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A harsh wind brushed again my now sore, battered and embarrassingly exposed skin. Laying there in a heap of hot pink latex tatters that used to cling oh-so tightly to my form.

“Is that all you got?” a feminine voice bellowed from before my beaten body. “I was really hoping the famous Candy Kid would put up more of a fight!”

My legs stirred-a feeble attempt to get up.

“I have you now…” the voice said, now coming closer. Each step sounded their advance, eyes fluttering open to see five and a half feet of gorgeous villianess, clad in a black leather leotard.



The diabolical alarm clock sounds and awakes me from my slumber’s sweet surrender. Kicking away the sheets, I lay there for a good ten minutes, simply staring at the wall and trying to remember each vivid image that just swept my unconscious mind. Fingers wandered down my lithe tummy and eagerly snuck under the pretty pink waistband of my panties.

“Mmm… Take me Hypnotrix…” I purr softly, slipping a slender digit through my sopping slit.

“Tell her to get the trash and the dishes while you’re at it,” my roommate chimed in, popping in with her usually painstaking timing. “Seriously though, we got some cleaning so just hurry up and help me out,” she said smirking, now gathering up the odd bits of cloths that lay scattered about, “and who the heck is Hypnotrix?”

I blushed, now pulling the covers up and wrapping them around me as I got up and started towards to the other room.

“Umm, its just a dream I had.”

“Oooh…yea? It must have been hot if it got you playing with yourself first thing in the morning. Tell me about it,” she begged and did her best at pouting, following me into the other room. “Please!!!”

I plopped down at my desk and booted up my laptop, tugging the covers closer. I wasn’t so much embarrassed to be naked in front of my roommate, Alli (she was actually still nude at this point), but I just seemed more sensitive to cold then she was.

“Well…” She started again, tossing the armfuls of clothes into a hamper.

“It was kinda weird,” I began, now scrolling over a list of emails. Most of them were from classes, but one was from our neighboring dorm (aka my ‘mistress’). It first started off as some playful experimentation between college girls, but now we’d gotten into a routine. Every morning she would email me some orders to do over the day, and at the end of the day, I would tell her all about it while we ‘played’ or I would email her back with the details if we were both busy.

“Go on,” Alli curiously pestered while pulling back a few stray locks of her dark black hair.

“I was superhero… and I got defeated,” I quickly summarized, a bit shy about this surfacing kink of mine.

“That’s all? Any sex? Get your brains fucked out? Tied up and whipped? Come on! There has to be more to it then just that.”

“Well, that’s it so far-woke up right when I think it was going to get good,” I idly responded reading over my orders eagerly.

“Eh, whatever,” she sighed, now pulling a small black tee over her head, her pert tits outlined rather nicely by it.

“I’m going to go run these to the laundry mat, be back in a bit Hero girl,” she teased while tugging up a pair of bike shorts and strolling out with the hamper.

[As you read your orders this morning, I want you to keep one hand playing at your beautiful big tits.]

Relieved as Alli left, I finally could start with my orders. Shivering with deviant delight, I started to grope and knead at my 34dds and read further.

[Sadly, your mistress will be at class for the majority of today. Fret not, sweetie, I have lots of fun planned for you. First of all, no panties at all today.]

Quickly, my other hand peeled down my undies with frantic precision.

[Secondly, carry around two of your toys today, three if you count that cute little butt plug you’re going to have in your pert rump. The bunny-tail one. Infect, put that one in right now.]

I made a hurried dash to my room, diving onto the floor and searching under my bed, grabbing at my toys. My memory-guided hand grabbed my pink vibrating best friend, tuzla ukraynalı escort a single bullet vibrator, and then that cottontail butt-plug. Eagerly, I hopped up onto the bed, reached for my lube and started to work the plug with one lubed-up hand and teased my puckered ass with a pair of ky-drenched fingers. After getting a single digit in, I led the plug down neck, my chest, down my stomach, over my pussy then stopped right besides my finger. Slowly I replaced the finger with plug, palm pushing the white puffball down until the white/pink plastic disappeared into my tight ass and all that showed was my new bunny-like puffed tail. With a bit of moaning and giggling, I made my way back to the laptop, kneeling on top of the chair.

[Still fits so good, doesn’t it baby? Good girl, now also I want you to masturbate in that big lecture class you have. Psy 134? I think that’s it. I’m going to need you to use one of those toys during the class as well. Wet, I assume? Perfect, because before you head out today, I want an email about one fantasy you have.]

As I read on, my ass gingerly wiggled, adoring the feeling of being plugged up. One hand balanced me, leaning onto the desk, while the other was working a nipple at the moment.

[Now go on, slut, you have a lot of work to get to. Oh, and one last thing-My place, 8pm, be there, or else.]

I was buzzing now, hips pressing into the back of the chair, making the plug prod inside me, almost humping into it as I typed my fantasy to my mistress. Effectively I tried to describe the dream I had and elaborate a bit more. I said I wanted to be defeated and humiliated. I wanted to be the ill-fated super hero and fall at the hands, feet and possibly more sexual appendages of my archenemies. Before I new it, my juices were drooling down my thigh and I was five minutes late for class.

“Fuck…” I breathed, shakily getting down the chair, and rounding up my things for class, including those toys. I got dressed in a short black skirt, and a pink tank top, nothing else, nothing under. Once I made a quick note to my roommate, I was out the door.

At first I tried to run, but as felt the effect it had on the plug, I froze in my stride and started to speed walk. Luckily the campus is pretty small, so I managed to get into class without too much of a problem. The psyche class is held a huge auditorium and thankfully not to many people sat towards the topmost side sections. I got a wall side seat, and idly listened for a while.

“Blah blah… theory… blah blah tests…blah blah… super ego” The professor seemed to rattle on. If only there was someway to pass the time…

I looked through my satchel, and gave a nervous look around. About every one was either sleeping, face planted on the desk, or buried in a hurried queue of note taking. Feeling safe enough, I pulled the bullet vibe as discreetly as possible and brought it to my lap. My legs crossed, in hopes of shielding any possible angle of seeing me push the chrome egg-shaped vibrator into my sodden cunt. It felt sooooo good to just have it inside, and I nearly died as I eased the dial onto low. I really had to spend more classes like this.

For the most part, I just sat there and zoned out. There was one occasion when I turned it up too high and it buzzed somewhat audibly. I turned beat red for ten minutes and tried to act as oblivious as possible.

“Seat taken?” Dreamy dream dream-guy asked looking right at me when coming down the rows of empty seat. My legs clamped together.

“No” I said before my mind could process what as going on. My crush, who usually sat four rows down, whom I usually spent each class ogling at, was now sitting right next to me while under my skirt, my pussy was filled with a vibrating orb of pleasure, butt stuffed with plastic, and a controller for the bullet mashed between my thighs.

“Thanks, don’t want to go further down and get noticed by the Prof.”

“Yea…” I just answered like an infatuated zombie.

“I’m Joel,” he said, my eyes locked on his lip as he spoke.

“I’m…umm….Dani, yep…Daniellia,” I muttered eyes trailing slowly back to his deep blue eyes.

At this point, I thought I was going to explode. The constant tuzla rus escort buzzing was getting to be too much, and the thrill, the sheer suspense of the few moments enough to make me cum imagining it.


I froze and squealed, nearly every eye in the room then turning towards me.

“I think it’s your phone,” Joel whispered with a small lean towards me.

Relieved but mortified at the same time, I reached into my satchel and pressed about every button possible on my stupid phone till it stopped vibrating.

The rest of class went about as normal as possible.

“Wanna get some thing to eat?” Joel offered as he gathered up his notebook and things.

“Yes,” I said, not thinking as I stood up. Immediately, I remembered the fact I had a tail and a sex toy dangling from my vagina and then plopped back down, almost cumming from the sudden movement of each object inside me.

“Yea, I’d love to go Joel, but uh, I got class again. I mean my next class is actually here too, and I really need to study.”

He nodded and smiled, “No problem, Daniella, maybe next time.”

I continued to sit there until everyone left, except a few way up front and tried to make myself presentable… tugging at the bullet from my hungry pussy that seemed to be milking it deeper as it buzzed. Standing up again, I had to plop back down again. My tail, as adorable as it was, was making the back of my skirt push out, like I had a huge lump on my ass, I couldn’t take it out though, for a few reasons, the biggest in my mind at the time being that it would be disobeying my mistress.

To each of my classes that day, I walked to each one carrying my books behind me in the old valley-girl teenybopper fashion of years past. Seemed to work well enough, the cottontail easily pushing down with some pressure against it. My ass tingled and my pussy felt like it was on fire. By the time I got to the door of my dorm, I was ready to cum over and over again.

“Bout time you got here,” Alli grumbled, the place looking as clean as the day they got it, “Figures you’d get back when I’m done,” she further complained while spread out on the couch.

“Sorry Alli. I promise I’ll do all of the cleaning next time,” I mentioned, drifting over to the laptop.

“That’s not what I was talking about.” My rather exhausted looking roommate mentioned as she reached down and folded back her bike shorts. Revealed was a hulking purple dildo lodged into her creamy-looking pussy. My eyes just kind of got trapped, staring at her slick, waxed and obviously recently well-fucked sex.

“I did give a call before I was going to start,” she murmured lazily, my hands already fumbling at my cell as she commented. I gave a frustrated sigh seeing that it was she that had called during class. I pouted, then sitting down at the laptop, my pussy begging for some attention.

Before I could even check my email or zonk out to some Minesweeper, I noticed the time.

“7:54” I muttered aloud, now quickly checking my email.

[Take out the plug, put on a one-piece bathing suit and some kind of a mask when you come over- Hypnotrix]

Having read my mistress’s words, I skyrocketed up out of the chair and went to work getting dressed as per her command. The costume I came up with consisted of a red one-piece bathing suit from my time on the swimming team. I hadn’t been on the swimming team, or swimming for almost three years so, the swimsuit was a little tight, specifically around the chest. My nipples seemed like they were going to poke right through.

“You know it looks like your nipples are going to poke right through that thing,right?” Alli commented as I made my way through the living room towards the door.

“Yea, I kinda like it though,” I mentioned, surprised the first comment out of her wasn’t about the mask, or why I was dressed like this.

“Well, go have fun Hero Girl” She teased, giving a playful wink.

I just rolled my eyes and made my way to the door.

“And Alli…” I started, opening the door and giving her a sly glance “It’s the Candy Kid, not Hero Girl.”

“You are such a dork,” she muttered with a grin.

The hallway was about a three second experience escort bayan for me, swiftly dashing into the dorm next door, ever-so excited to see what she had planned.

Although when I got in, the whole place was pitch black. I felt around for the light switch.

“I’m here! ” I cheerfully called out.

“I think your light’s broken,” I muttered aloud, flipping the switch over and over again with no avail.

I wandered around, moving towards her room in the dark, curiously peering around.

“Got her!”

In a flash I was on the floor. Something around was pulled around my head; it was cloth, and something/someone hogtying me, while a few other sets of hands pinned me to the floor. I squeaked, shivered, and yelled out, afraid for my life. The cloth covering around my head was pushed up a little then a gag was forced in my mouth. My teeth bit down on the rubbery ball, trying to struggle as the binds were adhered and I was dragged into the other room.

“You really think you could catch us?” I heard a voice say. My heart paced as I couldn’t at all place whom it was.

“Look, the little thing is trying to struggle!” I felt a quick sharp jab at my side, causing a coarse pant to force out of me.

“Now, let’s just see if she wants to play nice,” I heard a familiar voice say softly, my hair being tugged up, forcing me up just a little. I gave a muffled grunt.

“Aww, is that no, Candy Kid? That’s just too bad.”

Suddenly my hips were cradled by a set of arms and hands. How many people were there?

Suddenly, the crotch of my one-piece was yanked to the side.

“Let’s give SuperBitch something to bark about!”

As I was being held up, I felt something pushing against to my exposed pussy.


“Ooo I think she’s going to like it, Hypnotrix.”

Hearing that name I began to struggle more profusely, although as I moved about they just held me tighter, and that thick rubbery bludgeon that was pushed against my pussy lips began to be eased it. My essentially juice-drowned pussy took each inch rather well, but as I felt the massive makeshift member spread my inner most walls, I couldn’t help myself to moan out. My jaw began to lax, a small bit of drool seeping from my pursed lips as I continued to moan, the length now slamming deep into me.

I was lowered while being fucked onto I could only assume was my mistress’s bed. Before I was completely rested on the bed, the top of my swimsuit was tugged down around my waist. My bare nipples brushed the velvet cover over the surface; that feeling combined with constant thrusts of the intrusive long and thick shaft, I was near comatose from pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you?” My mistress whispered, her lips brushing against my ear as she breathed hotly.

My head shook in protest but the thrusting doubled in speed. My poor pretty pussy starting to spasm around the length that pummeled deep inside, hips buckling while I felt the first onset of a huge climax.

“Hypnotrix… please can I have a turn?” another voice chimed in, this one just as sinister and sweet.

“No problem, but go ahead and take the other hole.”

I tensed as I heard that, squirming the best I could as they lifted my hips again. A body hovered over my backside, the first length still being guided hard and deep into my soaking, stretched cunt. Now a very slick feeling rod prodded at my ass cheeks, slipping in between while a pair of dainty hands rested on my shoulders and pushed them down.

Both now rested at the very entrance of each of my favorite orifices and together they drilled in at the same time. Fast, frantic pants escaped my muffled lips, drool now tracing down to my semi-bare chest.

My vision returned as the cloth sheath around my head was pulled off, and my hair tugged back. Before my eyes stood at the edge of the bed, my mistress, clad in black leather and a rather intimidating strap-on dangling from her between her thighs.

“Game over, Candy Kid,” She said, leaning forward and peeling off my mask.



The diabolical alarm clock sounds and awakes me from my slumber’s sweet surrender. Kicking away the sheets, I lay there for a good ten minutes, simply staring at the wall and trying to remember each vivid image that just swept my unconscious mind. Fingers wandered down my lithe tummy and eagerly snuck under the pretty pink waistband of my panties.

“Mmm… take me Hypnotrix…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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