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Hello. This my first venture in to the genre of erotica, I know my material will better not be excellent but this why I am uploading, I would like to get better. I am young and will probably have many mistakes i am very open to your criticisms PLEASE leave a comment or rating. Enjoy!

Part one

I sat in front of the television in my Spongebob Squarepants t shirt and underwear watching my favourite cartoon I hear Nick’s car pulling into the drive way and the garage door open and close. I took up the blanket and covered my bottom half just in time for Nick to come into the room.

“How was work?” I ask not taking my eyes off the screen and patting the space next to me, Nick took the opportunity and flung himself onto the couch.

“The usual Karen is riding my ass to have Maude’s book published by January. I really do n’t think that she understands how long it takes to edit a book. If she wanted a miracle worker she could have said so when she put out the application.” Nick had recently joined Peter’s Publishing as a chief editor and has a bitch of a boss who I call the wicked witch of the west who is constantly riding him to do the impossible. I felt bad for the guy after all my boss Gerard was just as bitchy but at least I only saw him three days a week since I am still in college.

“Where’s your mother?” I glanced at him, his hair disheveled, his eyes dark from all nighters for the wicked witch of the west to meet her impossible demands; he was completely drained and frustrated. He look pitiful just there staring at me with his doe eyes completely lost just about ready to give up on life.

“At her friend son’s birthday party she said we can make something for ourselves to eat.” Nick sighed deeply in frustration we both had discovered my mother’s unfaithfulness six moths ago when Nick took me to dinner for my nineteenth birthday and saw her shoving her tongue down one of her friend’s husband’s throat. She claims that Steven is ‘just a friend’ but I do n’t think friends kiss like that. Nick does n’t want to leave her because he’s worried about what the break up of our family will do to me. He wants to wait until I move out to do it, personally I think he is just afraid of breaking up because they have been married for eight years.

“I have no energy to cook!” Nick remarked yawning widely. I hated to see him like this after all while Nick was stepfather he did help a great deal in raising me especially since my mom was never really active in my life.

“Don’t you worry I will whip us up the world’s greatest Kraft Mac and Cheese ever made, for I am…super cook girl!” I shout shaking off the blanket and doing the superman pose.

“Umm sweetie…” Nick says motioning to my underwear his face pink, I immediately wrap the leopard print blanket around my body, my face beet red with embarrassment. I look at Nick and realize that he is n’t blushing because he saw my in my undies but because of the fact that he is reacting to seeing me in my panties, he immediately takes a cushion and places it over his manhood to hide his massive growing erection. Although I only saw it for a split second I cannot erase the image of his huge cock straining against his black work pants.

“First I am going to go take a shower!” I yell and rush up the stairs into my room, I lock the door and flop onto my bed hiding my face in my hypoallergenic pillow.

Surely, I am going to die of embarrassment and I still cannot stop thinking about Nick’s cock and how enormous it was. I had seen my fair share of cocks but none compared to Nick’s size. Suddenly, I found myself fantasizing about touching Nick’s cock, licking it, sucking it. I flipped over and slipped my hand under my t-shirt, unhooked the front hook of my bra and let my 38C breasts hang loosely. I guided my index finger and thumb to my puffy pink nipple squeezing it roughly and the cupping my breast. I began humping the air as my slit became moist.

“Uhh!” I moaned as I slipped my free hand under my panties and played with my clit, images of Nick flooded my mind I began to think of me on top of him riding his massive rod . The illusion simply served to heighten my arousal.

“Hayley?? Esenyurt Escort Are you decently dressed I need to talk to you.” I hear Nick’s voice on the other side of the door and I immediately jump up moving my hands away from my intimate areas.

“Give me a minute please Nick!” I call out to Nick silently cursing him for interrupting what could have been one of the best orgasms of my nineteen year old life. I fumble to put on the nearest pair of pants and then fight my way back into my bra.

“Okay come in.” I say unlocking the door.

“About earlier….” Nick trails off but I interrupt him.

“It’s fine Nick. I should have been wearing proper attire, but I hate pants. Anyway it’s not your fault that you got hard you just reacted naturally.” I explain while walking over to my bed to sit down.

“No, no Hayley as the older adult I should have had better control over my…reaction to the situation. I do n’t want you to think of me as some kind of creep. I promise you that this will never happen again. Do n’t bother to cook I’ll just order us some pizza and maybe we can put this all behind us.” I look at Nick’s nervous stance and really do feel bad for the guy but his sincerity only seems to make me want to rip off his clothes and take him right there. What is happening to me?

“Do n’t worry about it Nick everything is okay.” I assure him flashing him my winning smile; I have to make this sexy man mine.

“Good now when you shower come downstairs and we’ll watch a cartoon that you like or something.” I nod happily and Nick leaves the room and closes in the door. All I can do is wonder how am I going to make this guy mine?

After showering I stand in my room going through my closet looking for the skimpiest thing I own which is really hard to find since I normally dress very modestly. Finally, I find it, it is a pink tank top that looked like it used to fit me when I was fourteen and a short skirt that I outgrew, it is now so short that I cannot even bend my knees in it with out revealing my underwear. I pick this and put on a thong below. As I slip on the outfit I smile to myself Nick will never know what hit him.

“Wow umm Hayley.. I was just about to go call you.. ” Nick mutters as he spots my outfit his eyes are glued to my chest that I can tell looks enormous in this too tight tank.

“Daddy what cartoon are we going to watch your favourite or mine?” I question stressing on the daddy.

“Since when do you call me daddy ..Hayley?” I smile and chuckle at his response.

“Well Nick I began to think about it and you are more like a Dad to me than me real father ever was so I thought I would start acknowledging the role you played in my life a little more. Do you have a problem with me calling you daddy because… I could stop.” I say in my most innocent little girl voice, hopefully he falls right into my trap.

“Well..I do n’t see why..I should have problem with that Hayley.” He says whilst clearing this throat in-between, his nervousness is impeccably adorable.

“Good.” I say and snatch a slice of pizza out of the box on the table top. “I say we watch Tom and Jerry since we both adore them.”

“Ok.” Nick replies I can feel his eyes on my butt as I swish past him. The trap has been set.

Part Two

I sat in Nick’s office thoroughly sifting through his internet history attempting to find out what kind of porn he was into, Oh my goodness I found the mother load. Daddy’s Pumpkin, Taken by Daddy, Daddy daughter Fuckfest Nick was apparently a big fan of daddy/daughter porn and erotic stories; perfect. I clicked on a few to see them they were incredibly hot and most of them included spanking, there were even a few of the “daughters” who looked like me.

I would have never guessed Nick enjoyed these kinds of things before yesterday, my eyes have really been opened up to a whole new world filled with endless possibilities. I have always wanted to try spanking but I always kept it secret from my past boyfriends and girlfriends cause I did n’t want to freak them out but now that I know Nick is into to this sort of stuff I would n’t mind trying Esenyurt Escort Bayan it out with him but how, how would I get Nick to spank me? I think I know just who to talk to about this, my best friend, Lilly.

“He was hard??” Lilly probed, her eyes wide in amazement.

“Like a rock and boy is he hung!” I exclaimed Lilly smirked at me devilishly.

“You want to fuck your step daddy do n’t you?” I blushed and nodded wildly desperate for her advice. “Well it’s not like he’s your real dad so I guess it technically is n’t incest. What do you need my help for though?”

” Well I want to make love to him but I also want him to spank me, how do I get him to spank me. As my sluttiest friend I need your help Lil.”

Lilly laughed boisterously at my desperate plea for help.

“Okay I’ll try. First we can start simple, you know Nick worries about you becoming a like your mom, being with different guys every Monday morning,” I nod as encouragement for her to go on. “Well start dressing really slutty and stay out really late, basically be the opposite of who you are and I guarantee you he will be super pissed, if he will spank you though, that’s up to how you handle the situation.” I nod even more as Lilly’s plan seemed to be very logical.

“I’ll try my best Lill.” I assured her.

Part three

For the next few weeks or so I acted like a complete slut in front of Nick, I wore the skimpiest clothes I could find, I came home after one in the morning, I even began being disrespectful to Nick. Each day I was becoming more and more turned on by the possibility of a spanking so much so that I started masturbating three to four times a day just thinking about Nick’s firm hands slapping my nice, round, pale butt till it was fire truck red. Then one day the opportunity finally presented itself, Nick called me into his office to give me a ‘serious’ talk my pussy was dripping just at the possibility of my fantasy becoming a reality.

“Hayley, do you know why I have called you in here?” Nick bombarded with a stern look upon his countenance and a newly found harshness in his tone, I wonder how many times he rehearsed that one line.

“No daddy, what seems to be the problem?” I feign a confused expression.

“Do n’t play dumb with me Hayley, I want to know why you’ve been acting like such a..a…a..” he stumbles on the word.

“Say it daddy.” I urged him on.

“A slut.” He says quickly as though he just needs to get the word out of his system.

“Daddy I have no idea what you are talking about. Anyway, I have to go hang out with Michael and Chad we are going to hang out.”

”Is that what they are calling it now? Look Hayley I know what type of guys Chad and Michael are and I do n’t want you around them.” He scolds me, I can tell he is trying to be stern but it just makes me want to laugh.

“Why daddy, are you afraid that they might fuck me?” I ask giving him my best pouty face.

“Somewhat…. Hayley please do n’t use that language it’s not ladylike, look Hayley I just do n’t want them to take advantage of you.”

“Well maybe I want them too.” I reply defensively.

“But sweetie I don’t want you to be… taken advantage of by these…umm… hooligans.” I smile inside at Nick’s concern for me.

“Why? Is it because you want to fuck me daddy?” Nick’s face is dark red at my question; I have him. “Daddy I am happy that you are concerned for me but I am an adult now and if I want boys to fuck me then it’s my business, if I want to smoke pot with them it’s my business. “

“Listen to me young lady, I do n’t care if you are an adult you still live under my roof and have to abide by my rules!” Nick yells leaving me completely speechless. I have never seen him this angry before it kind of scares me; this is my opportunity.

“Well you can’t exactly stop me now can you? I’m not a child. What are you going to do, put my over your lap and spank me?”

Suddenly, Nick pull’s me forward and puts me over his lap; I never knew he was so strong. He raises my hot pink pleated skirt, I can feel the cool air on my thong clad ass, he’s finally going to do it! Escort Esenyurt SLAP! The force of his hand has me writhing under his lap I never expected this to hurt so much and the lashes continue to reign. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! I lose count of the lashes soon my eyes are filled with tears with each lash I exert a wailing scream and though I know I should want this to be over I can’t help the wet feeling that I have down there.

“Please daddy, no more!” I beg of Nick but he is not phased he continues to attack my ass mercilessly. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

“You will learn to respect me!” He shouts, I can feel his cock growing underneath me and soon I start rubbing my pussy against his bulge.

“I’m sorry daddy!” I yell and unexpectedly Nick’s punishment commences as he forces me off his rock hard cock. Nick averts my eyes as he realizes that I felt his erection beneath me. “What’s wrong daddy?” I question him attempting to meet his glance.

“I’m sorry Hayley. I should n’t have done that, you’re a big girl you do n’t need spanking but I just got so angry when I heard you were just giving yourself away to those boys.” I smile, move in and press my lips roughly onto Nick’s he reciprocates but then pushes me away.

“We shouldn’t do that Hayley, I am your father.” Nick reasons though I can tell he did n’t want it to stop.

“Well technically we’re not blood related. Stop denying it Nick you want to fuck me as much as I want to fuck you.” Nick shakes his head, still in denial. ”Please daddy I am begging you to have sex with me and if you do n’t I am just going to do both Chad and Michael instead.” Nick’s eyes open wide in shock.

“Please do n’t sweetie.” He begs; I can tell he is giving in.

“Well fuck me and I wo n’t. I know you want me daddy I saw your web history I know you love daddy/daughter porn, so pleasee.” I press my lips to his again and Nick pulls me closer and shoves his tongue down my throat causing me to moan loudly. I can feel him unhooking my bra, then he takes off my t shirt and begins to play with my nipples and I moan into his mouth.

“Take out your cock daddy let’s have some fun.” I say in my most sultry voice, not one to delay, Nick whips out his nine inch rod as I take off the rest of my clothes.

“What do you want to do with daddy baby girl?” Nick questions whilst stroking his cock to my naked body.

“I want you to put your big monster cock inside my tight, hot cunt and fuck me hard daddy.” I say as I play with my nipples and insert to fingers into my slit whilst sitting on daddy’s desk.

“Oh sweetie, it makes daddy so happy that you want that too. What else do you want me to do?” Nick’s strokes become faster as I feel myself close to cumming

”I want you to.. fuck me… until you spurt your hot.. cum inside of me daddy. Oh! Daddy I’m ready to cum!” I shout as my fingers dive deeper and deeper into my wet cunt and I cum hard my juices flying everywhere.

“Oh sweetie. I’m ready to cum too lets not waste daddy’s love juice come over here and ride daddy’s cock like a good girl.” I jump off the table hastily and position myself on top of daddy.

“You’re so big Daddy. I do n’t know how I’ll ever be able to take all of you….oh..” I moan as daddy shoves me down onto his cock roughly it hurts but it’s a good pain.

“Oh. Baby girl you’re soo tight..oh…Ah… yes bounce on my cock you little minx.” I begin to bounce hard on my daddy’s rod, my breasts flying up and down. Daddy begins to massage them and I moan even louder.

“Yes daddy! Oh!oh!” I shout loving the feeling of being filled by my daddy.

“Harder Hayley, daddy’s about to give you his milk… take it sweetie, take all of it.” daddy now begins to meet my thrusts as we hump harder and faster.

“Give it to me daddy, show me how much you love me. Fuck me harder daddy. Harder! Uhh..yes.. Give me your cream.” I kiss daddy roughly.

“I’m cumming inside you baby girl.” Daddy warns and I feel his swimmers rushing and mixing with my own hot cum.

“I love feeling our juices together daddy give me all your cum. Ohh!” Daddy and I stay in that position for a while kissing and exploring each others body.

“I love your cock in my cunt daddy it’s like they were made for each other!” I remark daddy smiles darkly.

“Wait till I fuck that ass of yours.”

“I can’t wait!” I exclaim already imagining what it will be like with daddy’s massive rod pounding my tight anus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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