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I am at a table with friends where we are attending a wedding reception and dance. I notice you sitting across the room with a couple of other women, you look bored…But at the same time I am drawn to you. The band is playing a set of slow waltzes, the lights are dim. You glance my way and smile when you realize I am watching you.

I cross the floor and ask you to dance. As we reach the floor we are some distance apart, hands up and my other hand on your waist. We exchange names and settle into the slow waltz. I bring our hands down to our sides and gently pull you closer. In a moment we are cheek to cheek, your lovely breasts against my chest.

” MMM – you are a very good dancer, ” I whisper in your ear….You thank me and come even closer. There is a magnetic bond forming between us, in moments we are dancing like long lost lovers, each wanting more contact with the others……I feel myself becoming aroused, and I am sure you can feel the heat and hardness against your leg……You wiggle your hips against me and whisper one word in my ear…….”nice!”

“We need to get together,” I whisper.

You tighten your arms around me and I respond by pressing my hips tighter against you.

We agree to meet at the park the next afternoon for a picnic.

mmmm now lets see….. we are walking down a forest path, you are carrying a blanket, I have a basket with a picnic lunch, some wine and cheese. I lead you off to a nice grassy spot beside bayan arkadaş a babbling stream, the birds are singing around us,,,, the smell of pines from the forest,,,, the warm sun shining on us,,,, we spread the blanket on the ground and I take you in my arms, kissing you deeply. You respond, your arms around me, you feel my tongue probing your lips, my mouth mashed against yours… You open your mouth, our tongues meet, writhing like serpents in a mating ritual. Our bodies press together, we sway as if on a dance floor to silent music…….. Through my thin shirt I can feel your nipples hardening, you can feel my heat pressing against your thigh

I pull you to the ground with me, my arms around you…. we kiss again with even more passion. your arms around my neck you press close against me. I slide my hand up and cup your breast, I feel you moan against my lips. Reaching under your blouse I release your bra snap and then unbutton your blouse, lifting your bra out of the way I slide down and take a nipple in my mouth…..

You reach down and feel my growing erection, I start undoing your slacks as you unbuckle my belt.

I slide my hand down into your panties and my finger finds your hot wet pussy ….As I slip a finger into you and rub your hardening c l i t you reach into my shorts and grasp my now very erect cock, you gasp as you realize my size, it fills both your hands…..

I slip your slacks and panties bayan partner down and off your feet as you work my shorts and jeans down….. I kiss and suck both of your lovely tits before kissing my way down across your belly….

You realize where I am going and why and spread your legs for me………..

I nuzzle around your pussy as I kiss my way down your left thigh…… Kissing around your knee I start back up the inside of the other thigh, you feel the heat of my breath as I slowly work my way up, gently kissing you.

You thrust your hips up to me as I finally reach the puffy sensitive lips of your waiting pussy. you feel the heat as first I kiss you then slowly slip my tongue along your clit and flick it back and forth….

As I enjoy the taste and erotic aroma of your swollen lips and hard little clit I wonder if you will take me in your mouth…… Will we enjoy the pleasures of pleasing each other orally before you take me deep inside you?

Both breathing hard I move up to kiss you more…. Impatient to make love we feverishly remove the rest of our clothes…. As soon as we are naked you smile and push me backward onto the blanket,,,,, You crawl up over me and I feel my long hard cock first rub your tits. Your nipples are like marbles, they drag across my tummy to that lovely spot between your legs…

I can feel your hairs parting as my cockhead first touches you and you slide down, pausing bdsm escort on the hot outer lips……Then, as you get me into the entrance to your vagina I feel the hot wet slipperiness of your cunt juice as it mingles with my pre-cum…..As I hold your tits you moan slightly as you feel the thickness of me spreading you…. It feels so good as you lift up until I am almost out of you then slide back down again, it takes several tries before you get most of me inside, I feel the tightness as my cock

touches the area of your cunt never fucked before – that little remaining piece of virgin

pussy that is now mine as you moan and lower yourself to take that last inch of thick hot cock to where it has never been before…. suddenly you go off in an uncontrollable and unexpected orgasm. You lay forward onto my chest and I begin a rhythmic upward thrusting, fucking you hard as you ride me, my pelvis rubbing and bumping on your clit ……. I feel my balls shrink and my cock expand even more as I prepare to blow my hot load deep inside you…. The muscles in your pussy pulsate squeezing me tight as you go off, you can feel me cumming with you…. you feel the

hot spurt as I go off in you. We each lose track of anything other than the deep rumbling orgasm- – – you ride me harder as I thrust up into you, each of us straining to get the most and deepest fuck possible, making it last. The pure pleasure of really great sex is what we both want and enjoy…….

At last we are spent, you straighten your legs and lay down on top of me then roll over beside me. My softening cock slips out, we are both panting, out of breath, I pull you close and kiss you, then whisper in your ear…..

“Thank you Darlin’, you are so-o-o-o good!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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