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I was going to be by myself for a whole weekend. My wife Laura was going on a shopping trip with her girlfriends. It was just as well. We hadn’t been getting along these past few months. I thought I might head over to the local strip club Friday night. I needed to see a few naked bodies to relieve the stress. Friday night came and I arrived about eleven pm. I bought my ticket and I found a seat at the back.

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Most of the women were past their prime and shouldn’t have been showing off their naked bodies. It was getting towards the end. I thought I would watch one more stripper and then head out. The announcer came out and said “I wanted to introduce Amber!”

The curtain came back and out came this hot dark haired woman. Amber my ass, I said to myself, that was my sister-in-law Lynne. Lynne started to rub her body up and down the pole at first. I finally got to see my hot sister-in-laws body. Lynne had medium sized tits and the tightest ass. She was gyrating all over that pole. The guys at the club finally woke up and were cheering her on. Lynne had tassles covering her nipples. She wore this tiny bikini bottom.

Lynne pretended like she was fingering her pussy as she performed her show. She ended her act by turning her ass to the audience and fingering herself. The curtain closed and she got a standing ovation. I sat there waiting for Lynne to come out again. The girls would show up to perform lap dances in order to get tips. Lynne finally made her way to the back of the dark room.

“Hello Amber,” I said to her.

You should have seen Lynne’s face when she recognized me.

“Ken, what you doing here?” She said to Ankara escort me. “The question is, what are you doing here?”

Lynne worked in an office. I said I would wait out in the parking lot until she finished up. Twenty minutes passed and out came Lynne in here street clothes. Before she said a word I told her I would meet her back at her apartment. She didn’t look very happy about what I told her. We both drove back to her place and went inside.

“Promise me you won’t tell Laura I work at the strip club.”

She knew my wife wouldn’t be very happy to learn her younger sister was showing off her body at a place like that. I asked her why she was working there.

“You know I work at the insurance company. I don’t make enough money to support myself. One of the girls there said she worked a few nights at the club. She ends up making more money at the club than she does working a forty hour normal job.”

“I’m not going to tell Laura anything.” I said.

Lynne looked relieved. I stepped closer to my sister-in-law. I brought my hands to her chest.

“Please Ken, we can’t.” She pleaded.

Oh yes we could, I thought. I squeezed her tits through her shirt. Lynne let out this moan. I soon put my hands on her shoulders and push down. Lynne knew what I wanted and tried to resist. I forced her to kneel. Lynne looked up at my face. I pulled my pants and briefs down to the floor. My fat dick was staring directly at Lynne’s face. I placed a hand on the back of her head and pushed my dick towards her lips.

Lynne reluctantly opened her mouth for me. I took hold of my cock and I pushed it into Lynne’s mouth. I was face fucking my sister-in-law. She began to gag as I fed Ankara escort bayan her every inch I had. I was getting very hard from the oral I was getting from Lynne. Once I was satsified I was hard enough I pulled Lynne back up to her feet. I pulled her shirt off and unsnapped her bra.

“Please Ken don’t!” She pleaded once more.

I had to have my hot sister-in-law, that’s all there was to it. I got her pants and panties off. I told her to kick them away. Off came my clothes. We were standing there naked in Lynne’s living room. I reached out and fingered her pussy. She couldn’t fool me. Her pussy was damp. She was excited. I told her to put her arms around my neck. I lifted her up by her legs. My mushroom was pointed at her opening. I pushed up into her damp hole.

“Oh fuck!” Lynne cried out.

I fed Lynne every hard inch of me. Lynne held onto me as I fucked her tight hole. There was no doubt. Lynne was getting into it. I could feel her muscles contracting around my swollen cock. Lynne was making all these noises as I stuffed my pole deep in her body. I walked us over towards the couch. I lowered both of us down. I stretched out my legs and fed Lynne my cock.

God she felt so good. She was getting into it now. I could hear her panting as I went in and out of her belly.

“Oh my God Ken, fuck me hard!”

I did just that. I pulled my dick out just leaving the head in place. I would drive deep into her tummy. I was going to make sure I would have Lynne more than this one time. We went at it for maybe thirty minutes. I could feel her pussy muscles clamping around me. This was so much better than sex with my wife. Laura would just lie there and wait for me to finish. Escort Ankara She just wanted it to be over.

My young sister-in-law was getting into it. I wish I could have held out longer but my nuts were pinching. I fed Lynne a few more minutes and I shot a hot stream of cum into her body. I don’t know if she was expecting that or not. She threw her legs around me and held on tight. I spilled a lot of cum into Lynne that night. When I pulled free my white seed was dripping out of her pussy. We didn’t move for the longest time. Lynne’s body was shaking from the fucking she just took.

I got up and Lynne went to the bathroom. When she came back we had a passionate kiss. Her attitude had changed.

“I never dreamed we would do that together.”

Lynne did say she thought about sex with me but never thought it would happen. I ended up sleeping over that night. In the morning Lynne rode my cock. She mounted me after she sucked my cock once more. As Lynne bounced up and down I squeezed her ripe tits. Her pink nipples were all erect. I pulled on them with my fingers. That made Lynne cry out.

“Oh fuck!” She shouted.

I did manage to give Lynne more of my love seed. She milked my bone dry that morning. After we cleaned up we talked.

“What are we going to do Ken?” She asked.

Lynne wanted more sex with me. Being married to her sister was going to be a problem. My wife even checked in while I was with Lynne. I quickly told her everything was okay. It was difficult talking when her younger sister was sucking my cock for the third time. Lynne and I decided we would try and meet at her place whenever we could. That hasn’t been easy. It’s hard to get away for hours of sex together.

I have been thinking I might have to ditch the wife and take up with the younger sister. I’m afraid that Lynne and I are getting addicted to having sex with each other. I know I can’t give up her tight pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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