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The last few days flew by. Sara went windsurfing every day, Daniel tried it again but couldn’t get the hang of it, so he watched her for a while. They swam in the ocean during the day, danced in the club at night, ate and drank and had sex and made love. But finally it was time to get ready to return home.

The last night, their bags were mostly packed except for the few things they still needed. Dinner was subdued, with no alcohol. Their feelings were bittersweet. It had been an amazing five weeks, but all good things must come to an end.

The lovers decided to skip dancing that night, preferring to spend the time alone. Walking back to their villa, both were lost in their own thoughts, Daniel holding his beautiful daughter/lover close to his body. Sara smelled great, and felt even better. As they got to the door, Daniel grabbed a blanket from the patio and quietly said “Come with me, my love.”

Sara just nodded her head, and let him lead her down to the beach, where they spread out the blanket about 20 yards from the water. They sat on the blanket, holding each other, staring at the water, where an almost full moon glowed on the gentle waves. There wasn’t much said. All along the shore, other couples and a couple of groups were doing the same, though none were close to the others, so every grouping had privacy. Some couples were kissing, others were doing a bit more, but all respected the others desire to be left alone.

Sara softly said “Daddy, thank you. This has been the most incredible vacation. All of it, Italy, Israel, here. And I’m so glad Steph joined us, but I’m glad we had these last few days to ourselves. Thank you so much. And I love you with all my heart.”

Daniel smiled at her, enchanted by her beauty and enthralled by her loving heart. He kissed her softly and said “Thank you, honey. You made this trip perfect. I wish we could stay here forever, just the two of us. And you know how much I love you, my darling.”

Sara’s eyes were tearing up yet again. It was happening so much lately, she thought, but almost always they were joyful tears. He eyes glimmered in those tears, and her father reached up to carefully wipe them away. Looking at her father, her love, she softly said “Daddy, make love to me, please.” He took her hand and started to rise, but she pulled him back down and said “No, not in the bed. Right here, on the beach. I don’t care if anyone sees us, I don’t care if they watch us. I don’t care if they gather around us, though I hope they don’t. I want you here, on this gorgeous beach, with the moon shining on us.” She kissed him, a deep, loving, passionate kiss. “Right here, daddy.”

“You’re such a romantic, sweetheart. I love that about you.” He kissed her full sweet lips tenderly. Their shared kisses were sending bolts of desire through their bodies. They couldn’t have made it back to the room if they had wanted to do so. Sara slowly lowered the straps of her red dress, gradually exposing her dark brown breasts as she kicked off her shoes. She held her left breast and said “Kiss me here, baby. Suckle me, please” she moaned.

Daniel was so hungry for her. He bent his head lower, and kissed all over her breast, placing a special kiss right over her heart, and then took her nipple between his lips, teasing her, as the fingers of his left hand played with her right nub. Sara was crying with pleasure and joy, her fingers holding the back of his head as they laid back onto the blanket. After sucking her left breast for a while, he switched to the right one, paying it the same loving attention. Sara arched her back as a small orgasm flowed through her, and her pussy flowed a small pool of her juices. God, he’s so good at this, she thought. Maybe it’s the love we share, she thought. And maybe it’s both.

Daniel kissed his way to her lips again while he felt Sara unbuttoning his blue shirt, and then her hands were roaming all over his chest, her fingers teasing the graying hairs that she found so incredibly sexy. The sensation was like a jolt through his body, and he was pulling her dress down. Sara raised her hips so the dress went past her butt, and then it was down her legs and she kicked it aside. She was now in just her panties. Whispering in his ear, Sara said “Look at my panties daddy. Something a little special for you.”

He looked down and was excited to see red lace panties covering her pussy, the same pair he held to his face that very first time his daughter caught him masturbating in the laundry room. The memory tore through his brain, reminding him how this whole thing started. Horrified at the time, Daniel was now so grateful Sara had found him like that. Who knew if they would be where they were now if she hadn’t? “Baby, you’re so sexy, so stunningly beautiful. The most beautiful woman in the world.”

“You’re so sweet to say that, daddy. I love you for it.”

“I mean it, honey. You are.”

“I know you mean it, baby. I love you for it. And I really want you.” Sara started unbuckling his belt and opening Nevşehir Escort his pants. She had become very skilled at freeing him from his clothes over the last months. Her fingers knowingly touched his cock through his shorts, touching him lovingly with her talented fingers. As he moaned from her touch, Daniel was caressing her pussy through her panties, knowing just how she loved to be touched. Their kisses were helping to spread the heat tearing through their souls.

“God, honey, you really drive me wild with desire. I feel like I could burst through my shorts” Daniel moaned.

“You do feel like you’re going to burst, daddy. Hurry, please take me. My pussy actually aches with need.”

They slid each others underwear down, leaving them both naked in the moonlight. Sara rolled on top of her father, and easily mounted him, his cock filling her steaming hot pussy. She just sat there, moving almost imperceptibly, her ass cheeks clenching to squeeze Daniel’s throbbing cock. He reached up with both hands and tweaked her thick, hard nipples. Sara cried out as he thrummed his fingertips on her hard nubs, then he switched to rolling them. Sara responded by leaning forward, her back arching and her hips rising slowly, then sliding back down, her pussy caressing his cock. Her hands were on his chest for balance, and then her nails teased his nipples. He was moaning her name, Sara, my lovely Sara, as she moved with more urgency atop him.

“Daniel, my love, you’re so good to me, so good. You always make me so happy. I love you baby.”

“I love you too. You treat me like a king. Oh god, you feel amazing.”

He sat up, his cock still inside her, so she was sitting and grinding in his lap. This created the perfect angle for the base of his cock to press against her clit, and soon she was cumming as Sara clung her arms around her fathers’ neck, shaking from head to toe.

They both saw something more beautiful than they had ever seen before. For Sara, it was the moonlight radiating on her daddys’ face, highlighting his handsome features in both light and shadow. For Daniel, when he looked at Sara, the moon seemed to be almost perfectly behind her, framing her face with a halo of brilliant light. The kiss they shared felt like the most perfect kiss for both of them. Sara’s firm, pointed breasts were tickled by the soft hairs on Daniels chest. She tingled and shivered with delight and love.

“Daniel, darling, that might have been the best ever. Now I need you to fill me. Just relax, and let me bring you pleasure.” A small kiss on his nose. “I love you, my darling.”

Daniel felt her gripping his cock with her warm, moist, tight pussy. She squeezed and relaxed, then did it again, over and over. He held Sara, his love, tight against his body as she kept pressing him and then eased off. She did it time and again, until Daniel could take it no more, and he grunted and kissed her as he filled her pussy with his warm seed, soothing her ravenous pussy, all sticky and smooth at the same time.

Neither of them could move. They just sat there like that, breathing in the ocean air, surrounded by moonglow, surrounded by each other. They kissed and touched, the sensuous acts heightening still the pleasure they experienced minutes ago.

Slowly they disentangled from each other, laying back on the blanket. They noticed a few other couples looking at them from a discreet distance, getting some very appreciative looks. They were mildly embarrassed, but they felt way too good to worry about it. Daniel finally said “Maybe much of the world would disapprove of us, but anything that feels that great can’t be wrong, honey. I don’t just love you; I adore you.”

Sara looked at her father, a sweet smile on her lips. “Daddy, I don’t know what to say, except you’ve always been my hero. And now you’re my lover, as well as my love. And I adore you too. And I can’t believe we’re leaving in the morning. It’s like a fairy tale ending.”

“I know, honey. I know. Come on, we need to go back and get cleaned up before we go to sleep. We can just carry our things and go back naked. No one will mind.”

“I might!” Sara laughed “Oh hell, everyone’s seen it already! And Daddy…I love you.” Another sweet, loving kiss. One of thousands, maybe tens of thousands. Each one special.

They scurried back to the cottage, took a shower together (a clean shower), finished packing, and went to bed, sleeping the sleep of the righteous.


At 7:30, Sara and Daniel were sitting down at breakfast, sad to be leaving, sad to be returning home, but not nearly as sad as the day Steph left. Today it was normal sad, the sadness that comes from going back home from a great vacation. “Dad, did you text Mrs. Ryan to make sure there’s food in the house? I really don’t want to go to the stores at 5PM today.”

“I texted her 3 days ago, reminding her we’re coming home today and I did remind her she needed to go shopping. She knows Nevşehir Escort Bayan what to get by now. As long as she remembered, we’ll be fine.”

The plane was flying over the ocean near the North Carolina coast. An hour and 15 minutes until home. Customs. At least 2 more hours to the waiting town car. Four more hours to home, maybe 5. Sara and Daniel sat cuddling the whole way home.

They walked in the door at 4:10, having made good time from JFK to their Nassau County home. Sara said, after putting her bags down, “I hope she went shopping; I’m STARVING! Sure enough, the fridge and pantry were all filled with food. “Thank goodness for Mrs. Ryan, dad! I’ll make something if you’re hungry!”

“I’m famished!” Daniel called back from the laundry room, where he brought the luggage. They were going to have to spend the night doing laundry. Oh well.

“Just make something quick and easy. If you want, I’ll be there to help in a few minutes!” Soon he was in the kitchen. He kissed Sara, who was making chicken thighs with pasta and salad.

“I can do this, honey” she said. “Why don’t you separate and start some laundry, save us some time?”

“Sounds good to me, sweetheart.” Another kiss, then off to do laundry. It occurred to Daniel that they were like a married couple. They were used to sharing chores, but they were really treating each other like husband and wife. It was comfortable. Natural.

Later that night, after dinner was cleared and cleaned up, and a few loads of laundry were done and folded, they sat snuggled up on the couch, watching some shows they recorded while they were away. Daniel said “You have to make a list of what you still need before we leave to take you to college Friday. You’ll have to do all your shopping on Wednesday, so I hope it’s not too much. Think ahead for winter. It gets cold up there sooner than down here. I’ll go with you if you want. After all, you’ll need someone to carry your bags.” he teased her.

“MMMMM the most handsome butler! I’ll figure it out tomorrow, after Steph comes over. She’ll be here early-ish, around 11. She has some things to do. When I spoke to her after dinner, she sounded very upset. She said she’ll tell us about it tomorrow. I didn’t like how she sounded.”

“I’m worried about her too, honey.” Daniel said while tickling her arm. “I hope everything is ok with her parents. She shouldn’t have to go away with that on her head.”

“She’s lucky in one respect: she has us to lean on. We’ll protect her, right?”

“You didn’t even have to ask. I’d do just about anything for her. We’ll worry about it tomorrow when she tells us what’s going on, all right? For now, I just want to relax with you, my perfect love.”

Sara cuddled even closer. “Do you realize that except for the 4 days when I had my period, we had sex 2-3 times a day while we were away? And today we haven’t even done it once. Travel sucks!” she joked. She was also running her fingers lightly over his cock through his sweat pants. “You’ve spoiled me, daddy. My little pussy is used to having its fill of you. Are you really going to deprive her tonight?”

Daniel sighed as he sank back into the couch. His cock, with its own mind, was rising to Sara’s ministrations. “You know I can’t say no to you, honey. I don’t even want to. Though the time is coming in a few days where we’ll have to say goodbye, for a while at least.”

“Shhh daddy, we’re not talking about that right now. Just lift your hips for a second….that’s it. Now relax, and let your loving daughter take good care of you.” Sara leaned over and swirled her tongue all around the head of his cock, sending shock waves all through his body. Daniel’s body quivered all over as Sara teased him as she was bent over his lap from the side. “Play with me too, daddy. My body is all yours. And you are all mine.” she said as she took his dick all the way into her hot mouth, rubbing her tongue all the way to the base. Daniel let out a loud groan as he ran his hand over her hip and her ass. He undid the sash of her robe, exposing her near naked body as it fell from her. She was in a simple pair of white cotton panties. She lifted her upper leg, which gave her daddy access to her for his hand to play with her pussy.

Daniel let his hand trace her tummy, tickling and teasing his sexy daughter as she kept bobbing her head up and down, her lips trailing along his twitching cock. His hand slid into her panties and with his middle finger he teased her swollen clit, making rapid little circles all around it. Sara was moaning now, all over her daddy’s cock, humming on him. “God, baby, you’re driving me wild here. I’m going to cum if you keep that up.”

Sara took her mouth off her fathers cock and said “No, you’re not, not yet anyway. I need you to do something first.” She sat up, the robe falling to the floor as she straddled him facing away. She pulled her panties to the side, put the head of his dick to her pussy, and glided down his wet shaft until he was Escort Nevşehir all the way inside and her sweet round ass was nestled in his lap. Daniel reached around her body and held Sara tightly with her back against his chest and her cheek next to his own. Her feet firmly on the floor, she thrust her hips up and down so she was bouncing on his dick. Daniel’s hands were molesting her tits and her tummy, handling her roughly and lovingly at the same time.

Sara moaned “I wish we were in front of a mirror, daddy. I wish we could watch ourselves fuck each other. Wouldn’t you love to see your dick sliding in and out of my wet little cunt?”

Her filthy words were driving him to fuck her harder. He held her waist as he lifted his hips to meet her thrusts. “God, baby, that would be incredibly hot. I’d love to watch you fuck me, to see your pussy gripping my cock. You dirty little girl. Wanting to see yourself fucking me.” He pinched her left nipple, making her cry out softly.

“I’m daddys’ dirty little girl. I love your hard dick stuffed in my pussy. You fill me up perfectly. Rub my clit, daddy, Rub it hard and make me cum all over your wonderful cock.”

Daniel did as asked, reaching for her hard little pearl, his skilled fingers massaging the center of her physical desire. She was bouncing faster on him, and then she came with a scream as she grinded hard on his lap, coating his cock and balls and thighs in warm, sticky honey. Sara forced herself to move faster again. She wanted her daddy to cum, but she wanted it on her tummy this time. She felt his cock twitching inside her, and she knew he was almost there. She pulled his dick out of her pussy, and before he could protest she grabbed his purple cock and jerked him furiously. Her slender little hand moved as fast as lightening, until he pumped what seemed like quarts of his own juice onto her soft, brown belly. He covered her from her panties to above her belly button with his own sticky cream until all the strength in his body left him. He fell back, pulling Sara back with him, both spent but so incredibly sated.

Sara reached down, scooped a little of her father’s seed on her fingers, and licked them clean, savoring the salty cream. She leaned to her side a bit, moved her face to Daniels’ and kissed him, giving him a taste of his own ejaculate, their kiss getting more and more intense. “I love you, sweetheart” he said softly. “Last night you were so loving and tonight so wicked. I love every side of you, how you can be both tender and wild, and you’re such an amazing lover in both those ways.”

“You brought it out in me, daddy. I’d probably some unsure, tentative girl, not knowing what I want really without you. You’re an incredible lover, daddy. Now, let’s go to our bed. I want to sleep in your arms, like we do every night.”

“I’d love nothing better, baby. I love holding you through the night.”

They walked upstairs, hand in hand. It really was their bed, their room. Their life. Would it change?


The next morning, Steph came by just before 11. She kissed and hugged Sara as friends as well as lovers, and then she did the same with Daniel, pressing herself into his warm, protective embrace. She’d obviously been crying recently. They all sat in the living room, Daniel in his leather chair, the women on the couch, close together. Steph went first.

“Things are bad at home. Dad’s moving out, told my mom he had just been waiting for me to go to school. He’s moving in with his girlfriend, some call girl he met and turned into his personal paid toy. It’s not even like they love each other, he just said she’s a great piece of ass. He actually told my mom that. She’s not even hurt; she knew it was over with them for a long time. She’s scared though. She’s worried about how she’ll get by until they get divorced and he has to pay her alimony. She got a lawyer last week, but she’s scared. And the asshole said after this year, I can forget about him paying for college. I’m so screwed.” Her head was hanging low, so upset.

Sara held her close and said “Steph, babe, you don’t have to worry. Dad and I will make sure you’re taken care of. Right, daddy?”

“Of course. I told you that a few times, Steph. I love you like a daughter, and more. And I told your mom a few months back if she needed any help, I’d be glad to help her out. Having money is useless if you don’t do good things with it. And you know your expenses will be taken care of. Don’t ever worry about that.”

Steph fell apart, crying uncontrollably, as she threw herself into Daniels’ arms, sobbing on his shoulder. He held her, rubbing his hands on her back in a comforting manner, as she just cried herself out. Sara moved so she could reach her friend. She was crying as well, her insides hurting for the pain her friend was experiencing, and yet happy that she and Daniel could help her and her mom. She agreed with Daniel. Money was useless unless you took care of those who need help, especially those you love.

Soon Steph calmed down, releasing her tight grasp on Daniels’ neck. Sara handed her a couple of tissues. and Steph dried her eyes. “You’re both great. I was really worried about mom most of all. Dad has all the assets in his name. Let me go call her, ok? She’ll be so relieved.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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