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Home alone finally…at least he thought he was…goes into his office turning on his computer to see if the girl he had so fallen in love with was there…his heart racing in anticipation…there she was…he couldn’t help but feel the way he did about her… her words, her ways, touched a very special place inside him making him feel more alive and loved then he had felt with his wife in years.

They chatted for what seemed like hours…each time having a different role they play…he was more and more drawn to her…his hard bulging mass was now trapped in his pants…he needed to relieve it… “Oh fuck I need to feel her around my cock” he thinks to himself…taking matters into his own hand…closing his eyes…stroking every inch of his raging hard on slowly.

“Oh gosh I have to stop this I have work to do”… turning off his computer trying to get his thoughts on something else the throbbing in his cock would only allow him to think of one thing and one thing only… Her, and how badly he wanted to feel her pussy swallowing his hard mass whole, sucking it in deep.

He knew then she owned him…his hand slipping back around his cock…stroking it faster…”god damn it I can’t do this…this isn’t possible she can’t own me this badly” loud moans beginning to fill the room.

”Yes daddy she apparently does” shaking his head in disbelief of the voice he just heard …he sits still for a moment only to hear it again…”she whom ever she is…she owns my daddy!”

“ Emily…I’m so sorry baby…how long have you been there?” Trying to cover his very stiff erection.

”Long enough daddy…I heard it all and I saw it all” walking toward him…you don’t have to hide it from me daddy what I saw was beautiful.

“Damn I knew I should have closed the door…I thought I was alone that’s why I didn’t, you never should have seen your dad like that” blushing in embarrassment.

”Daddy I love you” she whispers in his ear softly…tell me daddy tell me who she is…her hands slowly working down his chest…she stops at his nipples…tracing them gently with her nail tips.

”OHHHHH EMILY PLEASE…please don’t do this, I can’t” Bahçeşehir Escort standing up walking toward the bathroom still with his raging hard on covered and out of his daughters sight, “what the hell was I thinking…she’s my daughter” starting the shower, thinking the cold chill of the water would help clear his mind.

Standing with his head under the water…trying to wash the thoughts away…he feels the softest of hands touch his enraged hard on…followed by the warmest set of tiny lips…”oh yes baby that’s right suck daddies cock” when he snaps to realizing it wasn’t what he had thought…he hadn’t drifted off… in fact he looks down to see his beautiful little Emily (although she wasn’t little anymore) sucking her daddies cock.

What the…? Pushing her away gently…”baby… what are you doing in here…this can’t continue I am your father.” Looking all dejected…she turns to walk away.

”I love you daddy” those magic words from his little girl for some reason made his cock come to life again…maybe from the remembrance of the daddy/daughter scene he had role played with his lady that day.

Getting out of the shower he puts on his robe…Emily come here to me…extending his arms to his daughter…I’m sorry baby…daddy didn’t mean to push you away…come sit with me baby I need to talk to you.

Walking to the bed she sits next to him…”daddy will you please tell me who that girl is and why she makes you so hard…I mean…why she makes you so happy”…Emily blushes slightly.

“Her name right now isn’t that important…but its time you knew the truth…your mom and I haven’t been getting along…I haven’t made love to her in so long…all she does is push me away now…well I have needs and I needed someone…that’s why I started on the computer and I met her, she makes me so happy…”In some ways you really remind me of her…you’ve grown into such a beautiful young woman” he kisses her forehead softly as he pushes her hair off of her face.

Emily leans into his hand holding it against her face with hers…”daddy let me make you happy tonight, let me be her for you”…leaning Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan in toward him…she kisses him softly on the lips…closing his eyes, he kisses her back.

Soft moans arise, daddy pulls her closer to him feeling her body against his…the heat of the moment takes over…his tongue slips into her parted lips as her tongue is returned to him…his hands fumbling with the buttons of her blouse…slowly and seductively unbuttoning her blouse…he could feel his cock hardening…”am I going to actually do this? Am I about to make love to my own daughter?” he whispers under his breath.

“ I’m not your daughter tonight”…slowly she pushes the blouse off her shoulders…letting it fall to the floor…her bra the same way…slowly she turns to have him unhook it for her…sliding the straps off her shoulders taking it off…she crosses it over his nose…his tongue reaches for it as it passes.

Unzipping her skirt slowly…his eyes glued on the curves of her beautiful body…pushing it softly over her hips, gently lowering it to the floor…she stands before him in only her thong…extending her hands to him…he pulls her back down with him gently…kissing her again…she works her hands inside his robe…he unties it for her…she slowly pushes it off his broad shoulders…laying her gently back on the bed…he kneels before her.

Kissing her neck…softly kissing his way down her chest…stopping at her beautiful breasts…cupping them gently…lifting each one kissing each nipple softly…sucking one in his mouth suckling it gently…his hand slips down between her legs…rubbing her aching honey pot through her thong…she was already wet…her daddy had excited her…sliding his fingers around the side of her thong to feel the wetness…he slides one finger up and down her slit…finding her rose bud teasing it gingerly.

Her moans getting louder, she wanted for so long to have him touch her this way…taking his cock into her hand she strokes her daddy gently…”I want this cock…I want to feel your cock in my mouth again” she whispers hungrily… he turns his body so she could take his cock.

Sliding Escort Bahçeşehir her thong off gently with his teeth…his tongue sliding softly up her soft shaven lips…he moans as she takes his cock deep into her mouth devouring her daddy…sucking on it like it was a lollipop…his tongue parts her lips finding her clit sucking it into his mouth he nibbles it gently… their hips gyrating together as they orally pleasured each other.

“ I want you to fuck me so badly I want to feel this huge cock inside me”…she whispers with a sound of desire in her voice, she devours her daddy’s cock…massaging his full sack.

“Oh my baby…in a minute…your lips around my cock feels so good and you taste so good I don’t want to stop”…her hips buck and grind against his face as he pushes her over the edge through orgasm after orgasm.

” I need to feel your cock inside me…I’ve waited for so long to feel you inside me.”

He positions himself between her thighs…his hardened cock pointing directly at its new home…she takes it into her hand and guides him home…teasing her clit with the tip she rubs it up and down her slit…slowly he enters the tip into her hole…she gasps as her back arches off the bed…as he buries all of himself inside her lonely yet very wet, very hot honey pot… he had all he could do to restrain himself from instant release.

Looking into her eyes he saw the look of desire and love in them…pumping slowly at first was the best way for him to maintain…he didn’t care he had to have her all of her…his pace picks up pushing deeper into her…her hips bucking with his every thrust…she raises her hips up to meet him…”OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSS FUCK ME HARD… I need it so badly…I want you to cummmm into my empty honey pot fill it up for me”…hearing this drove him almost insane.

”How does she know this stuff?? Did she see something” this was just how she…(being the girl of his dreams) talked to him…he couldn’t hold back anymore…her legs had wrapped around his waist and weren’t planning on letting go any time soon…with one last thrust…as his head threw back…it happened…he had hit the most dynamic orgasm he’s had in years.

As his body started to relax…he lay next to her…she held him close…whispering in his ear…”daddy if I were you…I would go and get this girl that you love so much…I love you daddy and I only want to see you happy”…and with that they drifted off to sleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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