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Another one that I had problems defining the category for. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little role-play where the hot wife waits for her Daddy to come home from work. When he does, she looks after him in style.

As ever, feedback is appreciated. You can send feedback either in public comments below, PM on Lit forums, or email – email is best if you wants a response or have any questions, or just want to get involved.

As ever there could be, and probably are, errors in the text. Please forgive me.

GA – Belize City, Belize. 21st May 2012.


His wife sat on the stairs, knees together but cleverly positioned on the seventh riser so he could see the gusset of her white underwear drawn taut across the cleft of her pussy.

‘Hello, Daddy,’ she grinned when he closed the door behind him. ‘I’ve been waiting for you to get home.’ The grin became a pout as she looked down at him, eyes sorrowful. ‘I missed you. It’s dark and cold and wet outside … And I don’t like it when it’s dark. I get scared.’

She stood, purposely pausing to allow him to appreciate the clothing she’d chosen, showing off her long legs. He stared up at her and swallowed heavily, muttering an obscenity in appreciation of the spiked heels, the pink over-knee socks, the briefest pleated skirt of the same shocking colour, and the tight, sleeveless white tee-shirt moulded to her breasts. She slowly descended, one hand on the banister to steady herself, knowing from the look on his face the effect she was having.

Finally her eyes were level with his. She reached for the laptop bag in his hand. .’Did you have a hard day, Daddy?’ He nodded, unable to speak at that moment. She leaned forward, hands behind her back. He could smell the clean scent of her, soap and shampoo and subtle perfume as she gently kissed his cheek. He smiled idiotically, his hand coming up to where her lips had feathered his face. ‘I’m such a lucky girl to have a Daddy who works so hard to take care of me.’ She reached for the knot of his tie, loosening it. ‘And because you work so hard, I’m going to look after you tonight.’ She took a pace backwards, the backs of her shoes against the lowest tread of the stairs. ‘Do you like my new clothes?’

Still dumb he nodded while she executed an enthusiastic pirouette. ‘Very … uh … nice,’ he said to her wide-eyed, expectant face, his voice a croak.

‘Do I look pretty in my new clothes, Daddy? I wanted to look pretty for you.’

‘Very pretty,’ he managed.

She grinned and clapped her hands. ‘That makes me happy. Now,’ she added, turning. ‘You go into the living room and I’ll bring you a cold beer. I got the kind you like.’

Somehow he resisted the urge to grab her, even when he saw the tantalising undercurve of his wife’s buttocks beneath the flicking hem of the brief skirt. He knew from experience it would be better for both of them if he let her play her game. Suppressing the urgent desires that constricted his throat and swelled his chest, he strode down the hall, yanking the tie from around his neck.

‘Here you are, Daddy,’ she murmured, eyes demurely downcast as she handed him the frosted bottle. ‘Sit in your chair. Let me slip off those shoes for you. There,’ she sighed when he settled back into the armchair. ‘All better now?’ Lowering herself to the carpet she curled herself around his lower legs, her arms on his knee. She sighed after settling escort fatih her chin atop her arms, gazing with adoration. ‘You enjoy your beer, Daddy,’ she crooned, a hand stroking his thigh now. ‘There’s more in the fridge.’

‘Thank you,’ he responded, his voice gruff. ‘Did you get your hair done too?’

She nodded. ‘Yes, I wanted to look really pretty for you tonight.’ She sat upright and fingered the blonde tendril at her temple. ‘Do you like it?’ she asked, her face suddenly worried.

It was the perfect shade of ash-blonde he preferred — and she knew it. He played the game. ‘I love it. You look very pretty for Daddy.’

She sighed and smiled, settling her chin on top of her arms again. Looking up at him she asked, ‘Shall I run you a bath, Daddy? You could lie in the bath and drink your beer …’ Nodding with enthusiasm at her own suggestion she rose to her feet, adding: ‘And I could wash you. It’ll be so relaxing for you after such a hard day.’

He took a long pull at the bottle and stared at her intently, eyeing her from her shoes to her blonde hair. ‘That sounds like it could be good, Princess.’

‘You sit there and relax. I’ll call you when it’s ready.’

She left the room with the skirt hem flicking. He swigged at the beer, thinking about his wife of eight years as her heels sounded on the stairs. He heard her moving about on the floor above, marvelling at how sexy he still found her. And why not, he mused, Anna was a desirable woman; he’d caught a goodly percentage of his friends eyeing her surreptitiously. She was also adventurous in the bedroom — and elsewhere, he’d found. Beach holidays were a particular favourite for Anna, any excuse to wear next to nothing and exhibit herself — His wife was hot and she knew it.

He raised the two-thirds empty bottle in salute. ‘Pretty damn tasty at thirty-five,’ he said, toasting his wife. This was something else though, this innocent thing she had going on; calling him Daddy and wearing those clothes.

Several minutes went by until he heard the call from upstairs. ‘Ready!’

‘Jesus Christ, Anna,’ he spluttered when he arrived at the foot of the stairs.

His wife stood on the landing. From where he stood he could see she’d removed the skirt and underwear. ‘Come on up, Daddy,’ she invited, hands on hips, head tilted, eyes gleaming. ‘Oh,’ she said as though her exposed vulva was a complete surprise. ‘I just wanted to show you how smooth I am.’ She paused, smirking. ‘Do you like me all bare, Daddy? Do you like your girl all smooth?’

She yelped and, as quickly as her heels allowed, quickly moved to the bathroom, giggling when, with a snarl, he started up the stairs.

When he got to the bathroom door she was seated on the toilet.

‘Your bath’s ready, Daddy,’ she indicated, pointing while her forearms rested on her knees. ‘Oh,’ she added, pouting. ‘You’ve forgotten your beer. I’ll go and get it for you.’

She yelped again as her husband smacked her bare backside as she passed.

‘That’s for being a naughty girl,’ he scolded. ‘Running around the house with no knickers on …’

‘It feels lovely though, Daddy,’ she whispered, her fingers waggling as she left. ‘I’ll be back soon to wash you.’

He stripped, leaving his socks and underpants and shirt in a heap on the floor. His suit he took to the bedroom and hung it, somewhat carelessly in his haste, on güngören escort a hanger behind the door. Anna reappeared with a newly opened beer a few moments after he’d lowered himself into the water.

Steam rose around him in a scented cloud as the warmth caressed his skin. ‘Oh that’s good,’ he sighed, the perfume of the bath-bomb reaching him.

Anna sipped at the beer. She knelt at the side of the tub and leaned forward. The bottle thunked against the bath as Anna pressed her lips to his and squirted beer into her husband’s mouth.

He swallowed, a smirk coming to his face. ‘You’re a very bad girl,’ he murmured, a wet arm reaching over the rim of the tub. ‘I should spank you for being so bad,’ he added, caressing his wife’s smooth, taut buttocks.

The woman sighed and wriggled her hips seductively. ‘Another time, Daddy. Smack my bottom another time when I’ve been a really naughty girl.’

He had a moment to reflect on just what kind of thing Anna would confess to when that little scenario came to life. Would she use her very active imagination, or would she come clean with some transgression? Probably imagination, he mused; he had no cause to doubt his wife’s fidelity.

Anna leaned over her husband’s recumbent form. His fingers worked at her flesh, searching for the cleft between her legs.

‘Let me lather you up, Daddy,’ Anna said with a bar of soap in her hand. ‘Wash away that nasty day at work. Let’s get you smelling all nice. I like it when you smell good.’

‘OK, Baby,’ he sighed as he sank into the tub, withdrawing his arm.

His wife moved the soap between her palms and then gently massaged his shoulders, her hands sliding with a luxurious glide over tense muscles in his shoulders, neck and chest. He closed his eyes and concentrated on her fingers’ skilful manipulation. Her hands moved lower, beneath the water, bypassing his already thickening penis to his thighs. She worked slowly, tantalisingly, her hands kneading and squeezing. Anna’s tee-shirt grew opaque at her breasts when she lifted each of her husband’s legs out of the water, holding his limbs against her body to work soap between each toe.

‘Oh, Daddy,’ the woman pouted, blue eyes wide and innocent. ‘My tee-shirt’s all wet …’ She knelt upright and purposely brushed her palms over her breasts, squashing them and wetting her tee-shirt further. ‘Oh no, what a mess.’ Anna grinned, her cheeks dimpling. ‘You can see my boobs, Daddy,’ she sighed. She offered him that big-eyed innocence again.

He stared at her chest, could see the distinct dark coins of her areola. ‘You look beautiful, baby,’ he croaked, licking his lips in anticipation of those long, thick nipples.

The woman brightened. ‘Do I, Daddy? Do I really?’

‘Very beautiful,’ he nodded.

Anna reached into the bath, her fingers finding him erect. ‘Oh!’ she blurted. ‘Daddy! You’re all …’ Her voice darkened, eyes narrowing. ‘… You’re so big and hard down there.’

His answer came thick, his desire now tangible. ‘That’s because you’re so beautiful. You make Daddy feel so good he shows it by getting stiff.’

‘Can I …’ The woman gulped. ‘Is it all right to touch it, Daddy?’

‘Yes,’ he groaned. ‘Yes please.’

Her hand worked at him, squeezing and pulling gently at the engorged length of his erection.

‘I …’ Anna began. ‘Touching it makes me feel all funny.’ Her bağcılar escort voice fell to a whisper, water gently lapping against the enamel side of the bath as she added, ‘It makes my …’ She paused, embarrassed.

‘Go on,’ he said quietly. ‘Tell me. Daddy won’t be mad.’

‘My pussy, Daddy. It tickles. It’s all hot and itchy and I want to … to touch myself.’ Her fingers worked quicker against him. He groaned, wincing at the ecstasy building inside him at her touch. ‘I’m all wet down there,’ she added. ‘Can I … Daddy, may I kiss you? Can I kiss you properly?’

He moaned when she leaned across him and her lips met his. She sighed into her husband’s mouth as their tongues touched, her fist squeezing inexorably, coaxing him towards release.

‘Oh, God,’ he groaned, limbs splashing water as he writhed and rolled at her touch.

‘I want to be a naughty girl, Daddy,’ Anna cried. She knelt upright and released his penis. ‘I want you to look at my boobs.’ She lifted the tee-shirt to reveal the taut grapefruit-sized breasts. ‘I want you to use my mouth. Let me please you with my lips and tongue. Please,’ she added, eyes bright. ‘Please, Daddy. Put that thing in my mouth.’

Water cascaded from his body as he hauled himself upright. Standing shin deep in water he held his penis towards the blonde kneeling on the floor.

‘Suck it,’ he rumbled. ‘Show me how a naughty girl behaves.’ Then he groaned, his fingers pushing through ash-blonde hair as her mouth enveloped his girth.

‘Is it good? Am I doing it OK?’ she asked between licks at the domed head of his cock. ‘Tell me, is this how the nasty girls do it?’

‘Yes, Baby,’ he said through gritted teeth. ‘That’s just how those dirty girls do it. You’re very good at it. You’re going to make Daddy’s cock spit the hot stuff.’

‘Hot stuff, Daddy?’ she asked, her hand working quickly. ‘What do you mean?’

‘When I come,’ he grunted, his body bending at the waist. ‘Stuff will squirt out of me …’ He kissed the top of his wife’s head. ‘Gooey stuff that can put a baby inside you.’

‘Oh, Daddy,’ she squealed. ‘Will it burn me?’

‘No, Baby. It won’t burn … Oh, fuck,’ he snarled, fingers tightening in his wife’s hair. ‘I’m going to do it … You’re going to—’

The first jet squirted from the eye of his cock, arcing in a high parabola and splashing onto Anna’s forehead.

‘Oh!’ she cried as another gush spattered across her cheek. ‘Daddy! Oh, Daddy … Is that it? Is that the hot stuff? Will it give me a baby if it gets on me?’

Nevertheless, despite her questions, Anna’s fist continued to pump away at his length.

‘No, darling,’ he grunted. Daddy has to put his thing inside you and let it spit there. In your pussy.’

Spunk garlanded the woman’s throat and breasts. More of the stuff stained the tee-shirt rumpled at her throat.

‘I think I’d like you to put it in my pussy, Daddy,’ she crooned, her hand slowing as the eruption tapered. She leaned and licked a slide of gloop from her husband’s cock. ‘I think it’d feel so nice to have you inside me there.’

‘Get to the bedroom,’ he snarled, stepping out of the bath.

The woman giggled as she stood and reached for a towel.

‘Meet me there,’ she purred as her husband hurriedly dried off. ‘I want you to lick my pussy and fuck me with your hard cock.’ She peeled the damp tee-shirt over her head, smearing his ejaculate across her face and into her formerly immaculate hair. ‘Come and fuck me, Daddy. Put a baby inside me.’

His wife turned on her high heels and walked from the room with an exaggerated swing of her hips. Growling, his cock still hard, he followed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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