wrecked butt-hole. The whimpering mother’s rectum finally stretches enough to accommodate the full length and girth of the invading latex wang, and her sigh of relief is half sob, half sigh. After the briefest of pauses, Shelly starts to pump her slim hips slowly and deliberately, her pace steady for the first two dozen or so thrusts. A warm glow begins to spread through-out her wide-open rear hole, and despite herself she is soon rocking-backward to meet the speeded-up, the machine-like thrusts of her teen daughter; Where in the world had Shelly learned to fuck a woman this way? Eileen wonders absently, deep in the back of her over-heated mind.

Without missing a stroke, Shelly reaches underneath her panting, wriggling mom, to squeeze and maul Eileen’s heavy, dangling tits, eliciting additional squeals of delight from her dildo-impaled slave/mother. Each hard, deep thrust brings a fresh groan or whimper from Eileen. The giant prick is now sliding easily in the huge-titted rape victim’s dilated, distended anal chute, and the sounds she is making are combinations of pleasure and pain, instead of just pain…

Shelly’s thighs are contacting her mother’s lush, round butt-cheeks hard with each pounding thrust, making them shake and wobble like big bowls of pale white jello. Almost at the same instant, the climax that has been building in both women culminates in a simultaneous, ear-splitting wail of joy as they both explode in a mind- shattering orgasm that leaves the incestuous pair breathless and almost too stunned to move.

Eileen collapses onto her front, and Shelly, her cock still buried in her mother’s ass, lies atop her sweaty back. The two women lay there, too drained to do anymore then try to catch their breath…


Life in the Warren house goes on as usual; Jack Warren, a successful lawyer of 50, is blissfully unaware of the new relationship that now exists between Eileen and their daughter. 98% of the time, he is focused on his lobbying activities for local coal plants, as well as expanding the family’s personal net worth. In his way, he loves his family, however he sees them more as expenses on a balance sheet than as people who need his love and attention. He still finds the time to couple with Eileen at least once per week, when he is home; when he’s away, he finds solace in $5000/night call girls and the companionship of his wealthy cronies. His business trips now average two per week, which results in his spending less and less time at home.

Eileen’s loneliness and isolation is even more crushing now then it ever was. She drops Jack off at the airport at 700 am this morning, and though she aches to confide bursa suriyeli escort escort in someone, ANYONE, he quickly and with finality shoots-down her timid inquiry about her possibly seeking a psychiatrist’s help. Having built her life around her family and their needs, she never made any close friends, and if Jack ever sensed her getting close to someone, he made sure to quash the budding friendship in the bud: ‘ ” You don’t have time or need for friends, Hon: you have quite enough on your plate seeing to your family’s needs” ‘ … In his world only weaklings need to pour out their hearts and money to “voodoo scientists”; a strong will and drive to succeed are all one needs to achieve personal and public greatness (he, whose wealthy and powerful father greased his way into the most prestigious pre-schools and then into Yale, and whose law firm he now heads, has nothing but contempt for the poor and disenfranchised..) When they first began dating, it was Jack who decided when and where they spent their time; HE decided that nursing school would demand too much time and effort and that Eileen would be better suited for a History or Home Economics discipline:

(“After all, babe, I’ll be the primary bread-winner when we get married; and, let’s face it, nursing’s probably a little high for you to reach, don’t you think?”)

Not exactly stating outright that he didn’t think she had the intelligence to master a more demanding curriculum, but saying it none the less, so that Eileen got the message, loud and clear. Her father, dead now, had belittled and dominated her mother in much the same fashion, so that by the time she and Jack got together, she is mentally conditioned to relinquish all control to the those who “knew best”. Her dad and Jack had been fast friends; their world view is so similar that it was no wonder that John Sr, her father had begun pushing the 19 year old Eileen to set a wedding date less than a month after meeting the tall and handsome tennis letterman.

During a fitting for her wedding gown, Eileen had confided to her mother that she wasn’t sure that she even loved Jack. Her mom, so sweet and in her typical non-confrontational fashion, had simply said, “Your dad and Jack know best, dear. Best to leave such decisions to them”.

Her responses to what her thoughts were on where to eat, what movie to see, or any other issue were, as now, “Yes, Jack”, “As you say Jack”; “No, of course we can see that action movie instead of ‘When Harry Met Sally’; I don’t mind”…from the beginning Jack decided when they ate, where, which family they would spend holidays with, all the MAN decisions, as he put it. HE’D decided that one child was all that the two of them needed, though Eileen had always dreamed of a large brood. He chose their first house, their bursa ucuz escort vehicles, what television shows they watched, their cellular provider, even lingerie (he favors suspender belts and stockings, in red or black, that’s a good girl…)

Shelly is her father’s daughter. No doubt shecarefully studies the way her Dad runs their home, controlling nearly every aspect of their lives, and her Mother’s complete quiescence to him.

Her daughter has made it very clear that there should be no hint of their secret relationship; in public, or when Jack or other family members are about, they are to act like a typical mother and daughter. Once they are alone, Shelly assumes the dominant role and Eileen is forced to submit to the perverted young woman’s every sexual whim.

10am, in Eileen’s bedroom

After arriving home from the airport, Eileen is ordered to her bedroom. There, Shelly instructs her to put-on the bra, garter-belt, stockings, and heels ensemble she chose while her mother was away. Eileen strips and dresses in the purple underwear as instructed, then lays on her bed, face down, her hands behind her, spreading the luscious cheeks of her buttocks so that Shelly can drag her tongue up, down, and around the deep crack, occasionally dipping lower to strum against the lush-bodied mother’s erecting clitty. Eventually, as always, Shelly’s lips browse upwards to suckle and nibble at Eileen’s now veteran anus. She spends some time feasting on that delectable morsel, until both she and her mother are freely dribbling female cuntal fluids from each of their shaven, pink clams.

Finally, Shelly can wait no longer. Her lips remain clamped to her mother’s delectable brownie even as her hands, resting on Eileen’s flanks, guide the voluptuous mother up from her prone position onto all fours. After a last, lingering lick, the horny young offspring straightens her back and Rosie who is kneeling nearby, grasps her jutting ding-dong with a KY-slickened hand and guides it to the opening of her mother’s sweet pussy. Slowly and deliberately, the horny young female stud slides deep into her mom, not stopping until her groin is resting tightly against the older woman’s sweet round bum. Shelly’s hands rest lightly on her mother’s soft, fleshy hips as her own hips begin to pump slowly, rhythmically Her face wet with tears and her whole body trembling, Eileen is aware of a warm, undeniable sensation of pleasure beginning to stir in the juncture of her loins as she is expertly fucked by her own offspring. As she leisurely slides in and out of Eileen’s wet, clutching fanny, she rubs her thumb over the nub of her mom’s clitoris, forcing it into stiff erection, pushing and pulling it back and forth, teasing it, until she moans as the fire between her legs grows hotter and hotter. Eileen is dizzy bursa üniversiteli escort with lust; the initial shame of cheating on her husband with their own daughter is swept away by the gnawing hunger that is avalanching through her loins, in her belly, her breasts.

As her daughter starts to fuck her more vigorously, Eileen swings her hips skillfully as Shelly drives back and forth in her, the strokes are faster and harder, plunging mightily in and out of her sopping gash. Eileen’s full, heavy bounce and jiggle in their lace bar cups with each deep stroke of Shelly’s big cock.

“I’m cumming… cumming; oh my darling!”, the voluptuous mother breathes heavily. “That’s it, do it to me I’m cumming!”

Shelly rides her hard until her orgasm crests, then, even as Eileen is still wriggling in the throes of that explosion, Shelly withdraws her cunt-juice and KY-slick ding-dong and centers the tip of it on her mom’s brownish-pink pucker. Eileen tenses; she takes a deep breath and holds it as her daughter’s slim hips push the long, fat wanger into the expanding sphincter, while Eileen moans and groans. She keeps as still as possible, letting Shelly have her way. At last, the big mushroom cap is completely swallowed by the tight anal mouth. Once she is half-way in, Shelly braces herself and pushes harder; after that, the journey into Eileen’s soft, pliant rectum is a piece of cake. She doesn’t stop until she is completely buried in her mom’s delightful bottom. Her fingers dig into the soft flesh of the older woman’s buttocks, charging into her with new fury, plunging into her throbbing, damp passage easily now that it is sufficiently loose enough to accommodate all 12″ of the monster dick. The pain has dulled to an uncomfortable, though pleasurable fullness, and Eileen begins moving her buttocks in a slow, circular pattern, while her daughter’s ensconced cock, a prisoner inside her, obediently follows. Shelly, from time to time, alters the speed and depth of her thrusting, but her movements are cease-less, like the ocean tides. Now that she herself can sense the beginning of a coming explosion, Shelly’s pistoning thrusts increase until her slim young hips are a blur as they crash into Eileen’s pillowy buttocks powerfully and deeply. To Eileen, it feels like the cock pile driving her ass goes deeper and deeper with each forceful thrust.

Her bladder feels like it is being poked with each plunge and the urge to piss rocks her body, along with the burning pain of having such a thick obstacle rooting inside her ass. The pleasure that Eileen knows is coming finally crashes through her body as Shelly literally fucks the breath right out of her.

Just as Eileen opens her mouth to scream, her sweaty back tenses and she begins to shudder all over; at that moment Shelly applies a wrenching, milking squeeze to her “balls”, and jet-like spurts of cum are released into Eileen’s sizzling bowels. The big sac of “balls” holds a lot of “jizz”, it floods Eileen’s lower intestine as her own muffled cry marks the sparking to life her own orgasm. Shelly’s own orgasm rushes over her and she yells-out her passion as her thrusts become erratic, then slow to a stop.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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