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This is a work of fiction. The characters and events in this story are not based on real life.

I am a new writer to the site and this is my first story. I wrote it with the help with my Dom Daddy, Gnash58. I hope you have as much fun reading it as we did writing it! More chapters are on their way!


Jen pushed a tent peg into the soft ground of the campsite. A few feet away her dad was doing the same. They’d picked a fairly remote location just off the beach away from the more populated areas. They needed time alone. Both of them felt the need to get away from people and the strangely empty-feeling house they now lived in.

Just last week, they’d had a funeral for her mother, who’d died suddenly in a traffic accident. For that week, they’d had her sister and brother there to help fill the emptiness, but her siblings had both had to return to their lives elsewhere. Her sister Samantha, or Sam as she was called, was 8 years older than Jen’s 21 years and lived in another state with her husband and two boys. Max, her older brother, was in the army and stationed in San Diego, far to the south of the family home in Washington. Now it was just her and her father in the house and both had decided that they needed to get away from that place that held so many memories for a while. They’d decided to take a trip to the ocean and do some scuba diving like they had many times in the past.

They’d settled on a location they’d visited before, a dive in a kelp forest where they’d seen sea otters diving and playing before. The little inlet was fairly sheltered from the waves and made it easy to get in and out of the dive area.


Facing away from each other, they geared up for their dive. They each put on their wetsuit, air tanks, weight belts, and fins and checked each other’s equipment.

As he was putting on his mask, her father looked over to his daughter and asked, “Are you ready, little girl?”

Already wearing her mask, she nodded to him and gave him a thumbs up. Together they walked into ocean. Soon, with her 5’7 height, she began to tread water as he continued to walk by her. Once they both felt they were out of shallow water, they dove in.

It was extraordinarily beautiful day. The sun was out and the effect as it filtered through the kelp was magical. Side by side, they swam and explored the little nooks that the fish hid in, each pointing out various treasures as they swam by.

As usual, her dad was ahead of her. She was on his tail, enjoying the feeling of being in the water when, all of sudden, she felt the air pressure decrease through her mouthpiece. With widened eyes, she looked at the gauge but it still read as full. Confused and panicking, she held her breath and swam to her father.

Having done this for years, he was able to swim a distance without realizing how far he has gotten ahead of her. As he was observing some colorful rocks around him, he had an eerie feeling. Turning around, he looked for his little girl. Looking behind him, he saw her struggling to swim to him.

Knowing she could swim with ease, and seeing her panicked movements, he knew something was wrong. He swam towards her. Finally catching up to each other, with her hands, Jen frantically signaled that she needed his mouth piece. She removed her piece and quickly took his in her mouth. Taking a deep breath, he treaded water as he patiently waited for her to catch her breath.

Taking deep breaths, she felt she had enough to swim back to the surface. She handed it back to him and reached down to undo her weight belt to shoot back up. As her hands reached her belt, his hands gripped her arm tightly. Looking up at him, she pointed upwards indicating she needed to go up. He nodded in acknowledgment but was shocked she was going to drop her weight. After all this time, how could she not remember the side effects of going to the surface too quickly. If she did, she would have developed decompression sickness and would spend a very uncomfortable rest of the day at the very least.

He took her hand and slowly began to swim to the surface. Taking turns, they utilized his tank and, in no time, they surfaced. Quickly, she laid on her back and floated.

Coughing out the water she swallow when she had to place and remove the mouthpiece, she managed to say, “Thank you Daddy…Thank you.”

Focusing on getting her to safety, he swam along side her as she remained floating. Once he was able to get on his feet, he took his little girl in his arms, carried her onto the beach, and laid her gently on the sand. He unzipped her wet suit just enough to help her breathe more deeply.

Brushing her wet hair away from her face, he smiled down at her, and a tear streamed down his cheek. “I’m so sorry, little girl,” he said with compassion in his voice.

“Daddy… It wasn’t your fault,” she reassured him.

Trying to piece together what happened, he asked, “Was your air tank empty? What made Ankara escort you panic like that?”

“The pressure gauge is messed up or something. Suddenly I couldn’t breathe but it read that the tank was full. So I quickly swam to you,” she explained as she tried to smile up at him. She felt her heart beat through her chest as she said, “Thank you for stopping me from surfacing too quickly…. ” She could see he was going to say something about that but she continued before he could, “I mean I know the rules and all but I was panicking. I needed air and it was the first thing I could think of.”

“Did you double check the pressure?” he asked sternly.

She shook her head no. He walked over to her tank with his pressure gauge. Testing it, he saw that the reading didn’t budge from zero.”That explains it,” he said.

This would be a perfect time to lecture her but he could see the terrified look in her eyes. She genuinely was scared and so was he. He could have lost her, along with his wife. Instead of being a teacher, he helped her sit up and rested her body against his chest. “It is ok. I am just happy I was there with you,” he said as he placed a kiss on the top of her head. “I love you Jennifer,” he said.

“I love you too Daddy,” she replied looking up at him and smiled weakly.


Jen laid on her back in her tent. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep but her mind kept reliving today’s events. If her Dad had not been there, she could have easily died from surfacing to fast. She tossed in her sleeping bag but could not shake the feeling that he would never know about her true feelings for him. Since the age of 15, she had felt more than just daughterly feelings for her Dad. She knew that most people would think that was wrong, but she today’s close call had convinced her that she had to tell him despite her fear of losing him. She finally crawled out of her tent and walked over to her Dad’s tent. Holding her breath and unzipping the tent, she peeked her head in and whispered, “Daddy…. Are you up? I can’t sleep….”

“I’m awake, sweetheart,” he answered from the dark, “What’s up? Crawl on in.”

She unzipped the tent’s opening the rest of the way and crawled in. Sitting with her legs crossed, she kept her head down as she twirled a strand of hair nervously with her fingers. After a moment of silence, she finally had enough courage to say something, “Daddy… I… I could have died today and I…” She stopped herself as she felt a tear slide down her cheek. She took a deep breath before continuing, “I have something to tell you…. And after today, I can’t go on without you knowing the truth.”

She felt his hand move in the dark and he took hold of hers. “I know you had a very intense experience today… we both did. You know you can tell me anything. I love you Jen.”

She let out a gasp as she felt his hand on hers. She closed her eyes and said, “That’s the thing Daddy…. I love you too…” She looked up and saw the confused look he had. She continued, “I love you more than as just my father…. ” She wanted to say more and tell him it is ok to hate her for saying this. She couldn’t believe she just said that. She let go of his hand and began to crawl over to the tent’s opening.

“Jen,” he said, “Come back and let’s talk. I’m still a bit confused as to what you actually mean.” He sat up and moved toward her and put his arm around her shoulder, then pulled her down next to him on the sleeping bag.

She had to stop herself from just straddling him and showing him what she meant. She turned her head and looked away from him, “Daddy… I am in love with you… as a woman , not just your daughter. I have been since I was 15. I…. I want….. I want you.” She bit her lip to hold back the tears. “I will understand if you hate me and want to take me home. I will pack my things first thing in the morning….You won’t have to see me again, ” She said as she tried to sit up and get out of the tent again.

His arm around her shoulder held her back, not letting her leave. “To be honest, Jen,” he said softly, “I’ve had those feelings about you too. I’d never act on them. I’m your father and that is not something that can be ignored. I do admit that the thought of losing you today, especially so soon after losing your mother, has made me think long and hard about my feelings. I’m not sure what I would do without you too. I don’t want you to leave, I don’t hate you. I love you just as much as you love me,” as he said that, he pulled her closer.

She let herself rest her head on his shoulder. She let herself enjoy the feeling of being this close to him. She smiled to herself. He loves me, she thought to herself. After a moment, she tilted her head up and placed gentle kisses on his neck.

“Umm… Jen,” he said, “Are you really sure you want to do this?”

She pulled away and locked eyes with him. She simply nodded her head, then leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. He didn’t respond at first, Ankara escort bayan but soon she felt him answering her movements. His hands came up to cup her chin as the kiss became more and more intense.

Without breaking the kiss, she climbed on top of him, her body pressing down on his. She couldn’t believe this was finally happening. She had kissed a couple guys her age before but none of them had approached the intensity or passion of this. She rested on her forearm as she let one of her hand run through his hair and moaned into his mouth as she felt his hands wrap around her and caress the curve of her spine underneath her top.

“Take it off of me, Daddy,” she breathed.

His hands grasped the bottom of her blouse and slid it upward. She sat up on him and raised her arms over her head and he pulled her top the rest of the way off. She had no bra on since she’s been ready for sleep and his hands slipped around to the front of her to cup her breasts, his thumbs automatically going to her nipples to rub them.

“I’ve wondered what these felt like,” he said to her, “I’ve watched them grow but only under your clothes. They’re even more wonderful than I’ve imagined. My little girl is a lovely grown woman.”

She smiled at him as she closed her eyes, enjoying his touch. She had imagined what his hands would feel like on her tits but nothing compared to the real thing. Her breasts were larger than average size but not huge. They fit perfectly in his large hands and let out a soft moan as his thumbs rubbed over her hard nipples. She placed her hands over his and squeezed. “You can do it harder, Daddy. I like it like that.”

“Is that so, little girl?” he asked as he squeezed harder, massaging her warm breasts. “What else do you like?”

“Yes, Daddy. I kind of like it rough. You can pull on my nipples. Like this,” she said as she grabbed his fingers and pinched her nipple and pulled on them. She repeated this on the other one. She felt his cock harden between her thighs but the sleeping bag restricted it from springing free. “Let’s get you out of the sleeping bag, Daddy” she said as she giggled and rolled off of him and onto her back.

He pulled the zipper of his sleeping bag down and flipped it open so it covered the floor of the tent. He didn’t have a shirt on and was only wearing shorts. The front of those shorts were tented around his erect cock.

Jen stared, mesmerized, at his hidden erection and licked her lips slowly. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from it. “Daddy…. Can I… Can I touch it?”

He reached over, took her hand, and placed it on his tented shorts, “Yes you may,” he said.

Jen slowly reached out and took a hold of the hem of his shorts,and lowered them enough for his cock to spring out. She had seen only two other cocks and this one was by far the thickest. She leaned forward and let her tongue gently graze the slit on the top, licking up some pre cum on her way. She stopped and savored it, moaning at the sweet yet salty taste. This was the very seed that made her and she was hungry for more. Wrapping her mouth around the head, she sucked on it like it was candy. She had waited for this for such a long time, and she wanted this to be the best blow she could give. She felt her own juices leak down her thighs as she slowly took more of him in her wet, warm mouth. She looked up at him and asked sexily, “Does Daddy like?”

He groaned in response, “Oh, fuck yes.” Looking down, he couldn’t believe that the girl he’d raised had her lips around his cock. He’d imagined it in his guilty masturbation fantasies, but never in his wildest dreams had he thought it would actually happen. She pushed her way down his length and another groan was forced from him. It felt so good. Looking to his left, he could see her ass waving in the air as she sucked him, covered by red gym shorts. Reaching out his hand, he ran it along the firm cheeks of her ass, squeezing and massaging.

Jen slid his cock out her mouth with a “pop”. She turned her head to him and said with an evil smirk, “Smack it, Daddy.” She quickly gobbled his cock once more as he complied with her request and slapped her ass. Moaning around his cock, the vibrations made him groan louder and it spurred her to take more of him and to pick up the pace.

He tugged her shorts down, slid his hand around her hip and slipped it between her thighs. What he found was a warm, wet, and obviously aroused pussy. He felt her shiver as his hand made contact and she ground her sex against his palm, moaning even more loudly around his cock.

Jen felt her Daddy’s hand on her warm and eager pussy. She has fantasized about this moment for years and now it was finally happening, and hearing her Daddy’s moans was music to her ears. Growing up, she’d heard her parents fuck and she would fantasize about what his face looked like when he moaned. Turning her head to see his reaction, she saw that his eyes were locked on his cock as it was disappearing into her hungry mouth. His Escort Ankara breathing became more ragged and she managed to get his cock deep in her throat and hold it there. In response, she saw him close his eyes and moan once again. This time he’s moaning for me! she thought excitedly to herself.

I wonder how much of my kinky side I can show him? she thought to herself. Secretly, Jen had been researching the basics of BDSM. She had always felt that she was a bit different sexually because she loved being rough with herself. After reading on the subject, she realized that she was a submissive and what turned her on was knowing she could turn on a man and give him pleasure. She loved the thought of a man falling apart because of her. She wanted to serve her man, his moans firing her growing passion. Though she’d figured this out about herself, she wasn’t ready to let anyone else know. Not yet at least, Jen thought to herself and smiled at the thought of being tied up by a Dominant. Her thoughts then shifted to her Daddy being her Dominant and she let out a moan and humped more of her wet pussy into his hands. As hot as the thought of him Dominating her was, she didn’t want to push it, she wanted this to be more than just a one time thing. She didn’t want lose him because of the kinky fuckery she was into. For now, she was enjoying the moment.

He slipped a finger into her pussy and couldn’t believe how tight it was. While he had never really asked, nor wanted to pry, he wondered if his daughter was still a virgin. He wasn’t one of those overprotective parents who’d wanted to lock his kids away from any chance of sexual contact. He trusted their judgement… although he wasn’t quite sure about how that was working out right at this moment with her mouth around his cock and his finger in her pussy.

Jen felt his finger slip inside her and moaned around his cock as he started to slide it in and out. She’d had a guy finger her before but even with one finger, he was still better than any of them. She was still a virgin and from the moment they’d first kissed, she’d decided to give it to him. She let his cock slip out of her mouth and locked eyes with him. She stood up, kicked off her shorts, and slowly positioned herself to straddle his belly, just above his cock. She placed her hands on his chest and traced small circles with her finger tips. She whispered, “Daddy..?”

“Yes, Jen,” he answered softly, staring into her eyes.

Barely audibly, she said, “I want you.” She closed her eyes tight. unable to look at him as she said the next part,”… to be my first…” She opened one eye to see his reaction.

“Are you sure?” he asked, “That ‘s a big decision for you to make and a big responsibilty for me.”

She simply nodded to him.

He nodded back. Taking her hips in his hands he gently raised her up and moved her back. She held that position and reached down to grab his cock, placing it at the opening of her vagina, then letting a bit of her weight come down on it to push it slowly inside. There was some resistance and a bit of pain, but she continued pushing down and his cock continued to slip inside of her well lubricated pussy. Finally, she was resting against his hips with it buried all the way inside her and she leaned down and hugged herself against him, wanting as much connection to him as possible. It felt like nothing she has experienced before. She felt so full; so complete. It simply felt right being with him this way. Her heart felt like it was beating out of her chest and she wasn’t sure if she should move yet. She wanted more but also wanted to imprint this feeling on her memory as she wasn’t sure if she would ever get him inside her again. She sat up just enough to give him a hard, passionate kiss. As her mouth opened slightly, her hips naturally started to rock back and forth and she let out a moan into his mouth as she felt his cock slide along her inner walls.

He had shivered as he had felt her lower herself onto him — partly from the tightness and partly from the thought that this was his daughter and what they were doing was taboo. He’d done this before as a fantasy, but that’s all it had been: a fantasy. The reality was that her body seemed to fit his as no other woman ever had and when she started slowly to move, all he could do was close his eyes as he lost himself in the overwhelming sensations and the emotions that accompanied them.

Jen rested her hands on his chest as she slowly raised and lowered herself of her Dad’s cock. It felt more amazing than she had ever imagined. She wanted to take it slow. This was her first time and as much as she fantasized about being used and fucked hard, this was a time to be gentle and passionate with the man she truly loved. She looked down at her Daddy and smiled to herself. He’s moaning because of me, she thought to herself. He feels good because of me. As she continued to slowly fuck herself, she whispered in a very soft moan, “I love you Daddy.”

He reached up and grabbed his daughter’s breasts, feeling the nipples harden against his palms. Squeezing them hard, he watched as she threw her head back and moaned. “I love you too Angel. My precious little girl has grown up into a very desirable woman,” he told her.

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