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Chapter 11: Farmgirl Lust Part 1

The sun was shining brilliantly in the clear blue Saturday morning sky as Danger rode down the rocky country road at the end of which was a farm that was owned by one of his friend’s uncles. Danger had agreed to spend the weekend at the farm lending a hand with some extra work. George, the owner of the farm, wanted to clear some trees to expand one of his horse fields. Danger arrived just past nine o’clock in the morning and met the rest of the farm hands. There were a couple of Danger’s other friends who had volunteered to help as well as the regulars. They were all large and well built, the sort of person one would expect to find working on a farm.

Hidden almost out of view behind all the larger men was one of George’s nieces. She stayed on the farm during the summers and had agreed to look after the other chores while the men were in the field cutting down and clearing the trees. She was introduced to those who didn’t know her as Heidi and Danger took immediate notice of her. She was petite, about 5’6″ and around 100 pounds, she had straight dirty blonde hair that didn’t quite fall to her shoulders. Her eyes were blue and innocent, her nose short and pert, and her lips were soft and lush; if you looked up cute in the dictionary Heidi’s picture would have to be there. Her chest sported small but extremely firm and perky tits, her ass was tight and round, and her legs, while not long, were certainly toned from working on the farm.

As they discussed the task at hand it was decided that one of the guys could probably be spared to help Heidi with the other chores. There was certainly more than she could get done on her own. They were a few volunteers to remain behind with what was probably the cutest girl any of them had ever seen but Drew, whose uncle owned the farm, recommended Danger saying that he worked well even if left alone. Danger was more than a little surprised that Drew didn’t seem to mind leaving him alone with his cousin. He thanked his luck and looked in Heidi’s direction, but she showed no sign either way about having him as a helper.

With all the duties decided the men began preparing to go into the field. George was telling them how they were going to go about clearing the trees and stumps in just two days. Danger wasn’t paying much attention as he was still somewhat fixated on Heidi. Then one of the other farm hands came over and stood in front of him. He introduced himself as Jesse and said that he would give Danger a quick tour of the barn and stables and show him what had to be done during the day. As he and Jesse started off towards on one of the barns, Danger glanced back at Heidi who had turned and heading toward the chicken coup. His eyes went her ass as it wiggled seductively in her tight cut-offs before she disappeared behind the small shack.

Jesse took Danger throughout some of the barns and showed him where to get the feed for all the livestock, told him how much to give them, and when. In between feeding the animals, Danger also had to move a pile of hay bales into the barn from they were stacked up outside. It wasn’t an overly large pile but hay bales weren’t all that easy to move. As Jesse left to go to the field, Danger began feeding the horses that would normally have been in the field but were spending the weekend indoors because of the work. In all there were about a dozen horses and it took Danger about half an hour or so to give all the horses the amount of food that Jesse had prescribed. He then proceeded over to the hog barn and dumped bucket after of bucket of feed into their trough until it was full. The pigs snorted their appreciation.

Danger continued with feeding the other animals, he had to do the chickens last and as he opened the front door of the coup he saw Heidi leaving through the back with a basket full of eggs. She didn’t notice or hear him as she was quietly singing along with whatever song was coming through the headphones she was wearing. Danger quietly dumped the chicken feed into the large trough along the side of coup and barely escaped the mob of belligerent chicken with both feet.

After the chickens, all the animals had been fed so it was time to start making headway into that pile of hay bales. Jesse had lent him a back support strap so he put that on and tested the weight of the first bale. It’s weight was manageable and he carried the short distance it had to go without much difficulty. The bales weren’t terribly heavy and Danger had grown up having to do chores outside so the task was that difficult, but he was glad he grabbed a jug of water from the house as the sun grew hotter as noontime approached.

After Danger had about half of the bales moved into the barn, he slumped against the remaining pile to take a break. He took a big drink of water and then realized he couldn’t hear the buzzing of the chain saws that he had heard all morning from the field. he glanced at his watch and noticed it was almost noon. He moved a few more bales beylikdüzü anal yapan escort until the guys coming back called for him to come for lunch.

George’s wife, Carol, had spent the morning busily preparing lunch for everybody and the men hurriedly assembled a string of picnic tables next to the house so that everybody wouldn’t have to traipse through the house. Danger grabbed a seat at the end with his other friends and they discussed their varied experiences of the morning. They got quite a rise out of Danger’s near amputation in the chicken coup. Danger then began looking around for Heidi. He found her near the middle of the table seated next to Carol. Her hair was pulled back into a short pony tail and the front of her white tank-top was becoming moist with sweat making cling slightly to the top of her tits. She was listening quietly to the stories of the men and laughing, but didn’t say much herself. When she finished her lunch she got up and walked into the house displaying her gorgeous ass. Hoping that Drew wouldn’t hear him, Danger whispered to a few of his friends that he was definitely going to have to try to get her clothes off.

After lunch, Danger had to make another round to feed the animals. It went smoothly enough the second time around as he was a little more careful with the chickens this time. Especially since Jesse had told him about the window George had put in the side of the coup to avoid having to go inside to feed them. Then it was back to the hay bales. As he was finishing up Heidi walked past him going into the barn pulling a cart that carried two buckets of corn that Heidi had picked that afternoon. her tank-top now clung to her body all over as she wiped the sweat of her forehead with the back of her hand. Danger had to pry his eyes off of her heaving chest as she began to speak.

“Hi Danger, can you do me a favor? Can you take this corn over to the house for Carol? She’s going to cook it up for dinner tonight. Oh, and I have to go back to the field to get the last of my stuff, can you go in the chicken coup and collect any eggs that are there? You can use that basket over there and bring those to Carol as well.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” Danger replied as he took the handle of the cart from her and briefly felt the smooth skin of her hand as they met.

“Thanks,” she said as she turned and headed back the way she came. Danger hauled the corn over to the house and Carol was waiting for him and quickly began husking it and throwing it the big pot on the stove. Danger then returned to the barn to collect the basket for the eggs and returned to the chicken coup. The chickens were all up walking around so it was a fairly quick jobs to collect the two dozen of so eggs that had been laid since Heidi had been through that morning. He then took the eggs over to Carol before returning to the barn. While replacing the basket he noticed that Heidi’s headphones and Walkman were there and they hadn’t been before, so she obviously must have returned from the field again. He was searched throughout the large barn trying to find her to ask what to do next since he had an hour before he had to feed the animals again and dinner was still a ways off.

As he roamed toward the back of the barn, Danger thought he heard a door close, so he walked off in the direction from which the sound came. He ended up in a room in the back corner of the barn. There was old, broken farm equipment strewn about the floor. It looked like the spot where George would throw the old junk he didn’t want or need anymore. There were no windows and only one naked light bulb jutting out from the far wall. Danger was about to turn and leave when he suddenly heard running water. It was then he noticed the green garden hose that came form a small hole in the wall next to him, ran along the floor before climbing up the far wall and hanging over into small closed section in the darkest corner of the room. Danger thought it odd to have such a setup in a mostly deserted part of an old barn so he let his curiosity get the better of him and he walked over to small enclave. He noticed what seemed to be a door and he crouched and peered into the crack between the door and the wall. His jaw practically hit the dirty, wooden floor boards.

He saw the hose hanging over the top of the short wall with a circular, plastic shower head stuck in the end to create a makeshift shower and about to step under that shower was Heidi, naked except for a pair of faded yellow cotton panties. Her tank top, cut-offs, and bra hung on a hook in the wall next to her as she stretched her arms over her head causing her firm tits to jut outward. Her nipples stood out proudly in the cool, damp air of the barn. She then turned towards the water, sticking her left hand into the stream to test the temperature as her right hand slipped past the waistband of her underwear and settled on her crotch. Her breaths became deeper as her hand beylikdüzü balıketli escort quivered slightly in her panties.

After a few minutes of rubbing her clit Heidi withdrew her hand and hooked her thumbs in the waistband and pulled the thin panties down off of her curvaceous hips and kicked them to the wall where her other clothes hung. She then tentatively moved into the stream of water coming from above and stood motionless as the water ran over and caresses her naked body. Once her hair was wet she slicked it back over her head with both hands and spit out the water that had gotten into her mouth. She then crossed her arms and rubbed her hands against her upper arms wiping away the sweat and dirt that had accumulated over the course of the day. Her forearms were nestled below her tits which jiggled slightly as she moved her hands up and down.

When Heidi’s hands left her arms they went next to her tits. They were on the small side, but each one would be a good handful, and they were definitely firm without any sag at all. Working on the farm was definitely doing wonder for her body. Her nipples stood out like pencil erasers and she gently rolled them between her fingers as the water that was rolling down her tits would splash against her nipples and fall to the floor. She cupped her tits in her hands and rubbed underneath them and jumped slightly as she accidentally tickled herself.

Heidi then let her hands roam over her flat, toned stomach. her eyes closed as her fingertips glided over her moist, naked skin. Tiny goose bumps began to form over her entire body from the water and her hands gently caressing her. She crossed her arms over her stomach and grabbed each hip with the opposite hand, massaging the water into her skin. Heidi then turned back on to Danger giving him his first glimpse at that delicious ass that had been encased in her cut-offs. She reached back and began rubbing the beautiful, tight cheeks and Danger watched hungrily as the tight skin barely gave way to her plying fingers. Working her down her body, Heidi began rubbing her thighs and behind her knees. Her legs had gotten especially dirty in the field, but now the dirt was being rinsed away exposing her creamy skin. As she worked her down past her knees she started to bend at the waist giving Danger a glorious view of her wet pussy. Her light brown bush came to an end just around her clit and her pink lips were open and moist not only from the water but also from her rubbing before she got into the shower.

When she had rinsed off the dirt to her satisfaction Heidi turned around and started to move for the towel that was hanging next to her clothes, but she stopped and stayed under the water pouring from above. She spread her feet apart and her right hand started to sliding down her stomach towards her wet pussy. Danger bit his bottom lip in anticipation as the tips of her fingers inched closer to her trimmed, wet bush. Her fingers slid through effortlessly through the tangles in her soft, brown pussy hair with the middle finger sliding right between her moist lips over the entrance to her cunt and came to rest near her asshole so that the butt of her hand pressed on her magic button.

Slowly she dragged her finger back along the wet groove between her legs with her tip of her finger coming to rest on her protruding clit. Her finger began to quiver back and forth ever so slightly as she applied pressure to her throbbing love button. She had to put her left hand against the wall of the homemade shower to steady herself as her knees began to buckle from the sensation emanating from between her legs. As her knees began to visibly shake Heidi resumed running her finger back and forth over the length her now sopped pussy. On one pass the tip of her finger slipped into her cunt and she quickly had a second one in to keep it company. Each time her fingers went into her cunt her thumb would smack against her clit causing her knees to buckle a little bit more each time. Her nipples were now rock hard and even looked to be bigger than they had been when she had been pinching them.

Finally an orgasm started to grip Heidi like a vice. She started to moan audibly over the sound of the water and her knees buckled faster so that she was now kneeling on the wet floorboards. Her fingers didn’t miss a beat in her cunt. Her straightened her back like a rod as it finally hit her. She took her fingers out of her pussy and cupped her hand over her pussy mound as her whole body visibly trembled from the intensity of her orgasm. Danger could see her pussy juice squirting out from between her fingers and splattering on the floor and the insides of her thighs. After it passed she remained kneeling on the floor with her hand resting gently on her mound trying to sooth her sensitive lips.

After a few minutes she gingerly got to her feet and turned back into the stream of water to rinse off the pussy juice that coated her hand. She beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş rinsed off her thighs as well as splashing some cool water on her abused cunt. This time when she moved for he towel she kept going and took it from its hook. She shivered slightly as the cool air met the cool water on her skin. She slowly dried herself letting the coarse fabric of the towel lingering over her nipples causing them to become hard again. She flipped the towel behind her and dried her back and then her legs. When she came to her pussy she just patted it carefully occasionally pressing the towel against her mound trying to get absorb the water out of her pussy hair. After the she rubbed her short hair with the towel until it was mostly dry.

She then replaced the towel on the hook and reached up to turn off the tap attached to the hose and the shower turned off. Danger drank in her delicious body as it was stretched out before him. Finished with that she picked up her yellow panties from the floor, brushed a bit of dirt off them and started putting them on. Danger figured it probably wouldn’t be a good idea if she opened the door to find him peering through the cracks at her while she showered, so as she was doing up the clasp on her bra he quickly, but quietly, made his way back through the barn. When Heidi made it back out to the door of the barn she found Danger sitting on the step playing with a kitten while its mother watched on.

“Oh hi,” Danger started. “I took the corn and the eggs to your aunt. I’ve gotta go feed the animals again now, but if there’s anything else that has to be done before dinner I’d be glad to help out.”

“Uh, no, I think that’s it for today,” Heidi finally managed to say once she remembered what he was talking about with the corn and eggs. With that Danger left to go do his rounds feeding the animals again. As he was finishing up he noticed the buzz of the chain saws had died away again so the guys must be on their back from the field for dinner.

When Danger returned from feeding the animals he found Carol and Heidi busily setting the places at the picnic tables while the men were washing up at the outside tap.

“Anything I can do to help,” Danger inquired.

“Can you dump a couple of bags of ice in that cooler and then run down stairs and fetch the cases of beer that are there. The guys will enjoy some cold beer with their dinner,” Carol responded. Danger quickly completed what Carol had asked and treated himself with the beer from the cooler. The guys were starting to seat themselves at the table and Danger noticed Heidi sitting by herself at the end waiting for everyone else to settle. he quickly slid into the spot next to her before someone else could. It didn’t look too obvious since most of his friends sat down at that end of the table at about the same time.

As the food was served around the other guys started telling Danger about the afternoon in the field. Of course there were exaggerated stories of the guys knocking trees over and snapping them in two all by themselves. Of course each “enhanced” story was followed by the telling of the actual events which seemed to always include either someone almost having a tree land on them or almost having an appendage cut off by a chain saw. When the question of what Heidi and Danger had been doing, he let Heidi answer by telling them all the chores that had to be done on a farm. Danger was dying to tell them that he saw this gorgeous nymph fingering herself in the shower, but decided that it definitely wasn’t the best time to mention that with Heidi sitting right beside him.

After dinner Danger and the guys decided to head into town and hit the local watering hole for a few drinks to relax from the long days work. Danger asked Heidi if she wanted to join them and although she said she didn’t drink that much decided to tag along anyway just to get out of the house. They settled on a place called The Black Squirrel which was a typical small town bar. There was a long wooden bar lined with stools along one side of the room, round tables with four chairs apiece took up the majority of the floor space, and there was a small stage and dance floor bracketed by large speakers at the far end of the room.

There were a few televisions mounted on the walls that were tuned to the baseball game and muted as the house system played country music. There were only about a dozen people in the place, three of them were seated on stools at the bar while the others were sitting in small groups scattered about the room. Heidi and the guys pulled a couple of tables together in the middle of the room and sat down with Heidi next to Danger at the one end of the row of tables. The waitress came over and they ordered a round and sat back and watched the baseball game.

By the time the game ended, everybody in the group was either drunk or damn close to it. Heidi who usually didn’t drink that much had had a fair amount and definitely loosened up a bit. She almost talked Danger’s ear off over the course of the night and he was finally seeing an opportunity to get another look at her amazing body. She had changed before leaving but the thin, cotton dress she was wearing was having the same effect on him that the tank top and cut-offs were having. He came to the rather easy determination that whatever this girl was wearing, she would look fantastic in it.

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