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I haven’t written about this loving and kinky family in months. It’s time to return to their lives.


It was only two weeks until school was over for the summer, and four days later, Sara and Steph would be getting married. They were both regretting the decision to have their wedding so close to the end of finals. There was so much to do, and they had a lot of studying to do and papers to finish. Daniel couldn’t be of much help since he had his own schoolwork to get done. Thank heavens for Joyce, who was in her element taking charge by talking to the caterer and the florist and everyone else needed to get a successful wedding off the ground. She took a lot of the pressure off Steph and Sara’s shoulders.

The night after the last of their finals were taken, Steph and Sara went out for a joint bachelorette party. Neither knew the details. The co-Maids of Honor did all the arrangements and for the two brides, it was all a surprise. They kissed Daniel and Joyce goodbye for the night and they got into the white limo with a dozen laughing and already somewhat inebriated young women.

“They’re off” Joyce said as she and Daniel watched the car drive away. “In a few days, our girls are going to be married. I still can’t quite believe it.”

“Yeah, where did the years go” Daniel replied. Then he said “Race you to the couch. But you have to take your clothes off before you get there. Then I’m all yours!”

They shed their clothes as they both ran for the living room and soon Daniel had his cock buried in Joyce’s wet pussy, taking her from behind, bent over the back of the couch. Not long after he was shooting his wad deep inside his fiance’s steaming cunt. Not long that, they made their way to bed and went off to an early sleep.

They were awakened around 3AM by the sound of Sara and Steph, who were loudly arguing. From the fog of their semi-awakened minds, they heard pretty much everything.

“I can’t believe how slutty you were behaving!” they heard Sara yell. “You were actually going to blow that fucking guy! What if I hadn’t been there? Would you have fucked him?”

“If I wanted to, sure!” Steph countered. “It was our bachelorette party, for goodness sake! What’s wrong with having a little last chance fun? You could have gotten some if you weren’t behaving like a frigid little bitch! It was just a blowjob!”

“There is only one dick you’re allowed to suck and it’s behind that door!”

Joyce was cringing. “Daniel, we’ve got to stop this before one of them says something they can’t take back.”

Wearily, Daniel said “Yeah. This could get out of hand if we don’t stop it.”

They made their way to the door, outside of which the two young ladies were screaming at each other. “Enough!” Daniel yelled in a voice he hadn’t used in years. The girls stopped yelling but still stood there seething towards each other. “Now, you’re both old enough to be getting married in a few days, so Joyce and I expect you both to settle this like adults. We have a pretty good idea what the fight is about, but we’re not going to interfere. If you’re old enough to be married, you’re old enough to talk this through. But if you kept going like you were, one of you would have said something you couldn’t take back. Is that what you want to do? Or do you want to talk like two adults?”

Both Sara and Steph were staring down at the floor, ashamed of their behavior. “I want to talk” Steph said first.

“So do I” Sara added.

Joyce joined in the conversation. “I recommend you talk in the morning. It’s late now and you’ve both been drinking, which are not good conditions for talking through your problems. You should kiss and make up for the time being, and never forget you love each other. If you can’t do that for the night, then I’ll sleep with Sara and Steph can go sleep with Daniel. It’s late, so make up your minds.”

While the two brides to be thought it over, Daniel whispered “Thanks for asking me.”

“Relax. Maybe we’ll both have a little fun tonight. It’s almost our last chance before they’re married and off on their honeymoon. You’re welcome.”

Steph said “Maybe we should start fresh in the morning. Is that ok with you, babe?”

Sara replied “Sure. Come on Joyce. Come to my bed.” There was little doubt what was going to go on in the separate bedrooms.

Steph practically attacked Daniel as soon as the door was closed. She pushed him against the door and was shoving her tongue in his mouth and grinding her body against his. “I’m so fucking horny. I know it’s late, but you really need to fuck me, daddy. And I mean hard. Tomorrow night we should have one last group fuck and then Friday night you should spend with Sara and I’ll be with my mom. But for tonight, you are all mine, daddy big dick” she giggled. She grabbed his hand and pushed it under her dress and inside her panties. Sure enough, Daniel found her dripping wet, slick and creamy. “Taste my cunt juice, daddy. I’m all sticky for you.”

Fuck it, Daniel thought. I can’t pass this up, even if it is 3:30. Taksim Escort Sleep is for the weak.

“So you need to get fucked? You must have had some wild time tonight.” He pushed her on the bed with her legs dangling over the side, her black stockings encasing her pale, toned thighs. Daniel got on his knees and pushed Steph’s dress up around her hips. “You want it hard, do you” he said as he rubbed two fingers over her wet gash through her black thong. Steph just whimpered in response and he tore her panties off, tearing them to shreds, and Steph cried out with lust as Daniel dove into her pussy tongue first. He put her legs on his shoulders and pulled her swollen lips apart as his tongue fluttered all over the horny redheads gooey cunt. She was writhing left and right as she tugged down the top of her dress and pulled her big, soft tits free from the black lace bra cups so she could play with her own nipples. Daniel lashed her pulsing clit, then went back to the slippery gash, and Steph arched her back as she came all over her ‘daddy’s’ face. Steph loved that, but she was burning hot for more than just getting her pussy eaten.

“Bring that big daddy dick here. Kneel at the side of my head and feed me your cock” she said while still catching her breath. Daniel got up right next to her face, his cock already semi-hard despite the hour and the fact he’d been sound asleep a half hour before. He took Steph’s head in his hands and put the head of his cock to her full lips. Steph massaged the tip with her lips and the tip of her tongue, teasing him until he was fully hard. Then she engulfed his full length into her mouth to the back of her throat, causing her to gag a little. But the busty teen wouldn’t let his cock free, sucking with all her skills. Her tongue massaged the underside and her hand cradled his big balls. Then when she did release Daniels throbbing cock, she ran her lips all along it.

“Fuck my face, daddy. Use me like a fuck slut” she said lustily.

They must have had some night, Daniel thought. He gripped her head firmly and pumped his hips, slowly to start, feeding her his fuck stick along her lips and even over her face, then pushing inside her mouth and using her for his own pleasure. Steph sucked hungrily, shifting a little so she was able to grasp his hips, not to stop or slow him, but rather to encourage him on. Daniel pulled out from her mouth and dangled his balls over her parted lips. Steph sucked the right nut, then the left, but she couldn’t get both into her mouth at the same time. He jerked his dick right in front of her wide open eyes and the sight of her ‘daddy’ stroking himself made her pussy gush anew.

“You have to fuck me now! Give me that hot dick, daddy! Pound me like the whore I am!”

“You’re really in need tonight, aren’t you, my little slut. Beg for my cock!”

“Please, daddy, don’t deny me! I’m so fucking horny I’m losing my mind! Fuck your whore!”

Daniel eased into her like a knife though warm butter, and that’s what Steph’s pussy felt like around his cock. She thrust her hips off the bed while he penetrated the hot teen. Her tits were shaking all around, big, milky globes with thick pink nipples as Steph relished the sensation of being filled with Daniels perfect cock. His balls were resting on her luscious ass as he shifted into position hovering over her, his hands and knees apart. Steph’s short but shapely legs wrapped around his back so Daniel could get as deep inside her as possible, then he slowly started stroking his dick in and out of her needy pussy.

Steph’s breathing was becoming short as she gasped with each stroke. His cock was grazing along her clit as he moved in and out, in and out, in and out. She grabbed his shoulders tight enough for her long nails to dig into his flesh, causing him to cry out his own pleasure/pain and inspiring him to slam his cock in hard each downstroke. “Fuck me, dirty daddy. Fuck me hard, like the slut I am” Steph kept grunting. She went through a series of intense orgasms climbing her way to the grandest of climaxes. He was pounding into her now, pure lust consuming them both. His cock was throbbing inside her, and she could feel him getting thicker as he closed in on his own powerful orgasm.

“My hot little slut. Daddy’s slut. I love you, baby, daddy loves you so fucking much” Daniel grunted as his balls shot gobs of thick creamy cum deep into Steph’s spasming pussy. She screamed as her pussy milked the last drops of his seed. He collapsed on top of his soon to be daughter in law, kissing her with both lust and love, and Steph returned each kiss with her own loving nature. They held each other close. By now it was almost 4 AM and exhaustion was taking them both into a deep sleep, Steph still partially dressed from her night out.


In Sara’s bedroom, things were going in a very different way.

“Are you all right, sweetheart?” Joyce asked her own soon to be daughter in law.

“I will be. Steph and I will talk it out tomorrow; we’ll be fine. I really want to Taksim Escort Bayan marry her, even if I am a little pissed at her.” Sara was stripping out of her dress and underthings as they talked. She was about to put on a nightshirt when Joyce said “Wait, baby. You don’t have to, but I have to tell you, you look so delicious. Why don’t we both get into bed naked and have a good time.” They both were quiet and they could here lusty sounds already coming from the other bedroom. “Your father and my daughter sound like they’re enjoying themselves immensely; why don’t we do the same?” Joyce asked hopefully.

The sexual sounds coming from her father’s bedroom were getting to Sara, who was already wet from watching the male strippers earlier. “Sounds like a great idea. But you have to get out of that nightgown first.”

Joyce smiled and untied the string holding her nightgown at her neck. It just fell off her shoulders into a pile at her feet. Sara sighed with a touch of envy at the full, curvy figure of the older woman, the template for her own lover and soon to be wife. Sara would never have those full tits that both Joyce and Steph enjoyed. But she had three other people who found her incredibly attractive, desirable and they all deeply loved her. That was much more important than a set of big tits, she reasoned. And right then, she was aching for the touch of this sexy mother-figure.

“Do you mind if I call you ‘mommy’?” Sara asked softly.

“Of course not sweetheart. I think of you as my other daughter” Joyce said as she stroked her fingers through Sara’s hair and along her cheek. “I am your mommy in every way except by birth.” She gathered the slender teen in her arms and they shared a long, slow, sensual kiss, their tits pressed together and their torso’s rubbing each other.

“Take me to the bed, mommy” Sara gasped. “I want you to love me. I miss my mommy’s love.”

Joyce guided her to the bed and whispered lovingly “Shhh baby. Mommy will take good care of you tonight and any other time you need me, in any way you need. I love you very, very much, sweetheart.”

Sara had tears rolling down her cheeks and her body and mind were consumed with both love and desire. The two women kissed romantically, tenderly as well as with hunger and need. The room was getting warmer, at least that’s how it felt to them both. Their tongues slid back and forth from one’s mouth to the other and their bodies were writhing like they were on fire, which, in a way, they were.

Joyce’s middle finger grazed against Sara’s clit as she sucked her daughter’s left nipple. Sara, meanwhile, had her own hand between Joyce’s thighs, thrusting two fingers, then three, into her mother’s gooey snatch and her other hand was grabbing Joyce’s full ass hard. Sara angled her hand so she could get her thumb to press on Joyce’s swollen clit.

Both women were grunting and moaning curses, begging each other not to stop, to keep fingering and rubbing and sucking. The room reeked of hot pussy and the odor was making them both even more desperate to get off. Legs were splayed, hips were pumping and juices were flowing.

“Mommy, make me cum! I’m so close, make your little girl cum hard!”

“Anything you want, baby. Just do the same for mommy!”

Sara snapped her legs shut, tight around Joyce’s hand and lower arm while Joyce was grinding her ass in circles as her pussy spasmed uncontrollably as both women came with very intense climaxes. They both settled down slowly, embracing each other as they kissed, and Sara rested her head on Joyce’s much larger breast. She wrapped her arm around Joyce’s waist and Joyce stroked the younger girls thick curls.

“You’re really missing your mother lately, aren’t you, sweetheart” Joyce said softly.

“Very much. It’s my wedding weekend, and I just wish she was here so much. Don’t be upset with me, Joyce. I love you like a mother, you’ve always been so wonderful to me, but…”

“But no one else could really be your mother, sweetheart. I know. You don’t have to apologize to me. And I’ll always be as much a mother to you as I can, in any way I can. I love you as much as I love Steph. Let’s get some sleep, it’s very late and there’s a lot to do tomorrow, starting with you and Steph having a talk about what happened before. Now scootch over so we can both sleep. I love you, honey.”

“I love you too, mom. And thank you. You’re amazing.”

They both fell asleep within minutes.


Late as the evening had gone, everyone was up, dragging themselves out of bed, by 9:30. There was just too much to do for any of them to sleep later. After everyone got their coffee or tea, Sara and Steph went into the family room to talk while Daniel and Joyce put together a light breakfast. The problems the two brides to be had the previous evening were mostly based on pre wedding jitters and it didn’t take long for Steph to apologize for trying to seduce one of the strippers and Sara to apologize for the things she said in response. They kissed, Escort Taksim hugged and even gave each other a playful squeeze or two before coming back into the kitchen with big smiles. Daniel and Joyce were secretly relieved it was resolved so easily, and everyone ate their granola and fruit while making small talk.

They all spent the day doing last minute necessities, making sure the flowers were just right, checking in with the hotel/caterer (Daniel had to make the final payment with the final count of guests), check with the photographer-videographer, check with the music. Thankfully, everything was fine.

The dresses had been picked up weeks ago, and so was Daniel’s tuxedo. Everything for the day was done; tomorrow, the day before, was going to be busy meeting out of town guests and a rehearsal dinner for 40 at a nice Asian-fusion restaurant. Then Daniel and Sara would spend the night together in one room in the hotel, and Steph and Joyce would be in another. What happened in those rooms was nobody’s business. This night the foursome would be spending together one last time before the girls were married, and they planned to have a lot of fun together.

It started off with Sara and Steph making dinner for everyone, scallops in wine, lemon and breadcrumbs with angel hair pasta and salad. It was light and delicious, with a bottle of wine.

Daniel held out his glass. “I would like to toast our two wonderful daughters. Sara, Steph, you love each other, you’ve been best friends for a very long time, and the four of us are also so much more to each other. Our two families are already as one, and Saturday that becomes official. We’ll all always love each other, always support each other. You’re going to have a great life together. Joyce and I couldn’t be happier for you. Love each other forever. And take care of each other forever. We love you both, and you’re both our daughters. Forever.” The girls had tears in their eyes, as did Joyce.

“Thank you, dad. And you too, Joyce” Sara said “You’re both the best parents ever. You love us and you both have made us so happy. We adore you both.”

“Absolutely” Steph added. “We love you so much. We’re going to be so happy together, and so much of it has to do with the way you both raised us. You’re our heroes.”

Both Daniel and Joyce were deeply touched by the love of their daughters, and they were both incredibly proud of the women they had become.

“And mom” Steph added, “I want you to walk me down the aisle and I want my dance to be with you, not dad. He’s done nothing to earn those honors and you’ve done so much for me, and for us. If Pete doesn’t like that, he doesn’t have to come. It won’t hurt me in the least.”

“Babe, are you sure you want to take that step?” Sara asked her. “It’s like a final break with him if you do that.”

“Honey, Sara’s right” Joyce added. “Don’t burn your bridges with your father. Daniel, don’t you agree?”

Daniel said “I think Steph should have who she wants perform those honors. If it’s you, Joyce, then that’s that. It’s her decision. We should all respect that, including Pete.”

Joyce was uncomfortable; she didn’t want a fight at the wedding with her ex. But she realized Daniel was right, that it was Steph’s choice, and deep inside, she was very pleased. “Honey, if you really want that, and I’m honored to stand up for you and give you away and dance with you, you really should call him tonight and let him know, so it won’t be a surprise for him. But I have to tell you, he might be furious with you, and with me. He might decide not to come.”

“Then that’s on him, mom. I don’t want anything bad to happen to him, but I really don’t care about him either. He hasn’t exactly shown me a lot of love or even interest in a long time. I’ll call him after dinner and tell him, and he can do as he wishes. Mom, I love you and want you to do these things. You deserve them.”

Sara said “Ok, my love. I support you like a good wife should. And I’m not even your wife yet.”

After dinner, while Daniel cleaned up, Sara and Joyce sat with Steph while she called Pete. They could hear him screaming at her through the phone, but Steph kept her calm and stuck to her decision. After a few minutes of abusive language, including calling his daughter a “vindictive dyke”, Steph hung up on him. “Well, I guess I won’t be seeing him for a very long time. And you know what? I’m fine with it. He stopped being a father to me a long time ago. I have a wonderful mother, and I even have a fantastic father in the other room. Daniel’s been more of a dad to me than Pete has for years. And everything he’s done for me, for us” she said, holding both Sara’s and Joyce’s hands, “he’s done purely out of love. Not because of our sexual relationships, but real love for all of us.”

Joyce held her daughters hand tighter as well as joining Sara’s hand, so all three women were joined together. “I think we’re all lucky, incredibly lucky, to share our love and lives together, and we really do have the most wonderful man to care for us. We’re the most unconventional family I can imagine” she said with a wry smile, “and I wouldn’t change any of it, our family, for anything. I love all three of you with all my heart, and in 48 hours we’re going to be even more than we are already. And I have a suggestion, when Daniel is done in the kitchen.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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