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“Hey, wake up.”

Renee Kelly’s face gradually came into view extremely close to my own. She was kneeling next to me, concerned. Somehow earlier in the morning during the am hours, I’d curled up at the foot of her bed drifting off in labored unconsciousness. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember anything beyond tucking Renee under the sheets.

“Oh, sorry for laying on your floor.”

“NO, YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO APOLOGIZE FOR BABY!” Renee became animated squeezing my shoulder and cupping my chin. I flinched a bit alarmed at her candor which she noticed, instantly relenting. I glanced around the room finding that it was daylight.

“It’s cool Renee.”

“No, I’m flattered that you slept at the foot of my bed; you didn’t have to do that. It was perfectly okay for you to get under the covers with me. I feel so bad, absolutely horrible about it. I wish I’d woke up so that I could’ve at least given you some blankets.” There was something off about Renee Kelly, something in the way she spoke and her posture.

“Hey, don’t worry about it; want me to sneak out before little Daisy wakes up?” Her hand shot to my arm squeezing, almost clawing at my bicep.

“HEY, KICK BACK FOR A MINUTE-I uhm, I already got her off to school three hours ago. Can’t you hang out with me for a little while, please?” There was this look of panic on Renee’s face that gave me pause.

“We can do whatever you want. I just wanna know if you’re okay, Renee?” Her face flushed and her nose reddened making it appear as if she had a cold. She sat down on the floor in front of me, her shoulders hunched.


“Sure; but what about your business downstairs?” Her slanted eyes were almost glazed over beginning to water before she wiped a finger across them.

“Uhm, I called Rashida up and she’s gonna be in charge of my place for a day or two. I guess it’s kind of a promotion, huh?”

“What about you; are you gonna be okay?”

Her shoulders slumped a bit more as her head dipped staring at the carpet on her bedroom floor. Renee ran a finger through the thick strands starting to flush in the cheeks and nose. Some tears dipped down onto her knuckle as she sniffled looking up at me internally broken.

“Daisy asked me yesterday; she asked me when her daddy gonna come home.”

I couldn’t stand the sight of her in this manner which inadvertently added another dimension to the normally savage demeanor. I raised an arm inviting her over. We sat there on the end of her bed, embracing on the floor. Renee sobbed into my t-shirt making it wet with tears, pressing her face into my chest. It was emotionally disorienting as I didn’t know what to do other than cradle her in my arms.

“You’ll figure something out; I know you will Renee.”

This woman was a mess, wearing her hair pinned up in a bandana, a simple V-neck t-shirt and pajama pants. It was jarring seeing Renee in this manner huddled close to my side as we sat there doing nothing. Jaquan’s betrayal and the prodding overtures of a child wanting her parents under one roof, had Renee shook.

“No, I don’t know what to do.”

“Why don’t you get some rest; maybe things will be clearer after a nap.”

“Oh no, don’t leave me here alone; you said you’d stay with me.” Renee clutched at me desperately as we jostled a bit before I was able to calm her down.

Unfortunately, her phone started ringing giving her visible pause and panic until I grabbed it thankfully discovering Rashida’s number on the screen. Renee still didn’t want to answer, prompting me to do so instead.


“WHAT YOU DOING ANSWERING THIS PHONE, BOY?!!” Her outburst had my ear ringing.

“She told me to because she was uhm, busy.”

“PUT RENEE ON THE PHONE!!” Renee could hear her friend and employee plainly reaching out for the phone but maintaining a grip on my bicep.

“Hey, stop giving him trouble; I told him to pick up for me; what’s up?”

“There’s some flowers down here; you want me to send the delivery guy up to your door?”

“NO!! Uhm, just sign for them and stick that shit at my workspace.” I watched the change in her face her cheeks flushed, and bottom lip quivered. It pissed me off for many reasons, chief among them the complete fracturing of a woman who usually had her shit together as Renee hung up.

“What’re you gonna do; just hide up here all day?”

“You don’t understand; yesterday right before I picked you up, Jaquan brought Daisy home and hung out in my place until she went down for the night. I messed around with him, just a quickie; and that nigga knew he was fucking some stank bitch that day. Yet he still stuck his dirty dick up in me anyway. Fuck, that skinny yellow bitch went down on me the day before! I thought I was calling her bluff, but she got to fuck me and my man! FUCK-SHE MIGHT AS WELL HAVE BEEN IN BED WITH US YESTERDAY!!” Renee was breaking down as I tightened my grip on her.

“Well, you have to do something.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of; don’t you understand? bakırköy escort That’s why I want you here with me because I have two guns and righteous indignation. I’m not afraid of Jaquan or Yoli, not afraid of seeing them! I’m afraid of what I’ll do if you leave. I’m afraid of what I’ll do if Daisy asks about her father when she gets home from school!!”

“But your little girl is gonna come home from school; and she may ask you that question again, so we have to do something. What do you want me to do, Renee?”

“Give me, this.” She suddenly had a handful of my endowment.

“I don’t think that’s the right thing to do, Renee.” I gently pried her hand away from my member, but she redoubled her efforts gaining entrance into my pants grabbing it outright.

“Then why’re you hard?”

Renee leaned in kissing my throat lightly stroking my cock into full hardness roughly. It was disheartening and deeply arousing simultaneously. Her hand left my member cupping the far side of face turning it towards her own waiting lips. I could deny my own burgeoning lust and didn’t want to still tortured by the memory of finding my cousin with Yoli. That was different because I didn’t really have a shared history with her beyond a few days. Our respective experiences were vastly different. The common denominator between all of us was Yoli, a lazy near do well coveting Renee’s body and anyone she’d slept with. It was seriously fucked up borderline cannibalistic.

“You know why I’m hard; but do you think it’s right for us to do something like this?”

“You’re fucking everyone else; why can’t you do me? Don’t act like you don’t want me sitting here with a hard dick!”

“Okay, I won’t.” Her lips crashed into mine, tongue forcing its way into my mouth as her hand became a blur on my cock.

My hand flew up cupping Renee’s left breast for a few seconds as she leaned back snatching off her shirt revealing her bust. She pulled my hand back to her breast watching my hand squeezing it before her own hand slid under my shirt pinching the nipple on my peck, twisting it until I winced. Renee cupped my cheek, kissing me hard and desperate. Renee was breathing hard reaching down tugging my pants down until my full crotch was exposed.

Renee shocked me by reaching down tearing and ripping at the crotch of her pajama bottoms exposing her mound. She seemed unwilling to break tactile contact creating access between her thighs before frantically grabbing at my shoulders. Renee pulled me down on top of her wrapping her powerful legs around my waist. Frenetic movement on her part, disoriented me as she grabbed the back of my neck with one hand while working me pants down further until we merged. Renee redoubled her grip on me by crossing her legs one over the other locked in the small of my back.

I struggled pulling backward trying to get my t-shirt off, but Renee reached up snatching at my collar ripping it down exposing my throat and part of my peck. It was a life and death struggle between us as Renee got an arm around my torso urging me downward. Her pelvis arched upward engulfing me completely in her wetness. Her hips retracted just a bit, quickly surging back upward sucking me inside. Renee kept it going, rising and retreating backward only to lustfully wedge against the base of my cock. Her efforts bore fruit as I began returning her sexual condor with equal intensity.

She was unrelenting, feverishly working her hips up into my plunging thrusts. Her insides were lush, tight and pulsing devouring, swallowing me up whole no matter how hard I worked. Renee wrapped her arms around my head burying my face in her cleavage. A nipple was pushed into my mouth as Renee howled reacting to its suckling. My teeth nipped at the erect nub, tongue swirling on the fast crinkling areola giving license to her sawing hips. The milky beauty tore at my shirt animalistically ripping it free of my chest.

Our nude torsos rubbed and mashed together as we made out famously at the foot of her bed. Renee’s huge butt slapped wetly up into my package taking everything wantonly. I managed to get my hands down between us ripping the waistband in two taking everything apart dramatically. I wasn’t fucking Renee Kelly. She wasn’t fucking me in kind. We were fucking each other into oblivion.

“Oh please fuck me hard; keep it up and don’t stop no matter what!!” My hand snatched the bandana away tossing it aside. Her brunette tresses spread outward framing her beautiful symmetrical beauty.

Renee’s huge thick butt mashed up into me, wetly taking untold relentless deep strokes. It was like hitting a fleshy brick wall as I pounded her snatch with wild abandon. Her mouth began to slowly open as her rising moans filled my ears as she rocked her locked legs side to side talking me along on a ride with her. An involuntary tremor ran through my body in waves and pulses. We melted into one another becoming one as her limbs tightened up around me until we were barely humping one another. Her inner walls bakırköy eve gelen escort were grinding my length mercilessly, squeezing everything out of me. I yelped and whimpered along with Renee eventually matching her audial. It felt like my stomach was being turned inside out as my inner thighs tightened enough to make me cry out in distress.

“Come on, give it to me; fill me up with cream and clean your cousin out of me!! I want it, I need it so bad!!” Her butt arched up off the floor wedged against my crotch as I began exploding inside in several scintillating bursts.

“Renee fuck, ah shit I’m inside; doing it inside you!!” She rocked and shook, bumping into me as I shivered all over. I was too far gone to care, lost in the moment as Renee’s lips mashed into mine, her tongue sliding into my mouth.

“Don’t let go, keep fucking me; I want you to keep it up! I want you to have this pussy and anything else you want!!”

My arms wrapped around her torso in similar fashion acquiescing in muted whimpers as we rocked and pushed together. She was pressing down on my half erect shaft just below the crown as she stared into my eyes. Her face was at once enchanting and intimidating. I went to look away, but she cupped my cheek directing my eyes back into her own. The green of her pupils appeared incandescent, glowing with a brilliance that engulfed me whole.

“Stay with me; don’t look away. We’ve got to keep doing it until they go away!” Her words shook me to the core stopping my actions as I regarded the strained expression on her face.


“No, don’t stop fucking me; I wanna stop thinking about them or I’m gonna go across the street to Yoli’s house. I’m gonna take my strap over there and light her funky, narrow ass up before I do the same to Jaquan!!”

“You’re not gonna do that shit.”

“Don’t tell me what I wouldn’t do, nigga; SHUT UP AND FUCK ME OR HIT UP THAT NIGGA FUNERAL!!” She screamed in my face loud enough to be hear a few doors over.

“OKAY TAKE YOUR FUCKING MEDICINE THEN, BITCH!!” I screamed back just as loud.

I savagely stole a kiss as my pelvis smashed into her own with a wet, audible clap. Her manicured nails dug trenches in my buttocks as I started plowing Renee Kelly with no fucks given one way or the other. She kissed me back with just as much strained passion as I roughly handled her luscious breasts. Renee nodded vigorously covering my hands with her own. I snatched my hands away gathering up her legs hooking them over my shoulders. Our fingers interlocked tightly as I pulled her into my thrusts.

Renee was in a sitting position horizontally while I remained on my knees vertical. I watched her full breasts bounce about on her chest as she screamed in maddened lust. I couldn’t sustain the position quickly turning her over on all fours. She flowed with me symbiotically anticipating my wants and needs. The pronounced arch in her back pushed her big heart shaped butt into my crotch with a series of unrelenting claps outmatching my efforts.

“PULL MY HAIR!!” Renee demanded, seared by all-encompassing passion and rage.

I captured two handfuls of her brunette mane as she popped and ground me into nothingness. My hands caught ahold of her small waist yanking her back into my crotch. I found myself pulling back on her hair making her chin rise up towards the half opened bedroom door. Her skin flushed almost completely as she began to go into the throws of a massive orgasm. I cupped her right breast squeezing heartily making Renee cry out going into overdrive.

“DO IT; GIVE ME SOME MORE!! I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!!” Something in the guttural demand of her words stirred a reaction inside as I pulled out glazing Renee over with my liquid lust. My eyes rolled up into my head as Renee watched silently still lightly clapping her cheeks.

“Do it more, do it again.”


“Come on, I want you to fuck me again; do it again.” I withdrew sitting on my haunches as Renee turned on a knee facing me. She was unnaturally desperate rising vertically on her knees trying to handle my member. Her fingers grazed my wilting tumescence making me wince a few times before Renee relented.

“What are we doing?”


“I’m wrecked; seriously.” Renee looked me over sitting down on the floor facing me hunched over.

It was a bit off putting watching her in this condition as I realized I’d come to know her as a take charge type with no fucks given. I reached an epiphany staring at her symmetrically beautiful face realizing a fact about women in general and stunningly attractive woman in particular.


“Yeah, what you want man; think you can fuck?”

“Stop it; I had a thought.”

“That’s original.”

“Listen, we gotta make them nothing.” Renee glanced up eyebrows starting to raise regarding me before one dipped higher than the other reminding me of The Rock.

“What the fuck’s that supposed to mean?”

“Exactly bakırköy grup yapan escort what I said; we’re making them bigger than they deserve, and I don’t like that shit one bit. Your situation with my idiot cousin is fucking legendary in the family, and I know you’re tired of the bullshit.”

“Yeah so?”

“Chill, I’m all fucked up over some bitch I really haven’t even known a week. She’s fucking crazy and the only reason I got the pussy was because she wanted you. Fuck, that’s the only reason she slept with Jaquan and I’m done with that noise.”

“I don’t get it.” Renee was puzzled.

“I ain’t giving her no more energy cause we weren’t nothing in the first place. Yoli was a nutjob jump off and apparently a public utility. I’ve got an idea about how we can take a little back, but you need to drop me back over at Jaquan’s crib.” She perked up genuinely intrigued at the forming plan.

“Nigga what’re you gonna do?”

“Heel turn; and thanks to you Renee, I got everything I need.” I tugged at her arm until she leaned over so that I could plant a kiss on her cheek.

“You’re weird; but cute.” She gave me an additional peck on the cheek before standing.

“Yeah; I need your help standing up because my balls are so fucking swollen.”

Renee managed a chuckle still looking a bit shaky as she draped my arm across her shoulder. We showered together with no shenanigans as I explained what I was going to do about the mutual pricks in our lives. She felt fifty percent better by the time we were drying one another off.

My last three partners and by extension Yoli herself had done a number on me leaving me swollen and sore with one hell of a Charlie horse. My next salvo was designed to be a sort of passive karmic retort to the egregious behavior that led to the mental incapacitation between their side and Renee’s with me in helpless tow. I can’t lie that Renee Kelly’s sudden appearance in my life changed things irreparably. My thoughts drifted all the way back to Erica Walton who lit the initial spark in this new chapter in my life. I wondered what she was doing while I was swimming in an ocean of drama.

“WHAT HAPPENED?!” Jaquan didn’t know what to make of things when Renee helped me limp into his house up the short steps to the couch in front of the front door. She looked shaky but didn’t give me away as I carefully sat on the couch.

“Take care of your cousin; he ain’t doing so good.” She replied as normally as humanly possible. Her slanted eyes were hidden behind some butterfly shades. She kept a hand on my shoulder facing her former significant other.

“Little cuz, what happened fam?”

“I’ll be alright, thanks to Renee.” His brow furrowed as he glanced at esteemed baby mamma number two slinging her purse.

“What happened to my cousin?”

“I gotta go pick up some supplies for the shop; take care of this fool.” My heart skipped a beat as Jaquan leaned in going for a kiss only to find her cheek as she turned it to him at the last second.


“I’ll have Daisy give you a call; talk to your cousin here Jaquan. He needs to get his priorities straight before his mother gets back.” He followed her to the door as I watched pensively. Thankfully, Renee managed to keep her true feelings in check before disappearing through the front door.

“Hey, what’s going on, bruh?”

“Uhm, well…”

“Come on man, spit it out.” He tapped my shoulder roughly getting an exaggerated wince as I shifted uncomfortably on the couch.

“Well, I don’t know how to say this.”

“Just spit it out.”

“It’s cool Jaquan, we ain’t gotta talk about it.” Jaquan’s eyes roamed all over me likely forming his own uniformed conclusion as I fished around in my camera bag flashing a crumpled white bag Renee had in her kitchen. It was only seconds, but I was sure I was raising his hackles.

“Bruh?” I fished out Renee’s old fashioned ice pack as his cell started ringing.

He ignored the call focusing on me as I winced and squirmed around on his couch.

“Hey, I hate to be a bother Jaquan; could you put a little ice in this thing? I’d do it but it hurts to walk right now.” He cautiously took the ice pack going into the kitchen and filling it as I asked. I was a little surprised because it went against his spoiled, adult character. He looked alarmed when I pressed it to my crotch.

“Your mom put me in charge of you; just tell me what happened cuz?”

“Sorry about that; maybe I would’ve been better off at home instead of coming over here, man. Now I got a shit sandwich and I don’t even know how I’m gonna hide this from mom.”


“Hey man; we people, right?”

“Yeah uhm, sure bruh.”

“I don’t know Jaquan.”

I gasped pressing the ice pack against my crotch feigning more pain than I was actually experiencing. The combined effects of Porsha Simms, Shawnee Thompson and esteemed baby mamma number two Renee Kelly had me sore all over. He fidgeted a little almost looking like he wanted to clock me again, but I was milking the fuck out of the moment.

“JUST TELL ME!!” My eyes rolled in his direction before I looked away.

“Hey man; you used a condom when you fucked Yoli, right?” I knew he didn’t.

“FUCK!!” I wished I had my camera out to capture the look on his face. Renee would’ve loved to see that shit, no doubt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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