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Daughter comes of age by teasing and playing her Dad for money.


I’m Sabrina. I was Daddy’s little girl, that is, until I became Daddy’s sexy lady. This is my story.

Daddy created a monster out of guilt, when he left me, after divorcing my Mom when I was nine-years-old. Then, ten years later, after he sexually used me and incestuously abused me, when I was nineteen-years-old, the guilt he had grew and my hold on him strengthened. I learned how to play men by playing my Dad.

When my Dad divorced my Mom, I was just a child. Because of the guilt he felt leaving me behind in the custody of my Mom, whenever I asked him for anything, he bought me whatever it was I wanted. A quick learner, ask and I shall receive, that was the start of me playing my Dad. I gave him what he needed, love and affection, and he gave me what I wanted, toys and clothes.

Money wasn’t an issue. My Dad had money, lots of money. Fortunately for me, even though Daddy had a new life with a new wife and she had children from a previous marriage, three boys, I’ll always be Daddy’s little girl.

He bought me a Nintendo game and Cabbage Patch dolls, before anyone else had them. All my friends were jealous. Saturday visits culminated with him taking me to FAO Schwartz to pick out whatever I wanted. It was Christmas whenever I saw Daddy, which wasn’t very often, as he traveled the globe. Barbie dolls were my favorite, his too, now that I’m his tall, blonde, and busty Barbie doll.

Learning early how to play men by playing my Dad, I received positive emotions from men and negative ones from women. I get along better with men than I do women. Women, do doubt, see me for who I am, a user and abuser of men.

What does it matter? It’s all just a game, an exchange of services for goods. I give them what they want from me and I get what I want from them. The American way, capitalism in the bedroom instead of the boardroom, what’s wrong with that? As prostitution is on the streets, so isn’t prostituting oneself the same in business. A win/win scenario, it’s a transaction of life where everyone is happy, so long as you keep your mouth shut. We can’t have any whistle blowers here for wives to ruin everyone’s sexy time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a good person, but it’s difficult playing nice with women, who’d rather just scratch out my eyes. They all think I’m going to steal their men. Can you imagine their stupidity? I don’t want their men. I just want their money.

Starting with my Dad, I just like teasing men, driving them crazy, until their cocks are as hard for me as their lust is hot for me. That’s when they’ll do anything and give me anything to have me. All my friends are men. I love teasing men, I do. It’s fun. It’s profitable.

It started with Daddy. So long as I showed Daddy whatever he wanted to see of sexy me, he’d do anything for his baby girl. So long as I allowed him to touch whatever he wanted to touch of me, he’d buy me anything. After I saw and touched whatever Daddy wanted me to see and to touch of him, he gave me whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it.

“Daddy? Can you buy me a new car?”

“What color?”

The incestuous part of our relationship didn’t start until much later, when I was nineteen-years-old, that summer after I had graduated from high school. Having lived most my life with my Mom, I lived with my Dad that summer, before I went off to college. It was a year before he married his second wife and it was just me and him alone in that big house. Because of custody issues, after not spending much time with my Dad during my childhood, we had a blast that summer. His way of making up for lost time, we did everything together, but sleep together, in a bed, that is.

My Dad had been talking about dating and eventually marrying again. He wasn’t very computer savvy and he asked me if he should join an Internet dating site. I told him he should and I even helped him to post his profile. At only 44-years-old, he was still a good looking man and I knew it would only be a matter of time before he met someone he liked. Definitely and especially with his money, he was a good catch for any woman.

Our sexual affair started innocently enough, when I was setting up his dating profile online. I didn’t think anything of sitting in my nightgown, while typing on the computer, but I guess my horny Dad thought it was a bigger deal that I did. I felt his leering eyes staring down my open nightgown top at my C cup breasts. Definitely uncomfortable by this inappropriate attention from my Dad, at first I was mortified, sickened, and embarrassed that my Dad was trying to see my tits.

Yet, thinking with my head instead of my modesty, once those feelings washed over me, I realized my opportunity. If all I had to do was to flash my Dad to maintain his attention and focus on me, maybe I could make this work for me. Even though he was my Dad, not having had him in my life for so long, other than him helping to give birth to me, I really İstanbul Escort didn’t owe him anything. If anything he owed me for abandoning me and my Mom when I was just a kid. Even though I was of age with our incestuous relationship began, we never shared that strong father/daughter bond that stops most Dads from crossing the incestuous line with their child.

Now that I knew that he was contemplating marrying again, one day, I needed somehow to keep a financial hold over him. I feared that his new wife, whoever she may be, would get her greedy claws on my share of his money. He no longer had to support me, now that I was of legal age. For me to stay connected to my Dad, I had to come up with a devious plan, so that he’d always give me money. What better way to do that than by playing the incest card and controlling him with guilt?

Practical and pragmatic, I was Daddy’s little girl, after all. He made his fortune in business by being the same. A chip off his old block, if he could use and abuse his business partners, why couldn’t I do the same with my Daddy? It may have meant something more to my Dad but to me our relationship was no more than a business deal. I had the goods and he needed my services. As his only child and his loving daughter, maybe my Dad was hoping to reconnect with me, but from the start I was looking to accept however much money he was willing to give me by playing the incestuous victim.

With a summer to accomplish my mission and with access to his screen name and password, I deleted those women who contacted him, before he read their messages and took an interest in them. I needed to implement my plan before some woman wedged herself between Daddy’s money and me by giving him sex. For my plan to work, I needed for him to stay horny. I knew he was lonely and I knew he was attracted to me, since I looked just like my pretty Mom, when she was younger, slimmer, and sexier. I figured I’d use my good looks and my hot body to get what I wanted from him by giving him what he needed from me.

A fair exchanged, it was my first business deal. Without doubt, if Daddy knew the ruthlessness of his soulless daughter, he’d not only approve but also he’d be proud. After having watched my tall, blonde, buxom Mom get all that she wanted from my Dad for so long with sex, my sexuality was all that I had to offer to get what I needed from Daddy, too. A vicious cycle like Mom like daughter and like Daddy, too, we were the perfect, dysfunctional family.

I played my part of the innocent daughter by unmercifully teasing him. I made sure that my bikini was loose enough that every time I dived in the water, my boobs would pop out or I’d lose my bikini bottom. Easy to get his attention, I had a good time flashing my Dad.

“Daddy! Watch me! Tell me what I’m doing wrong or right, when I dive. Okay? Watch me, Daddy! Watch me!”

Always he watched because I’d gave him a show. After I flashed him my boobs or my ass, pretending I was embarrassed, I turned my back to him to push my boobs back in my top or swim across the pool bottomless to retrieve my bikini bottom. I knew these oops moments would get him in the mood for what I had planned on doing later that night, just as I knew these accidental flashes would make him horny.

If I wasn’t hanging out by the pool in my skimpy bikini, a bathing suit that left little to the imagination, then I was shamelessly walking around the house in my short, low cut nightgown or sheer baby dolls. From wearing a bikini in the late morning to wearing sleep ware in the early evening, I looked hot in everything I modeled for Daddy. A horny man alone with a sexy seductress, he didn’t have a chance in Hell of keeping his hands off me.

“More coffee, Daddy?”

When I leaned over him to pour his coffee, my open nightgown top was at his eye level. Pretending not to realize that I was showing, as much as I was showing, I pretended not to notice that he was looking. I gave him plenty of down nightgown peeks during breakfast and up nightgown flashes after breakfast, while sitting on the couch watching TV.

Except for holidays and birthdays, even though we haven’t spend much time together over the years, as any father and daughter would, we quickly grew close.

“Daddy, how come you don’t have a girlfriend?”

“Oh, I haven’t met anyone, yet. To be truthful, I’ve been too busy with work to have a personal life. This is my first break from work and I was happy that I could take the time to spend the summer with you, Sabrina,” he said giving me a smile and a pat on the knee.

After he told me that he hadn’t been with a woman in a while, with Daddy always looking to see what he could see of me, I knew he was horny. I figured he was too busy with business to have sex. I figured, after he stole some down nightgown looks and up nightgown peeks of my body, he’d probably masturbate over the thoughts of what he saw of me, while hoping to see and, maybe even touch more later, when I İstanbul Escort Bayan was lounging by the pool.

“Did you put sunscreen on, Sabrina?”

“I can’t get as good a tan with wearing sunscreen, Daddy. Besides, I can’t reach back there.”

On the pretense of rubbing sunscreen on my body to protect my skin from sun damage, he always felt and saw more of his sexy daughter than any Daddy should. Alone and so lonely, it was a time when he was drinking more than he should and I knew he was lonely and horny for me. A fun father and daughter bonding time, every evening, I’d have a nightcap or two with him, while watching a movie.

“What movie are we watching tonight, Daddy?”

“Pick whichever one you want, Sabrina,” he said. “You always end up falling asleep anyway,” he said with a laugh.

“I can’t help it, Daddy. Alcohol makes me sleepy,” I said with an exaggerated yawn, after taking a sip of my drink.

Slowly slouching in slumber, as if he had drugged me, I’d pretend to fall asleep with my head on his stomach. To tease him, I’d leave my hand high on his thigh and my fingers nearly in contact with his testicles. After a while, I could feel his stiff prick pulsating and poking me in the side of my face. As if afraid to feel me, as he held me, for fear that he’d awaken me, his hand remained poised on the side of my hip or his fingertips felt the side of my breast, as I slept. Waiting to see, what he’d do and how far he’d go, it was a dangerous game of incestuous daring we played. I continued pretending that I was sleeping.

Every evening, he’d get me to drink more. I made sure that he knew that one was my limit, that two got me giddily high, and the third one put me to sleep.

“I’m going to freshen my drink. Do you want another drink, Sabrina?”

“I’ll be sound asleep, Daddy, if I have one more drink but, sure, why not? I’m on vacation and I’m here safe with you, instead of in a bar where someone could take advantage of me.”

Whenever sleeping on Daddy, I made sure my nightgown top was open and the hem of my nightgown was raised high enough to show him some skin and enough for him to imagine the rest. After teasing him by showing him so much of my body that he so desperately wanted to see and so desperately wanted to feel, no doubt, a good sign that my plan was working, he was always walking around the house with an erection. I pretended not to notice his state of constant arousal, but I always did.

The pool was the perfect place to play. Every time we played in the pool, he’d poke me with his stiff cock from behind. He loved swimming up from behind, surprising me, before grabbing me around my middle. Always, accidentally on purpose, I suspected, his hands slid up, until he grabbed more tit than waist. He felt more of his daughter’s body than any father should.

Then, I’d do the same to him, swim up from behind and grab him around the middle. Resting my bikini bra clad big breasts on his back, he enjoyed taking me around the pool for a ride. Always, I rewarded him with accidental on purpose feels of his swollen cock. Innocent father and daughter amusement, it was just a game we played and neither of us said anything about what we felt or what we touched.

As our father and daughter alone time progressed, as if I didn’t notice, he started not wearing underwear beneath his pajamas. After cuddling on the couch with me, while watching a movie, I watch his cock tent his pajama bottoms. Then, when I pretended to fall asleep with my head on his stomach, the side of his erect, hairy, pulsating penis was clearly visible through his pee hole opening in his pajamas. To be honest, seeing the erect side of Daddy’s cock peeking out made me horny and wet. With his big house poised high on the hill away from all the others, there weren’t any boys where he lived and I was horny for some male companionship that summer.

Always, acting so much like the virginal daughter, I feigned my innocence. For sure, my plan wouldn’t work any other way. I had to pretend that he was the one taking advantage of me and not the other way around. If I had to play my trump card later, his guilt was a powerful tool to use, when asking for his continued financial support.

I pretended that I didn’t notice his erection and/or the partial sight of his cock and, whenever I pretended not to notice, is when he started becoming more obvious in what he showed and more aggressive in what he touched. While holding me, he started feeling more of my body by putting his hand where it would surely slip down on my boob or my ass should I move, as I slept. Maybe he wanted to see my reaction to me seeing his cock and to him touching me. Maybe he was hoping I’d make the next move but, without doubt, he was intent on flashing me his cock, while touching more of my body. Working to my benefit, I knew that the more obvious and aggressive he became now, the more ashamed and guilty he’d be later. In the way that he looked at me and Escort İstanbul touched me, definitely, he had already crossed the incestuous line in what was appropriate father and daughter behavior. Now, that he was exposing his cock to me, I had him just where I wanted him.

Even though the tips of my fingers were nearly in contact with his partially exposed prick, knowing that he would, I waited for him to readjust the position of his body, while I pretended to sleep. Always, he readjusted the position of his body, so that my fingertips were in contact with the side of his exposed cock. Not very subtle, he was so sneaky, but as long as he thought that he was taking advantage of me, instead of the other way around, I was still in control.

After spending nearly the entire summer making him insane with incestuous lust and forbidden desire for me, my plan was working. From me flashing him and him touching me to him flashing me and me barely touching him, I needed to raise the stakes. Now or never, it was towards the end of the summer, a few weeks before I was to leave him for college that things quickly escalated. Something that he so looked forward to, our routine was to have a few drinks, while watching a movie, my excuse to pretend to fall asleep with my head on his stomach and my hand nearly in his lap. One night, while he was pretending to be napping, something he’d routinely do, so that he could look down my top, his entire cock slipped out of his pajama bottoms.

I couldn’t believe it. For me to see his entire exposed prick was such an unexpected sight. Instead of me having to take it to the next level, Dad had already raised the stakes by betting the farm. As good of a poker player as my Dad, since he was my teacher, should I raise him or call him or maybe he thought I was just bluffing.

I was staring at Daddy’s prick. This is the cock that impregnated my Mom and that made me. Wow? As if looking at it as a personally historic relic in the museum of Sabrina, I stared at it. From where my Dad was, with my head down nearly in his lap, he couldn’t see me looking, but I was.

Was this sudden flash of his cock accidental or preplanned. Right there before me, his cock was so close to my mouth that if I reached out my tongue, I’d lick it. With my head on his stomach and my hand in between my chin and the top of his pubic hair, I was pretending that I was sound asleep. Only a few inches from my face, his cock was in plain view and for him to expose his erect cock to me, even though he thought I was sleeping, he must have been so desperately horny. My hand was so close to his big prick that all he had to do was to move my hand just a little and I’d be touching the base of it.

Knowing that guys routinely get erections, while they sleep, I didn’t know if he was sleeping or pretending to sleep. I didn’t know if he was flashing me or if the exposure of his big, hairy, stiff dick was accidental. No matter, I could work with whatever he showed me to make it work for me.

He was so big. He was so hard. He was so hairy. Judging by his erection, he was so horny. It had been a while since I had a cock in my mouth and I was ready to suck on this one. I didn’t care that it was my Dad’s cock. It was just another cock to me.

I waited to see what he’d do and sure enough, he gradually moved up on the couch so that his cock was in contact with my fingertips. Oh, my God, I was touching Daddy’s prick. Now I knew this was no accidental flash. Now I knew his plan was to show me his erect cock. Whether it was accidental or planned, it didn’t matter.

I so wanted to take him in my hot, little hand. I so wanted to stroke my Daddy’s cock, while watching his reaction. I so wanted to give him what he so desperately wanted, a hand job, maybe even a blowjob, but I couldn’t, not yet. I needed for him to make the next move. I needed for him to make all the moves. For my plan to work, with me being the sweet, innocent victim, I needed for this to be his bad game of seduction.

Without doubt, I couldn’t just reach out and grab my Daddy’s cock. What would he think of me, if I did that? I couldn’t grab his prick without exposing myself and ruining my teasing game of guilt? Certainly, I didn’t want to spoil all this fun. After having come so far, in the course of one summer season I was being transformed from a nineteen-year-old girl to a nineteen-year-old woman. It’s better if he forced me to touch him, stroke him, and blow him. Then, he’d really shower me with guilt money and I’d be set for life.

It’s too bad he couldn’t find a way to fuck me. Only, how could he possibly have intercourse with me without me knowing and without me being an active participant. With all this cock flashing, after my sexy teasing, I could use a good fuck right about now.

After I had been sleeping for a while, as if naturally moving in my sleep, I readjusted my position. I actually moved my hand down, so that now my fingers were above and resting on the base of his engorged prick. Figuring that I was sound asleep, it didn’t take him long to gently curl my fingers and wrap my hand around his cock. Now, I was holding Daddy’s stiff prick in my sleeping hand. Waiting for him to make the next move, I didn’t move, I didn’t breath. I just stared at his cock.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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