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Re-cap: 18 year old Lily is on report for lack of concentration in classes at her prestigious finishing school. Although she did concentrate very well in the Headmaster’s office earlier, during the meeting with Daddy, the Headmaster and his secretary, Elise. So Daddy wants to treat her when he picks her up from school.

Lily checked her watch as she sat in her class. Ten minutes to go until the end of school and then daddy was picking her up. She loved these days more than anything in the world and she knew daddy looked forward to them too; he always gave her a special wink when he told her he would be picking her up from school.

When the bell rang she was the first out of the classroom, down the stairs, out of the building and through the gate. She looked up and down the road but couldn’t see daddy’s car; her heart sank. Then she saw him rounding the corner and she smiled and waved at him.

“Hi Daddy!” she said as she climbed in to the passenger side of the car.

“Hi Princess,” daddy smiled. He pulled her over to him, placing a kiss on her forehead. “Did you get your report filled in that the Headmaster gave you?”

“Yes,” she looked sheepishly at him as he read it through.

“You weren’t concentrating in the last class?” he looked at her disappointedly.

“I can never concentrate properly when I know you are picking me up, daddy.” She admitted.

Daddy laughed and told her that she was forgiven if this was the reason she couldn’t concentrate in lessons.

“Thought we could take the scenic route home, angel, what do you think?” he asked her. “Maybe through the forest?”

Lily nodded eagerly, she felt her little white cotton panties start to become damp even at the mere suggestion.

“It may take a while to get there, so why don’t you entertain daddy for a while?” daddy reached over, slid her skirt up and squeezed her thigh. Lily impulsively opened her legs a little, “Good girl, Lily, you always know what I want don’t you?”

Lily nodded and spread her legs a little more as daddy slipped his hand further up her thigh until his fingers found the wet patch that had formed on her panties. Even though he was watching the road Lily saw him smile as he began to softly move his finger around the outside of her panties. Lily closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of daddy’s hand rubbing her clit gently.

“Daddy that feels so good,” she sighed.

“I love making my princess feel good,” he said, “now you take over, daddy’s got to concentrate on driving, but…” he adjusted his rearview mirror so he could see her crotch, “I am watching you baby.”

Lily began rubbing her clit through her panties just as daddy had been doing. She could feel the heat coming through the material from her pussy as she ran her finger all the way down and back up.

“Let me see your pussy, baby,” Daddy’s breathing was starting to become more rugged and his hand had slipped down to his own crotch and was squeezing his cock through his trousers. “Pull those panties across for me.”

Lily did as she was told, spreading her legs further apart and pulling the wet panties over to one side. Her pussy was shining with her eager juices and she pulled herself open slightly so daddy could see better. He grunted in appreciation of her actions and watched as she ran her finger over her pink, hard clit before slipping it down to the open entrance of her pussy.

“Oh fuck yes, Princess,” he breathed, “Slide a finger in there for daddy.”

Lily pushed her index finger deep in to her pussy and moaned with pleasure as she moved it around inside her. She wished it was daddy’s finger because his were so much bigger and rougher than her own, but anything was better than nothing. She saw daddy checking her out in the mirror, his hand still squeezing his now solid cock through his clothes. “That’s so good, Lily. Now slide a finger from the other Etiler Escort hand in and pull yourself wide open for me. Show daddy your beautiful pussy, angel.”

Lily, again, obliged willingly. She inserted another finger deep in to her pussy, moved it around a little and then pulled them almost back out, stretching her pink, shiny pussy wide open for daddy to see. As she held herself like that she rubbed her clit with another finger and began moving her hips around and around with pleasure, her juices dripping out of her cunt and down on to the seat of the car.

“That’s so pretty, Lily,” daddy unzipped his trousers and slipped his hand inside, he began to stroke his cock through his boxers as he watched his 18 year old daughter writhing with pleasure in the seat next him, her young pink pussy stretched wide for him by her own fingers “Tell daddy what you want baby.”

“I want your cock daddy, I always want your cock,” she licked her lips as her pleasure heightened with each rub of her clit, “I want it deep inside my cunt, so I can watch it fucking me hard. Do you want that too daddy? Would you like to fuck my pussy nice and hard, making it even more wet and stretched with your big cock?”

Daddy was furiously stroking his cock as he listened and watched his daughter. He could see her hands were covered in her juices, a sure sign that she wanted all this as much as he did, that she loved him very much and would do anything to make him happy. She had proved this many times in the past already but he loved that she was his slut to do with what he wanted, whatever he wanted.

“Oh God, yes Princess,” he whispered, “Daddy wants to fuck your cunt hard with his big cock, daddy wants to fuck you so much more than he wants to fuck mommy. I love your tight little slut pussy! Does it taste good Princess? Let daddy taste it.”

Lily felt herself becoming more excited as daddy reached his hand across to her, roughly dipped his finger inside her and fingered her hard for a few seconds. He then, much to her disappointment, pulled them out and took them to his lips, he gently took in the scent of his daughter’s pussy and smiled as he slid his fingers in to his mouth and began sucking the juice off them. “Oh baby, you taste so good,” he said as he continued sucking his fingers. ” I think im going to eat that pretty pussy when we get somewhere quiet. Would you like that Princess?”

Lily nodded eagerly and remembered how good daddy was at using his mouth and tongue and fingers on her pussy. He told her that he didn’t do it to mommy very often but his Princess’s pussy was so sweet and tasty that he loved doing it to her.

“Daddy really needs to concentrate on driving now,” he told Lily, “But I want you to keep yourself spread wide open for me, so I can see your pussy in the mirror when I want to. Okay?”

“Yes daddy,” Lily returned her hands to her young, pink pussy and held herself open like daddy had told her to. She knew he was glancing at her a lot more than he was watching the road and she smiled to herself. She could almost feel daddy’s tongue on her, his tongue inside her, his lips enclosing her clit and sucking it gently while his fingers probed deep in to her pussy, easily finding the special place inside her that sent her in to a state of pure pleasure.

They continued to drive for another ten or so minutes before the forest came in to sight. Daddy turned his head and smiled at his little girl. “Nearly there Lily, best cover yourself up just for now.”

Lily reluctantly pulled her skirt down and sat straight in her seat, just as daddy turned the car in to the forest park. A ranger was parked just by the entrance and he waved his arm out of the window for daddy to stop. Daddy pulled along side the car and wound his window down.

“Everything okay?” he asked the ranger,

“Yes sir,” the ranger’s eyes rested on Lily for more than Etiler Escort Bayan a few seconds, “Just be careful if you go near the lakes as we have had to set some controlled fires to clear it.”

Daddy nodded as he closed his window, his mood slightly darker as he had noticed the appreciative look the ranger had cast his daughter. He drove off a little more quickly that he should have done and his tyres kicked up dirt behind them, narrowly missing the ranger’s truck.

Lily knew better than to ask if he was angry, she simply sat quietly and let daddy calm down.

A few minutes later Daddy pulled in to an almost hidden clearing. He parked the car roughly and took off his seat belt, turning his whole body in his seat to face Lily. His face softened as he looked at her, but his cock was starting to get harder. “Come here, Baby.” He said gently and Lily slid across the seat towards him. “You going to make daddy a very happy man?” he asked as he started unbuttoning her school shirt slowly. Lily nodded and daddy smiled at her, “I know you will Princess, you always make me happy.” He opened her shirt and told her to remove her bra for him, without taking off the shirt and tie; she did as she was told. When she had thrown her bra in to the back of the car she held her shirt open for daddy to be able to see her large breasts. He eyed them appreciatively and licked his lips. “I love your breasts, Lily,” he told her as he reached out with both hands and cupped a breast in each. Lily loved the feel of daddy’s slightly rough hands holding her tits like that, gently squeezing them in turn so her nipple got lightly caught in his palm, slight pressure gripping them and sending bolts of easy pleasure straight down to between her legs. Daddy let go with one hand and slid his seat back so there was more room between him and the steering wheel; he then lifted his little girl so she was kneeling on his seat, her legs either side of his, her breasts directly in front of his face. Again, he raised his hands and kneaded them gently, still licking his lips before bending forward slightly to take one hard, pink nipple in to his mouth and suck it gently.

“Mmmmm” Lily looked down and watched her daddy licking and sucking her tits, sending those pleasure tingles down to her pussy again, but it was so much sexier watching him moving his mouth around them, squeezing out her nipples and fluttering his tongue over them, making small noises of pleasure himself. “Daddy, that is so good.”

Her words seemed to encourage him forward to the next stage. He continued to tease her tits with his mouth and one hand, while the other hand quickly found its way up her school skirt and down in to her panties. Lily nearly came when she felt his thick finger push straight in to her pussy, she knew her juice would be running down his hand and wrist as he worked his finger in and out, twisting it back and forth.

“Baby, your pussy is so fucking tight and wet,” he whispered to her as he momentarily took his finger out of her pussy, spread her juice all over her nipple and began sucking it off as his hand returned to inside her panties.

“Oh god, daddy,” Lily breathed, “I think im going to cum.”

“No you’re not Lily,” he told her, still finger fucking her pussy, a little harder now. “Hold on for a bit longer.”

Lily bit her lip, trying not to come, despite daddy’s finger deep inside her.

“Okay Princess,” daddy gently retracted his finger and stopped sucking her nipples, “Take your panties off, lay back along the seat and open your legs for daddy.”

Lily did this as she watched her daddy lick the juices off his finger but kept his eyes on her the whole time. She threw her panties in to the back of the car and lay back on the seat, opening her legs so her pussy was on full display to daddy. He, very gently, lifted one of her legs on to the back of her seat and the other Escort Etiler on to the dash board so she was wide open. Daddy looked down at her pussy and smiled before lowering his head to between her legs.

“Oh my god, daddy,” Lily gasped as he began to eat her pussy hard and fast, his tongue pushing her open and delving deep inside her, then moving back up to tease her clit before sucking it in to his mouth, making Lily moan loudly with pleasure. “Oh yes, daddy, fuck my pussy with your mouth, oh god, yes.” Lily knew she was talking like a slut but she couldn’t help it, everything he did to her almost took her over the edge. She grasped his head and pulled him in to her, also raising her hips, almost smothering him, but he didn’t seem to mind, in fact he started eating her faster. Now his tongue remained on her clit and he pushed two fingers inside her tight pussy and began fucking her roughly but not too roughly. “Im going to cum!” she told him, thrusting her hips further up towards him, burying his face between her legs.

“Come on Princess,” he muttered “Cum for daddy. Cum in daddy’s mouth!”

That was all it took, Lily felt her orgasm take over her like a wave which seemed to carry on longer than usual. She was almost screaming as she watched daddy continue to work on her pussy through her orgasm, his face covered in her juice, his tongue probing each side of her clit and his fingers pounding away at her pussy.

“Oh Daddy,” she felt close to tears because it felt so good. “I love you daddy,” she breathed as he finally slowed his pace down, but continued to lick every drop of juice from her pussy and thighs.

“I love you too, angel,” daddy said, sitting up and wiping his mouth with his shirt sleeve. “Your pussy is so sweet.”

“What can I do for you daddy?” Lily asked him as she sat up and pulled her skirt down.

Daddy simply smiled, unzipped his trousers and pulled his big, throbbing cock out of his boxers. He lifted his hand and put it behind Lily’s head, gently pulling her forward and down on to his cock.

“Just suck me Princess,” he sighed as he felt her take the majority of his shaft deep in to her mouth and down her throat. She wrapped her soft lips around the base of his cock and used her tongue and throat muscles to stimulate all along his shaft and just below the head which was buried in her slender neck. Daddy still had his hand on the back of her head and he gently pushed her further down, feeling her gag slightly but not letting go. “Just take it all Princess, relax your throat for me and take daddy in.”

Somehow Lily managed to slide further down on to his hard shaft, filling her throat a little more. Daddy knew it wouldn’t be long until he came but it would only take him ten minutes to recover and he would be ready to lay her face down across the hood of the car and fuck her tiny ass the way he had done a couple of nights before, right next to his sleeping wife, Lily’s mother. Just the thought of this made his cock throb, aching to shoot lots of hot cum down her throat. He started to lift and lower her head a few inches, feeling the head of his cock popping in and out of her tight throat. He ignored the gagging and continued to deep fuck her mouth, pushing her head down then lifting it up slightly by her hair. His balls started to ache as he whispered to her…

“Daddy is going to cum, Lily,” he told her “You must not spill a drop, do you hear. Drink daddy’s cum like a good girl.” Even before he had finished his sentence he felt the first spurt of thick creamy cum shoot out of his cock and straight down her throat. He moaned loudly as his little girl began to suck a little harder, pulling the cum out of him like a good girl. “Yes, Honey, just like that, you are such a good girl for daddy.”

As Lily swallowed the last of the cum she sat up and looked at her daddy. “Did I do okay?” she asked. Daddy nodded and smiled, still recovering from coming so hard.

“Soooo good, Lily,” he said wiping the sweat from his brow and then zipping up his trousers. “So fucking good. Now just give me a few minutes and we can try some more stuff, get some fresh air. You can make daddy happy all over again…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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