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For once I was so mad with Jason. We had been living together for six months and it felt like heaven. I felt at last he was the guy for me, hook line and sinker. I always teased him saying he really hooked me with his line and sunk it into me so beautifully.

That is how it was and how it always has been until now when he wants to bring a third party into our relationship.

With us it has always been just the two of us and I thought he was happy with that. I guess the crunch came when he wanted to start recording us during the very intimate times we shared.

I went along with it on the assumption that it was just for thrills. I know how Jason placates himself with imagery when I am not around, and to be honest we had a lot of fun arranging best profiles of me in full erection and him halfway up me and strong midstream ejaculations over my face.

I didn’t mind that at all. It was good to think he could still excite himself that way when I was not around. I had no idea that he was using the imagery not only to excite himself but also with someone else he had not told me about.

That all came to a head when my business trip up north was cut short and I returned home a day earlier.

I could not believe what I saw when I came back. Jason and this other black guy were stretched out on the sofa, the brand new leather bound sofa I had only bought a month ago at that, they were watching the DVD of Jason and I on the job big time, both frantically frigging themselves like I was not there. Obviously they were so frenzied they were not aware of my presence and when Jason realised I was there, he said he was sorry and told his friend called Danny perhaps it would be best for him to go.

“It is not how you may think Alex. Danny is just a guy I met at the bowling alley and there has never been anything between us, he just likes watching that’s all and gets his gratification that way.”

“I don’t believe you Jason; you have fucked him haven’t you. Perhaps you have turned to black guys, they are always deemed to be the best huh?”

Truth is I was jealous. I thought we were secure and had a perfect one to one relationship.

“I swear I have never touched him that way and he certainly hasn’t touched me. Danny simply enjoys watching and yes, I did get a certain extra thrill gaziantep escort having another watch the DVD at the same time.”

“So all those pictures you took on your phone were all for the benefit of Danny. All the time you were sending those very personal images to him?”

“No harm meant Alex. I just wanted to do him a good turn, I owe him, he helped me out long before I knew you, I was knackered through booze and he was the guy I told you about, who helped me dry out.”

It came as a bit of a shock. I felt repulsed and uncomfortable. At least Jason could have asked me first.

“I really think I don’t want to know you anymore Jason. I would be frigid wondering if you had any secret cameras lodged anywhere.”

“Alex, it is not that bad. Danny is a nice guy, you’ll like him.”

“It sounds like you intend to let him be part of our relationship?”

“I told you. I owe him. Surely it won’t do any harm just to let him watch occasionally. He is very complimentary about you.”

Jason was trying to get around me, touching me there and kissing my neck which he knows chills me to his needs. But not this time, he could rub me as much as he liked and make all those moves signalling foreplay but it was all in vain.

“Oh! Come on Jason, Give me a break. It’s been a long time.”

“Well go and look at your dirty discs then.”

“When I have you here in the flesh, Jason? I don’t think so.”

“Well I am still cross about you not asking me, so you won’t get a fuck out of me tonight or anything else.” I wanted to show him that he could not just take me for granted, that I was not just his fucking’ toe rag toe treat like he wanted. And where is Danny anyway, where has he gone?”

“At a guess I would say he is finishing himself off in the bathroom. You did arrive at an inopportune time.”

Then Danny appeared, like he heard me asking about him. He said a cautious hello and I gave him a quick eyeballing. He was nice enough and I could see what Jason saw in him. But at least he wasn’t a lover as such and I believed Jason. We got talking and somehow we clicked. I felt sorry that a good looking guy like him should have to resort to images for his sexual kicks.

He vowed that he and Jason had never done anything which may spoil our relationship, that he wouldn’t dare because by watching the movies of us together he could see just how close we were and he would never want to disturb that.

Talking more, the three of us, he said he liked to watch the joyful expressions as much as the sex acts and foreplay and found that it gave him a certain peace and gratification. You don’t know what that means to me, seeing both the combination of lust and love in your pairing. It is simply beautiful Alex and I mean that. Please don’t think of it as seedy or think of me as some pervert. After all one can go to see any film and enjoy seeing a romance blossom and a delicate pairing. For me that is how I feel watching you and Jase, except the bonus is, unlike most cinema movies it does not cut off when the intensive stuff begins.

I was strangely being allured to this friend of Jason, to the point I was asking what he likes best.

“I guess one of the most delightful things that I do find really stimulating is, after good fuck Jason slips out of you and finishes off by spunking over your ass or over your face, and then those times you swallow him. That is so divine. But then most things you enjoy together I enjoy watching too. Because as said; it is not just the sex but the responses too.”

I looked down at this guy I thought I had known for yonks that is the feeling I had, like I was probably seeing him through Jason’s eyes. I was warming to him no less and, seeing his bundle swell beneath his gorgeously tight jeans which did him a treat, I was strangely attracted to him and had visions in my mind, needless to say carnal visions imagining how it would be with him.

But wait a minute, I am supposed still to be cross with Jason and it would see weak to change my tune at this time, even though I did feel impelled to do, maybe because of how Danny was and how he attracted me. Everything seemed to change — my attitude then, was to makeup with Jason and agreeing to Danny watching. Yes it would feel different, at least much better than having a camera focussing on us.

We talked about it. Danny said just to forget he was there and that would be fine, he was already touching himself in anticipation and Jason and I had not yet made any moves in that direction. I think he still thought I was cross with him and held back.

I told him I forgave him and that I could see how he liked Danny. I said we must give Danny of our best and before I knew it, like a perverted animal Jason was sniffing into my crotch. I glanced over to Danny sat sprawled on an armchair as Jason began to unpick my chino zip, and saw that already he was in a trance, besotted by what we were doing and manoeuvring his fingers around his crotch.

I somehow felt a really nice and new sensation. It was not just the physical aspect enjoying Jason’s initial foreplay but the thrill of knowing Danny was watching us and enjoying it so very much. I don’t know why, the thought had never come into my head before, but I knew I was still on a learning curve and there I was, fully hardened and out and about, encouraged by Jason’s enthusiastic licking and sucking my ass, cock and everywhere.

Jason always gave me so much pleasure doing oral but somehow, the pleasure was more of a thrill than ever now, and it was lovely. I felt for all the world like offering my cock to Danny so he could do and not watch, but how would he react, perhaps he was happier to watch than to do, I have read that some people are like that, they get a lot of pleasure out of watching which is ample but, because of Jason, I felt best not to try for fear of spoiling it all. I decided to let Jason have his thing with me, some quick foreplay and a deep fuck just for now, that is what Jason wanted that was easy to tell. He was frustrated by me absence and needed to get it out of his system, all that pent up sexual ardour that could never be properly gratified watching dirty movies of ourselves doing it when he had the real thing just waiting for his fuck.

The fuck was deep and fulfilling as always and I finished him off with a sparkling mouth fuck which pleased Danny very much, because, casting an eye towards him I saw his spurt like he was almost hitting the ceiling.

The thing is, as I felt a new warm gush of creamy spunk enter my mouth I was having thoughts of Danny having his way with me, and I just knew, by watching him that he wanted that too.

But how would that work out, singularly or as a threesome maybe? For the first time I was having fantasies about being fucked by them both, enjoying the fuck of one whilst I mouth fucked the other, which seemed a very nice and thrilling thing to do.

I was getting there. But would Jason go for that and Danny too.

Watch this space…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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