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Ass Fuck

Lily and her daddy sat outside the headmaster’s office. Daddy was still angry at her for having to take the afternoon off work just to come and see the headmaster because of his daughter’s complete lack of concentration during lessons.

“I was supposed to be in a meeting today Lily,” he told her for the hundredth time.

“I know daddy, I’m sorry,” she said, nervously fingering the hem of her short grey school skirt.

“You’re 18 years old for God’s sake, Lil, you need to start thinking about your behaviour! Your Mom and I don’t have to pay these extra fees for finishing school if you’re not going to appreciate it!”

The door of the office opened and the headmaster’s secretary, a young blonde woman, called them through. Lily walked in behind her daddy and kept her head low.

Mr. Smith, the headmaster introduced himself to Lily’s daddy and they shook hands over the large antique wooden desk. The headmaster gestured to them to sit down in the two large leather chairs.

“As the letter home said,” began the headmaster, looking from Lily’s daddy to Lily, “Your daughter seems to have trouble concentrating in certain lessons.”

“Apparently so,” daddy said, “and her mother and i are very disappointed!”

Lily remained quiet, slumped down in her chair, hoping this would be over soon. She hated being in trouble with her daddy and she wanted to make it up to him later on before mom got home.

“Do you see how you have disappointed your parents, Lily?” Mr Smith asked her, a severe frown on his face.

“Yes,” she said quietly.

“Is that how you talk to all your teacher’s Lily?” daddy asked her, his voice very angry. “I think we need to be dishing out some punishment here. Thought we may get through to you just by talking but apparently not.”

The headmaster coughed, taking daddy’s attention away from Lily. “What form of discipline do you use at home, may I ask? How do you and your wife punish Lily when she is bad?”

Lily knew her daddy could not tell the headmaster exactly what sort of punishment she received from him. There was a moment’s silence before Lily’s daddy spoke up. “To be honest I think her mother is too soft on her, let’s her get away with anything. I lean more towards physical punishment myself.”

Lily felt herself blushing slightly as she thought of her daddy’s form of physical punishment which usually involved his cock and her pussy.

“I think spanking is highly underrated these days,” the headmaster informed daddy. “Its a shame they banned it, was a great deterrent. Do you spank Lily at home?”

“Quite often, yes,” daddy shifted slightly in his seat as he looked across at Lily, his mind already planning the spanking she would be getting after this meeting. Lily knew his cock would be stirring and she licked her lips thinking about sucking it while he spanked her.

“Do you use your hand?” the headmaster inquired. “Or perhaps a cane?”

Lily could see from the look on daddy’s face he was considering purchasing a cane now it had been suggested. Her buttocks began to tingle imagining how painful it would be. She was used to how daddy bent her over and smacked her until her cheeks were red, but surely a cane would hurt a lot more!

“Of course there is a certain way of ensuring the best results from physical punishment, it’s the way you slap, the technique you use.” The headmaster was sounding thoroughly in to his special technique, it made Lily cringe.

“Really?” daddy said, a small smile appearing on his lips. “And what is the technique you would use?”

“Well of course I would have to demonstrate,” the headmaster informed him.

“Be my guest,” Daddy nodded, “Lily, stand up!”

“What?” Lily looked in horror at her daddy.

“I said get up!” he almost shouted.

“But daddy, you’re not going to let him…I mean Mr. Smith…smack me?” she stuttered in shock. Daddy surely would never let another man hurt her.

But apparently, just this once, he would. He rose from his chair, grabbed Lily by the arm and pulled her to a standing position, he then lead her to the side of the desk and looked at the headmaster. “Bending over?” he enquired.

“Always the best option,” Mr. Smith nodded.

Daddy pushed Lily forward until her head was on the desk and her ass sticking out ready to be spanked.

“And of course, it is always more productive to ensure skin on skin contact,” Lily could tell the headmaster was enjoying this a little bit too much, his voice was more breathy than it had been and Lily imagined his cock was stirring in his pants just like daddy’s was bound to be.

“Of course,” daddy agreed and Lily felt him reach down, take hold of the hem of her school skirt and lift it up over her ass and up to her waist. He then pulled her tiny white panties down slightly, just to underneath her buttocks. Lily was blushing furiously as she heard the headmaster come round to stand at the side of her. She tried to block out what they were saying but overheard suggestions Mecidiyeköy Escort of ‘open-handed slap’ before the first smack came. It hurt much more than she had imagined, daddy never smacked her that hard so she knew it was the headmaster. “Looks like I’ve been doing it all wrong, Lily,” daddy said to her, “Mr. Smith’s way is much better, don’t you think?”

Lily didn’t answer; she was trying to hold back the tears of pain and embarrassment. The second smack came down on the opposite cheek, sending a shock of pain through her entire backside. But she knew this time it was her daddy and the pain didn’t seem as bad. In fact she knew that her pussy was starting to get wet, despite the whole situation. When she felt the headmaster’s second slap she moaned slightly with pleasure.

“I think my daughter might be enjoying this,” daddy apologised, and then Lily felt him slip a finger down in to her panties. He rubbed gently around the entrance to her pussy where she knew she would be wet. “Oh yes, she is definitely enjoying this, see how wet she is?”

Lily imagined daddy was showing the headmaster her juice on his finger. She heard the headmaster grunt slightly and assumed he was shaking his head in a very disappointed way.

“Certainly looks like you have your hands full at home with this one,” the headmaster tutted. “Maybe a couple more smacks?”

“Be my guest,” daddy took a step away from the desk and gestured for Mr. Smith to continue with the spanking.

Lily turned her head on the desk so she was looking at her daddy, her eyes were full of shock and panic as she thought her daddy was going to leave her alone with her headmaster to complete the punishment. But daddy gave her a small smile as if to say that it was going to be alright and she was doing a good job for daddy and his cock. As the headmaster administered the next spanking daddy leaned in close to Lily’s ear and whispered to her softly.

“You are such a good slut for daddy Lily,” he said, “Daddy’s cock is nice and hard for you right now, you just keep being a good little whore for a while and you will get a big treat at the weekend. Daddy has arranged for Mommy to go to a spa with a friend and so I have two days to spend entirely with my little girl. Lily, can you imagine how much of a slut you can be for daddy?”

Lily nodded, a small smile appearing at her lips despite the slap she had just received from the headmaster, despite the burning sensation in her buttocks. She imagined what it would be like to sleep in the same bed as daddy all night and be his fuck toy whenever he wanted her. She felt her pussy start to become even wetter.

“Daddy is going to fuck you and make you feel so good all weekend,” he continued to whisper. “Right now I want to show your headmaster what a good girl you can be for daddy. You want to suck daddy’s cock Lily? Prove to Mr. Smith that you can be good when you have some incentive?”

At that moment Lily didn’t care if the headmaster was watching or not, she could see daddy’s cock was hard and ready for her mouth and she wanted it so much.

“Yes daddy,” she said.

“What do you say?” daddy prompted.

“Please daddy, can I suck your cock?” she wanted it so much.

“She did ask nicely,” the headmaster pointed out, his voice full of perverted lust. “I think she deserves a slight reprieve don’t you? As long as she can put up with the occasional smack while she is enjoying herself, I don’t see the harm.”

The headmaster shifted Lily’s position over the desk so her head was right at the edge by where daddy was unzipping his trousers and pushing them down slightly. His hard cock sprang out of his boxers and Lily felt her mouth start to water. Daddy told her to keep her mouth closed as he ran the end of his cock across her lips, drops of pre-cum moistening them.

“Lick your lips Lily, taste daddy’s juices,” daddy told her.

Lily slipped her tongue out of her mouth and used it to lick all of daddy’s pre-cum from her lips. She played with it in her mouth for a few seconds, loving the familiarity of the taste, and then swallowed it. “Can I have some more please daddy?” she looked up at him her eyes showing him how much she wanted it.

“Suck on the end of daddy’s cock,” daddy told her, “There is a lot more juice for you baby, you know that. Good girl,” daddy closed his eyes, sighing with pleasure as Lily used her tongue and lips to play with the head of daddy’s cock. She sucked a little more pre-cum out of him and spread it all over the shiny head with her tongue before hungrily licking it off and swallowing it.

A loud, sharp buzzing noise interrupted the moment and Lily felt her daddy jump slightly but she continued to lick and suck the end of his cock.

The Headmaster reached over the desk and pressed a red button on the intercom. “Sorry about this,” he said to daddy before addressing the secretary “What is it Elise? I’m very busy at the moment!” he sounded angry.

“I’m sorry to interrupt Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan sir,” she said sweetly, “but you still have to sign these consent forms within the next half an hour or I will miss the post.”

The headmaster sighed slightly then daddy saw his eyes light up with an idea.

“Tell me Elise,” the headmaster’s voice had changed dramatically, “Do you have on the underwear I bought you last week? The red panties and bra?”

Elise didn’t say anything for a moment, then as she replied it was obvious she was smiling.

“You know I do, headmaster,” she said, “You saw them this morning.”

“So I did,” Mr. Smith smiled across the desk at daddy. “I want you in here in two minutes Elise, wearing only the underwear.”

“Yes sir,” Elise sounded more than happy to do what was asked of her.

Daddy gave Mr. Smith an approving nod, “Personal assistant as well as a secretary? Very nice!”

Lily felt a surge of jealousy run through her veins and she looked up at her daddy as she stopped sucking his cock. He immediately looked down at her, a soft expression on his face that calmed her jealousy straight away.

“Lily, daddy loves you more than anything,” he assured her, stroking her hair gently and slipping his cock back between her lips. She continued to suck him knowing that he wouldn’t lie to her.

Lily heard the door open but her view was blocked by daddy. She knew it must be Elise, parading in with only her sexy red underwear on.

“You wanted me?” came her soft voice across the room.

“Come here,” the headmaster ordered her, “I need your help with this punishment, my hand is starting to ache and Lily here needs a few more slaps to keep her in line. As you can see her father is busy himself and so I need you to spank her.”

“Of course, sir,” she said a little too willingly for Lily’s liking. This was all new to Lily, having not only her headmaster but his secretary, dressed only in red underwear, spanking her in front of her daddy. But Lily relaxed slightly as she felt Elise’s warm hand start to caress her buttocks which were now stinging from the spanking she had received so far. “She has a cute ass,” Elise said, spanking her gently, but sensually. Lily was almost horrified when she felt her pussy start to become even more wet having felt Elise’s gentle hands on her. “And she looks very happy sucking her daddy’s cock, don’t you think headmaster?”

The headmaster didn’t take his eyes off Elise’s hand on Lily’s buttocks but agreed with a grunt. “I think she likes her daddy’s cock Elise,” he mumbled. His hand had begun to rub at his crotch where his erection had been so far ignored.

Elise smiled and continued to alternately spank and gently rub Lily’s ass. Lily felt daddy’s cock getting harder and harder in her mouth as he began to thrust gently.

“Has Lily ever been spanked or…well…done anything else with a woman?” the headmaster asked daddy, as he began unbuttoning his trousers, his erection straining to be released.

“No,” daddy said, a small smile on his lips, (Lily could tell from his voice), “but I know most girls do experiment during their teens. Maybe now would be a good time for my little girl to start experiencing new things. What do you think Lily?” he pulled his cock out of her mouth but continued to stroke her hair. “You going to let daddy watch you try some new stuff with another girl?”

“Daddy, I don’t know,” Lily tried to get up off the desk but both daddy and Elise had her pinned in that position.

“That doesn’t sound like my good little slut!” daddy almost shouted. “If daddy wants to see his little girl having her pussy fingered by a woman then that is what daddy is going to get. Its your fault we are here in the first place so try to be a bit less selfish about the situation Lily. Just try it for daddy.”

“Don’t worry, honey,” Elise said to Lily, “Its going to feel very good, believe me.”

Lily gave in and daddy slipped his cock back in to her mouth. “Just relax baby,” he said soothingly.

Elise administered one last spanking and gently ran her hands over Lily’s buttocks again. Then she slowly slid her finger down Lily’s panties and found her wet pussy. Elise moaned in a satisfied way as she began to gently rub the entrance of the girl’s hot pussy.

“You certainly have got your daughter nice and wet for me sir,” she said to Lily’s daddy, who simply carried on watching the headmaster’s underwear-clad secretary rubbing his daughter’s pussy. “You want me to finger her gentlemen?” Elise asked.

The headmaster and daddy both nodded eagerly and watched as Elise pulled Lily’s white panties down to her ankles and then stand back up again. Slowly Elise rubbed a little harder on Lily’s pussy entrance and a single finger slipped inside her. Lily felt her knees start to shake, she had never imagined she would like doing this kind of stuff with a woman, but Elise’s fingers felt gentle and soft inside her. She felt Elise start Escort Mecidiyeköy to slide her finger in and out of her pussy and her juices began to flow. Lily moaned slightly even with her daddy’s cock in her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” Elise removed her finger and looked up at Lily’s daddy, “I bet she tastes sweet.”

“She does,” daddy said proudly, “I could lick her pussy all day sometimes,” he added. “Why don’t you taste it for yourself?”

Elise obliged by opening her mouth and slipping her finger, covered in Lily’s sex juices, in to her mouth and sucking on it. “That’s soooo good,” Elise confirmed. “Now lets try two fingers in her sweet little pussy.” Elise wasted no time in adding another finger to the one that she had already fingered Lily with. Two fingers disappeared in to Lily’s soaking pussy and began to fuck her a little more roughly than before but still gently.

Daddy took his cock out of Lily’s mouth and bent down to her ear.

“Lily, daddy likes watching Elise finger fuck your pussy,” he told her, “Is it nice? Can you feel her fingers inside you, fucking your slut pussy?”

“Yes daddy,” Lily moaned, starting to enjoy the sensation more than she had imagined she would.

Elise continued, keeping a steady pace, for a few minutes, smiling as Lily began to move back against her fingers and moan softly.

“Look at your daddy,” Elise said, as she withdrew her fingers. Lily looked up and watched as the young secretary inserted her wet fingers in to daddy’s mouth, and daddy sucked and licked them clean of his daughter’s juices. “Does that taste good?”

“Always does, but she is so sweet today,” daddy said, looking down at his little girl, “I think the headmaster deserves a little taste, don’t you?”

Elise returned her fingers to Lily’s pussy and fucked them in and out of her, watching Lily’s hips move backwards and forwards, her moans becoming louder as she enjoyed it more and more. After a few moments she withdrew them again and daddy turned Lily’s head so she could see Elise feeding the headmaster Lily’s pussy juice directly from her fingers. The headmaster nodded in approval as though he was ordering some very expensive wine in a restaurant. “Tastes very good,” he said, “Good enough to eat?” he asked Elise.

“May I?” Elise turned to Lily’s daddy.

“Ask properly Elise!” the headmaster shouted. “Where are your manners?” he suddenly moved to behind Elise and smacked her ass very hard. Lily’s daddy watched as Elise barely reacted apart from smiling with pleasure.

“Please, sir,” Elise raised her eyes to Lily’s daddy, “May I eat your daughter’s pussy?”

The words made daddy’s cock hard to the point where it was almost painful. He nodded and watched as the headmaster and his secretary turned his daughter around, sat her on the desk and lay her back down. Elise lifted Lily’s legs up and placed her feet on the edge of the desk; the headmaster spread Lily’s knees wide apart. All three adults looked down at Lily’s soaking wet pussy.

“Fuck yeah, eat it Elise!” daddy ordered as he grabbed hold of his own cock and began to stroke it aggressively. “I want to see you with your face in my daughter’s pussy, licking her clit until she is screaming with pleasure.”

Elise smiled, keeping eye contact with Lily’s daddy she knelt down on the floor and moved her mouth towards his daughter’s pussy. She used her fingers to spread Lily wide open, then gently located her clit with her tongue. Lily began to moan immediately. This was the first time her clit had been given any attention today and it was heaven to finally have it stimulated. And Elise’s tongue probed it thoroughly and sensually, occasionally sucking on it and making Lily moan louder. Elise herself began to moan softly becoming aroused by the fact that she was causing Lily so much pleasure. She moaned as she flicked her tongue all the way round the hard little clit and felt Lily’s legs shaking.

Lily opened her eyes and looked at her daddy who was watching intently as Elise used her mouth to pleasure Lily. His hand was stroking his cock rhythmically as he stood and watched. On the other side of her the headmaster had sat himself in the large leather chair behind his desk and was also wanking his cock and watching the girl on girl action taking place before him.

Elise continued to suck on Lily’s clit as she slid two fingers back inside her pussy. Lily moaned louder than before, soon she was close to screaming as she grabbed Elise’s head and pushed her hips upwards to meet her mouth.

“Oh god yes,” Lily exclaimed, “Suck my clit!”

Elise obliged and fingered the young girl’s pussy harder. Lily’s daddy moved his daughter’s mouth over to his cock again.

“Suck my cock Lily,” daddy whispered to her, “I want you to suck me off while I watch you having your pussy eaten and finger fucked.”

The headmaster moved round to the side of Elise and looked down at Lily’s clit being teased and stimulated. He moved Elise’s free hand from Lily’s pussy on to his throbbing cock and she began to rigorously stroke it. The headmaster reached down and held Lily’s lips open so Elise still had full tongue access to her shiny clit.

“Your daughter is a very good slut sometimes,” the headmaster said to Lily’s daddy. “She likes being licked out by my little slut, doesn’t she?”

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