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I wake up suddenly trying to get my bearings wondering what’s going on, when I hear my daughter’s voice call my name again and shaking me. Groaning I answered her, “what is it honey?”

In a sheepish voice she replied to me, “umm remember how you said I couldn’t watch that horror movie because I wouldn’t be able to sleep?”

Suspicion crept into my voice “Yes?”

She continued “and how I said, dad I’m not a kid anymore I can handle it.”

“Ya” I replied knowing where this was headed.

She hesitated a moment then said ” Wellllllllll, I was wrong.” She looked dejected. “Can I sleep in here with you tonight? pleeeaassssseeee?!?!?!”

My first reaction was to get really angry, “Damn it why don’t you just listen to what I tell you?”

She looked like she was going to cry “I’m sorry daddy”.

God why me, sighing I told her “ok climb in but listen to me next time.”

“Ok dad” as she hopped into bed next to me.

Damn I thought as she was climbing in, I was dreaming about her mother and the really hot phone sex we had only a few hours ago. And here was a buxom 18 year old climbing into my bed, dressed in just a long t-shirt, Why me.

“Dad, can I cuddle with you I’m still a little freaked out about the movie?” she said in the voice she uses to get me to agree to anything.

“Sure honey come here” As I opened my arms and she moved to settle in against me. Her firm little but resting against my stomach. In my mind I pictured her she looked so much like her mother, 5’1″ maybe 100 lbs long red hair. Oh yes this was going to be a long night.

After I bit I managed to drift off to sleep, I woke up to an odd feeling. At some point my cock realized there was a young girl laying next to me, so he got up to check things out. So when I woke up I felt my one hand resting on my daughter’s breast, while my cock free of my pants and painfully hard rubbing against the bottom of her t-shirt.

Thinking to myself great look what you’ve gotten yourself into, but hot damn she felt nice. My wife had been gone out of town taking care of her sick mother for two months now, and my cock was begging me to let it play. While I was busy with my battle of will vs lust, I felt my daughter start to wake Mersin Escort up. OH CRAP, my hand was still on her breast. Shit shit shit, stay calm pretend you’re asleep.

I forced myself to steady my breathing and relax. I heard her stir; she breathed in deep then put her hand on mine that was on her breast.

In barley a whisper she said “Daddy are you awake?”

I don’t say anything and remain still. Well almost as once again my cock betrays me, as my hips grind against her ass lightly.

She stopped breathing for a moment, she said again “dad. . . you awake”

I think fast and moan quietly “mmm Sara you feel so good tonight.” I hoped she would think I was dreaming about her mother, and maybe she would just move away from me and not accuse me of trying to molest her.

What happened next shocked the hell out of me. She squeezed my hand against her breast, and moaned lightly. In my head I just froze, what the hell I thought then my other head took over. As I once again pushed my hips forward against her ass. I felt her sigh again then she moved away, and I though ok she just realized what she was doing.

Boy I was wrong. Instead of moving away to the other side of the bed I felt her hand reach down along her back and barley touch my hard cock. Then she wrapped her hand around it and stroked slowly. Oh my god I thought don’t cum don’t cum don’t cum, what the hell am I going to do, while I could almost hear my cock screaming FUCK HER! I knew I couldn’t she is my daughter I can’t do that.

I felt her move again this time backing up right against me like before. My cock was back against her t-shirt pressing against her ass. Then I felt the t-shirt moving, she was dragging it up slowly running it against my hard cock. Then it was gone, I expected to feel lacy panties since I know that’s what she liked to buy. But that isn’t what I felt, I felt bare skin she wasn’t wearing any panties. My will was barely holding on from just grabbing her and fucking the hell out of her.

I thought to myself well lets see how far this goes. I moaned again “mmm sara you feel so good tonight honey” as I ground my cock into her ass and squeezed her breast harder.

She sighed “Mmm Brian your Mersin Escort Bayan so hard tonight” As she ground her as into me.

Well I thought she is going to try and play along with my “dream” at which point my dick took full control.

I leaned in a kissed her neck, and started to slide my hand down her body. She sighed and purred a little but didn’t stop me at all. My hand slide down over her stomach and then started to brush the top of her pussy mound. She had shaved bare, I sighed “oohh honey you shaved like I like it.”

She moaned back “all for you baby” as she opened her legs slightly.

My fingers pressed forward sliding along her clit she was so wet; I could almost hear a faint squish when my finger slid into her opening.

I heard her take in a sharp breathe as I entered her, then I felt her hand close over mine pushing my finger deeper. I leaned in and kissed the back of her neck again and ground my cock against her ass again, I felt how wet her ass was getting from my precum. I started really fingering her hard now rubbing against her g-spot, I could feel her getting closer to her orgasm. Her breathing started getting faster and faster then I felt her go rigid as her orgasm washed over her. When it subsided I took my hand away and brought it back to her breast and started to play with her nipple. And kept grinding my cock against her ass, waiting for her to come down off her orgasm to see what she would do.

I didn’t have to wait for long as I felt her start to move, she was lifting her ass, as I was grinding against it until my cock slipped forward between her legs. My god I thought again as I felt my cock slide forward along her oh so wet slit. Then she started to move humping herself back and forth across my hard cock. I leaned down a little right when she leaned forward and I felt my head right at her opening. The worlds seem to slow to a crawl, ten thousand thoughts going off in my mind at once. What are you doing, what would sara say, you have to stop, then my dick weighed in WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!! I could almost hear a fight announcer say ‘And we have a winner” As I pushed myself passed her opening.

She was so tight as I started to enter her, I stopped Escort Mersin after my head was inside her and just savored the feeling. She had other plans and she shoved down hard my cock bottoming out inside her. She cried out as my first thrust started, I started slowly at first then she started to fuck back at me hard. Soon there was no point in trying to act like I was sleeping. And I just said it “Oh god Heather your so fucking tight.”

She responded “fuck me daddy fuck me good”

I pulled her on top of me my one hand going to her breast the other to her pussy to rub her clit. Soon she is writhing on top of me Cumming again as I rub her clit. I turn and lay her down and pull out of her.

She cries out “no.”

I say ” come here you mother loves this” as I lift her off the bed, her legs wrap around me and I lower her down I move to the wall as I enter her again. I start to kiss her hard on her lips as I hold her against the wall easily and start to fuck her hard.

She wraps her arms around me kissing me back hard as I enter her again and again. I feel as her feet start to bounce off my ass and her nails dig into my shoulders, I want you to cum daddy, cum for your little girl. Hearing that drove me over the edge as I started to fuck harder, until I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. “Here I cum baby” As I start to cum.

She cries out “YES, YES, YES cum for me”

When I finished I laid her down on the bed, and guilt started to rise up on me. “Honey I’m so sorry for this.”

She sat up and looked at me “daddy don’t be this isn’t your fault. I wanted to do this, I heard you and mom on the phone earlier tonight and it drove me crazy.” She looked down for a minute “and I lied about the movie, I just used it as an excuse to get into bed with you.”

I sighed “you wanted this to happen?”

She smiled “daddy I love you, and you have always been the perfect man to me. Plus with mom gone for so long I figured I had a good shot at it”. She giggled and looked up at me thru her hair “didn’t you have fun daddy?”

At this point my cock had yet to go soft and it was pointed right at my daughter. “He seems to have enjoyed himself” as she took off her t-shirt and sat there naked in front of me.

As I walked toward the bed, “Oh he did, and he going to enjoy himself much more now”

I drew in a sharp breathe as she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. I thought to myself, three more weeks till the wife comes home. Its going to be a fun time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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