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From stories past you may recall reading some of Darla Minks’ adventures at Swenson Manor. In the event you are unaware of her adventures let me provide you a brief overview of the circumstances of her very first visit.

It is important to understand Swenson Manor, a palatial estate by anyone’s estimation, is a unique place and the site for some of the most sexually depraved parties held in this part of the country. It was to such a party that Darla was forced to attend by her husband; a man best described as a smuck who was not worthy of feasting upon her feces predicated on the manner in which he had treated her for their entire married life. From the time they met until this party the terms strait laced were an apt description of Darla. Conservative in every aspect of her life she came to her wedding bed a virgin. Prior to that night her future husband was attentive and caring, but his true nature as an insensitive boor emerged, and from that time onward made sex for Darla an unfulfilling and at times a very painful nightmare.

His idea of sex with Darla was a monthly hump in the “wam bam thank you mam” style. He got on, got off, and got away to more pleasurable adventures. You must understand Hubby simply serviced his wife to maintain his control over her; she did not know better, and was an easy prey. Hubby reserved the fun aspects of fucking the others he took to his bed. Sex with them was much different, and it was through his reputation of skill with other women that he came to receive one of the coveted green envelopes bearing an invitation to a Swenson Manor party.

Hubby, for whatever unthought-of reason forced his wife to attend. As Darla was there under duress she had a miserable time until encountering a delightful young lady named Nancy Jones. This inquisitive, insightful, naked woman approached Darla, and in a very direct manner queried why anyone was still wearing clothes at party such as this. Darla turned to face her inquisitor, detected a caring demeanor, and as if a plug was removed from a dam poured out her story. Among the information were tidbits such as how she thought sex was simply for making babies, a wife’s duty, and not meant for fun or pleasure.

At the end of Darla’s outpouring Nancy queried: “You learned that wife’s duty crap from your mother didn’t you? Look around you, and then let me pose a question. Look at all the people. Do you think they are acting the way they are acting because sex is boring and painful?” Nancy paused, looked directly into Darla’s eyes, and then continued: “If you still think that is true I suggest you rethink the issue. From your story I understand you have not had any good examples, but I beg of you to please believe me when I say sex is fun and it should make you feel wonderful!” After a pause to allow her words to sink in a bit she further asked: “Darla, would you care to investigate another side of sex; a side you have not seen? Before you answer you should ask if you are you willing to open your mind, to look around you without bias or recrimination, to see without judgment, and to consider if you are willing to experience some different aspects of sex?”

Darla thought for a moment, considered what she was witnessing now with her eyes as opposed to what she had held true all her life then she agreed to accept Nancy as her guide. Before the party ended Darla developed a new and pleasing awareness about sex with men, women, and a few animals. That awakening, while certainly delightful and the gateway to future experiences, was not the highlight of her evening. The highlight was the unexpected, but so very delightful opportunity to extract some revenge on the piece of feces she had in the past referred to as her husband.

By chance, early on Saturday morning, Darla and Nancy spied Hubby passed out on the lawn in a drunken stupor. Working together they dragged him to, and placed him over a specially adapted padded sawhorse complete with binding rings for hands and feet. They secured his extremities, placed a ball-gag in his mouth, and then paused to create a sign advertising his ass for use by one and all. However, before they displayed the sign Darla, under Nancy’s guidance, meted out a small, but very appropriate measure of the revenge she would ultimately extract.

For Hubby to experience the full effect of what was to come it was necessary to arouse the man to a level of consciousness. This was achieved by dousing him with several buckets of cold water. He spewed, sputtered, and struggled until Darla grabbed him by his hair and lifted his head up so she could speak to him. Then in a very uncharacteristic (non subservient) manner she said: “You sir are not but a pile of elephant dung (In other words a piece of shit.) It is time for you to experience treatment appropriate to your true nature. In simple terms that even you can understand it is payback time. Your life has changed and you do not even know it yet, but you will.” Darla stepped away to allow free swing of her Avrupa Yakası Escort arm as she slapped the man’s face. “Listen very carefully to what I will say next. When this party is over someone will release your bonds. When that happens, if you can still walk, I suggest you move very quickly because anything of yours left in MY house by Monday sundown is going into the garbage where you belong. All that day you will have the house to yourself all day because am meeting with an attorney to file for divorce.” Darla paused, and then in language he had never before heard emit from her mouth continued: “I want to thank you for making me come tonight. Because of you I have learned a few lessons you probably did not want me to learn. One lesson is some guys enjoy getting fucked in the ass. I hope you are not one of them. I hope you hate it every time someone shoves something up your shit chute. I hope you hate it as much as I hated your pathetic cock my pussy when it was dry. …….. And guess what, I am the first who is going fuck you?”

Hubby’s eyes grew big in fear as Darla said the words. They grew even larger when he saw the huge strap-on dildoe Nancy handed to Darla. It was nearly the largest one available at the manor. Darla, while standing where Hubby could see, strapped it to her loins then move behind him and without benefit of any lubricant plunged the shaft into his ass. Only the blood from his ruptured vessels served to later ease the passage. His gag prevented a loud outburst, but it was possible to imagine his discomfort from bulging veins on his neck, the red face, the writhing of his body, and the limited noise he was able emit. Darla forced the fake dick into the resistant asshole repeatedly each time relishing the revenge she was extracting. In and out she plunged until at last there was no more resistance. When she tired of her fun she withdrew the fake cock from Hubby’s ass, walked to his face, jerked his head up, and rubbed the shit and blood-covered phallus under his nose. She would have forced it into his mouth, but the ball gag prevented such a pleasurable action.

Darla then reintroduced Hubby to Nancy, and invited her to partake of her husband’s ass. In response to this gracious invitation Nancy displayed to Hubby the manly member she had elected to employ; this was the largest strap-on dildoe they could find. Its passage into the waiting rectum was easier due to the previous assault, but nonetheless stretched asshole’s asshole to new extremes.

When the ladies were through with Hubby’s ass it was fully stretched, bleeding, and ready for the next visitor. They displayed their sign and Hubby spent the next 34 hours bent over the sawhorse taking phalluses, real and fake, as well as an occasional fist. An unexpected development was Hubby came to objects up his ass. He would pay for the privilege of having someone fuck his ass with anything, anytime, and anywhere.

That weekend at Swenson Manor was awakening, and served as a new beginning for Darla. With her new awareness of what life and sex was about, accompanied by a very sizeable settlement from her divorce on which she could live comfortably for the remainder of her life, Darla set forth to explore. On many occasions she attended parties at Swenson Manor always assuming the role of an enthusiastic and adventuresome participant. She tried anything and everything with anybody and everybody. It was at one of those parties that Darla’s life took another sudden and unexpected twist.

The annual New Years Eve party at Swenson Manor was always a costume affair lasting several days. The hosts provided costumes that were designed to allow ready access to breasts, genitals, and ass of the wearer. If one did not desire to wear a full costume an alternate solution was to go nude while wearing some type of facemask. Do keep in mind the primary objective of these parties was sexual enjoyment. At the particular party in question Darla donned the costume she wore to her very first such party: She went as Victoria, the white cat from “Cats.” The costume was tight, alluring, and made her body parts perfectly accessible. The one drawback of the costume was a muffling of sound as it covered her entire head.

Darla, who came alone, was unaccompanied as she walked down the grand staircase, but as she reached the bottom step several male and female admirers gathered around. She acknowledged them, but moved on to greet Paula and John Swenson, the hosts.

“Darla, it is so nice to see you. Haven’t you worn that outfit before?” Paula asked while reaching toward Darla’s costume to caress her breasts.

“So you have the cameras on upstairs I see. Yes, I wore this at my first New Year’s party. Still looks good don’t you think/”

John reached to grab Darla’s crotch: “It works for me. It’s nice to see you. Do have a good time. Sorry to run, but I have to deal with something at the bar.”

“John is always in a rush somewhere. I am surprised he ever Avrupa Yakası Bayan has time for a fuck. What are your plans Darla?”

“You need to ask my plans? Do you really need to ask that question? I plan to fuck every person I can until I can’t fuck anymore. Then I’m going to rest until I can fuck some more. How does that sound for a plan?”

“Sounds like a sensible plan to me. Most of the folks here this time are people you know, but there are a few first-timers. Treat them nice! Now bless you my child. Leave me to go forth and FUCK! Bye, bye.”

Darla gazed around the festively decorated room filled with people, food tables, and bars. The Swenson’s spared no expense for their parties. The food was always wonderful, the booze was top of the line, and the people all had a common desire to fuck until they dropped. Anything was acceptable as long as the interaction was consensual, and it did not involve minors.

At the moment a large group had gathered in the billiard room watching an interesting combination of one man standing on the floor having his dick sucked by a woman. No, it was a young girl of at the most 18 years of age, lying on her back on the billiard table. Her head was extended over the side in such a manner as to allow the man direct access to the depths of her throat. A second was positioned on her hands and knees so that her face was fully surrounded by the groin of the first. It appeared the second girl possessed a very talented tongue based on the first girl’s hip movements and the moaning sounds coming from her mouth as she continued to suck the man’s cock. The second girl’s position forced her vaginal and anal areas to point almost skyward which is well as that area was receiving considerable oral attention of a different kind. Her entire nether region was the recipient of a concentrated lingual assault offered by a pure-bread German Shepard; a large breed of dog with paws the size of a grown man’s hand. A third girl of non-descript notation stood next to the dog stroking and sucking his cock to complete erection.

Darla did not know how long the show had lasted, but after a very few minutes of the dog having his cock sucked he was ready for something more. He lifted his body upward to position his paws and forelegs around the second girl’s hips; the girl he was licking and shoved his fully aroused cock deep into her pussy; or maybe it was her ass he entered. Darla could not tell from her point of view. Regardless of which hole the cock occupied, the reaction by the girl was to emit a tremendous scream of pain-pleasure before she returned to her cunt-lapping duties. The dog ignored her cry of anguish and commenced a rapid hunching action that plunged his erect red cock into whatever hole he was lodged.

Darla watched in appreciation all of the actors, but particularly the dog as she herself had experienced the joys provided by other species. Since her first adventure at Swenson Manor she had fucked and sucked several dogs of different breeds, and experienced being mounted by a small donkey. Each had its own rewards, none of which Darla would deny. In response to the show Darla, without any awareness of her movements, allowed her hands to roam over her body caressing her tits and pussy. At last her right hand became stationary concentrating its force directly onto her very sensitive clit. As she attained orgasm she emitted not a scream, but rather a low prolonged moan signifying her pleasure. No one around her took any notice of her outburst as they were well into their own arousal and self-gratification.

The quartet on the table continued to suck, lick, and thrust into each other until each began to shake in orgasm and lose the ability to continue this pursuit of pleasure. The man and the lower woman slipped out of the scene while the woman on top remained awaiting the dog’s knot to subside. During this wait another masked man approached the woman.

“Suck me bitch. Do something with that mouth while you wait.”

“Suck yourself asshole! Nobody tells me what to do you tiny-pricked bastard!” the girl retorted.

Taken aback by her vehemence the man slunk away in embarrassment. Not because he had a tiny dick, which he did not, but because he had made a fool of himself in front of so many people. He had tried macho when asking politely probably would have gotten him the blowjob he desired.

Darla heard the man’s voice and thought it sounded familiar, but her costume distorted the sound, and she was not sure from what part of her memory the recollection arose. It was not possible to discern much visually as he walked way. What she could determine was a height of roughly 5’10”, medium frame, and a good ass.

She wanted to know more, but her eyes were drawn away as the dog dismounted the girl on the table. As he withdrew, the girl who had sucked him to erection was there to collect his juices as they emerged from what was obviously a very good fuck of the top girl’s Escort Avrupa Yakası ass. The hole was clearly distended as the dog-dick withdrew, and within a second the third girl covered the hole with her mouth to suck out the dog’s cream.

Darla proceeded from this very arousing scene toward another group gathered near the dining room. As she approached the group she observed, sitting in a corner by himself, the man who was embarrassed earlier. She approached him: “What you did was not bad enough to banish yourself.”

“It’s not what I did, but rather how I attempted to do it. I really made a fool out of myself. My friend told me she liked it rough and I was fool enough to believe him.”

Again the voice was familiar, but distorted partly from her head covering, and partly from the partial covering of his mouth offered by his mask. “Don’t worry about it. Do you still want someone to suck your dick?” Without waiting for a reply Darla pushed the man onto his back, grasped his hard dick in her left hand to hold it steady, and sunk her lips onto the shaft until she felt his pubic hairs tickle her nose. Darla, as an expert cocksucker knew many tricks that she employed to give the man a thrilling ride toward his climax. One of the most stimulating was the plunging of first one then a second finger into his ass. As her fingers spread his sphincter they also strove to massage his prostate. He tried to climb high on the wall in response to those intruding digits.

As he neared his climax Darla kept him constantly on edge never allowing him an opportunity to gain any sense of control. She was in control, and intended to stay there. At last she tired of the game and plunged him down her throat several times causing his ejaculate to spew forth; a load Darla caught fully in her mouth.

When he ceased to volcanically eject his seed Darla released her oral grip on his cock, climbed rapidly up his body kissing his mouth and depositing the product of his orgasm directly into his oral orifice. (In more simple terms she dumped a load of his cum from her mouth to his.) Not once did he gag, or in anyway indicate any rejection of her actions. The truth is he enjoyed the taste of seminal fluid regardless if it was second hand such as now or direct from the source.

“That was very nice. May I return the favor?”

“I will gladly welcome your attention on my behalf kind sir.”

The man reversed their positions so that he was atop, and then began to kiss, caress, and undress her body. Every item, except for her mask was removed as he kissed and licked his way down the front of her torso and legs. Not satisfied he rolled her over and applied the same type of kissing and licking to her backside. After he had addressed all areas of her body he focused on her buttocks gradually spreading them to unveil the aperture of her bowel; also known as her asshole.

At this opening he paid homage with first his lips, then his tongue, and lastly his fingers. Concentrating exclusively on this zone of delight he moved Darla along an intense path of pleasure. She was on the verge of an orgasm when he stopped and again changed her body position so that now she lay on her back.

Not waiting a moment to again enjoy a view he had already seen he placed his head at the juncture of her legs and began to orally explore this area of opportunity. Gently he ran his tongue along each side of her hairless lips. He did this several times before he ventured to penetrate her golden gash. Inside it was pink, but he did not see that aspect as his eyes were focused on Darla’s breasts, nipples, and brilliant blue eyes. The man’s tongue stroked the inside of each lip repeatedly taking care to touch neither the vital area of her vaginal entry nor the sensitive clitoris. Darla found this action stimulating yet frustrating, and after a while frustrating won over her emotions as she grabbed his head. “Do my clit you bastard.”

“Now, now, now child. This is my show. Just be patient and your reward will come.” With that he removed her hands from his head, and started again on the outside of the lips. With an exasperatingly slow progression the man moved from the outer lips to the inner edges then onward to the vaginal orifice where he lingered for several minutes.

Darla was as tense as a stretched wire, and wanting badly for him to proceed yet desiring the pleasure she hoped the wait was worth. At almost the last possible moment of her ability to withstand the torment any longer the man shifted his lingual focus directly to the tip of her clitoris. An explosion of pure pleasure tore through Darla’s body. She arched her back in response to the sensations, an act that normally ceases after a few moments. Normally that was true, but not this evening. The man rose with her maintaining contact with what at this moment in time was the nexus of her central being. He maintained contact until he sensed she could not hold this intensity any longer. Then, and only then he gradually released his hold on her soul, and allowed her to regain her earthly control.

“That is the most wonderful cum I have ever experienced. You possess a very talented tongue and sense of style. I thank you kind sir. In a moment I would like to take advantage of what I am sure is a very talented cock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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